tagIncest/TabooBrother & Sister Celebrate Nude Day

Brother & Sister Celebrate Nude Day


His Sister likes to talk dirty to him and her brother likes to watch her undress.

After terrible illnesses my parents died within a year of one another. Both had lung cancer from chain smoking for 50 years, consequently, neither my sister nor I smoked. Even though I'm saddened by their deaths, I'm glad that they went quickly, didn't linger, and suffer in pain.

A bit morbid, insensitive, and disrespectful maybe to admit it, but we were lucky that our parents died relatively quickly and didn't require the round the clock medical care in a nursing facility. Had they needed long-term, intensive healthcare, the state, after taking what little money they had, would have taken their house, too. We were relieved that their financially burdensome medical care didn't last any longer than it had. The house was the only thing they had and the one thing that they always wanted my sister and I to have.

With the help of a family friend, an estate lawyer, we transferred the house in our names, several years before, not only to save on inheritance taxes but also to, hopefully, protect the house from the state taking it. My sister, Sandra, and I, were now faced with what to do with our parents' house. Stuck in a recession and in a housing market crunch saturated with below market values and foreclosures that favored the buyer, instead of the seller, we decided to temporarily keep the house and to live in it together. We decided, when the real estate market improved, which may not be for several years, we'd put it on the market then, sell it, split the money, and go our separate ways, again.

It was a good plan, but sometimes the unexpected happens to change the best of plans. What started out as the worst of times for us, ended as the best of times. We were still reeling from losing both our parents in such a short time. Even though they were elderly and in poor health, they were still our Mom and Dad, and except for one another, they were the only family we had. It seemed that it all happened so fast, too fast for us to analyze anything. Oddly enough in what manifested, we found ourselves reacting to our new living arrangements in an odd sort of way.

When my Mom died, my Dad lost his will to live. Just like that, first they were sick and then they were gone. To complicate matters, my sister and I were rebounding from recent and difficult romantic splits. Admittedly, living in our old home was depressingly a little weird, at first, then immediately later, oddly enough, we reverted in our old behavior and treatment of one another in the way we were as teenagers.

Yet, with the mortgage long paid off by my parents, living in our old house, but for real estate taxes and living expenses, sure beats paying rent, especially since we were both out of work and supported ourselves with unemployment and temporary low paying jobs, that is, whenever we could get one. Nonetheless, I felt a bit like a loser with having no job, no money, no girlfriend, and now living back in my folk's old house with my sister. It was quite the reality check. How low can I go?

Still mourning the loss of our parents and with the added remorseful sadness of the breakup of our significant others, along with the loss of our jobs, can our lives get any worse? In hindsight, I should have realized that the fact that both of us were feeling so vulnerable made us needy for attention and affection and ripe for rebound sex. Since we were the only family we had, with the background already set in place for something forbidden to happen, without realizing it, we were ready for incestuous sex. Certainly, now in hindsight, I can understand why we came together as a man and a woman, instead of as a brother and a sister. The thought that there were millions of people in the same economic condition, if not a worse situation than ours, we were lucky to have a place to live and to have food to eat.

Having just moved in and still settling in the old homestead, after unloading all my stuff and my sister's stuff off the moving truck we rented, I carried in furniture that I had stored in my parents basement and garage to use, finally. My sister and I haven't seen one another in a few years. She still looks the sexy same...hot. She's always been a pretty woman and the years have been kind to her.

With me losing my hair and getting a pot belly from one too many beers and too much barbeque, at only 32-years-old, I'm already starting to look middle-aged. Definitely, I look older than she does, even though she's older than me by three years. Maybe this change in scenery will inspire me to work out again, at the very least, ride my bike and lose some weight. A life changing and redefining moment, it'd be funny if living together was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Once we were of age and ready to spread our wings to experience the rest of the world, that is, anywhere away from this small town, she moved to the big city for adventure and I moved out of state for a woman and a job. Now that we both failed miserably in trying to get away from here and now that we're back home again, with our parents dead and buried, we tried to have a more positive attitude about our living arrangement, our lack of employment, and our failed love relationships. Certainly, it was a lot to handle all at once.

