tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBritney Ch. 04: Bumpy Ride

Britney Ch. 04: Bumpy Ride


Britney Foxx hadn't slept a wink all night.

After the nudged seduction of her Father via her evil little brother's blackmail scheme, she realized something. She was a very talented seductress. She had her father believing her every story. At least she thought so until the very end when he fucked the holy hell out of her and left her laying on the living room floor without a care. His last words made her stare at the ceiling all night long.

"Tell Jake to call you a slut." Somehow the term was magical.

Brother Lance got his morbid way and built a better slave for the next thirty two days. Her skills at making bets and losing every time seemed more and more appealing.

As she stands under a scalding shower to wake herself up Britney closes her eyes and smiles. Her reluctance to be so bold had faded in just one night. Her dad literally devoured her thoughts. Obeying her Brother filled that extra tiny void left over.

"Oh my God! I wish Dad would walk right in here and fuck me in the shower."

Of course that was not going to happen. Her Mother was awake and having breakfast with him. She wondered if last night was the only time he would take her. She knew it was a distinct possibility.

After ten minutes she ceased the stream of water and dried herself off. Wrapped only in her towel she moves from the restroom across the hall to her bedroom. As she opened the door she heard rustling in her closet.

"Lance? What are you doing?"

"Dressing you for school." He winked as he rifled through hangers of outfits.

"Don't get me kicked out of school."

"Don't you want to make guys crazy?"

"I can do that on my own." She growls playfully.

"True. But, today and every day we take it to a whole new level of crazy. No bra. No panties. Tight skirts. Low cleavage. This and that."

He hands her a lavender shirt with a v neck cleavage. Followed by a white mini skirt that was stretchy.

"Today. I'm going to call Styles and have him meet you during third period. His sister has a vibrator egg and a remote control. When he gives it to you put it inside your pussy. He can use the remote on you during class."

Her eyes flare wide as her jaw drops.

"Sounds fun. I might scream in class. Then it won't matter who you play that video for." She points out mischievously. "Oh well. I can still sell copies and make out like a bandit."

She pats his cheek and frowns, "Speaking of which. I want a copy of Dad and I. It was so freaking intense."

"Yeah, I know. It blew my mind that Dad really went that far. We should be worried about Mom."

Brit pouts, "I know. It makes you wonder why they rarely have sex."

Both of them stare into each others eyes at their revelation then shrug it off. That was their parents business.

Claiming the white skirt, Brit drops her towel and wiggles into the skirt. Her damp flesh made it tedious. Before taking the shirt she eyes it.

"These don't match well silly." She then moves into her closet to locate another lavender blouse that didn't have a V-neck. This blouse was rounded and slightly more revealing. She pulls it over her head and looks into the mirror to primp herself . The shirt had no sleeves. It's hem crept above her skirt by an inch. This revealed her belly button magically. Without a bra her nipples introduced themselves vividly.

"See? Much better." She turns to face Lance.

"I can see your areolas almost."

"Isn't this what you wanted from me?"

"Well, yeah. Dress code violations."

"I'll cover myself when I can. When teacher's aren't looking. When they aren't I'll let guys see."

"Awesome. Wish I could be there."

"You could meet me at lunch. Use that remote then. I'll sit near the Teacher's. We can tease carefully." She decides that she likes this game.

"Cool. I won't sit with you just nearby. That way it doesn't look weird."

She nods, "We better get breakfast and head out. Bus will be by shortly."

Lance carefully follows her out as she gives him the coast is clear motion. He then opens and shuts his own door to make it look good.

Following each other out into the kitchen they ran into their mother. Brit carefully held her book bag up to her chest to avoid a good look. "Rita" Foxx merely smiled and moved by them.

Sitting at the kitchen table Keith Foxx their father drank coffee from a large mug. Lance took the lead and made toast. Brit however took time to greet him.

"Good morning Daddy. Did you sleep well?" She lowered her book bag to show him her nipple hard on. He smirked and raised his mug to his lips.

