tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBrookhaven Inn Ch. 04

Brookhaven Inn Ch. 04


This story is the fourth in a series. While it is hoped that this story can enjoyably be read alone, reading the previous stories will provide context and background. This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any real person or entity are entirely coincidental and unintended.


That January was a slow month for us. It never really snowed badly, but we got another ice storm a couple of weeks after the first one. It was a fairly dismal month in terms of weather.

It was anything but dismal for the four of us. Financially, we were ok. The relative lack of business gave us plenty of time to focus on each other. Drew was a few years younger than Caitlyn and quite a few years younger than Cassie and me. Bringing Drew into our relationship injected new energy and enthusiasm. Adding Drew also forced us to think about our very untraditional relationship and our commitments to each other. That process was very positive, I thought, and I think that we all ended up with the realization that the four of us loved each other very much. We also had some really fantastic sex together. Had I known how the year was going to go, I would have savored those happy days even more than I did.

Having gotten over the initial shock of learning that her older sister lived and worked mostly in the nude, and having decided that she liked going nude too, at least at times, Drew's younger sister Denise became a more regular presence at Brookhaven Inn. Denise, of course, was not a part of our four-way sexual relationship.

By February, people were starting to want to get out a bit more. We started seeing more weekend bookings by guests from relatively close places like Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. Among our first regulars back were Tony and Cheryl Leland. Tony and Cheryl had started coming to the Inn shortly after it re-opened as clothing optional. They were from Pittsburgh, where I understood that Tony owned his own company. Tony and Cheryl were now coming four or five times a year.

Tony and Cheryl were very nice people. They were, probably, twenty years older than Cassie and me. Cheryl was still a very attractive woman with a marvelous all-over tan. I'm no judge of male attractiveness, but what I heard from all three of Cassie, Caitlyn, and Drew led me to believe that Tony was considered very attractive too. Tony and Cheryl would strip off as soon as they got to the Inn, sometimes arriving nude for check in and staying nude for their entire stay. They were among the very few people who would eat nude in our restaurant.

We were very pleased when Drew's old sorority came back to hold its dinner/dance at the Inn for a second year. As far as I know, however, no one had the epiphany which Drew had undergone the year before. However, we did have a number of nude college girls around the pool for a weekend which was not a bad thing.

We also had another side effect from the media coverage we had gotten a year or so earlier. A sociology professor at the University asked us to talk to a class that she gave to juniors and seniors on "non-traditional lifestyles." She wanted us to talk about nudism. All four of us had become eager for any opportunity to promote clothes-free living and, of course, we had an economic incentive to do so.

The four of us decided that Cassie, Drew, and I would talk to the class. Cassie was going because she was the person who had decided to make Brookhaven Inn clothing optional and had started us all down the naked path. We thought that Drew should go because she was closest in age to the students with whom we'd be speaking. I was picked simply because I'm male. Caitlyn would mind the store while we talked.

Neither Cassie nor I had attended the University, so we had only a vague idea where we were supposed to go for the sociology class. Drew, less than a year past her graduation, knew exactly where we were going, where to park, and where on campus to get drinkable coffee.

Assistant Professor Janet Morgan was considerably younger than she had sounded on the phone. She was a very small woman with long wavy black hair and an olive complexion. She was also one of those perpetually upbeat people, punctuating each statement with "awesome" and "super." Nonetheless, she seemed quite intelligent. From what I could see, she was a very small-breasted woman, but her jeans suggested a very nice, tight ass.

The class consisted of about 25 juniors and seniors. Dr. Morgan said that most, but not all, were sociology majors. I wondered to myself what one does these days with a degree in sociology. The class seemed about evenly split between girls and guys. I didn't pay that much attention to the guys, but the girls seemed a fair cross-section of what you find at a reasonably large state university: thin, heavy, tall, short, very attractive, and not so attractive.

Rather than a traditional lecture hall, the class met in a small seminar room. The students' seats were arranged in a semi-circle. At the front was a desk with a small lectern. Dr. Morgan had placed three chairs in front of the desk, facing the semi-circle.