Actually and honestly, when we thought about it, it'd be fun living together, again; we hoped. We always got along and it'd fun to talk about and relive old times, after having grown up and lived so much of our early lives together here and then after having spent so much time apart. She is my big sister, after all, and I'm still her little brother.

Even though the interior of the house is exactly the same as it was fifteen years ago, when we lived here, not everything stayed the same. Now that we're older, more mature, and, of course, more sexually experienced, my big sister, surely, wouldn't tease me by flashing me and flaunting her body, in the way that she used to do, when we lived here, as horny young adults. Would she? Certainly, now that I'm no longer a testosterone filled teenager, I wouldn't have the crush that I used to have on her, when we were younger and living with our parents nearly twenty years ago. Would I?

Back then, I was always fixated on seeing her naked. While masturbating, I always thought about having sex with her. So horny I used to masturbate multiple times a day. Ah, the coming of age was a difficult time for me, that's for sure. Okay, so that hasn't changed either. I still masturbate multiple times a day. It's not easy not having a girlfriend.

Okay, okay, admittedly, I still have a crush on my big sister. Who wouldn't? And I still masturbate a lot. I'm horny and that hasn't changed with age.

With a face and body to match, my sister is pretty hot. With that said, it makes me wonder, hope, actually, now that she's older and more sexually experienced, if she'll still flash me for old times' sake. Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing her tits. If nothing else, it would give me a bit of a release with something to masturbate over later, when alone in my room with my bad self. Hmm, I wonder, if she's not going to flash me, if I can spy on her in the way that I used to do. I was always seeing some part of her that I wasn't supposed to see.

Pretty much in the same adage of once a voyeur, always a voyeur, that's definitely me, the voyeur in the family. I can't help it. I like to watch. Whenever seeing something sexy and erotic, I save the images that I've seen in the course of the day to masturbate over later.

Yet, conversely and more importantly, once an exhibitionist, always an exhibitionist, that's definitely my sister. I hope that's still true. I'd do anything to see her naked, that's for sure and the only thing that stopped me from seeing more of her back then was my Mom and Dad always being around. Now that they aren't here, now that we are alone together, there's no telling what may happen.

Only a voyeur can appreciate an exhibitionist and I wondered if she still enjoyed flashing and exposing herself. It'd fun to play our old sexy teasing games of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Fortunately, it didn't take me long to wonder because I received the answer the first day we were alone in the house.

My sister was in her room putting her stuff away and organizing her things, or so I thought. Having finally finished moving all of the heavier pieces of furniture alone, without any help, but for a two wheeler and a dolly, I went in her room to see if she needed a helping hand with moving anything. After all that driving, I was already exhausted having been up since 5am to pick up the truck to get an early start, but excited with the thought of living here with my sexy sister.

To be honest, and I know it's despicable and perverted of me, but just like old times, I was horny and she was wearing one of those loose fitting, white, button down blouses that the top falls open with her, whenever she leans forward, and I was hoping to get a nice down blouse view of her bra and cleavage to jerk off over later. She had already flashed me a bit of cleavage when leaning over boxes and I was already horny with the imagined naked sight of her. And when she climbed out of the truck wearing her short denim skirt and with me holding open the door for her, she flashed me a bit of her white panty. Hey, being alone in the same house with my hot sister, the sexy teasing games have already begun.

She does have a great rack and it's been a while seen I've seen a pair of knockers worth seeing. Only, as soon as I entered her bedroom, stood in her doorway, actually, she started removing her clothes. She removed just her sweater but, in my voyeuristic imagination, it was enough for me to imagine her removing the rest of her clothes. I was spellbound watching her mindlessly unbuttoning her sweater, while looking at herself in the mirror.

