tagIncest/TabooBrother and Sister's First Holiday

Brother and Sister's First Holiday


As a brother and sister Nick and Alison had always been close when growing up, Nick being the older by two years. As children, teenagers and adults they had few secrets. As teenagers for each of them the other was their first glimpse of the opposite sex naked, without ever going too far they watched each other's body develop into adulthood. Seeing hair sprout, breasts develop and other signs that their bodies were developing. Then they both married and, like many siblings, saw each other less often.

Now they were both over fifty and within a short space of time they both found themselves on their own. All children having left home, Nick moved nearer to Alison and they started spending more time together, there always seemed to be odd jobs that she needed doing.

When the subject of a holiday came up it seemed natural that Alison and Nick would go together, after all none of the children wanted the same sort of holiday and they would prefer to go with their friends anyway. Soon a place was decided on, the right balance of beach, bars/restaurants and peace and quiet. A self-catering apartment seemed to be a good choice, meaning they could have a leisurely breakfast either in the apartment or going out to eat. The only problem was cost, the two-bedroom apartments being priced for families or four adults. Eventually the brother and sister agreed that a one-bedroom apartment with twin single beds would be fine, after all they weren't intending to spend much time in the apartment.

Soon the day came and they arrived at the resort, the apartment proved to be just what they needed. They quickly unpacked their clothes and took turns in the bathroom to change into costumes, before heading to the beach. Nick couldn't help noticing how nicely his sister filled her costume, despite what she would describe as her flabby bits, the costume showed off her shapely legs and body. Despite having children and a bit of middle age spread, Alison was still a very attractive woman. Nick had always kept fit and prided himself on the fact that he was still the same size and weight as he was when he got married, nearly 30 years before. He might now be going grey and his hair thinning but he ran and played squash regularly.

The couple spent the next couple of days enjoying their relaxing break, taking turns to change out of sight of each other. Though, as it was warm at night, Alison was wearing just a thin nightie to bed and on occasions Nick couldn't help noticing that some mornings she had kicked the covers off her bed giving a tantalising glimpse of her body. What he didn't realise was that his sister was also very aware of his body in his thin shorts at night and small swim shirts during the day.

On their third night there was big thunderstorm, Alison had always been scared of them as a child and Nick now discovered that she hadn't got over that fear. As a small child she had climbed into their parent's bed when there was a storm, sometimes when they were older she would climb in with big brother instead as her parents complained that she should have grown out of the fear. Alison found herself awake, shaking and unable to settle.

"Nick, are you awake?"

Nick had forgotten about his sister's fears but when she turned the light on he could see that she was really upset. "Do you need a hug Ali?", the words were hardly out his mouth before she jumped out of her bed and into his.

A single bed can be a bit cramped with two, but the siblings snuggled down, with arms wrapped around each other. Nick trying hard to not think about how little Alison was wearing. After a while the storm seemed to be dying down but Alison still wouldn't leave Nick's bed, "the storm might come back can't I sleep here?" she asked. They found that if they lay on their sides, with Alison's back to Nick's front they were both comfortable and settled down to sleep.

Alison awoke slowly a few hours later, feeling rested, with her back warm due to her brother snuggled up to her, his arm laying over her stomach. She then realised that her nightie had rucked up, she never wore underwear in bed, so her brother was snuggled up to her bare bum. She was very aware that he had an erection pressing against her through his shorts. Rather than being shocked she was enjoying the feeling, and as he was asleep he would never know, so she wriggled her bum gently against him to gain a little more enjoyment. It felt so good feeling a warm man pressing against her, there hadn't been anyone since her ex-husband and her bed had felt lonely at times since. Alison couldn't resist resting her hand on Nick's and lifting it up her body to cup her breast "What am I doing!" she thought, "What if he wakes up?" Nick showed no sign of waking, so feeling a bit braver she moved his hand gently over her breast, stroking her own nipple with his finger. Alison was getting more and more turned on, it had been a long time since any man had touched her and her pussy was getting moist. Did she dare? Before she had time to think again, her hand guided Nick's down to her pussy, brushing against the downy hairs then resting it over her mound. She slowly moved the hand up and down, then a thrill ran through her as a finger moved without her control to probe between her lips.

When Nick woke he was snuggled up to Alison, his morning erection resting against her, he knew that he should move but it felt so nice. Then he felt Alison wriggle her bum against him, he held himself under control, giving no indication that he was awake. When she guided his hand to her breast it took an enormous effort to do nothing, but he wanted to see how far his sister would go if she thought him asleep. It took so much effort to not pinch her nipple as she rubbed his hand over her breast, he could have sworn that he felt her nipple harden as she brushed his fingers over it. As she guided his hand down her body again he held his breath, would she stop at her stomach? Then he felt her pussy hair under his hand, and her continuing down to rest his hand on her pussy. He could feel the heat but still he didn't move, then she started moving his hand up and down gently brushing over her pussy. Finally Nick couldn't resist so he moved a finger to brush against her lips.