Taking a seat beside him she held her arms in front of her with elbows on the table.

"Like a baby. You planning on seeing this Jake today?" Keith grins.

"He's all I can think about now. I'll follow your advice to the tee."

"I'm sure he will thank me later."

Lance jumps as the toast pops up and he quickly butters it before sitting down to eat.

"Who's Jake?" He feigns making conversation.

"Your sister's date this weekend." Dad continues to smirk.

Her eyes brightened up toward Lance as if to shut up.

"Cool. I'm gonna hang out with Styles and Evan. Skateboard. Which reminds me. Can I crash at Evan's Saturday night?"

Keith shrugs, "Go ahead. Your Mom's going to some conference out of town. I'll just watch the game and maybe go grab a beer."

Brit felt sad suddenly, "I can cancel my date if you want company."

Keith scowls, "Nope. You go have a really good time with Jake. I'll see you when you get home."

As they make eye contact Rita Foxx returns.

Their mother was a beauty in her own right. Taller than the kids but thin and built like Britney. Only her hair was cut shorter with highlights of blond mixed into her brunette locks.

"Mow the yard before you leave Saturday, Lance. Your father works hard to provide. He deserves a break." She stands behind Lance squeezing his shoulders avoiding his rolling eyes.

"I will!" Lance sighs.

Rita then looks at Britney smirking with a disturbing glare. She moves toward the living room then turns using her finger to call her daughter to her side. Brit stood up and folded her arms before walking into the living room.

"No bra young lady?" Rita knew, "So unlike you."

Brit lowers her arms feeling no need to hide further.

"I'm trying to impress a boy. Please don't make me go put one on."

"If I get a call from the school about this I'll ground you. This boy must be very special."

"He is." She blushes thinking of her father last night.

Nodding Rita tries not to laugh, "Take one just in case. Humor me please."

"I can do that. I love you Mom." She then hesitates, "Conference?"

Rita puckers smiling, "Last minute. Mister Layman expects Tiffany and I to go. Truth be known I think he wants her and I to be eye candy for perspective clients."

"Makes you sound like an escort."

"Shhh! Don't let your father get ideas." Rita hugs her only daughter.

Behind them they hear the horn of the school bus tooting. Brit looks at her mom as she realizes there was no time to grab a bra. Rita shakes her head, "Go on."

Lance hands Brit her book bag and they both dart out to the bus. On the way Lance eyes his sister's ass swaying and tits bouncing. He noted the bus driver taking interest in her arrival as he opens the door.

Passing the driver Britney winks at him. Lance following closely behind leaned toward the middle aged man, "Try living with that."

The driver could only shrug. Commenting meant bad things.

Claiming seats in the back half of the bus both of them passed the "Bolger Brothers". Twin giants who were 18 recently as well. They were the stopping point for any of the younger riders. They ruled the bus and had proven to be a fear to anybody attempting to step beyond their territory. Obviously hey enjoyed Britney enough to let she and Lance isolate away far from adolescence. A good thing considering what was going to happen very soon.

On the way to school Lance texted Styles about the vibrating egg and got his approval response. He would be ready before class.

Each of them were seated across from each other. Brit against the window.

Lance the same from the opposite side of the aisle. Upon the next stop a trio of 18 year old Senior boys entered the bus and made their way back. On their way past the Bolger Brothers one of them joined Brit.

"Hey." The rugged jock with blond hair nodded at her.

"Hi Jacob." She marvels at his perfect smile. Then his biceps.

The other two young men sat down in the seat behind them. They too offered their presence known by leaning over the seat and ogling Brit's low cleavage. They didn't care about her brother Lance seeing them and their pervasive acts behind her. Lance kept to himself toying with his Ipod, yet still spotted them acting as if they were jerking off behind her.

"Hi Angus. Hi Dalton." She smiles leering over her shoulder at them.

Jacob leaned over to inhale her perfume, "Dang you smell good. You always do."

