tagMind ControlBritney, Teen Hypnotic Sex Slave

Britney, Teen Hypnotic Sex Slave


Writing these stories has given me a perspective on things sexual that I had not had previously. The thought that occurs to me the most is the "what if?" questions. What if as a young adult I had the skill as a hypnotist that I developed over the years? This story assumes a young man of extraordinary intelligence. We pick the story up after he has completed thorough research into hypnosis and the related psychology. He is a virgin with no dating experience. Sam is small, about five feet six, one hundred thirty pounds. He works out every day and is buff. He is now ready to start his plan. In the end he brings Dad in to help.

* * * * *

My son, Sam told me this story when Sally and I got back from one of our recent vacations.

I had been watching Britney since we were both nine years old. She took me completely for granted. Britney was a look alike to her namesake, Britney Spears. When I saw her in class, before my adventure, it was the last week of the last year of our high school experience and she was bored. Britney was wearing the uniform of the day. Blue jeans that started well below her navel and ended mid calf, showing an ample, well-toned torso.

I was sure that Britney was a virgin, although she didn't discourage speculation to the contrary.

Her parents were rich and divorced. Anything their darling Britney wanted she got. Britney was clueless what it meant to want something that you couldn't have.

She was aware of her remarkable resemblance to Britney Spears and she played up to it. She flirted with all of the jocks in school and was selected Homecoming Queen to Jason Smith's King. Jason was quarterback of the state champion Stars. He was a real arrogant type.

My plan was to make her my sex slave.

I figured I had one week to accomplish my goal. Britney and I were in three classes together, History of Europe during the Second World War, advanced Spanish and psychology. I had made sure that I sat near her in each of the classes. This was the first class of the day on Monday, History.

"Yo, Britney, how is the essay coming." I wasn't sure she would answer me. She frequently ignored me. However, I knew that she was late with her essay. I was assisting the teacher and had checked her class record.

Britney gave me a dazzling smile. I knew that she would want something from him. "Sam, I'm not getting it together. All this queen shit is taking up too much time."

"Is that a hint you would like me to help you?"

"Sam, that's why I like you, you are so smart."

"Sure, Britney. What do you want me to do?"

"Could you write an essay for me? Please?"

"You have to be kidding. Britney, I have a scholarship to Harvard. You want me to jeopardize that so you can spend more time being queen?"

I was thinking that this could be the opportunity that I was waiting for. I would just have to be cool about how I dealt with her.

She put her hand on my arm. "Sam you have to help me. I have been admitted to Amherst, subject to my final grades. I must pass history, and that essay is so boring."

"Britney, I'm not going to write it for you. That would be crazy. I'll help you write it."

"Sam, I'm out of time. What can I do?"

She looked like she wanted to cry. I didn't believe it. "My folks are away for the next two weeks. Come over to my house after school and we'll write you an essay."

"Sam, I have a rehearsal after school. How about after dinner?"

Perfect! I pretended to mull it over. "I have several things to do, but if you can get to my house at 6:30, I'll do it." I held my breath.

"Okay, Sam. I'll do it." No thank you. That was Britney.

Now I had to get the house ready. After school, I drove home. I was so strung out I barely saw the street. I wanted to make the house as convenient as possible for my conquest. I made sure there was nothing that would distract Britney such as pictures of people or magazines. I put loose pillows around the house so I could use one when needed. I went to the word processor and knocked out a report on Denmark during World War II. I was picturing Britney;s navel as I wrote. I wanted to put my hands all over that exquisite body.

Then I sat down and reread the chapter on induction in "General Techniques of Hypnotism" by Weitzenhoffer, for the fifth time.

I was so nervous, I didn't eat anything. Britney showed up at 6:45. She was still wearing the same outfit. I briefly stared at that navel.

She looked agitated. "Sam, I only have an hour. I have so much to do. Lets go fast."

No hello, nothing. "Britney, if you want me to help you, you will have to do it my way. Is that understood?"

She looked startled. She had never heard me be assertive. "Sam, why are you being like this?"

"Britney, you have come into my house needing a favor and you haven't even said please. All you are doing is making demands of me. That's not fair."

She looked chastised. "All right, Sam, we will do it your way. I have to have the essay."