Alison gave a moan and continued to guide Nick's hand up and down as his finger probed deeper between her lips, then she moved his hand higher so he could feel the hard bud of her clitoris. Now Nick started moving of his own accord circling and rubbing her clit, Nick moved slightly and Alison rolled onto her back spreading her legs to give him more access. Nick kissed her gently as his fingers continued to explore her pussy, their tongues entwining passionately as he rubbed his sister's most private place. Kissing his way down to her breasts, he took first one nipple then the other into his mouth, sucking and nibbling in turns. Alison gasped with pleasure as Nick's finger entered her fully, finding the right spot to rub instinctively. Alison lifted her bottom off the bed as if offering herself and trying to get his fingers deeper inside at the same time.

Nick fingerfucked Alison slowly but firmly as he continued to suck and nibble her nipples, he increased the number of fingers to three and got faster. He began kissing his way down Alison's stomach until he reached her pubic hair, slowing his hand ten using his fingers to spread her legs and pussy lips. Alison felt his hot breath then his tongue on her pussy, running up and down her lips with long slow strokes occasionally stopping in order to probe inside. Alison gasped and lifted her body upwards as she felt her brother's tongue brush against her clit, then more insistently circle and rub against it. Then suddenly Nick sucked her clit before nibbling gently with his teeth, at the same time his fingers trust deep inside her pussy, pressing against her G-spot. Nick continued to alternately suck and lick his sister's clit whilst fingerfucking her, rubbing hard, deep and fast. Alison was getting more and more excited until her breath was coming in short fast pants and then suddenly she gave a low moan of pleasure and her body shook as she came hard on his fingers. Nick slowed his pace as Alison rested her hand on his and stilled it, leaving his finger resting inside her.

Finally, after a few minutes of laying quietly, Alison spoke, "Wow, it's been a long time."

"I guessed," Nick said with a grin.

"Why don't you lay back big brother, I think I ought to return the favour." Alison said with a seductive smile.

It was Nick's turn to roll on to his back, Alison stood beside the bed and slipped off her nightie "I don't think I need this now" then Nick was lifting his bottom off the bed to allow her to pull his shorts down and off. "I definitely think my big brother needs a hand" Alison smiled before kneeling at the base of the bed. Nick's ex-wife never enjoyed giving oral sex so he had no idea how good it could be, but he was about to find out. Alison lifted his balls one by one, kissing them gently, before sucking them into her mouth one at a time. The feeling was exquisite as Alison worked his balls, alternating between gentle and firm, her hot mouth and tongue seemed to be everywhere. She moved to his hard shaft, running the tip of her tongue up and down its length -- long strokes from balls to tip. It felt like she was worshipping his hard cock. Nick gently stroked her hair as his sister held his cock at the base and caressed his shaft with her hot, wet tongue, working her way up and down making sure that every square inch was covered. Then her tongue was working over his knob, exploring his eye and caressing all over as her hand gripped him firmly and began an insistent up and down movement. Nick couldn't take his eyes off his sister as she held his cock upright and moved her head down to engulf him in her mouth, all the way down, gripping and sucking as she moved back up. Alison started moving her mouth up and down with a steady rhythm, in time with her hand gripping and stroking the base of his shaft.

Nick knew he could not last much longer, "I'm going to cum Ali!" he knew that his ex-wife would have been grossed out but his sister just increased her pace. It seemed like the surge started in the base of his balls, Nick moaned loudly as he felt himself cumming shooting what felt like an enormous quantity of spunk into his sister's mouth. Alison continued sucking until she was sure she had it all, then let her brother's shrinking cock go from her mouth.

"Good morning Nick", Alison purred as she moved up the bed to kiss and cuddle her brother. As they settled down together to recover they both knew that their holiday was going to be a success.

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by Anonymous

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by ole69boy04/29/18


That was just so hot. I so love-enjoy a good ( which this sure was) brother /sister fuck/love story. It love. lust and mutual satisfaction.

Well written. Kinda reminds me of my first B/S adventure. Onemore...

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by Anonymous04/13/18

Nice !

A great start. Wish I had a sister...

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by RanDog02503/14/18



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by ole69boy03/14/18



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by Anonymous03/13/18

Families that suck together, stay together.

Boy, i wish my sister had a sex drive like that, Great story, I firmly believe, that situation happens in many families. I was not so lucky.

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