tagNovels and NovellasBromfield's Temptations Ch. 01

Bromfield's Temptations Ch. 01


Author's note: I wrote this novel out of sexual frustration during the months I spent working on an A.I.D. project in Oman, an extremely conservative Islamic state (no bars, movies, or extra women). It is copyrighted and is intended only for the private use of the readers. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Chapter 1 - Bromfield's Temptations

Louise's bra had disappeared while she was in the kitchen freshening our drinks. Her swollen, shapely bosom had come alive, jiggling and swaying under an unbuttoned, sheer white blouse.

She paused in the doorway and struck a pose, flashing a grin and a quick, conspiratorial wink at me before showing herself to our startled guests. Her erect nipples and puckered areolas had become tiny tents -- dancing smudges -- clearly visible in the dim light through the thin material.

Ignoring Sandra, my wife focused her attention on the young woman's husband. I couldn't see Louise's face, but I could well imagine how she might have smiled and run her tongue seductively over her freshly painted lips as she bent deeply in front of him, deliberately offering him a view of soft, pear-shaped breasts while setting the tray on the coffee table.

I watched her resume her seat on the couch next to him, and cross her legs. Her brief skirt seemed even shorter as a tantalizing glimpse of creamy bare skin appeared above her sleek stocking-clad thigh. It was amusing to watch Jeff's eyes widen at the sight.

With a muttered mock apology, Louise pretended to tug her skirt down, while Jeff nervously wiped his moist palms on his trouser legs and darted a guilty look toward his lovely wife across the room. Sandra also looked nervous and said hesitantly, "Don't you think . . ." but Jeff had already returned his attention to my Louise.

Sandra sat up. Her lovely features were worried as she said more insistently, "Jeff, we really shouldn't stay much longer. The sitter will have to get home."

Jeff nodded absently, his rapt gaze wandering between Louise's exposed bosom and her beckoning thigh, "You're right," he said with false enthusiasm, "We'll just finish our drinks and let these folks get to bed."

An uneasy silence fell. Louise cleared her throat and quietly said, "Jim, I'll bet our guests would like to hear that new CD you found to day." She turned to Jeff. "Jim is a Glenn Miller freak, but any big band from the `40s turns him on. Let him play this for you."

Nodding, I stood and opened the package. Then I started the CD player. The opening bars of Dorsey's Mood Indigo filled the room. I walked across the room to Sandra and offered my hand.

She hesitated, then shrugged and solemnly nodded. Kicking off her shoes, she stood, eyes downcast, and held out her arms.

She was stiff and uneasy at first, and I was careful to hold her formally. Then, gradually, as we swayed back and forth to the hypnotic strains of the music, she began to relax and I tightened my hold around her waist.

Abruptly she sighed, and, releasing my left hand, linked her hands behind my neck, pressing her slender body against me. I felt her firm little breasts against my chest. She smelled faintly of scented soap, and something else musky and erotic. For a moment, I wondered which of us was seducing the other.

I made certain, as we moved to the music, that my partner faced continuously away from the tableau on the couch, where Louise was flirting outrageously with Jeff. Although I had seen Louise in action countless times before, it never failed to arouse me when, as now, I watched her rub his thigh, then lean forward to give him a better view of her bosom. When she closed her eyes and raised her mouth to his, I tried to pull back from my dancing partner because I was afraid Sandy would feel my growing excitement.

I quickly glanced away when I saw him peer anxiously in our direction, then back in time to see him press his mouth tightly against Louise's. Even in the shadowy gloom, I could see their lips move as their tongues met and caressed.

Louise arched her back, straining her body up against his. He automatically cupped a soft breast through her thin blouse, while her little hand slid wickedly into his lap. The thickening excitement I felt was, by now, almost too powerful to conceal from my partner.

I was startled when Sandra murmured, her voice muffled against my chest, "Have they got it on yet?"

For a moment, I didn't know what to say. Sandra evidently had known from the beginning what was happening. I felt my excitement ebb as I asked, "Were we that obvious?"

Sandra tilted her head back to look searchingly into my face, her gray eyes dark with concern. "We may not act like it, but this isn't the first time we've been in a situation like this. Apparently, it's not yours either," she added dryly.