The students filtered into the class room, some eyeing us curiously. Dr. Morgan called the class to order, announced the topic of the day's discussion, and introduced Cassie, Drew and me to her class.

When Dr. Morgan had finished her introductions, she said to us, "If you'd be more comfortable naked, please feel free to undress."

While it superficially seemed like just a small courtesy, Dr. Morgan's voice communicated that she was really hoping that we'd agree to strip off. Cassie, Drew, and I looked at each other. Slight smiles confirmed what we'd do next.

Cassie responded to Dr. Morgan, "Thank you. That is very nice of you. Of course, we'd prefer to be naked."

Cassie, Drew, and I began taking off our clothes in front of the class. I was watching the students watch us strip. A few were wide-eyed. A couple of the girls looked down at their notebooks. A few smiled and made eye contact with us. A couple of the guys were visibly excited at the prospect of seeing two very beautiful live women completely nude.

There was something sexy about undressing in front of twenty-five people who were close enough that they could reach out and touch us. Cassie handled it with her usual aplomb. Drew was enthusiastic, as always, and, when she removed her top, I and everyone else could see that her nipples were hard and pointed.

Once we had finished undressing and putting our clothes on the floor, we all turned to face the class with our arms at our sides. After giving her class a minute or two to observe our full frontal nudity, Dr. Morgan helpfully offered us towels to sit on. We sat down nude in front of the class. All three of us were careful not to cross our legs or otherwise conceal our genitals.

As we had discussed with Dr. Morgan by phone beforehand, each of us told the class how we had become involved in social nudism. Dr. Morgan had asked us not to go into our personal feelings about the experience of being nude. Part of what she wanted to do was see the extent to which her students asked us about our thoughts and feelings.

I guess that it took about a half-hour for Cassie, Drew, and then me to relate our individual histories with nudism. After that, Dr. Morgan opened the class up to questions.

The first few questions were mundane. A couple of students asked wisecrack questions which Dr. Morgan politely, but firmly squelched. Then, a rather tall, very attractive young lady with long straight brown hair asked, "How you felt and what were you thinking as you undressed in front of us at the start of class?"

Cassie answered first. "Well, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement that I'm going to be stripping naked and that a group of strangers will be looking at my bare body. I also have an eagerness to get my clothes off. Once I'm naked, there are several thoughts. One is a sense of freedom, liberation if you will, not only from my clothes but also from the societal strictures which require me to cover myself. There is also a sense of warm gratification knowing that people are looking at and, hopefully enjoying, my nude body. There is also a sense of empowerment when I'm naked around people wearing clothes. Basically, its 'I get to go naked and you don't.'"

Drew laughed. "I just like taking my clothes off. The first time I was around a nude man, who was not my lover, not then anyway, it was Harry. He seemed so happy to be naked that I had to try it, so I got naked in front of him. It was a wonderful feeling to be free and to know that he could see all of me. I get that same feeling every time I get naked with other people around."

I said, "Cassie basically said it for me. There is a pleasure or joy that I can't really explain in being nude around other people. My experience has been that most people who try it feel that same joy."

Someone else asked, "Is there any part of your bodies that it embarrasses you for people to see?"

We all shook our heads "no." Then Drew popped out of her chair. "You haven't really seen my butt," she said. She turned her back to the class, spread her legs a bit, and bent far over at the waist, exposing her pussy and asshole to the class. Drew held that position for a few moments before she straightened up and turned around. She was smiling and was, I could tell, excited.

Once Drew sat down, Cassie said, "Well, if the young girl can do it, I suppose that the old lady should too." Cassie stood up, turned, and bent over, showing her pussy and asshole to the class.

Most of the students seemed amazed, if not shocked, that the girls were exposing themselves so completely. I noticed, however, that the tall brunette was smiling and had a gleam in her eye.

I assumed that I was exempt from the stand up and bend over routine. Who wants to see a middle-aged guy's asshole? However, once Cassie straightened up, she said, "Ok, Harry. Your turn."

Drew poked my arm playfully. I decided that, if the girls had done it, I really had no excuse. So, I stood up, turned my back to the class, spread my legs a bit, and bent over. It was actually kind of nice. I didn't know that Drew had walked behind me until she slapped my bare ass.