She smirks and bats her eyes at him, "Of course I do. I like getting attention."

"Definitely have ours." Angus chuckles gripping the seat's back while closing his eyes to inhale his own delirium.

"Thanks for noticing." She giggles offering her flirtations.

Jacob notices even more as he eyeballs her nipples protruding through her snug blouse. It was impossible not to notice them.

"You can't be cold. It's like 85 degrees already." He points at her chest.

She looks down at herself and smiles playfully.

"Who said that you could stare at my tits." She crosses her arms playfully and sticks her tongue out at him.

"I did." Jacob reaches over and unfolds her arms. She hardly resisted.

"Okay. You win. I felt like my freedom for one day. Maybe more if I don't get harassed at school."

"If you do just let me know. I'll change their minds."

She giggles with a drooping jaw, "Even if it's Principal Harding?"

"I'm MVP. If he does I won't play the rest of the season." He jests.

She turns sideways sitting on her right leg, her back now to the window. Looking back at Angus and Dalton she points at Jacob with batting lashes, "My hero."

Dalton leans forward on their seat back to get a good look at her nipples, his eyes bulging, "Whoa. Let's skip class."

She giggles, "I can't. I have too much to do today."

Angus joins Dalton for a view, "Like giving everyone in school boners?"

"As if I didn't before?" She frowns with a half smirk.

" Nice ankle bracelet." Jacob points out reaching down to gently pick it up for a better view.

She swiftly uncurls her leg and props her right foot up on the seat. In doing so her mini skirt revealed her pussy easily. Jacob continued touching her bracelet to make certain her leg didn't move. He drooled over the sight. He had imagined what she looked like down there for months. He had heard rumors from her past boyfriends but had yet to get his own chance.

"I like it. I bought it at the mall last week. Birthday present to myself." She prides herself eying his touch.

"Look at this guys." He awkwardly lifts her foot to show them. In the process she whimpered and caught her balance from falling off the seat.

"Nice!" Dalton noticed her cute landing strip of pubic hair as Jacob held her poised for their better view. Angus looked more obvious than anybody as he rubs his chin and acts as if he's wiping the corners of his mouth.

"That reminds me I missed breakfast." Angus chuckles.

She used her left hand to attempt a cover up by pushing her skirt down in front. But, Jacob wouldn't have it. He lifts her foot even higher as if he were examining the bracelet closer. As he did her butt slid further toward him, the skirt wrinkling up under her cheeks. Her pussy was even more out of the shadows.

"Hey. Give me back my foot." She blushes.

Jacob holds it tightly and leers back at his buddies with a devilish grin. Their eyes were glued to her snatch. She chanced a glare toward Lance across the aisle who tried to avoid eye contact. He faced the window looking out and leaving her to fend for herself.

Jacob removes her pump and begins massaging her foot. The sensation made Brit bite her lower lip and smile with her eyes. Both Angus and Dalton noted her beguiling gaze.

As Jacob held her captive, Angus looks over to make sure her brother wasn't looking before dropping his right arm over the seat. His fingers rub her upper thighs just below her pussy. In doing so Brit flared her eyes at him.

She allowed him to trail his fingertips closer and closer. Jacob nodded at her as she continued biting her lip. Her desires were held in silence. Only her eyes relayed her acceptance of their attention.

Once Angus reached her pussy he teased her pubic hair petting it gently. Then his thumb burrowed into her labia carefully. The reaction was priceless.

Her hand gripped Angus by the shirt sleeve dramatically clutching it. Her eyes frozen on his and trembling. Jacob had halted massaging to run his own hand down her inner leg back and forth. Her foot still held high.

Dalton had no choice but to just watch. As much as he wanted to participate there was no room to join in. Still it was obvious to him that Britney was hardly resisting. This led his thoughts to the future and possibly fucking the hell out of her. He was rock hard.

Angus looked over at both Jacob and Dalton as Brit whispered, "My brother's right over there."

