Boys Movie Night

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Casey and his best friend "watch a movie" together.
2.3k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 06/15/2023
Created 04/02/2023
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Casey had just gotten out of the shower after a long day. Towel over his head drying his hair, when a vibration sounded off on the countertop nearby. Wrapping the towel around his waist and wiping the condensation from the phone screen he noticed a message from his friend Matt. It read: "Hey, just got off of work. Still on for movie night?". He had nearly forgotten that they had talked about hanging out and watching a movie at Matt's place.

"Yea, I'll be there in an hour" he replied. Then he went to go get ready. Before he knew it he was dressed and headed out the door. He and Matt are good friends and share quite a few interests. But movies aren't really Casey's thing. But he wasn't about to pass on an opportunity to spend time with Matt and unwind.

Nearly forty minutes later, Casey stands outside Matt's door. It's dark out, he couldn't help but feel a bit of a shiver standing in the cold night air. "I forgot my stupid jacket..." he muttered to himself, crossing his arms in a feeble attempt to warm himself. He buzzed the door and listened as Matt's heavy steps could be heard nearly sprinting to the front door. The light from inside shines brightly onto Casey as the door opens and Matt stands smiling. Looking up and his taller friend, Casey was caught off guard on how well he looked in the lighting. He smiled and Matt gestured to him to come inside. Matt was wearing his black hoodie that he is rarely seen without, paired with some comfortable pants that looked like pajamas. Casey felt like he dressed too formally at this point, his jeans felt uncomfortable and his shirt a bit itchy. "I guess I should've brought some PJs" he said in jest. Looking back, still all smiles, "You probably should have, we're just going to chill on the couch. You didn't have to dress up for me." He said laughing.

Matt offered Casey some hot coffee and they sat down on the couch. While Matt looked on the streaming service for a movie, his dopey dog scampered into the living room and excitedly approached Casey. Coffee in one hand, he out stretched his other to pet the retriever. The dog excitedly jumped up on him knocking the hot coffee out of his hand onto his lap. "Shit!" He cried out leaping from the seat, startling the dog who scurried to the other room now. "Fucking dog, man..." he muttered looking at the mess all over his pants and couch. Matt had seen the whole thing happen, and was standing beside him. "Jesus, I'm sorry about that. That's my ex-girlfriends dog." He said, a tinge of embarrassment on his voice. "She left a lot of her crap here, and I'm holding on to it while she finds a new place." He continues. Looking down at Casey's drenched in now cold wet jeans, "Let me get you a towel or something-" he says, Turning to run off and fetch a towel. But Casey blurts out "Nah man, I think I'm just going to head home... I can't dry these and sit in this mess. I'm just going to go". Half way into the hall, Matt turns back and walks over. Trying to change his mind he thinks for a moment. "You can just take em' off! I'll get you a nice blanket to wrap up with. We can throw the pants in the wash, its not a big deal." He said reassuring Casey that the night didn't have to be ruined.

Casey felt that Matt was a good friend, and just that. He didn't have feelings for Matt, nor was he gay. Matt had a girlfriend, had one anyway. But sitting in his underwear on Matt's couch wasn't something typical. They weren't that kind of friendship, no shower room talk or porn watching as bros. Casey was always a shyer person too, so he was hesitant to jump on that idea. But looking at Matt in this moment, and knowing of his recent break up... He should tough it out and be a bit uncomfortable for his friend. "Alright, sure." He said unbuttoning his drenched jeans. Matt handed him a nearby blanket, and left the room to put the jeans in the washing machine. Casey stood, now cloaked in a pink floral blanket. Feeling he's lower half more exposed than ever. He was wearing blue underwear that hugged his body in all the right places. When Matt returned, he knew exactly which film to pick and turned it on, setting the remote down and reclining on his side of the sofa. Casey returned to his seat, but it was wet from the spilled drink. So he sat even closer to Matt avoiding the wet spot, pressing up against him in the effort. Feeling exposed and legs tight together sent the wrong signals in his body and Casey felt his penis becoming hard. Flustered and trying to get comfortable he shifted the blanket around, only for Matt to seem to forget why Casey had the blanket in the first place and set half over himself as well.

