tagIncest/TabooMy Beach House Incest Initiation

My Beach House Incest Initiation



"Listen up!," called out my Aunt Donna, "I'm going to make a run to the Quickie-Mart for drinks and snacks... who wants something?"

Her query was met with a cacophony of requests, and my Aunt dutifully cataloged each one with a motherly proficiency.

Then she turned to me and said, "Let's go Danny-Boy — you're coming with me. How would you like to be my chauffeur for the week?"

"Um okay, Aunt Donna — I'll drive you any time you want." Frankly, I was glad to get outside and away from the racket within our rented 2-bedroom beach-front condo. That's where I was staying for the week with my Mom, Dad and two kid-siblings. The unit next to ours was being rented by my Aunt and Uncle, with their two younger kids.

Yep, it was a great big family beach vacation. And it was the morning of the first full day in Ocean City Maryland. My Aunt and her crew had just come over to our unit, and we were all getting ready to hit the beach. The kids were yelling and running around. My Dad and Uncle we shouting dumb comments across the room, and my Mom was bustling about in a flurry of activity.

I gratefully followed my Aunt out into the bright morning light to her Honda CRV, she tossed me the keys, and we got in. We both sat there in silence for a moment — savoring the peace and quiet. Then we looked at each other and laughed a little. "Things will calm down, once we get settled in a bit more," said Donna. Then she gave me a curious look — as if a light-bulb had just gone off in her head. She smiled a little to herself, but said nothing more. So, I pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the Quickie-Mart down the street.

We strolled around the Quickie-Mart, collecting the requisite supplies, and as usual, I couldn't help watching my Aunt admiringly. Donna (also known as Dee) was my Mother's sister — younger by only about a year and a half. Now, both she and Mom (who's name is Marie) were in their early-mid-forties. They are best friends — and always had been. Really, they were like two peas in a pod — similar in temperament and in appearance. Both were very pretty with big brown eyes and sensuous lips always ready to smile and laugh. Close in medium height, they also had matching full-figured bodies. It's true, they carried a little extra weight. But it was in all the right places... generous bosoms, flaring hips, and ample mommy asses. Their full, shapely thighs tapered down to gracefully delicate calves, ankles and feet.

They were indeed a couple real-world MILFs, and they turned heads wherever they went. In fact, from behind it would be difficult to tell them apart, if it were not for their hair. My Mother has a wavy, honey-blonde, shoulder-length mane. While Aunty has loustrous dark brown hair that cascades past her shoulders.

Today, Aunt Donna's brunette tresses were pulled back into a loose pony-tail, and she wore a broad-brimmed sun-hat. sunglasses and hoop earrings. Over her black bikini, she wore some type of loose light-weight robe that only seemed to draw more attention to her cleavage. On her feet — wedge sandals. On her right ankle a thin gold anklet. On the second toe of her left foot — a silver ring.

Yes, my Aunt was looking fine as we finished up in the Quickie Mart and headed back out to her car. It was only about 9 a.m., but the sun was already asserting itself. As I drove back to the condos, my Aunt was unusually contemplative. Within a few minutes, I was pulling back into our spot and getting ready to turn off the car.

"Hang on there Danny-Boy. This air-conditioning is so nice. Why don't we just sit here and talk for a little while?"


"Sure thing Aunt Dee. What do you want to talk about?"

We chatted for a few minutes about the kids and about my plans for college. As we talked, we sat half-turned in our seats so that we could face each other. Then, Aunt Donna moved the back of her seat down about halfway — giving herself some more space. Opening her robe, she put her back to the door, and swung her left knee up onto the seat and center console — giving me a very nice view of her bikini-clad crotch. Ostensibly, this was all done to position herself for better exposure to the air-vents. But I knew my Aunt, and I knew she was putting herself on display for me.

You see, I'd had crush on my Aunt for as long as I could remember. And she knew it. When we were together, she had a unique way of making me feel interesting and important. And I'm pretty sure that I made her feel the same way. It's like we had a special bond that only the two of us knew about. And ever since I'd turned eighteen a couple months ago, that special friendship had developed in some new and fascinating ways. For one, we began talking about much more personal things. Things like my dating activity (there was very little) and about any potential love interests (very few). And she was volunteering more and more personal info about herself... and her marriage, and her preferences in men.

Additionally, Aunt Donna very pointedly had begun to display herself to me in more sexy and provocative ways. Whenever opportunity afforded, my Aunt was offering me a casual glance down her blouse. Or a tantalizing peek up her skirt. Or a bangin' view of her booty. And she'd always catch my eye -- just to let me know, that she knew that I was looking.