Jacob looks over and shrugs before raising her foot even higher, "Here Dalton. Hold on to this."

Her body slid down until her hair touched the bottom of the window. She whined at her predicament as Angus used his thumb and index finger to pry her labia wide for the appearance of a sweet little tunnel. As she continued gripping his sleeve she observed Jacob lower his hand to her pussy and guide two fingers inside her. This made Brit shiver harshly. It felt awesome.

After Jacob took over, Angus removed his fingers and slid them under her shirt until he squeezed her right breast. That made her eyes dart from boy to boy to boy to brother.

"You like that?" Jacob whispers toward Brit as his fingers move in and out slowly.

She trembles and barely hisses, "Yes."

"These fingers should be my dick. Shouldn't they?" Jacob again whispers.

She nods her affirmation noting Angus peeling her shirt up to show them her heaving tits.

Suddenly, she didn't care if other students around them might be curious. Luckily any underage students hogged the front seats out of the line of sight. This was incredible.

Her left foot raises from the floor to press down on Jacob's erection. He smirks.

"Ohhh yeah. She wants what's under my jeans."

Her shoe is removed carefully so she could massage his bulge more comfortably. Jacob leaned over her as far as possible to still finger her but also bite her left nipple. Tugging on it she gasped, watching Angus pinch her right nipple at the very same time. This made her crazy inside.

Unfortunately, the bus picked up more students and the boys became aware that their mischief needed to end. Too many younger kids now. Other girls that didn't approve. Seating closer forced them to behave.

Dalton releases her foot and Angus settles back into his seat. Jacob? He was indecisive. He wanted to keep going. Finally, he sits up and lets her return her body upright. His fingers were drenched.

Brit lowers her shirt and sets up straight. Finding her shoes she puts them back on.

Once she was presentable she grabs Jacob's hand and places his fingers into her mouth as she leaned over to avoid complicated eyes around her. He was even more aroused by her feeding frenzy.

Finally, he stops her and uses that same hand to caress her cheek.

Brit smiles and huffs a deep sigh, "You need to sit with me more often."

He pulls her closer to whisper into her ear, "I WILL fuck you."

She giggles, "I WILL fuck you."

He then returns to whisper, "Angus and Dalton WILL fuck you."

With an expression of anticipation she whispers, "God, yes."

He felt like a deity.

After ten more tense minutes the bus reached the school. Jacob made sure to let the students behind them all vacate. Even Lance headed off the bus leaving Jacob, Angus, and Dalton alone with Brit in the back half. Even with students leaving the bus Jacob unzipped his pants in a blur to reveal a large seven incher. He looked ahead and yanked her up into his lap and guided her skirt up to her waist. She straddled his dick and fucked him right then and there. It was quick but eventful. Nobody saw nudity but them.

Angus and Dalton got out of their seat and moved to the seat in front of Jacob as a living wall. They observed him clenching her ass cheeks as she rode him hard.

Her intensity led to moans and deafening but concealed squeals. Nobody leaving was even aware.

As the bus emptied out, so did Jacob's scrotum. In his haste it took no time at all to detonate inside her. Risky but neither cared at the time. She yelps and hugs him while quaking at her own orgasm.

Finally, Dalton whispers, "We have to go."

Jacob guides her off and back into their seat to get her composure straightened out.

He put his beast away wet and stood up triumphantly. Gallantly he reached under her seat to retrieve her book bag as she smoothed out her clothing.

Awkwardly unbalanced she crawled out of her seat to stand in the aisle.

She faces Angus and Dalton.

Pointing breathlessly at them she huffs.

"You tomorrow. Dalton the next day. Back seat next time. Be there."

Both boys nodded with excitement.

Giggling she led them down the length of the bus and down the steps. On the sidewalk stood the bus driver. He was more aware than he let on. His erection gave him away.

As the band separated in different directions, Lance stepped up to the driver with a frown.

"Bumpy ride."

He then walked away.

The driver grumbled under his breath, "I'll bet."

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