Casey froze, his lower issue growing stiffer. He swallowed hard, and darted his eyes to Matt. Matt was clearly comfortable and not even paying any mind to Casey. His eyes locked on the television screen as the movie continued on. In order to attempt to ease the pressure, Casey spread his legs little by little allowing his member more space to hopefully calm down. His thigh rubbed up against Matt's legs. Casey freezes again, flush in the face and embarrassed for himself. Yet still, Matt clearly is comfortable, not appearing to even notice.

Just then Matt says aloud "Eh, I should put the subtitles on." Casey remembered the remote was on the table across the room and eager to distance himself from his uncomfortably close seat, he sprung up saying "I got it!"

He darted for the remote and snatched it up, turned back and died inside. The blanket now halfway covering Matt and the resting hallway on the floor. Matt now was paying attention, clearly looking at Casey. His legs were smooth, and his ass was curvy. Matt though he looked super cute as he tried to cover himself with the front of his shirt. "Fucking hell" Casey said idlely as he stepped back to the couch and got under the blanket.

"Thanks" Matt said, a knowing smirk on his face. Now he knows how embarrassed Casey felt sitting in his underwear. So he thought he would joke about and make him a bit more flustered, since it would be funny. As Casey simmered down a little and tried to focus on the movie, he felt a warm touch rub up his thigh. Matt accidentally stroked his bulge through the thin fabric in the process. Casey felt electricity surging through him, and his penis stood at attention now, the tip peeking just above the waistband of his garment.

Casey looked into Matt's eyes, now noticing how flush he looked as well. But there was something else in his eyes. Matt's eyes danced around as he looked at him, in admiration? Curiosity? Love?

"Matt, what are you... -you have a girlfriend!" Casey stammered, continuing: "I'm not even gay, you know that!"

Just then something overcame Matt, he sprung at Casey and pushed him onto his back pinning his shoulders down. "Well, If we experimented a little... I'd clearly dominate you." Casey might have been shy, and appeared to be a "twink" or a "sub' but he wasn't. He wasn't about to let his best friend embarrass him by saying he would be the bitch in their relationship, hypothetical or not.

Struggling back Casey squirmed his arms trying to break Matt's powerful grasp on him. Jerking, he broke free for a moment trying to sit up; Matt was too quick though. In a split second Matt wrestled Casey back down grabbing him by the neck and squeezing him.

Casey yelped, as the realized Matt's grip closed around his neck. His dick throbbing as he felt overpowered with Matt on top of him. Matt's grip immediately disappeared, with him saying "Shit, sorry. I didn't mean to take it that far" as he sat back letting his friend go.

Casey was processing what had just happened, and looking at Matt his sweatpants doing nothing to conceal how Matt felt too. Casey wasn't sure how to explain it. But there was something that excited him sexually, being held down, unable to overpower someone wanting to have their way.

Taking a deep breath and leaning closer, Casey reached his hand to Matt's bulge and gently grasped it. He stuttered out trying to sound sensual "W-* ahem* well if you want to experiment... we can experiment a little.". Matt leans back groaning softly as Casey's hand massages his cock. The long shape in Matt's sweatpants is warm in his hand, stiffening with each touch. Rubbing his length deeper and more intensely before pulling his pants and boxers down. Casey looks at the cock that now stands proudly in the cool air, twitching slightly. He places his hand on it and begins to stroke gently up and down.

