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Brooklyn Nine Nine: Gina's Games


"That will be all," the Captain barked, his patent monotone music to Dt. Amy Santiago's ears.

In her mind, the slight rise in inflection at the end of his sentence meant she had just done a good job!

She was wrong.

Sitting back at her desk, Amy fondly watched her superior march away. Finally returning her attention to the waiting computer, the Cuban Detective began typing up her latest arrest statistics in earnest.

Watching from across the room, Gina Linetti scowled, setting down her nail file. The day had started out so well; perfect hair, new heater installed and Hitchcock and Scully were missing! Then little miss chirpy had gotten... irksome. She was irking.

However, seeing the brunette lap up attention finally gave the warped civilian administrator permission, at least in her mind, to carry out a prank she'd been meaning to let loose for a while. Gina suspected Amy wouldn't be so keen for attention after she was done with her.

Witnessing the junior detective being a goody-two-shoes was usually such a chore. Grabbing her phone the secretary smirked: but this was gonna be fun.

Allowing herself a momentary lapse in concentration, Amy turned her pencil pot 15 degrees to the left, scrutinizing over its exact position on the right side of her desk. When the brunette looked up she flinched: Gina Linetti was now perched on the rim beside her.

"How did you do that??" Amy gasped, big brown eyes wide as saucers, "You're like a vampire!"

Gina just shrugged, flicking her buoyant auburn hair casually over a shoulder, preening like a proud peacock:

"Well, my beauty does have an eternal quality to it."

Amy blinked; in spite of herself the Captain's assistant always set her on edge; she had a penchant for self-flattery and a general self-confidence the Detective lacked. Unfortunately for the uncomfortable brunette, this was just the beginning:

"So anyways, I wanted to show you this, hill-arious new video I found."

Amy frowned:

"But recreation time isn't for another 7 minutes..."

Ignoring the tepid response, Gina raised her golden iPhone till it hung millimeters before the brunette's eyes, tapping the play tab carelessly:

Amy's indignation died in her throat as the video began to play, sound burbling from the tiny speakers.

The brunette watched in horror as a familiar scene played out on the tiny screen before her. Seeing her own, half-naked form laid out over the interrogation room table, she watched as past Amy shuddered, Rosa Diaz reaching between her open legs.

"T-that was a private session!" Amy squeaked, looking up at the smiling secretary, satisfaction scrawled over Gina's face:

"Looks like a sex tape to me," Gina drawled, watching in amusement as the other Amy gasped on screen.

"I was, that was..." Amy responded shrilly, before realizing where she was and continuing in hushed tones:

"That was an instructional training session I set up for Dt. Diaz-"

"Really?" Gina laughed, raising a rye eyebrow: "Cos the only person that looks like she's learning anything is you!"

Amy's face flushed, wincing as the video played out, the other Amy groaning as her nethers were cruelly manipulated:

"I-it was roleplay, I was a suspect being searched... thoroughly! All completely above board-"

The on-screen Amy moaned.

"Shhhh!" Gina replied, ignoring the brunette's weak excuses:

"This is my favourite bit!"

Amy watched in horror as Rosa inserted a finger into her own anus, watching past Amy shiver as she was cruelly invaded.

"Wow look at you go Ho!" Gina laughed, enjoying the straight-laced Detective's obvious discomfort:

"How are you sooo good at taking it like a lil'bitch??"

"I-I'm not a Ho!" Amy exclaimed, hand flying to her mouth as she realized she'd said that out loud, whispering:

"Or a bitch..."

"That's not how it looks to me," Gina responded, turning off the video, "Or to the rest of the Nine Nine I bet..."

Amy went pale, speaking anxiously:

"Gina, no one can see that, I'd be humiliated!"

"Watcha watching??"

Just at that moment, Jake strolled over, taking a seat at the desk opposite Santiago's."

"Nothing!" Amy squeaked.

"Porn." Gina stated dryly.

The two women responded simultaneously, speaking over each other.

"Oooooooo!" Jake laughed, turning his attention back to his waiting monitor:

"Remember to keep it profesh girls!"

"Gina, I need that video!" Amy whispered insistently, big brown eyes pleading with the smug redhead:

"Is that the only copy??"

"You bet'cha," Gina replied, leaning over the brunette to whisper in her ear:

"But, since you need it sooo badly..."

"what are you -Ahhh?"

Amy gasped, clenching her armrests:

Not missing a beat, Gina had closed the small distance between them, masking her actions with their bodies. Reaching down from her perch on the desk's rim, she tugged forward the belt of Amy's trouser-suit. Before the Detective could react, she slipped her phone into the tight space.

