tagMind ControlBroadway Hollywood Ch. 3

Broadway Hollywood Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Sex with the Rich and Famous

I was exhausted! While reading my father's journal, I had taken out my penis and ejaculated onto my new carpet. No wonder dad seemed so happy and content with his employment. Mom and I never understood how he worked without complaint when faced with the long hours and low pay of the Broadway Hollywood Department Store. Now that mom and dad were both gone, I was finally beginning to understand what fed that sly grin he always wore. Dad hadn't simply worked there; he was in downtown HOLLYWOOD making his WAY with the BROADS!

Reading dad's diary would have been painful if not for its unbelievable erotic content. It revealed how my very own dad had become a sexual mentor and controller of many women and a few select men. Well he had the perfect job with which to accomplish his goal. As 'Floorwalker' of the Broadway Hollywood he oversaw the many floors of Hollywood's largest department store in which over 75% of the employees were women! According to these ledgers he had developed a method of seeking out and controlling submissive, lonely females who enjoyed giving him sexual favors. Not only was I getting-off on his escapades, I couldn't put the damn book down. Especially knowing that he was about to take his first conquest (Miss Peggy Allison) to a famous 40's and 50's movie star's (Betty ____, known for her 'Eyes') film party.

I put my spent cock back into my pants, wiped up the ejaculation from the den carpet, made another cup of strong tea and began once more to read from dad's diary; (Diary/Page 28)…After fucking little Miss Allison's ass to a rosy red, I scooped up some of my sperm that had leaked out of her tight, firm, fanny and spread it on her lips to test her will. She was so compliant she didn't even question from where it had just come. She simply licked it from my hand like a puppy licking sweet cream from its momma's nipple. Yes, the bitch was mine…all the way. Or, so it seemed. Well, at least for now, after just getting fucked by her new Master. But would she do whatever was asked of her later…after coming down from her sexual high?

I had to know if she would do whatever I would demand of her 'cold'. And I knew I must find out before we arrived at Betty's film party tonight. I had a couple of plans in mind for her as well as others I planned to recruit in the future. I wanted to develop a way to addict a select group of the rich and famous. To create an influential circle of friends who could then be used to cater some IOUs from key politicians that would do my bidding. I was not about to risk being embarrassed tonight by my new Mistress. If she were to refuse fucking or sucking some famous person to whom I gave her then that would defeat my purpose. She needed to pass one more test with a total stranger before we got to the party. With a plan starting to take form in my mind, I had her dress in the seductive clothing I had ordered her to wear to the party to night.

"Alright bitch, you claim that you are mine and will do whatever I say?"

"Oh Mr. Henried…I mean Bill, haven't I proved that I'm yours? You're still taking me to Betty _____'s party tonight aren't you?"

Perfect, the little slut actually thought I might not take her…she was whining to go and I loved her little whiney, pleading voice. I just didn't want her to know, but in fact, I knew that a whine in a woman's voice was similar to prey being stalked by the hunter. A victim ready for the taking…a woman's whine gave notice of her vulnerability to what I may offer to fill her needs.

She was at my feet and the feeling of power over this gorgeous, depraved creature was exquisite. I had made the right choice by not coming in her pussy earlier. She may have then felt she had earned a small amount of control by making me come with her pussy. Instead, I had opted to fuck her ass (and she hadn't planned on that)! Coming in her ass gave me all the control of her entire young body. I made a mental note that all new pledges to my private sexual sorority would be first taken orally or anally by me, (or by one of my 'assigned' male helpers). I had plans…big plans for the women of this department store who would became willing accomplices to my secret society of the "Lovely, Lewd and Lascivious"!

"Yes my greed little slut! Just stop asking me and stop your annoying whining! Put on the God damn clothes that I selected for you and then pick out any ¾ length fur in the locker and come with me!" She moved a little too slowly to my commands. "I mean now, BITCH!" She scrambled up and finished dressing and I then hustled her out the store and over to the Selma Street parking lot where my car was parked.

I waived at George the parking lot attendant still on duty at the 'System' company lot. I wanted to ask him something so I gave Peggy my car key and told her to get into the car and wait for me. "Do you want me to drive, honey," she asked?

