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Broken Fantasy


Hey Readers,

I just noticed that this month is my one year anniversary of writing on Literotica. In the past twelve months, I have worked diligently at improving my writing, and I think that has shown in the quality of my work. I hope that everyone who has taken the time to read my stories has gotten something out of them. I appreciate the comments both good and bad. The feedback has helped make me a better writer. I decided to throw this little "stroke" story out there as a way of celebrating the end of my first year. It's not nearly as plot or character heavy as some of my stories just a simple but hopefully hot little trifle. I look forward to producing more stories in the coming months. Thanks for reading!


"I honestly don't know that this is a good idea, Ross, maybe we should call it off," said my wife.

I smiled and tried to give her reassurance that everything was going to be o.k., truth be told I was so excited about the prospect of where this night was heading that I could hardly contain myself. I would come to regret that enthusiasm later, but at the moment it seemed warranted.

"It's going to be fine. You look gorgeous by the way."

She smiled back at me though it seemed somewhat forced and she did look spectacular whether she would have admitted it or not. Even in her late-thirties, my wife had the looks of a woman ten years younger. Tonight, she was dressed very sexily for a girl generally known for being highly conservative. The dress she had on sported a plunging neckline that showed off the sides of her C-cup breasts the pale flesh typical of her red-headed nature on display for all to see. As always she had taken a fair amount of time on her make-up and hair. Her curly red hair fell around her small face framing her features with her dark chocolate brown eyes and cute, boat-shaped mouth most prominent.

"Thanks, but don't you think we should..." she started to say her soft pink lips darkened to an even deeper shade of pink with her lipstick turning into a frown. The sound of the doorbell cut off whatever she was about to say next and we both turned.

I answered the door to admit Jack, an old colleague of mine, to our house. Jack and I were quite a contrast to each other, he was ten years younger than me and quite athletic, I wasn't in the worst of shape, but Jack had perfectly defined muscles on his six-foot-four-inch frame. His steely blue eyes flashed with mirth out of his square-jawed blond head.

"Hey, Ross, What is up!" he said.

I watched as his eyes fell on my wife. He looked intrigued as he surveyed her body.

I knew that Jack usually dated much younger women, but I had assured him my wife was holding up quite well and his heated gaze seemed to underline that speculation.

"Jack, this is my wife, Connie."

He took her small hand in his giant mitt and smiled in a friendly fashion. My wife had the appearance of a deer in the headlights, but I thought I saw a hint of appreciation as she stared at his large, athletic form.

We all left together to get some dinner and drinks at a local club the intention was to end up back here later in the evening. This night was supposed to be the culmination of months of planning and wearing my wife down. I had always had a fantasy of having a three-way with my wife and another man. The thought of watching as my wife made love with a stranger had been one of my biggest ones for years. Connie had been reluctant, but she had finally given in to my request. I selected Jack because he had the loose morals to want to do something like this plus he was, in fact, a pretty hot guy and I figured it would be easier to get my wife to go along if she was attracted to the man in question.

Dinner went by slower than I would have liked, but perhaps it was for the best because given my wife's level of nerves it seemed prudent to ply her with a bit of alcohol. I made sure she had several glasses of wine with dinner and another after so that by the time we returned to the house she was giggling and had her arms around both Jack and I as we went inside. She did quiet down quite a bit when I suggested we take this party to the bedroom. I arrived first with Connie trailing just behind and Jack bringing up the rear. He shut the bedroom door behind us, and I dimmed the lights a bit to set the mood.

I was ready for things to get interesting, but they were about to take a turn I fully didn't expect.

"So, I thought Connie and I could start, and you could sort of join in along the way," I said.

Jack's brow wrinkled, and he laughed,"Sorry sport I don't play this game that way. You're going to sit in that chair over there and watch while I show your wife how a real man fucks!"

It was my turn to wrinkle my brow. We had talked about this night before and never had it been painted as a party for two.

"That's not what I had in mind at all, Jack. If you don't want to play by my rules I think you should go," I said with a hint of frustration.