"Britney, sit at the table and write what you know about Denmark during World War II." I had set a pad on the table in front of an arm chair at the large dining room table. I had her sit in front of the pad. She stared at it.

She was almost crying. "Sam, I don't know anything about Denmark, then or now."

That is what I suspected. "Britney, I'll make a deal with you. I have been studying hypnotism." I showed her my your book, the one I had been reading. "If you will let me hypnotize you, I will make a major effort on your essay. You will still have to participate, but I will provide the knowledge and style. Okay?"

She didn't even think. She just nodded her head and said "yes."

"Britney, sit in this chair." I put her in a large, stuffed chair. Clearly she was tense. The book had said that sometimes you can use that tenseness to improve the depth of the trance.

"Britney make every muscle in your body tense. Tighten every muscle. Your arms, your legs, your stomach. Every part of your body." I watched her tighten her muscles. I could see the ripples on her washboard stomach. Quickly she had her whole body tensed.

"Now, immediately release every muscle."

I watched her go completely limp. Could she already be hypnotized? I had no idea. I picked up her arm. It was limp. I dropped it. It plopped on the arm of the chair. I brushed her breast, like it was an accident. "Britney, I am going to count to ten, with each number you will go into a deeper trance." She seemed to be going into a deeper trance, I couldn't tell. I pulled te book out. How would I check for depth of trance?

Arm levitation, that sounded like a good idea.

"Think of your hand and listen to my voice. As your trance gets deeper your arm will rise. The deeper the trance the higher your arm will rise." I looked at her arm. It was twitching but certainly not raising. "As I speak your trance is getting deeper. Deeper, deeper." Her arm started to rise. Success. Now what? Now I was on my own. The book didn't say a thing about making someone a sex slave. I was determined to succeed. I looked at Britney sprawled in front of me. Her breath was shallow and slow. I stared at her navel and imagined what she looked like below her navel. I ran my hand on that soft navel. That was cool. She didn't react.

I decided to wake her up and see if I could figure out what happened.

"In a moment, I am going to wake you. When I do you will feel wonderful and very relaxed. If I tell you to go back to sleep, you will go back into a deeper trance. When I count to three you will wake up." She blinked her eyes and seemed to waken.

"How do you feel?"

"Weird. I've never felt like this."

"Were you hypnotized?"

"I guess so. I remember my arm rising. It seemed to be doing it by its self." She looked confused. "Go to sleep." I didn't want her thinking about me touching her.

She slumped over.

"This time your trance will be much deeper. All you can hear is my voice. All you can think about is my voice. When you wake this time you will feel terrific and you will not remember being hypnotized. You will say something nice to me and you will fall back into an even deeper trance. One, two, three, wake up."

Britney opened her eyes. "Sam, you are nice." She collapsed back into the seat. Well, now I decided was the time to apply my plan. Soon, I would not be a virgin and Britney would not ignore me.

"Britney, you are feeling very hot. Your clothes are feeling like they are making your skin burn. It is unbearable. You are alone in this room. It is like a sauna." She started to squirm. She unbuttoned her shirt. She had a low cut bra that showed the tops of her breasts. I was entranced. I had never seen a girl in her underwear. I was sure that I would soon see more. She reached behind her and released her bra. They were beautiful. She stopped. I reached over and took her nipple between my thumb and finger. It felt alive. As I squeezed it, it got larger. I wanted more.

"Your hips are burning. Your pants feel red hot." She was squirming even more. She reached down and undid the buckle on the jeans. They were VERY tight. She undid each metal stud and wiggled out of the pants. She wasn't wearing panties. She was a natural blonde. She was now naked. She sighed and stretched out. Now what do I do?

Now was the time to be bold. I reached down and put two fingers in her pussy. It was warm and a little moist. As I played with her knob, it got much wetter. I added to the trance. "Let your body go completely limp. I am going to wake you. When you wake you will not care that you are naked. You will feel total love for me. You will want to do everything I tell you. You will do what I tell you without thinking about it. Whenever I tell you to sleep you will go into a deep trance with your body completely limp." I was certain I had her and I wanted to solidify my gains.