I didn't know if she thought she was alone and didn't know that I was standing there in the doorway watching her or just didn't care. Just like old times, with me being the voyeur and her being the exhibitionist, her door was wide open, an invitation, if I ever saw one and the sight of her unbuttoning her sweater stimulated my voyeurism. Hey, I wasn't about to stop her, if she wanted to give me a free show. It had been a while, since I've been with a woman and since I've had sex, not that I was thinking about having sex with my sister, but in the back of my mind, maybe I guess I was.

Okay, definitely, I was thinking about having sex with my sister. Who wouldn't want to have sex with her? Look at her. She's hot.

Without doubt, if she wasn't my sister, in the horny way I felt, I'd be putting the moves on her right now, that's for sure. I'd be plying her with alcohol in a bar, before going back to her place or hoping she'd want to come home with me. Then, reality struck that I was lusting over my sister, yet, again. What's wrong with me?

Now that we live at the same address, little has changed. Putting her out of my mind for years, now that I'm here with her alone, I'm reverting to how I used to be and feel about her, as her horny teenaged brother. Admittedly, it wouldn't be the first time I had thought about having sex with my sister, that's for sure. Only, realistically, would I have sex with her, if I could? Maybe, when I was younger, hornier, and more sexually inexperienced, I would have. Yet, now that I'm older and more sexually experienced, albeit more uninhibited, yeah, sure, why not? Definitely, I'd have sex with my sister. It's just sex. Right?

What's the big deal? So what if she's my sister. So what if I'm her brother. So what? What does it matter? It only matters when you apply a nasty word to it, to define it, and to call it something that people think is wrong, incest. I hate that word.

Surely, that word doesn't apply to us, at least, not in the strict sense and in the sexually perverted context of the word. We never did anymore than just innocently tease one another. I prefer substituting the incest word with the love word. Yeah, I love my sister and I wish I could make love to my sister.

I'd have to have the excuse that I was drunk for me not to feel guilty, perverted, actually, to have incestuous sex with my sister. Also, it would have to be her idea for me to go ahead with having incestuous sex with her. I wouldn't want her blaming me for raping her, forcing her, or coercing her to have sex with me, that's for sure. I'd hate myself, if my sister was mad at me for making her feel like the incestuous slut that I hope she is. When I really think about it, when I'm not feeling as horny as I'm feeling now, it's nasty thinking about having sex with my sister. If I don't think about it, it's hot imagining having sex with my sister.

Maybe if I got her drunk enough, she'd let me touch her, feel her up, and kiss her, but I don't see her allowing me to do much more than that, if even that. She's not like that, an incestuous slut, at least, I don't think she is. She has more morals than that, at least I hope she does, otherwise, being the weak one, I'd be at her mercy. She'd make me her sex slave. Definitely, I wouldn't mind being her bitch. Nonetheless, thinking about having sex with my sister was something exciting to fantasize about, when masturbating, but it was something that would never happen, that's for sure. Right?

I watched her for a while, before curiosity got the better of me. She was still a very good looking woman. Seeing her now and remembering her then, she was a hot bitching babe back then and all the guys, especially the married men, were after her. Only, she was so selective, too selective, maybe.

Now look at her, alone like me. A lot of good being selective did her and me, for that matter. With all her friends married and with children, some working on their second and third marriages, maybe she was too selective, but there were slim pickings of available men and women, for that matter, in this small town, when we lived here, which is why she left for the big city and I moved out of state.

"What are you doing, Sandy?"

Curious as to how far she'd go with this impromptu striptease show, I watched my sister remove her sweater and begin to unbutton her blouse.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Tommy? I'm taking off my clothes," she said unbuttoning the buttons of her sleeves, before pausing from unbuttoning her second button of her blouse to look at me watching her.

I was mesmerized by the sight of her getting undressed and I figured she'd ask me to leave, while closing her door behind me. Something that I wished I had witnessed fifteen years ago, it was so visually erotic to watch her undress now. I figured she'd say that she's taking off her sweater, but when she said that I'm taking off my clothes and started unbuttoning her blouse, I was stunned and it made me wonder where I had packed the camera. Immediately, I had a vision of my hot sister standing in front of me in her bra and panty, while I flashed hot pictures of her posing.