Frozen, Amy felt hard plastic descend down the front of her pants. Amazed she stared open-mouthed at the redhead as the IPhone slipped past the hem of her panties, brushing over downy hair. In less than a second the handset was nestled in the seat of her crotch; the rest of the precinct none-the-wiser.

"There you go silly!" Gina stated condescendingly:

"Now you have fun!"

Not waiting for a response the redhead stood up, turning on the spot, making sure the Detective's vision was filled by her perfect behind.

Amy could only watch, paralysed, as the precinct's kleptomaniac strutted away.

Finally closing her mouth, the cute latina considered her situation: All things considered, that could have gone a lot worse. Sure, she had been privately humiliated but considering the alternative this was not the worst outcome.

She had the phone, she had the evidence. Now she just had to delete it.

Amy surreptitiously reached between her legs.

Seeing Gina reach her own desk, the brunette glimpsed the redhead grasping her tabletop handset and begin to dial theatrically:

"Wait..." Amy murmured, eyes widening as she realized what was about to happen.

Then she felt the first buzz:

Flinching in her seat, the latina detective shuddered in place, her own hands vibrating minutely against the desk. Sending a waving of sensation up through her pussy, the brunette felt the wedge of plastic shake against her core.

Tensing against the surprise sensation, Amy bit her lip; mortified.

Gina grinned widely, handset pressed against her ear as she stared back at the shocked Detective: delicious.

Feeling the phone shudder against her core once more Amy gasped, gripping the desk. About to stand, she held still as the Captain passed her desk, realizing how public her ministrations now were.

When the phone shook again, her knees rattled against the underside of the desk, Amy swallowing hard: Gina must have turned up the ring, either that or her phone was supercharged! There was no way her body could be reacting this way to an ordinary phone!!

Tensing up instinctively, Amy wanted to grab it immediately. But now there was no Gina shaped obstruction: Just Amy and the desk masking her humiliation from the rest of the nine nine.

Amy whimpered, finally fully aware of her very public situation: she was practically on display, surrounded by co-workers and friends, people she worked with everyday! If she did anything out of the ordinary everyone would know.

The phone vibrated insistently between her thighs yet again: Gina was an evil genius.

Giving the civilian administrator a pleading look, Amy clutched her hands together, making a subtle plea. The redhead shook her head, pouting naughtily.

Glaring at the insane woman, Amy attempted to weigh up her options, the phone's ministrations making it harder to breath, let alone think! Taking a shuddering breath, the brunette whimpered; she had to get out of here.

Sliding her chair back, Amy began to stand up.

"Whats this?" Jake exclaimed theatrically.

"Huh! Wha??" Amy froze, trying not to panic. Could he know??!

"Come on Amy," Jake replied, mocking the usually eager brunette:

"Everybody knows you take a break every hour, well, a 'power break'. Which isn't due forrrr..."

Jake smirked, checking his wristwatch:

"Another 5 minutes. Suspicious..."

The Detective raised an eyebrow and Amy shrunk:

"So what gives Santiago???"

Feeling several judgmental eyes turn her way, Amy cursed, her own regimented predictability now her downfall. She stuck so closely to her own schedule even this slacker knew when she was out of sync!

Mouth becoming a thin line, the Cuban Detective sat back down slowly, much to Jake's delight:

"Now that's more like it!"

Returning to his work, Amy breathed a sigh of relief; just as the phone started buzzing again.

Amy moaned under her breath, feeling the device throb insistently against her nethers. She had to just ignore it, to work, anything!

Attempting to reach for her keyboard the phone buzzed again, harder. Amy's palms slapped the keys as she quivered, eyelashes fluttering as she was covertly stimulated.

Still at her desk, Gina watched with genuine fascination, handset in hand, as the brunette helplessly shuddered in time with each wave of sensation, pale and desperate. Gina licked her lips, her other hand slipping under the desk.

Unable to even pretend, Amy closed her eyes, her body responding to the repeating sensations. Feeling her nipples harden, the Detective shrugged in her jacket, praying no one noticed. Why was she getting so damn hot?!

4 minutes till her break, she could last another 4 minutes!

Then the phone vibrated again and she whimpered, nose crinkling adorably as the device sent waves of stimulation up through her pussy lips.

She wasn't going to make it.


Amy moaned, her stance loosening. She couldn't relax, couldn't give into the sensations. The next time it vibrated the brunette felt her hips shift; down against cell phone. God she was weak!

" 'Nother typo buddy?" Jake asked casually.