Casey didn't think of himself as gay, he had had fantasies of what it would be like to be with a man. What it would be like to have a man inside himself. He wasn't sure he would like it, but still curious to know. He continues to stroke Matt's penis, his own cock barely contained in his tiny briefs. He could feel his tip was leaking precum from his excitement, from the adrenaline of all of it. He pulled his underwear down to his ankles and along with it, his shirt. Casey felt lost in the moment wanting to please, and be enjoyed as a kind of servant. He was ready to escalate, maybe not anal, so suddenly. But seizing the moment he spit on his hand and tightly stroked on, massaging Matt as pleasurably as he could. Matt was making noises that Casey had not heard, panting and grunting as he thrust his hips into Casey's lubed hands "Fuck..." he moaned thrusting a bit more violently with each pass of Casey's hand. The large cock in his hands was almost hot to the touch and leaking pre, when it began to twitch more and more. "I'm close~" Matt whined, as thrusted faster. But Casey opened his palms and shuffled back on his knees. "Not yet" he said "I want you to use my mouth" he muttered. Casey idly stroked himself with his sticky hand as Matt caught his breath leaning back, his cock glistening with the saliva and pre-ejaculate lube.

Matt then lifts his head, and jumps up. Running to the other room, saying "Gotta throw your pants in the dryer!". Casey hears the low rumble of the dryer begin and watches Matt walk back into the room that now has various clothes strewn about. "Think I can spend the night?" Casey said with a smile. Matt slowly walks over to the couch and sits on the edge, legs spread. "Well you aren't leaving without finishing this." He said gesturing to his now chubbed penis. "Why don't you be a good boy and lick it clean." Matt said, a tone of authority on his words.

Casey shuffled on his knees to Matt now kneeled in front him, looking up meeting his gaze. Matt was clearly in a new mindset Casey had never seen from him, authoritative, and settling into his place as the dominator tonight. Casey's heart beat fast, almost seeing himself from the outside now. Was he really about to take the next step and blow his best friend? Let Matt treat him like his bitch? He was staring at the large cock flopped in front of his face, only inches from his mouth now. He grasped the base of Matt's shaft again rubbing softly as he leaned even closer. His breath warmly tickled Matt as Casey practically teased him. Matt's dick began standing up in anticipation, almost reaching out.

Casey's mouth slid down to the base and he licked the shaft up toward the head. Using his tongue and lips to kiss the ever growing organ. Matt sounded off in pleasure, which mixed with Casey's own soft moans.

Finally, he licked up to the top again, and let his lips wrap around the head. Slowly, swirling his tongue, Casey let Matt enter him now. There were six inches at least or longer, to hide. He sucked until the shaft reached the point of ticking the back of his tongue. This is where he felt comfortable, for now at least. Doing his best to lick and suck, Casey's head bobbed up and down gently sucking Matt's cock. Matt's cock throbbed in his mouth, followed by Matt's panting becoming strained. Suddenly Casey felt two hands on the back of his head, encouraging him to speed up and go deeper. Casey gagged as Matt pressed deeper in his throat pushing his head down while his hips thrust forward. Casey felt himself reach his limit, his dick spurting out his love liquid all over the floor he rested on. Matt was reaching his climax as well, his cock throbbed in Casey's throat. The warm, wet, pressure of his mouth caused an eruption of hot cum to shoot out in spurts. Matt shouted out in pleasure as his legs shook and his arms clenched Casey's head.

The hot semen being pumped into his throat caused him to cough and gag as the liquid poured out the side of his mouth. He still sucked as Matt pulled his dick out and leaned his head back into the seat. Eyes closed and sighs of contentment

"Holy shit" Matt finally said. Casey swallowed what cum had been left for him on his tongue, with a shiver as it went down. A string of white liquid still on his tip. Casey climbed up hugging Matt, who pulled him into an embrace, pulling the blanket over the two as they dozed off.

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AnonymousAnonymousover 1 year ago

So hot…when my wife was out of town, a gay friend invited me over to watch a movie…basically a gay porn compilation…but of course I became rock hard and… straight to gay is always just beyond hot…It’s happening to me now and I just relish giving into it. I love feeling weak and incapable of stopping..

AnonymousAnonymousover 1 year ago

Very hot. I hope you make both Matt and Casey versatile. Thank you.

AnonymousAnonymousover 1 year ago

Love it is there more?

AnonymousAnonymousover 1 year ago

Great story! Had the same experience when young.

petedrummpetedrummover 1 year ago

Very hot story! Really hope you continue it!

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