"If I wanted you to drive, I would have told you bitch. Just get in the car and shut the fuck up!" Peggy nodded and gave me a sly grin. Obviously my demands and forceful attitude towards her were turning her on. I was learning how some people needed others to take command of their little pathetic, useless lives in order to feel wanted and loved. I was really enjoying my new role of controlling and dominating this beautiful yielding creature!

Putting her head down, she smiled demurely and said, "Yes dear!"

George, observing our little scene said, "Wow Mr. Henried, you sho got the little lady trained good. My lady woulda slapped my face and walked off if'n I said anything like that to her!"

George's statement was affirmation to the fantastic feeling that was consuming me. It was all happening so exact and perfect to my earlier mental planning. Maybe George would enjoy becoming a part of my little select group? George was approximately 26 yrs. old, tall and quite handsome. In fact, he was very tall…I'd say maybe 6-2 (about my height or an inch taller), and he was very black. Yes…a male Negro that large could be used by me as a very intimidating presence for my future group of women. Maybe he could be used to apply a little punishment if required. A taste of black cock…now that would be something I'd like to see. A young innocent white women's mouth sucking on some hard black cock. I wondered what it would be like to see George's sperm dripping from their lips and out of their lily-white pussy's. I just had to try and recruit George into my clan!

"George, are you married?"

"Yes, I'm very married Mr. Henried. My ol' lady and I been married for seven years now, I reckon."

So far so good. I didn't want any single men in my group. I would have more control over them if they were married…especially if they had children and something to lose by trying to squeal or take over my clan of followers.

"Do you and your wife have any kids?"

"No suh Mr. Henried, we ain't got no chirrun yet. But we sho is trying…all the time a tryin! As he said that, George gave a wide, white toothy grin like a big ol' black bear from ear to ear. (Hmmm, no children. Well, one out of two was pretty good).

"George, have you ever had any white pussy?"

"Goddamn Mr. Henried! No I never done fool around with no white bitches. They's always trying to get ol' George to give 'em some of my black licorice stick…but I don't trust no white women, no how, and no way. Fust thang you know, they be screaming rape or something else and I don't need none of that shit, no how!"

"Well George, what if I were to be present as a witness. What if I gave some sweet willing little white girl to you…say as a gift from me to you?" (I could see the wheels turning in George's large black head)

"Let me get this straight Mr. Henried. You mean nobody but you, me, and the woman would know? And you'd be there to help me in case she changed her mind and tried to get me in some kind of trouble?" (How curious I thought. George had just changed from sounding like a Southern field nigger to that of an educated West Coast Black. I would have to keep that clever guise of his in my memory bank).

"That's right George. It would all be real private like. But George, I'd want you to have sex with more than just one white woman. Maybe even a good-looking black bitch now and then. You wouldn't mind servicing a few extra women for me now and then would you? I'd consider it a personal favor George…and no one would ever be the wiser!"

"Mr. Henried, you have my undivided attention. Just how would all that be possible?"

"Well George, first you would have to make me a commitment! I give you white women to fuck…safely and without any fear of reprisal. And you, in return, agree to certain conditions."

"What kind a conditions Mr. Henried?" Yes, George was nobody's fool. I liked his savvy nature.

"Well, for starters, you have to promise you will never have any contact with them outside of our arrangement. That is, you will not speak to any of them socially without my explicit permission. You may never contact them or touch them in any way unless I am present…or another member of my group is present, as a witness. This would be for your protection and the protection of the women. Should you violate this first rule, then you would be subject to discovery by your wife and maybe even the police."

"Mr. Henried, you have always seemed so quiet an all. How do you plan to do all this and where do I fit in."

"That's my business George! But I promise, I will always be your friend and also you will always have my protection from any fear or harm befalling you…that is if you promise to abide by my rules at all times!" When I got to the part about 'if you promise to abide my rules at all times', I lightly tapped the black skin of his chest which was exposed by his part-way open 'System' work shirt. I did so in order to emphasize my seriousness in this oath of obedience. Far better that he decline now, than become part of my plans and take me less-than-serious.

With another wide grin of his beautiful white teeth, George said, "I always knew you were a smart man Mr. Henried, when do I start loving up these white women of yours?"