Amy nodded distractedly, answer wavering in her throat:

"Yes? No! I- I just got a requisition order for, ahhhh! A-a suspect that I had dis-discounted -Mmphg!"

"Who?" Peralta responded curiously.

"Unngh, Lina.. Leana! Leana Ginetti?!"

Amy frowned, hearing the redhead giggle from across the room.

"Huh," Jake replied heartily: "dumb name for a perp, I get your frustration."

Amy feigned an awkward smile, amazed she had gotten away with that terrible explanation; just as another vibration coursed through her belly:

Hand flying to her face, the brunette stifled a ragged gasp, eyes rolling as she fell back in her chair.

Gina smirked, grinning evilly as the brunette sent her a desperate look.

Swallowing hard, Amy realized her swollen chest had begun to rise and fall more rapidly, her pulse rising.

How many workplace guidelines was she flouting right now??!!

Seeing Rosa strutting over to her desk, Amy straightened up instinctively. If there was one person she could not afford to show weakness to, it was the colleague that gave her a hand job during a routine bodily search! Remembering her humiliation, Amy unintentionally squeezing her hot thighs around the shaking phone, grinding it against her own core.

"Ungghhhh!" the brunette choked, eyes watering, Rosa eying her suspiciously as she passed.

Gina snickered, watching the latina Detective shake, sweat on her brow.

How could playing with second-rate Santiago bring her so much joy?? Even now, watching the brunette squirm uncomfortably, shifting her thighs in her seat, biting her lip with each passing vibration; Gina was actually aroused by her awkward movements! Then again, she had always loved interpretive dance... Reaching surreptitiously between her own legs, the secretary began massaging her crotch through the red fabric of her jeans.

Horrified, Amy felt the heat rising in her belly, her pussy steaming as her climax mounted.

Squeezing her eyes shut, for a moment Amy could shut out the bustle of the precinct, focusing on swallowing the cause of her frustration, to concentrate on staying still.

Deciding it was time to finish the girl off, Gina dialed the phone one more time.

Amy came on the first ring.

"Unngh, Uhh!"

Gasping for breath, the brunette dug her nails into the desk, turning white as she orgasmed in public, surrounded by her colleagues and friends. God she wanted to scream!

Sweating profusely, Amy forgot where she was, seeing stars as the glorious sensations pulsed through her nethers, twitching in place as she soaked the crotch of her panties.

Gasping the brunette twisted in her seat, almost falling over.

"You alright??" Peralta asked, alarmed as the brunette shook before him, the Detective's expression somewhere between horror and pleasure, lower lip trembling.

Amy trembled, eyes wide as all her colleagues turned to look at her:

"I-I have to use the bathroom!"

Practically tripping over her chair, Gina watched as the brunette scurried towards the locker room and away from her surprised colleagues. Well that played out almost too well.

"Huh, Amy doesn't normally take pee breaks..." Jake stated dumbly.

"Must be a dump," Gina responded sardonically, following Amy out of the room.

Stumbling into the woman's toilet, Amy gasped, panting as she was finally able to react freely. Sweating, the brunette rushed to the sink, quickly splashing water onto her face; she was so hot!!

Tugging open the front of her shirt, she grabbed a paper towel, fanning her skin. Chest rising and falling, Amy's bra spilled out of the pink shirt.


Amy gasped, eyes crossing as the phone between her legs vibrated, immediately making the Detective collapse over the sink. Eying her own, guilty, disheveled reflection, Amy tugged open the clasp of her pants, into tearing her underwear to retrieve the phone.

Grasping the handset in her shaking fingers, Amy looked at the screen. She had received a text:


Scowling, the brunette stalked over to the toilet determinedly, her old sense of justice momentarily surfacing.


Throwing the phone into the basin, Amy gasped triumphantly as it bounced into the water.

"#nerdfail!" Gina announced from the open doorway:

Amy twisted on the spot, caught in her disheveled state, half angry, half alarmed:

"Gina!? How'd you get in here?!"

"The lock doesn't work dummy."

Amy looked at the door handle, taken aback:

"But I 'go' in here... wait! How'd you text me?!"

Gina stepped forward, waving her phone airily:

"On this, obviously!"

"But I just destroyed your phone!!" Amy yelped in disbelief.

"Oh Honey..." Gina replied condescendingly, shaking her head:

"Like I'd give you my only phone silly. I have two!"

"What, why?!!" Amy spluttered.

"When you're as popular as me? Come on Amy I thought you were smart?!"

Amy's face fell; so she had accomplished nothing. For all her training and seminars the narcissistic dancer still had her?!