It turned out Jack wasn't going to give me that option. I hadn't been in a fight since grade-school, and Jack was much bigger and younger than me. He hit me several times, and though I got in a lick or two, it was apparent I was physically outclassed in this situation. The beating might have been worse but my wife suddenly grabbed at Jacks' arm, and he stopped.

"Please stop, I'll do whatever you want just don't hurt him anymore!"

Jack pulled me to my feet and dumped me into the nearby chair.

He started to circle my wife like a predator smiling all the while, she was trembling with fear, and I couldn't do anything but sit helplessly and watch. After a few seconds of letting things smolder, he finally moved in from behind her and leaned down to kiss the fair skin of her neck. She held perfectly still not reacting at all to his advance almost frozen in shock at how things were turning out.

"You had better play along sweetie, or I can always use your husband for a punching bag some more," said Jack with a hint of menace.

I saw my wife take a deep breath and slowly turn to face Jack.

He reached down with one crooked finger and tilted her head up so that her brown eyes were looking into his blue ones. Slowly, he lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers. Connie didn't react at first but perhaps fearing for my safety she started to respond. I sat slightly mesmerized, this was what I had longed to see, but suddenly it didn't seem so exciting anymore. I sat helplessly as my wife began to kiss another man. Her arms came up around his neck, and she gently began to return his kiss brushing her slick lipstick covered lips back against his mouth. The kiss gradually gathered steam until I could hear the soft smacking noise of their lips touching and breaking apart as the kiss deepened and they pressed their lips tighter together. Jack slipped his arms around my wife's slender waist and pulled her tighter to him as he pushed his tongue forward. My wife went along with it opening her mouth and turning her head. I could see Jack's tongue pushing into her mouth, and a second later her smaller pink tongue joining his the tips of the two touching together.

I don't know how long they stood there French kissing, but I did notice that my wife seemed as if she was starting to get a bit more excited. Perhaps it was a combination of the alcohol and her need to protect me, but she was definitely beginning to meet Jacks kisses with more enthusiasm, licking the flat of his tongue and pressing her mouth more firmly to his as time went on. Jack started to suck her thicker lower lip into his mouth nibbling on the soft pink flesh, and I thought I heard Connie moan softly as he did so.

His hands moved up to her shoulders, and he pushed the straps of her dress off and pulled them downward. Her pale skinned breasts were quickly freed, and the fact of her arousal was all too evident. Connie ordinarily had very light pink aureoles about the size of silver dollars with nipples that are almost non-existent when she wasn't sexually aroused. As the cloth of her dress dropped down her aureoles were revealed to be shrunk tight and roughly the size of a half-dollar the flesh flushed with blood and her nipples swollen and poking well away from her chest.

Jack smiled, "Well, Ross didn't sell you short in the breast department. These are a lovely pair."

Connie didn't respond, but I winced at what happened next. Jack dipped his head down and ran his tongue all over one of my wife's aroused tits letting the tip run circles around her swollen nipple. Jack couldn't see her face, but I saw her bite her lower lip as he toyed with her nipple. It was a sure sign that she was getting turned on. I had seen her bite her lip like that many times before when she was getting aroused, and it was me playing with her tits, they were a serious erogenous zone for her, and she couldn't help herself. Jack sucked the breast he was toying with into his mouth and began to suckle it more roughly bitting at Connie's nip. Almost involuntarily one of her arms came up to hold the back of his head.


I just barely heard her, but it was my wife vocalizing how much she was enjoying having her tits sucked! As I looked on, Jack continued downward pushing her dress to the floor and running his tongue over her stomach as he did so. He ended up on his knees in front of my wife who now was wearing just a silky pink pair of panties. He stood suddenly and lifted her as easy as a child turning her around so that her back was to the bed. With her head level with his he quickly started to kiss her again even more hungrily than before, and to my dismay, Connie showed no reluctance this time but immediately opened her mouth to accept his tongue as they Frenched wildly in front of me.