"As a matter of fact, right now! Miss Allison needs another little lesson and can't think of a better person than you to give it to her George. Why don't you roll out the 'Parking Lot Full' sign there in the driveway entrance and join us over in the corner there in my parked car? When you get to my car, you are to let me do all the talking and do exactly, and only, what I instruct you and Miss Allison. Do you understand me George?" I could see by the surge of an ever-increasing lump in George's pants that he understood me very well!

"You mean you want me to fuck that fine looking white woman right now? (I nodded and smiled). Here in the parking lot? (Another nod by me). Smiling he said, "Does she know I'm going to give her some of my big black hickory dickory Mr. Henried?"

"Not yet George. But Miss Allison had better do anything and everything I say. You would be wise to follow her lead and do as I instruct as well. Now, I want you to put that sign up and stop asking me questions or you can forget her and all the other white pussy I've planned for your 'big black hickory dickory' as you call it! Do I make myself perfectly clear George?"

"Yesss Shu Mr. Henried…this damn lot is now officially closed! I'll be right with y'all!" (The clever George was trying to sham me with his dumb nigger routine. Yes, I would have to keep an eye out for crafty ol' George!)

I laughed as he hustled toward the driveway. George's big hickory dickory was now half way down one leg of his pants as he hopped to the front chainlink gate and began wheeling the big yellow 'Systems' sign to the middle of the driveway blocking out any new customers. He yelled over to another nearby attendant in the adjacent lot; "Sam, I'm taking my break now. If anyone comes to get their car, you take care of 'em!" Then George started toward the back of the lot where my car was parked and little Miss Allison was unexpectedly waiting.

I quickly got in on the driver's side and told Peggy, "I have a treat for my little girl. I think you will like it very much."

Peggy Allison smiled brightly and asked, "Oh, for me? What kind of treat William?"

"A treat that will tell me whether you were serious when you earlier said you would do anything I asked. I want you to be very quiet and not say another single word until I give permission for you to speak. Am I understood?" Peggy lowered her eyes and smiled. "Fine, then just do what I say! Every single word…I expect you completely submit!" With that I quickly put my left hand up her dress and felt her new white gossamer thin panties. As I expected…they were already damp from the discharge of her greedy, hot little cunt. I wondered just how that tight white pussy of hers would react to George's big black cock. I couldn't wait to see it myself! I had never before even seen a photo of a black cock inside a white woman's pussy. I felt my cock twitching in anticipation of what was about to take place between Miss Allison and George. This would be the beginning of yet another phase of my plans and I was loving every single step as it unfolded. It was all exceeding my wildest expectation. Just then, George arrived by Peggy's window!

George looked down and smiled at Peggy and then his eyes began to widen as he saw my hand up her dress. Peggy had taken off the fur coat and tossed it into the back seat so George was also getting an eyeful of her dark nipples showing above the lifting demi-bra and through her thin silken white blouse. "Peggy roll down your window. This is my friend George. George this is my Mistress Peggy Allison." Peggy let out a little gasp as if to say something in objection to my introducing her as my Mistress. I was already way ahead of her and pulling aside the crotch of her panties I touched her pussy lips. At the same time, I put my right index finger, my arm already around her shoulders, on her lips as a quieting gesture.

George said, "It's a pleasure meeting you Miss Peggy. What do you want me to do Mr. Henried?"

"For starters I want you two to get to know each other a little better. As my two newest recruits in my little family, I want us to all get real friendly and familiar like. Frank, this poor little girl is very wet between her legs. Honey, tell my friend George just how wet you are."

"George, I am very wet…William has his hand inside my panties and he is making me very tingly". Christ this was so wonderful! Peggy was so turned on she was talking dirty to George…a total stranger. I could tell her pussy was beginning to get real squishy from what was unfolding as I slid my long middle finger between her puffy pussy lips. Peggy let out a soft moan and her eyes narrowed to thin slits.

"Peggy you're being very rude. You haven't asked George if he would care to sample just how wet your pussy is."

Peggy turned and looked at me as if I had slapped her face. Her eyes had a look of amazement in them and her mouth was beginning to gape open! I tapped her right cheek with a very mild slap of my right hand that caused her eyes to open wide. I said, "Now Miss Allison honey (I firmly slid two fingers further up her cunt) what did I tell you earlier about doing everything I asked of you?"