"Of course," Drew said, "a guy in this position is a different image than a woman. You have the manly ass and, my favorite part, the penis and testicles hanging down between his legs." Drew reached between my legs, grabbed my balls, and gave me a gentle squeeze. If she wasn't careful, I'd be showing an erection to the class soon too. However, Drew let go quickly. I straightened up and turned around. As I did, Drew gave me a peck on the cheek.

The next question was, I think, inevitable given Drew playing with me. "Do any of you have a sexual relationship with each other?"

We all chuckled. Cassie said, simply, "yes."

Drew decided to elaborate. "The three of us and Caitlyn, the other manager at the Inn, are lovers. We have sex among ourselves daily if possible."

I hastened to add, "Social nudity isn't inherently sexual. I have no doubt that the four of us would be in a relationship even if we lived clothed. Cassie, Drew, and Caitlyn are just the three most extraordinary people, and the three most beautiful women, I've ever met. I love all three of them deeply."

"And we all love Harry and each other," Cassie added.

Having shocked Dr. Morgan's class, I thought that I'd put them on the spot. "I want to ask you a question," I said. "After listening to us and seeing us, how many of you would go nude in a social setting?"

The shock was mine. Over half of the class raised their hands, about equally male and female. The tall brunette was smiling as she held her hand in the air.

"Well," Cassie said, "I think that we can give you that opportunity if you're serious. Come out and stay a night at the Inn. Just tell us when you call that you are in this class. I think that we can afford to give you a substantial discount."

Dr. Morgan piped up, "That's very nice of you. Perhaps we can do that as a class activity, purely voluntary, of course." Dr. Morgan seemed a bit eager for the opportunity to go nude herself.

As we were dressing after the class, the tall brunette came up to us. She introduced herself as Gwen Spencer. "You guys were very impressive," she said. "Before I walked into this class today, I would have immediately rejected the idea of taking my clothes off and walking around where people would see me. You have largely convinced me that it is not only a perfectly normal thing to do, but a lot of fun too."

That, of course, is what we love to hear. Drew said, "You really should come out to the Inn and experience going nude. Don't worry about the money. We'll work something out."

Dr. Morgan came up to us. Somewhat bashfully, she said, "I really would like to bring my class out to your Inn so that we can all experience social nudity."

Cassie said, "Give us a call and let us know how many people you will have. The pool and spa is useable year round, so I'm sure that we can find a time when we can let you stay for very little and you and your students can have a great experience." I wasn't placing any bets on getting that call.

I was unduly pessimistic. Dr. Morgan called us a week later. She said that she had a dozen students who wanted to stay at the Inn, that a few wanted to bring boyfriends or girlfriends, and that, counting her and her husband, she had 21 people. Cassie, Caitlyn, Drew, and I talked about it and found a weekend in April when we had high vacancy. We proposed that, if the group would eat at least one meal at our restaurant, we'd comp the rooms. Dr. Morgan agreed. We were betting that at least some of the class would eventually return as paying guests.

The weekend on which the sociology class came to the Inn was unseasonably warm, which was good. Dr. Morgan had arranged for a University van to drive them out together and pick them up Sunday morning. "I wanted to see the dynamics between us while we were clothed in a small space with everyone anticipating that we would all be naked in front of each other soon," Dr. Morgan explained to us. "I don't know if I gained any useful insights, but it was a sexy experience," she laughed.

After everyone was checked in, we arranged to meet with the class on the lawn behind the Inn. Since they had already met Cassie and Drew, we decided that Caitlyn would give them an orientation and tour. Caitlyn asked me to join her even though the class had already met me.

Caitlyn and I were standing nude on the lawn when Dr. Morgan and her husband, Jeremy Wright, came out. Both of them seemed to be enjoying their own nudity. My speculation about Dr. Morgan's body had been largely correct. She had very small breasts but great legs and a lovely ass. Her husband was a compact, wiry man; a marathon runner I guessed. Both of them looked better nude than clothed.