He broke the kiss with a loud smacking noise and laid my wife back on the bed. His hands grasped at the edges of her panties, and she lifted her ass up off the bed so that he could slide them off of her. My wifes flaming red bush was on full display, and Jack pushed her legs further apart so that the wet slit of her vagina was in view surrounded by a thick mess of red hair. I tensed in shame as Jack lowered his head between my wife's legs and started to eat her sweet snatch. Even at the angle I was at I could see his tongue lashing all over the light pink insides of her pussy lips pushing them back and out of the way so that he could bury it into her.

I think Connie was honestly trying not to react, to spare my feelings, but she couldn't help how her body was being taken and subverted by Jacks pleasurable ministrations. Her face started to clench tight and relax over and over as Jack hit the more sensitive parts of her vagina and when he began to lick her clitoris, she let out a low groan she was unable to stifle. Jack kept at her adding a finger to his tongues work and sliding it in and out of her dampening fuck hole. Try as she might her resistance was slowly breaking down under Jacks hot oral assault.

"Fuck...God...Fuck no...Ah! God."

"Ummm...I can tell you like this, Connie...Your fucking cunt is getting so wet, and your clit is like a hard pebble against my tongue. It's o.k., Ross wants to hear this whether he thinks he does or not. Tell him what I'm doing to you. Tell him how it feels."

"Shit...Jack...you're...eating my pussy...ah fuck it does feel so good...Jesus...right there! Oh, SHIT!"

For the first time, my wife reacted arching her back upward as Jack hit some particularly sensitive area inside her and the pleasure that shot through her was too much too take and be quiet. He knew he had hit pay dirt and he started to lick that spot hard, and Connie started panting and writhing on the bed. He reached up to squeezed one of her tits, and she moaned even louder as he pinched hard at her swollen nipple.


Jack was still licking her as she grabbed her tits and started to play with them pinching her nipples hard.

"Oh yeah, Connie...Your pussy is getting so ready for me, isn't it? Tell me what you need Connie! I want to hear it!"

I thought surely she would balk at what Jack was asking so imagine my surprise when my wife started to beg him to fuck her!

"Ahhhh shit I need to fuck...Oh GOD, MY PUSSY IS SO WET! SO READY TO FUCK, JACK! Ah...God, please fuck me!"

Jack came up from my wife's cunt that was glistening in the faint light. He pulled her into an all fours position so that she was facing me and then he stood up from the bed and started to undress. I had to give the man credit when his underwear hit the ground even I was pretty impressed. His cock was a monster, at least eight inches long and almost as thick. My wife's eyes grew large as he stepped in front of her and promptly pushed it into her mouth.

Her pink lips stretched wide as she took his fat prick into her mouth and he started to hump my wife's face. I could hear the sloshing of his cock as it became coated with her spit and he rocked back and forth.

"Damn, Connie your mouth is so warm. I love having my cock in there. Shit, if I had more time, I would let you suck me off!"

He threw a look over his shoulder at me.

"Still, I think Ross deserves at least a little bit of a show to see what a sweet little cocksucker his wife is."

He turned and sat on the bed next to Connie. She seemed to intuit what he wanted, and she leaned over and took his penis in her hand dropping her head into his lap to retake his cock. I felt a growing jealousy as my wife started to suck Jack with excitement, working her mouth up and down his pole. At one point he pulled her head off his cock and lifted it up and she instantly flicked her tongue against his as they Frenched each other with a hot kiss before she dropped her mouth back onto his dick.

"What do you think, Connie?"

"Ummmmm....mmmphhhh...fuck you're so big...so hard, Jack...uhhhhh...mmmmmm...I do love to suck cock! Yours is so fucking huge!"

Jack was fingering her pussy from behind as she sucked him and that seemed to egg her on even more as she started to suck him hard running her head fast up and down his prick. I was beginning to get a bit excited myself, much to my shame, as my cock hardened in my pants. Her head popped off his organ, and she gasped loudly.

"Whats wrong, Connie?"

"I can't keep this up...sucking cock and getting my pussy played with makes me cum!" she cried.

"I bet you would rather have this big love gun in your cunt anyway," said Jack leering.

He took his position behind her again and grabbed her hips.