Peggy lowered her eyes and dipped her chin in submission; and also opened her legs a little wider hunching her hips forward onto my probing fingers. Turning back to George she said, "George, my…my…vagina is very wet. Would you like to feel how wet I am?" Her voice trailed off to a whisper and she put her head down as she finished asking the question.

"Peggy, you must look a man in the eyes when you ask him such a question. George will think that you don't like him or maybe he'll think you don't like him because he's a Negro."

Peggy and George both looked at me with such questioning intensity (then George grinned widely in anticipation). What I was suggesting usually only happened in the dark between two people. I was putting it right up front and in broad daylight!

"Oh no, I didn't mean anything…really." Her voice trailed off into that of a submissive little girl.

"If we're all going to be friends here then we need an understanding. Peggy you better ask George again and treat him real nice now. And George, at the same time, you wait until you feel she really means it. Then you may go right ahead and do what the little lady obviously wants you to do. George can you see her nipples getting hard over the thought of having your big Black Hand up her dress? You do want George to touch your little white pussy don't you Peggy? And feel his long black fingers sliding inside that tight, hot pussy of yours?" George nodded and Peggy said, "Yes", at the same time (her eyes again narrowing to thin slits of lust). As for me, my cock was getting rock hard from what I new was soon going to take place at my directions and by my instructions!

Peggy turned back to George and looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I didn't mean to offend you George. Would you please touch me down there and feel how wet I am?"

"Baby, it would be my pleasure to touch your sweet little pussy. Open your legs real wide so ol' Georgy can put his big ol' black fingers up that pretty little dress and into your cute little panties!"

Peggy lifted her butt quickly and hiked her dress up exposing her sheer white panties. She opened her long legs wide as I pulled her panties aside giving George a beautiful view of her swollen red and wet pussy lips showing through a curly nest of rich, dark brown pubic hair. He reached down inside the car window and touched Peggy's pussy gently with his big black fingers. Taking a swipe, he brought his hand up to his large nostrils and sniffed his fingers. Then he put his finger moistened with her juices into his mouth and smiled. "She tastes so fine Mr. Henried, I think I would really enjoy having this beautiful lady sit her naked white ass right down on my black face." Peggy shuddered at the thought and George once again returned his saliva-covered finger into the opening of Peggy's puffy pussy.

His touch was like electricity to Peggy! Her long shapely legs stiffened as she arched her narrow waist and threw her head all the way back on the car seat. Closing her eyes and biting her lips, she said, "Oh my God…I'm cuming again, oh!"

That may have taken care of Peggy but I needed to have her do more than just let George and I finger her to an easy orgasm. "George get in the back seat!" He didn't say a word to break this spell I was casting. He scrambled into the rear seat behind us. "Peggy, I want you to walk around the other side and get into to the back with George so we can all get to know each other a lot better…now move your ass, I don't have all day!"

Peggy was in a trance. She had obviously been very shaken by George's touch. She had a difficult time walking around the car and getting inside. She staggered and leaned against the hood as she made her way hastily to the opposite side. I whispered to George, "Now don't say anything, just let me tell the two of you what to do…right?"

"Yes Mr. Henried, whatever you say is just fine with me. Man, she was so wet and is she pretty!"

Peggy got in and I could see her face was very red and flushed. "Peggy, unbutton your blouse and show George how hard your nipples are. George, unzip your pants and take out your big black pecker for Peggy. I don't think Miss Allison here has ever seen a big black cock before…have you Peggy?"

"No Bill I've never in my life ever seen such a thing. I don't know if…"

"Shut up Peggy and do as I say or you can just get the hell out of this car and go back home. There's a dozen good looking women in the store that would jump at the chance to take your place at the big party tonight!" I shifted myself around and was now facing towards the rear while, at the same time, straddling the two front seats on my knees so I could observe the two of them. Peggy started slowly unbuttoning her blouse from the top working her way down. George was unzipping his pants as he watched Peggy's sexy unveiling. Her demeanor was that of someone very nervous yet obviously turned on by the situation. I felt like a drama coach directing a scene in a porno movie. I began unzipping my pants so I could release the pressure building from my own hardening cock.

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