I glanced at the couch again. Jeff had, obviously, decided to hell with it. Louise's blouse was open, and Jeff's hand was inside, openly rubbing and fondling her breasts and nipples. As I watched, she leaned back against the couch, her eyes closed, one hand holding his hand to her breast, the other busy in his crotch.

I couldn't tell whether she had his fly open.

The shadow in Sandra's eyes suddenly disappeared and she grinned, bumping her pelvis against my crotch. "What happened?" she asked innocently. "Is this broken?" She ran her hand down my side in open invitation.

I tipped her face up and kissed her soft lips. As I tasted for the first time the sweet flavors of her mouth, I felt her lips part. She touched my lower lip with the tip of her tongue, and I felt a tiny jolt of electricity in my scrotum.

The dance was over. Louise had seen Sandra kiss me, and that was all she needed to know. She reached for the lamp next to the couch and switched it off. The room was suddenly dusky, lit only by the hall light.

I led Sandra to a big overstuffed chair across the room and sat down, pulling her down on top of me. She came willingly, and as she settled herself, she shyly fastened her mouth to mine.

Then she raised her head and looked solemnly into my eyes again. "We've done this only once before," she whispered, "I'm glad I like you, Jim. I could never do this with someone I didn't like." Then she added, "What are they doing now?"

I had been so busy unbuttoning her dress, now open to her waist, that I hadn't bothered to look. I peered toward the couch. Jeff was leaning back on the couch, his pants open and his legs spread far apart. Louise was naked to her waist and was on her knees between his legs; her head was moving up and down in his lap.

"They're way ahead of us, Sandra," I said. She turned to look while I eased the straps of her slip off her shoulders and reached behind to unsnap her bra.

She turned back. "How do you feel when you see your wife do that to another man?" she whispered.

"Great," I replied. "It's exciting; almost as if we were sharing the experience."

"Have you ever, you know, done that?"

"Sure," I said, as I touched her delicate little breasts and stiffening nipples under her pretty little bra. Sandra's soft, moist skin felt like warm, living silk under my fingers. "I've tried it to see if I was missing something, but it must be an acquired taste like olives and beer."

She arched her back, pressing her firm little breasts against my hand. "Unfasten my bra, and chew on them," she urged softly, "hurt them a little."

After I released the catch, she shrugged her shoulders allowing her bra straps to slide down her arms. Then I leaned forward and sucked her entire left breast into my mouth, feeling her nipple tickle the back of my throat. Then I stimulated it by rapidly swallowing.

"Oh, God, Jim, that feels good! Keep doing that and pinch my other nipple. Oh, that feels good!" Her voice was thickening. Her breathing was becoming noticeably faster and shallower.

Her weight was uncomfortable on my revived tumescence, so I shifted her to one side. That also gave me a better view of events on the couch.

Louise lay on her back, her skirt bunched around her waist. She wore no panties. I briefly wondered if they were also in the kitchen. Her left leg was hooked over the back of the couch. Her right leg was raised and widely extended. Gravity had flattened her breasts, but Jeff's attention was fixed on her exposed and fully engorged labia.

He was naked. He had been crouching over her, but now was moving into position between her legs. His rampant cock hung bull-like between his legs, sagging below his wrinkled scrotum. Louise reached up and guided him into her secret nest. "Do you want to see the main event?" I whispered.

"Oh, yes," she said, "Let's watch for a moment." She half turned to watch her husband energetically work his stiff young prick, inch by inch in quick successive thrusts, into my wife. Louise seized her lover's buttocks, urging him harder and deeper, all the while encouraging him by whispering, "Fuck me, darling, fuck me hard! Oh, that feels so good!"

"God, this is exciting!" Sandra breathed in my ear, "Feel me." She spread her legs slightly and placed my hand under her skirt on her damp panties. Then she began raining little love kisses on my face and neck. "Could you put a finger in me?" she whispered, while with her other hand, she groped for my zipper. I hunched up to make it easier for her, and slid my hand under the band of her panties where I felt her tiny, warm, moist slit.

The couch creaked gently as Jeff insistently worked himself deeper and deeper into my eager wife. The sound became a rhythmic accompaniment as Sandra's cool fingers began stroking my swollen cock, which she had gently tugged through layers of underwear and pants. Meanwhile, I traced the outline of her nether lips with a moistened fingertip and then slowly pressed inward.