Slowly, the students and significant others gathered naked on the lawn. There was a wide range of body types on display. The one thing that they had in common was that everyone was pretty pale. Several students had their hands covering their genitals. However, Gwen, the tall girl, stood confidently with her arms at her sides. She had good reason to be confident. Gwen was attractive dressed. However, she was a great beauty naked with perfectly formed breasts, a flat abdomen, and long elegant legs.

When everyone had gathered, Dr. Morgan announced, "Now, the first thing that we are going to do is take a good look at each other. We all know that we've not seen each other naked before and that we're all going to look so let's get that over with upfront. Come on, hands at your sides!"

Slowly, the students moved their hands away from their pubes. Everyone looked at everyone else. There were a few nervous giggles.

A heavy-set girl (whom I admired for being there) said, "I'm surprised. I thought every dick looked pretty much alike, but every guy here has one that's a bit different."

Dr. Morgan responded, "Yes. There is tremendous individuality to penises." She laughed, "That is part of what makes looking at them and feeling them so interesting." I think that the class was getting a new take on their professor.

Caitlyn and I led a tour of the grounds. Caitlyn went over the basic ground rules, like always sit on a towel and no clothing allowed in the pool and spa area.

"What about sex?" one of the guys asked.

Caitlyn laughed. "We're very much in favor of it. However, we do not allow overt sexual behavior in the public parts of the Inn in order to avoid offending any of our guests. Just use your common sense: if you're going to do anything sexual where other people can see you, make damn sure that they are willing to see you."

After we finished the tour, Dr. Morgan announced, "Ok. You're on your own until dinner. We will meet in the restaurant at 6:00. No clothes allowed."

Much later that evening, Drew asked me if I wanted to go to the spa. It was chill enough in the evenings that we still had the "bubble" up that we used to enclose the pool and spa for winter use. We asked Caitlyn if she wanted to join us. However, Caitlyn was working intently on her computer and could not be bothered. Cassie said that she was feeling very tired. Drew and I went by ourselves.

Despite the relatively late hour, I was not surprised to see Dr. Morgan and her husband in the spa. I was a little surprised to also see two students from her class, who were introduced to us as Eve and Brett. I surmised that Eve and Brett were a couple.

Drew and I got in the spa, which could easily accommodate more than the six people using it. There was substantial space between the three couples. Eve was very outgoing and had a number of questions about Brookhaven and about nudism more generally. Many of her questions were most appropriately answered by a woman and Drew did, I thought, a good job. While that conversation was going on, I thought that I detected Dr. Morgan and Jeremy playing with each other under the water.

Janet Morgan finally interrupted Drew's conversation with Eve. "Caitlyn said that sex is ok here if the people around are ok with it," she said. "Does anyone mind if I fuck my husband?" The four of us shook our heads indicating that we didn't mind, although Brett looked a little shocked.

Jeremy stayed seated in the spa. Dr. Morgan stood up, turned her lovely ass towards us, straddled her husband, and lowered herself onto him. She started slowly, but was soon riding him energetically. Eve seemed fascinated watching her professor fuck. Her boyfriend seemed even more shocked. I felt Drew's hand on my dick under the water. I turned to look at her. Her eyes were sparking and she had what I called her "devilish" smile. As I put my hand between her thighs, she spread her legs to give me better access. Drew and I started fondling and fingering each other as we watched Janet fuck Jeremy.

Dr. Morgan gave her husband a good ride. Judging by their respective sounds, they came well and pretty simultaneously. When Dr. Morgan got her breath back, she got off of her husband and turned to face the four of us. She was smiling broadly. Her skin was still flushed and her nipples were still hard. "Did we inspire anyone?" she asked. We weren't too concerned about people having sex in the spa because it was due to be drained and cleaned on Sunday anyway.

Drew had gotten me quite hard. With her hand still around my dick, Drew stood up pulling me with her. Drew led me out of the spa. She let go of me and pulled a cushion off of a lounge chair. She tossed the cushion on the concrete and lay down on her back. I got down on top of her and let her guide my dick into her cunt. Drew commanded my entire attention when I made love to her. However, as I thrust into her with increasing force and nibbled on her nipples, I was vaguely aware that the other four people had gotten out of the spa and were standing around us watching.

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