"Taking off your clothes? Why?"

I realized it sounded dumb, as soon as I said it, but it was an involuntary thought and I just blurted it out, without giving it any consideration, which is, pretty much, what I do all the time.

"Why am I taking off my clothes?" She looked at me and laughed. "That's a silly question."

She always gave me that big sister look that made me feel like a dumb, little kid, even though I'm a grown man. Since I already made a fool of myself, I figured I'd continue.

"Yeah, why?"

"It's National Nude Day, silly," she said turning to give me a sexy smile.

National Nude Day? There's no such holiday as National Nude Day. Figuring she was pulling my leg, always the butt of her humor, I went along with her little joke.

"National Nude Day? Funny, ha, ha," I said looking at her. Then, when she looked back at me, she gave me that look again that made me feel like the idiot that I am. "Seriously?"

Again, she gave me that look that big sisters give their younger brothers that tell them that they don't know what they're talking about. Then, I wondered, what if there really is such a day, as National Nude Day? Actually, now that I think about it, that's a really good idea to have a nude day. A national nude day, where everyone gives pause and reflection, before getting naked. Holy shit! Now, that's my kind of holiday. I couldn't believe I never heard of it.

Okay, admittedly, I wouldn't want to see everyone naked, as there are some people with really bad bodies. Yet, there should be such a day and, now, I wondered if there was such a day. Wow, imagine if one day a year, everyone got naked and no one was embarrassed about being naked. Maybe if there was such a day, a National Nude Day, people would take more pride in their appearance, by how they look naked and in preparation for that one day a year, instead of stuffing themselves fat with food and not exercising.

"I know you moved out of state, little brother, but Ohio is still part of the United States of America, last I checked," she said with a laugh, before giving me that big sister look, again. "Are you seriously telling me that you never heard of National Nude Day?"

"National Nude Day? Nope," I said still not sure if she was pulling my leg and teasing me, in the way she always did. "Never heard of it."

"I'm surprised and a little disappointed in you," she said with a look of resignation. "I had always thought you were the voyeur in the family and I figured that'd be one holiday, you'd not only know all about but also would have participated in and celebrated naked."

Proud of the fact that I am the voyeur in the family, I wanted to state and stake my claim and say that I am the voyeur in the family, but I controlled myself from making an ass of myself again and kept silent.

"When it is? Today?"

"Yeah, today is the day. July 14th is about nudity as much as it is about freedom. I figured now that I'm living here, finally in my, actually, our own home," she said giving me a sad, little smile, "that I'd be free to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it, even to get naked."

Naked? Did she just say the word naked? My sister wants to get naked. Is she serious? No way. Be my guest, I wanted to say. How could I possibly stand in her way of celebrating her holiday, which had suddenly become my favorite holiday? This is a free country, after all, and if my sister wants to get naked, then she should. Without doubt, if this holiday is more about feeling free and freedom for her, then, without doubt, it's more about nudity and voyeurism for me. Suddenly, life is good, life is real good. Now, where in the Hell did I pack my camera?

Suddenly, after all these years, I felt my pulse racing and my penis reacting to the thought of finally seeing my sister naked. She was still a very good looking woman, tall, blonde, and thin, with C cup breasts, a round ass, and long, shapely legs. Why her boyfriend dumped her is beyond me? He's such a fool.

In the way that she looks, I'd seriously think he was gay for dumping her, but she confessed that he started dating some twenty-something-year-old woman. She figured, at 40-years-old, he was reliving his youth. If you ask me, he's just a pig to be dating a woman nearly twenty years younger than he is, the lucky bastard. Looking to be in her late twenties, for sure, my sister doesn't look 35-years-old and this guy was her last chance at having a baby, her longstanding dream that she's harbored, ever since I can remember. She's always wanted children, a big family, actually, but it never happened for her.

"You mean you're really getting naked?"

I couldn't believe my eyes. I stared at her hands poised at the button by her breasts and gulped and swallowed hard by what she was about to do and what I was about to see.

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