She studied my straining member. "Oh, it's so big," she said, instinctively choosing words Eve had probably used to inflame Adam, as she rolled it between the palms of her hands. "I wonder how this will feel? Do you think we can get all that in me?" Then she whispered more seriously, "Please be gentle. Except for a New Year's Eve party two years ago when everyone got drunk and naked, this will be my first time with anyone besides Jeff. I'm scared and hot, all at the same time! But please don't make me wait too long; I might chicken out!"

She let go of me and stood up. Her opened dress fell to the floor. She wiggled her slip down over her hips and swiftly bent to slide her panties to her ankles. "Now it's your turn!" she said.

I stood. While I was unbuttoning my shirt, she dropped to her knees and unbuckled my belt. Then she pulled my pants down and gently eased the elastic in my shorts over my rampant erection. I felt it spring forward when it was released.

Sandra fell back on the rug and lay on her back, spreading her legs. Her face was contorted with her need. "See how wet I am, Jim? Please hurry before I lose my nerve!"

I heard Louise's familiar orgasmic moan as I dropped to the floor and slid my head and shoulders between Sandra's spread knees. I gently touched the moist tip of my tongue to the inner part of her thigh, slowly tracing a wet path up to the outer edge of her reddened and swollen labia. Pausing, I gently nibbled and pulled with my lips on her thin genital hair and outer lips, and, just as gently, traced her crease with my wet tongue.

Louise's moans were becoming louder and more insistent. I was spurred on by Jeff's grunts and the rhythmic protests of the creaking couch as the young man hammered himself into my wife.

Sexual tension hung like a heavy fog in the room, blurring my vision, sharpening my tactile sensations. Sandra exuded the musky scent of a woman in heat, and my erection was aching for relief. I slid the length of her body, pausing only to kiss that sweet and vulnerable place where her hips joined her pelvis, to poke my tongue into her belly button, and to lick between her breasts, tasting her salty warmth accented by the astringency of her perfume. I nuzzled and licked the hollow of her throat.

Suddenly, Sandra began to tremble. I held her slender body tightly and felt her stomach muscles begin to undulate against my body. She moaned softly in my ear, as her shuddering quiver grew more violent. Abruptly, she relaxed, giving a great sigh.

"Wow! That was a surprise," she whispered. "I never came that way before! You weren't even in me. Let me rest a minute."

I held her close, kissing her neck and jaw line while my fingers idly caressed her breast and nipple. The creaking couch, and Louise's moans and gasps, punctuated by the rhythmic slap of colliding male and female flesh, filled the room and served to further stiffen my already painful cock. I began to stroke Sandra's breasts more urgently.

She stretched, and murmured, "I want you in me, Jim . . . now!"

I rolled between her spreading legs. As my cock dragged across her hip, it left a viscous stream of precome on her skin. She felt it. "I guess you're ready, at that," she said. I braced myself on hands and knees, holding my rigid member at the moist entrance to her tunnel.

Sandra murmured, "Wait, lover. Let me get it wet." I felt the slightly abrasive feel of her genital hair against the tip of my glans as she rubbed it up and down her slit. "That's better," she whispered. "Please be gentle." Her little fist guided the tip of my cock into her secret opening. "I want you so badly, Jim," she said. "Push!"

I pressed myself against her her yielding vagina. At first, only my glans popped through her tight, wet opening. She writhed beneath me, kissing my chest, and humping her pelvis up to encourage me.

"Push again!" she whispered urgently. I crawled forward on my knees, while she seized her thighs and pulled her legs high in the air and further apart.

I thrust into her a second time, and felt the tissues deep within her belly part as I sank deeper and deeper into her hot clasping tunnel. "More, more," she cried. "God, I love this!" I began working back and forth in her. Finally, I felt my scrotum slap against her perineum. At that moment, my brain went into neutral, and raw animal instinct took over. I began trying to thrust my entire body into that wonderful, mysterious well of life.

"Oh, God that feels good!"

It might have been five minutes later when I thought I felt Sandra's second spasm. Her clasping tunnel fluttered, and her legs began to tremble. She gave a long sigh.