"Commentary time, Connie...I want you to tell Ross everything you're feeling right up until I fill this sweet pussy with my spunk."

Jack started to rub his fat cock on Connie's wet pussy as she looked me in the face. Her eyes were shiny with lust, and her face was flush. She wasn't faking this she was totally turned on at this point, and desperately in need of release.

"Ah..shit...he's...God...He's rubbing his cock on my pussy lips...I can feel the head...AH, SHIT! He's putting it inside me! Jesus, Ross he is so fucking big! Ah...Christ, he's stretching my pussy. I can feel it sliding into me, and it's stretching me open so bad! AHH FUCK NEVER HAD A COCK LIKE THIS INSIDE ME! Ah, God, it makes me want to fuck so fucking bad...I'm sorry Ross...I need him to fuck me so bad right now! God my pussy is so full! I feel so fucked!"

Connie's face was painted with need as Jack started to screw her from behind. Her body began to move back and forth on the bed as he pulled her toward him and I could hear the sound of his thighs slapping against her ass as he fucked my wife. His balls were making an almost equally loud noise as they struck her wet pussy. Connie was losing it fast. Her moans and whimpers started to fill the room as she couldn't hold back anymore how good this fuck was making her feel. She started to gasp and words poured from her mouth in a torrent.


The minute she started to cum Jack pulled her to him and buried his tongue in her mouth. She Frenched him madly as her whole body shook with one orgasm after another, Jack put his hands on her bare tits, and she placed hers on top of his in a silent appeal for him to squeeze her breasts as she creamed his prick. He did as she wished and all I could do was watch my wife convulse in hard orgasm all over Jacks penis, fluid was pouring out of her pussy as she came.

As I looked at her lips, they slowly peeled away from Jacks, but she kept her body pressed back against him. His cock was still inside her, and now that she was sitting up I had a ringside view of her pink pussy lips stretched wide around his thick pole with this blond haired balls sitting tight against the matted hairs of her vagina.

"I think it's my turn now and Connie is going to ride the cum out of these balls aren't you sweetheart."

"Lay down, Jack," whispered Connie and he did as she asked.

"You know Ross I think its time we gave you a small taste. Why don't you stand next to Connie why she feels a real man cum inside her, you can even jerk off if you want."

It was like I had become just as possessed as my wife. A part of me wanted to tell Jack to shove it, but instead, I stood up and took off my clothes and came to stand next to Connie. My cock was hard as a rock and standing straight out away from my body. Connie straddled Jacks prick and took hold of it. I watched her face clench in pleasure as she lowered her body onto him.

"Uh...SHIT! Connie your pussy feels so good. How does that cock feel inside you? How does it compare?"

Connie flicked a look over at me, "Yours is way bigger...feels...better inside me...I feel so fucked!"

Jack laughed, and my wife started to ride him. Her breasts began to bounce wildly up and down as she took every inch. I looked down and watched his fat pole sliding in and out of her cunt with her juice gleaming all up and down it. Her breath was coming in hard gasps. I looked at her face and saw nothing but the lust and joy she was feeling from this hard fuck as her mouth hung open and she cried out.


She looked at me again and spoke, "This was what you wanted to see Ross. Look at me fuck, Ross! Look at me fuck Jack's big cock! Ah! FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD I THINK IM GOING TO FUCKING CUM ALL OVER IT AGAIN! Ah, shit...You want to hear me call out his name when he fucks me right, Ross! FUCK ME JACK! GOD! FUCK ME JACK! DEEP AND HARD! YOUR COCK FEELS SO MUCH BETTER! MAKES ME CUM SO FUCKING HARD!"

Connie was entirely over the top her whole body starting to shake, and I realized she wasn't kidding that she was going to cum again. The sight of it was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and I started to stroke my cock up and down fast in response. Her hips moved faster and faster. One hand came up to squeeze her tit as she used her other to rub her swollen clit. Jacks face was starting to color with blood and effort as well, and it hit me that we were all going to lose it together.


"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!" came my answering scream as cum exploded out of my cock and long ribbons of my spunk flew through the air to cover the wood floor.


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