Britney was so beautiful. I was happy just looking at her. "One, two, three, wake up." She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her look was unlike any look she had ever given me. She reached for me and pulled us together. She gave me a very wet kiss. She was pushing her tongue into my mouth. I was having all of these new experiences! I put my arms around her. The feeling of her soft skin was almost tactile overload. Britney was moaning and slobbering all over my face. I decided I had to take control. "Sleep."

She had been leaning over from the chair. She collapsed, falling in front of me. Her ass was in the air and she was face down in front of me. It was like playing with this wonderful, sexy doll.

I stepped away and took off my clothes. I was so nervous I wasn't completely erect. I felt her pussy. It was still very wet. "When I count to three you will wake up and lick my penis."

I counted to three and she sat up. She moved forward and was now on her knees in front of me. Her head was at my chest level. She reached down and gently took my penis and started licking it. I became very erect. Now I was concerned I would shoot, I did right into her face. Boy was that fast.

"Lick my penis clean."

She started to lick me again and I felt myself getting erect again. "Put it into your mouth."

She did. The feeling of all that moisture on my penis was exquisite. I knew that I wanted to make love with her, I just wasn't sure how to go about it. "Sleep."

She again collapsed in front of me. My penis pulled out of her mouth with a pop. I got my book on sexual positions. I decided this wasn't the time to be too creative. I laid down on the floor on my back. "Britney, come here and put my penis in your pussy." Still in a trance, she got up and straddled me. She put herself over my, now erect penis. She slowly lowered herself onto me. The thought occurred to me that we would have a problem if she still had her hymen. Apparently she didn't.

She lowered her body until she was sitting on me. "Move your body up and down." I could hardly talk. She kept moving up and down. She started to make a moaning sound. All of a sudden she screamed, "Sam, I love you."

I came inside of her. She collapsed on top of me. We lay there for a while. I decided a forth time was probably unrealistic, although I could feel myself growing inside of her. "Lets take a shower. Britney, one, two, three, wake up." We walked hand in hand to the shower. I had her wash my penis and I washed her pussy and breasts.

"Britney, I hate those pants, don't wear them anymore and call Jason and tell him that you are dating me and can't see him anymore. When we are alone, I want you to call me Master."

"Yes Master."

Wow, an eighteen year old Master.

"Here is an essay that you can turn in. I'm hungry, go out to dinner with me."

"Yes, Master."

We went to the restaurant you go to all the time. It was dark, with quiet booths. I took a booth in the corner. I had Britney sit next to me and I kept my hand on her wet pussy as I ate my hamburger. While I was eating I felt her clit and rubbed it. I whispered in her ear. "I want you to cum." She started to wiggle and moan and then she started to kiss me. I guess she did.

When we drove back to the house I had her keep her head in my lap with my penis in her mouth. When we got back to the house I hypnotized her again and told her she would sleep well that night and wake up refreshed. The book suggested that I always do that. There was a lot more that I wanted to do, but I decided it should wait until school was out. I also wanted to get some advise from you..

PART TWO Sally and I had taken a well deserved vacation to Europe. We knew we could trust the house to Sam. Sam was incredibly smart and very reliable. Sally and I were a little concerned about his social development. Sam worked out every day and was incredibly strong for his size, but he had never been on a date. We knew he read a lot about it because we saw all of the books. I also knew that Sam was interested in my collection of books on hypnosis, most of which were long out of print. I figured that Sam would discuss it with me when he was ready. Sam and I were very close. Little did I know.

Sam was waiting for us when we walked in the door. "Dad, can I see you, alone?"

That was the first time that Sam had asked to see me without Sally. She seemed to understand. "Mike, I have to catch up on the mail, you two talk in the den."

"Dad, I have been reading your books on hypnosis." He paused. I didn't say anything. He knew that I already knew that. "You know that I haven't dated yet. I was reading your books to get up my self confidence when I finally went on a date. The more I read the more I thought that what I wanted to do was get a girl under my control. I was waiting for the right opportunity and it finally happened. My target was Britney Solis. Well, I did it. Now, I don't know what to do next. I will tell you that I am no longer a virgin and she thinks she is madly in love with me."