I could hold back no longer. I felt as if I were being drawn inside out; my seed began its exquisite journey across my aching back, up my urethra, and spurted into her thirsty, clutching womb with explosive force.

She opened her eyes and grinned up at me. "Wow!" I couldn't answer. I was drenched with sweat and was gasping for air. I could only nod.

Still firmly joined, we rolled to one side and collapsed in each other's arms. I must have dozed, because the next thing I knew, Louise was standing over us.

"Would you like some coffee, Jim?"

I slowly untangled myself and stood up. Then I helped Sandy to her feet. "How about it," I asked. "You up for some coffee?"

She nodded. Hand in hand, we walked into the kitchen. Jeff was sitting at the kitchen table watching Louise bustle around setting cups and cookies on the table. "Does anybody need sugar or cream?"

It was a perfect domestic scene except that we were all nude. I sat in the chair opposite Jeff, and watched his wife move around the kitchen helping Louise.

Although both women were about the same height, had lovely soft hair and truly beautiful features, they were a delightful contrast.

Unlike Louise, whose heavy mane had a natural curl and always looked like a rumpled bed until she disciplined it with a few strokes of her brush, Sandy's hair was fine and until our passionate session on the living room rug, had been artfully coifed in an elaborate swirl atop her head, emphasizing her long, graceful neck and tiny ears.

Louise was dark, full breasted, and rounded -- the quintessential earth mother -- while Sandy was slender, almost boyish, with small perky breasts. As I later learned, her light coloring was a gift from an Irish grandmother. Louise's coloring had Mediterranean antecedents.

Louise trimmed her bush and fashioned it carefully at least once a week. This week, her rich, thick-lipped womanhood was framed below a tiny arrow of clipped hair. Sandy, on the other hand, had only a mere shadow of uncut blonde genital hair, coyly half-concealing the puffy, tight little seam between her thighs.

Jeff was grinning. "You folks sure know how to throw a party," he said.

I grinned back. "Well, this is who we are, Jeff. What you see is what you get. We love sex and the company of beautiful people like you two."

I felt a warm kinship toward him at that moment. "I only hope we didn't come on too strong . . ." I said, half apologetically.

Sandy flashed a smile at me and joined in the conversation. "Let's not kid ourselves, Jim, when Louise came into the room with her boobs hanging out of her blouse, I knew something was going to happen. I'm sure Jeff did, too." She looked toward her husband for confirmation.

He slowly nodded. "I may be only a dumb accountant, but when Louise flashed me, I figured something like this might happen," he said.

"You're not upset?" Louise asked, real concern in her voice.

"Heavens, no," Sandra said, shaking her head. "We've talked about swinging; what married couple hasn't? We even did it once. We've talked about threesomes, about opening our marriage; you name it, we've talked about it."

"Yes," Jeff said slowly, a shadow crossing his face, "We've talked about a lot of things but that doesn't mean we always have to do them, does it?"

Louise and I looked at each other. Remorse was setting in. She was sitting next to Jeff, and she leaned over his arm. Her right breast "accidentally" brushed his left biceps. "Did it bother you, Jeff, seeing Sandy with another man?"

He frowned. "I hate to admit it, but it did," he said passionately. "I know it's wrong to feel possessive, but dammit, I just can't help it."

Louise was good at comforting the remorseful. "Feelings are never wrong," she said soothingly. "They just are. I must admit I had mixed feelings the first time I saw the old man here screwing my best friend." She paused. "It's just something you have to work through. Most people do."

She grinned at him. I couldn't see under the table, but judging by his expression, I knew she had her hand in his lap, giving him something else to think about. "There's something here I'd like to work through," she said softly, looking intently into his face.

Sandy started to say something, but Louise cut her off. Darting a meaningfully look at her, Louise said, "Why don't you call your baby sitter and tell her you'll be a little later than you planned?" At the same time, Louise gestured with her head. "The phone's right in there. Jim can show you. I think Jeff and I have a few things to talk over."

She stood. Jeff obediently rose to his feet. Louise reached down and taking his prominent manhood in her left hand, towed him out of the kitchen, saying over her shoulder, "We'll be back in an hour or so."

(to be continued)

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