Stepping up to the dismayed brunette, Gina met Amy's eye:

"Sorry 'Detective', but you're out of your league."

Amy closed her eyes, abject terror scrawled over her pretty face.

"Time to join my followers!" Gina stated joyfully, taking a seat on the toilet's rim and watching her powerless prey squirm:

"Amy, Amy, Amy, like I ever needed evidence anyway. I'm the gossip girl! No, Queen!! If I wanted you'd be back in uniform on traffic duty right now!!"

Gina paused, considering her next move; the Detective was in the palm of her hand after all; and she liked power. Standing up once more, the redhead stepped menacingly around the waiting latina.

"So you're gay right??"

Amy turned back in horror:


Gina raised her hands in mock surrender:

"No need to be sooo judgemental girl! We all like getting my rocks off! I just have a sixth sense about this stuff, and you're giving off a big' ol gay vibe sister!"

Amy shook her head, panicking:

"Well I'm not a- what happened before, with Rosa, it was just-"

"-Bored now!" Gina snapped, cutting the brunette off. Time to test my theory!"

Hesitantly lifting her head up, Amy looked into Gina's spellbinding eyes.

Immediately Amy knew she had made a mistake because now, no matter how much she tried, she just couldn't break eye contact with the Civilian administrator. According to her assertiveness seminars, this was a 'power stare'. The brunette gulped; she was definitely not the powerful one here.

Holding Amy's gaze Gina licked her fingertips like a proud cat, before slowly stepping forward, reaching out and running her digits downward and into the brunette's open pants. Skimming over the exposed lips of Amy's pussy, the Detective let out first a gasp, then a shuddering moan.

"Mm. Knew you were a little dyke." Gina said carelessly, giving a rather cruel half-hearted laugh:

"Looks like I win the Precinct pool!"

"I'm... I'm... I'm not a dyke!" Amy stuttered, going limp as those long fingers played over her pussy, an audacious thumb massaging her engorged clit making her shiver:

"And that language, is-is not appropriate for the workplace!"

"Fine, lesbian, whatever." Gina smirked, continuing to play with Amy's core like a cat batting a ball of yarn.

"No, I'm not!" Amy whimpered, her eyes glazing over as she was easily manipulated.

"You're not what sweetie?" Gina asked, beginning to slide her fingers around the brunette's lips in a clockwise circle, even as she pressed herself against the Detective's back.

"I'm -unnghh not -mmmph! Not a lesbian!" Amy gasped, desperately trying to stifle the moans that were escaping from her mouth, biting her lip in embarrassment.

"Really?" Gina replied sarcastically:

"So I guess if I were just to slide my fingers inside this drooling puss you wouldn't react right?" Gina asked, even as she reversed the direction of her finger, whispering into the brunette's ear:

"You wouldn't moan? Or groan? Or cry out to your precious Rosa?? And you certainly wouldn't thrust yourself forward to try and get more of my fingers inside your hot little puss? And your little puss wouldn't welcome my fingers would it? No, your little puss wouldn't clench on my fingers, or make them sooo wet??"

Amy whimpered but she did not answer the redhead. She couldn't, she was far too busy trying not to hump the woman's fingers or beg Gina to take her.

Amy opened her mouth wide, but no sound came out.

"Oh pumpkin," Gina said, mock concern etched into her voice:

"You really are repressed aren't you??"

Not waiting for a response, Gina slipped a finger up into the brunette's folds wet folds. Groaning wantonly, Amy flexed in-place, trying to impale herself on Gina's fingers, her butt grinding deliciously into the redhead's nethers. The civilian admin purred, squeezing against her colleague intently.

Nodding weakly, the latina clenched and soaked Gina's fingers in her juices, hanging onto the redhead for dear life.

The wicked grin that crossed Gina's face would have practically had Amy creaming herself; if the redhead's fingers weren't already making that happen. It was a beautiful and yet sinister grin, a grin that said the same as her earlier message:


Amy crinkled her nose adorably, trepidation building with her ecstasy:

"W-what are you going to do to me?"

"I'm not going to do anything, silly!" Gina laughed dryly, withdrawing her fingers cruelly. Amy whined, her body almost refusing to let the redhead withdraw, desperate for further release.

Wiping her hand on the inside of Amy's jacket, Gina stepped away, triumphantly raising her palms:

"After all I'm not the dyke here! Just be you're usual, subby self and... we'll see what happens."

Watching Gina wave her arms theatrically, Amy nodded, the strung up Detective a shadow of her usual bright self:

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