Well, Sam was looking like a chip off the old block. Even if he was a much smaller version. I was built like Sam, but I was six foot, four inches tall. "What do you want to do?"

"Britney wants to spend all of her time with me and I don't know what to do. We screwed several times and that is very nice but it gets old." Oh, really, I thought.

I think now that I have her, I am no longer attracted to her. The challenge is over.

"Sam, you are a chip off the old block. I too have made women into my sexual toys. It keeps me interested in your mother. I am always careful to keep your mother ignorant of my toys."

"Do you hypnotize Mom?"

"Yes, I use it to keep her from feeling jealous. My needs are much greater than any one woman can satisfy. You may have the same libido. Why don't you invite your young lady to the house. I'd like to meet her?"

Sam brightened. "I'd like that. I'll have her come by Saturday night."

Saturday night I was in the den writing when Sam came in with a young woman that looked just like Britney Spears. "Dad, this is Britney."

"Hello, Britney. How are you?"

"Fine, Mr. Lawrence." That was all she said.

Sam then said, "Dad, would you like me to show you what I can do?"

Clearly Sam wanted to show off. "Sure, Sam."

Sam goy up and locked the den door. "Britney, take your clothes off." She was wearing conservative shorts and a modest top. To my astonishment she quickly took her clothes off and stood naked in front of me.

"Is she hypnotized?"

"I don't think so. She just does what ever I tell her. Britney, sleep." She collapsed in a naked heap in front of me. "Now, she is hypnotized."

Sam was looking very smug. "Do you want a blow job? She gives very good head."

I did not want a blow job in front of my son. "Sam, now what?"

"Dad, I suspect that you have a lot more experience with these things than I do. I have noticed things and I wasn't hypnotized. I have also noticed that Mom is very happy so I guess it works for the two of you. I want to move on. Fry other fish, so to speak. I don't know how to let Britney down without hurting her. I want to transfer her to you. Give you my sex slave."

I looked down at gorgeous Britney. This certainly was a situation that I was familiar with. "All right Sam, I accept your gift. Tell her that you are giving her to me and that she should take my commands as she did yours. I'll do the rest."

"Britney, you are to treat Mr. Lawrence as your new master and take all of your commands from him. Tell me if you understand." She opened her eyes and looked at Sam. There seemed to be a tear in her eye.

"I understand Master."

"I am leaving now, Britney." With that Sam left the room. Sam had a great sense of drama. Sam should be an actor.

Now I was left with Britney. The idea of the blow job, now that Sam was out of the room was much more inviting. "Britney, do you enjoy sex?"

"Oh yes, Master."

"I want you to give me a blow job. When I cum you will also have an orgasm. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

I opened my pants and presented my penis to her. She really did give good head. I fingered her clit while she was sucking and she had a noisy orgasm as I was shooting into her mouth. Now I should wrap up the loose ends.

"Britney, when you are awake do you remember what happened while you are in a trance?"

"It depends on what Master instructed me. Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't."

"What would you prefer?"

"I would prefer to remember all the wonderful times."

"Britney, you are young and this cannot go on for very long. Don't you want to have other boy friends that will treat you like an equal?"

"Master, until Master Sam controlled me, my life was empty. My parents treat me like an expensive doll that they don't know what to do with and all of my boy friends were only interested in themselves. They were not smart like you and Master Sam. For the first time in my life I felt like somebody was truly carrying for me. I could enjoy sex without guilt or fear. I felt free."

"Are you going away to school?"

"I am scheduled to go to Amherst in the fall."

"Do you want to do that?"

"I did. Now I don't know."

"Britney when you wake up you will feel wonderful. You will feel very self confident and you will have good feelings about Sam. You will feel good with me, but you will not love me. You will enjoy sex with me. When ever I call you, you will meet me where I tell you. In the fall you will go to Amherst. You will look forward to going away to school and when you get there you will completely forget that you ever had a Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." This time I did see a tear in her eye.

"Britney, before you go to Amherst would you like to have one last sex party?"

"If that is what Master wants." I liked the idea of an eighteen year old sex toy, maybe two.

Britney, will you bring a friend that I can hypnotize. Tell the friend how good you feel when I hypnotize you. The friend has to be at least eighteen. Can you do that?"

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