Broken Vow


The darkness I opened my eyes to was thick, nothing could be seen through it. My mind was muddled, and my muscles weak. I tried to focus, to remember, but all there was did nothing to help me. I remembered the beer, so much beer. Everyone having a great time in the pub, a regular Saturday, you might say. Then nothing. I tried to focus on myself, closing my eyes, for there was nothing to see in the blackness around me. I was in a chair. An armchair, and my hands and feet were tied to it with what felt like zip ties, clearly not rope. I focused on my body, what I could feel, and determined I was unharmed, except for my fuzzy head. I tried each of my extremities against its bond, but I was held firmly in place. My feet were tied to the chair in a way where they could not touch the ground, so I could not try to push myself around with my toes, but if I could tip myself over, maybe.

I shifted my shoulders from one side to another, back and forth, at first not feeling any changes in the chair, it was holding firm to the ground, then I could feel it begin to tip, oh so slightly, and I continued. I was almost at the point of falling over when light exploded into my eyes, and I stopped, my heart jumping up to an even faster pace as I began to feel scared and sick to my stomach. I didn't know what was happening, but being tied to a chair could not be a good thing. The light was blinding, and for awhile I could see nothing but red stars in my eyes. Just as I was adjusting to the light, out it went, and the black came rushing back, my eyes once again disoriented.

"Do we have a deal?"

The voice came from right behind me and I jumped at the sound. My heart trying to find its way out my throat, but I steeled myself to calm down. It was a female voice, and for some reason it sounded familiar.

"What?" my voice croaked, I hadn't realized how dry my mouth was until I tried to speak. "What deal?"

"Do we have a deal?" the voice again. Very soft, almost fragile, not the sort of voice one thinks of when they're tied to a chair being questioned.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said. My throat was scratchy, close to raw, it hurt to talk. "Water?" I asked, not thinking I would get some. The blackness was still thick, so I could see nothing, I never even heard footsteps, but then a straw poked me in the lips. I jerked my head in surprise, but then realized what it was, and I pressed my lips around the straw to drink, for one moment I thought about poison, that his was how they'd kill me, but the taste of the water blasted away my worries at the present. I took four quick swallows, and the straw was pulled away. I pushed my head forward begging for more, and more came. I drank slower this time, and once the straw left I sat back against the chair. "Thank you."

I still could hear no footsteps, but the voice came from behind me once again. "Do we have a deal?"

"Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you if we have a deal." I said, my confidence coming back.

There was a sigh, then I felt her move closer to me, her head coming down near my ear. "Don't make me ask again. I can corrupt your soul if I have to." She stood back up, and I sat there unsure.

"I will not make a deal unless I know what it is I'm dealing. Or who with for that matter." I decided to play bold, holding fast to my beliefs. Praying they would be enough.

"Fine. Have it your way." she replied.

I heard something, but I couldn't quite place what it was, a rustling, as if something was brushing against something else. Almost at the same time I became aware of something else. My penis was growing quite hard under my pants. Exquisitely hard, like stone, and it grew until it was quite painful the way it was positioned, but its hardness remained constant. I was in shock at this, of all the times to become aroused I could not understand why it was erect now.

Then a light was turned on behind me, probably a lamp because it didn't cast much light in the room, but enough that I could make out my surroundings. There was nothing in the room that I could see, the carpet on the floor was the only thing to see besides three walls of wood paneling. I turned my head side to side but could see nothing.

Then she came around me so that I could see her. She was naked, completely naked from head to toe, Her long dark hair cascading down to the middle of her back. She turned to face me and I saw her breasts were large, but not enormous, a C-cup probably, and her pussy was shaved but for a small strip on the top. She smiled at me, her blue eyes shining in the dim light.

"I asked you to take the deal." she said and then she knelt before me. Her eyes locking onto my erection. "My potion works quite fast, doesn't it?" She ran her hands up my legs to my crotch.

"No," I stuttered, "You can't, you don't understand," but she was unbuttoning my pants, and then pulling them down, my underwear as well, and my hard cock sprang free. I was at once relieved and mortified at the same time. I wished to tell her to stop, that she shouldn't, but then she wrapped her lips around my shaft, and I lost my ability to speak.

I could feel her tongue wiggling along the underside of my cock, as she slid her mouth down the length of me, until her nose was in my pubes, and then she pulled off to the tip of my head, and then she plunged onto him again. It was the most exquisite feeling I had ever felt before. Never in all my life had something like this happened to me. I was in agony with ecstasy. She pumped her mouth up and down, her tongue working the underside of me and all of a sudden I felt something happening, I knew what it was and wanted so badly for her to stop before it happened, but was powerless against it. My balls tightened and my cock became extremely hard, and then she pulled her mouth off of me and held my cock directly at her face as I came. I erupted all over her face, my cum hitting her cheeks, her chin, her open mouth, and the last spurts fell onto her breasts. She stroked my still hard shaft with her hand as she licked at the sides of her mouth, tasting what I had given her.

"You taste good, Father. What would the church say if they saw you like this?" She said as she stroked me.

"You knew?" I was stunned. "Of course, if you had taken the deal I would have untied you for this, but either way it works for me. And," she looked at my still hard member. "It looks like the funs not over yet."

Then she stood up and turned around. She reached between her legs to grasp my erection, and then she sat down upon it, I felt myself slipping into her tight pussy. It was already wet, and she began to ride me. My mind was a ball of confusion. I knew what was happening was wrong, but it felt so good, I wasn't going to try to stop her.

"Oh god, forgive me." I said as she came down on my cock again and again.

She moaned, "Oh Father, I'm gonna cum on your big cock." Faster she went, and then she froze, her entire body rigid, and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and a burst of fluid came out of her onto me. It was too much, and I once again came, this time in her pussy. After a few minutes, she got up, releasing my cock from her sopping pussy, and she knelt again, grasping my cock. "Welcome to the dark side, Father." she said as she took my cock into her mouth again, covered in her own juices as well as my cum. Her ministrations worked, and in five minutes I was hard again. "Please," I said, "its enough."

"No, Father, you got one more hole to fill." she replied.

I wanted so badly to tell her to stop, but the sight of her body, and the glorious feelings of what had already happened had broken me. I didn't want her to stop anymore. I wanted more. I wanted everything she was willing to give me, and I felt at that moment that if she stopped, I would force myself upon her with my need. Twenty-three years serving the church, never once allowing myself the pleasures of the flesh. And now this beautiful goddess (I think she'd been to mass) had freed me. Her sculpted 20 year old body was all I could think of, all I desired.

I didn't protest as she lowered herself onto me, this time I was entering her ass. It was much tighter than her pussy. She moaned all the way down, until I was deep in her ass. She began riding me slowly, her saliva, my cum and hers, being more than enough to give her lubrication. I watched in erotic bliss as my cock disappeared into her ass, and then came out, and then in again.

"Tell me you like fucking my ass Father." she said.

"I do."

"Say the words." She squeezed down with her ass, gripping my cock so tight I cried out in surprise and ecstasy. "I love fucking your ass." I said.

She rode me fast then, and soon I was about to cum once more. The sight of her glorious ass around my cock aroused my passion too much.

"I'm gonna cum." I shouted, and she hopped off my cock and once again aimed it at her face. I groaned as I erupted once more, my cum splashing her face, her neck, and her tits. When I was done she smiled up at me, my cum on her cheeks and her chin.

"See you tomorrow, Father."

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