And here she was now — seated across from me in her car. With her legs parted and her nipples hardening. "Danny, do you mind if I ask you something very personal?"

"I don't think so."

"Well it's just that you've never told me if you've gone all the way with a girl."

"Ummm well," I replied sheepishly. "That's... uh... because I haven't... gone all the way..."

"Oh my God — so you're a virgin, Danny-Boy?! That is so cute!"

"Cute? I suppose that's one way to look at it. Pathetic might be another way...," I said jokingly with a touch of self pity.

My Aunt leaned forward and reassuringly caressed my arm. "Oh come on, listen -- don't you worry about it, Dan. A good looking fella like you?" Her voice dropped into a knowing whisper as she moved her lips close to my ear. "You're gonna be up to your ears in pussy before you make it out of freshman year!"

Then she paused and leaned back in her seat once again, looking me in the eye. "That is... if you like pussy. You do like... pussy... don't you Danny?" My Aunt's manicured fingertips were traveling up her golden thigh, moving toward her crotch.

"Um yeah — most definitely."

"That's good... because I was wondering... if you might like... mine?"

With a deft motion of her right hand, Aunt Donna slowly pulled her bikini bottom to the side and spread her legs wider, revealing the first real-life pussy I'd ever actually seen. It was cleanly shaved. It was beautiful. And somewhat intimidating. And absolutely mesmerizing. She reached down with her left hand and spread her dark, full labia to reveal the glistening pink opening of her vagina.

I could hardly speak, but somehow I managed to mumble, "Aunt Dee, I like your pussy a lot..."

"Good... I'm glad you like my pussy Danny... because... my pussy really likes you." My Aunt slid her middle finger into herself and moved it in and out slowly. Then she withdrew it, and held it up -- gleaming in the morning light, slick with her juices.

"See... you always make my pussy wet Dan." Aunt Donna slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she returned to fingering herself.

"Danny, do you think you would like to lick my pussy?" She was now rubbing her clitoris with her slippery fingertip.

"Yes... Aunt Dee."

"And tell me Danny-Boy... would you like to fuck... my pussy?" Donna slid two fingers deep into her quim, rocking them in and out and making wet little squishy noises.

"Hell yes Aunt Dee... I would love to fuck your pussy."

"I'm glad to hear that." She withdrew her fingers, once more licking them clean, and looking me in the eye. Then she demurely slipped the crotch of her bathing suit back to its proper place.

"Danny... we could have sex today... if you'd like. And every day this week. Do you want that?"


"Good... I want that too. Very much. So I need you to listen to me. And to do everything that I tell you to do — exactly as I tell you. Can you do that Daniel?"

"I suppose."

"Okay listen... We are all going to the beach in a little while. After we've been there a bit — maybe an hour or two — your Mother and I are going to take a little break — back to your condo — to use the bathroom and freshen up."

"Yeah okay" I responded. That was nothing unusual. My Mom and Aunt were always going off and taking little breaks together. In fact, it wasn't unusual for their 'little' breaks to extend an hour and more. Thankfully my Dad and Uncle never seemed to mind — as they just keep on talking about sports and cars and shit. To their credit, they did keep ever-diligent eyes on their kids.

"So, Danny — after your Mom and I leave... I want you to wait fifteen minutes... and then follow us back to your condo. Got it?"

"Sure -- fifteen minutes."

"I'm gonna leave the front door unlocked for you. Before you come in, take off your flip-flops off. I need you to be totally quiet. We can't have your Mother hear you come in. Got it?"

"Yeah — totally quiet, Can't let Mom hear me."

"Okay, lock the front door quietly behind you, and come to your Mom's bedroom. Come to the doorway — but don't enter the room. Got it Danny?"

"Yeah -- come quietly to Mom's room — stay outside. What next?"

She smiled. "When you get there, I will let you know what to do next."


Our family hit the beach at 10 a.m. with the efficiency of a well-trained infantry unit. In very little time, we had our spot established and all set-up. Beach blankets, umbrellas, folding chairs, coolers, towels, toys... the whole nine yards. We even had a couple collapsible tents for the kids to crawl into and escape the sun. My dad and uncle were ensconced under the umbrellas, with their cigars lit, soda cans in hand, and a radio cranking out pop music. Aunt Donna was laying on a towel next to me sunbathing. The kids were busy digging holes and burying each other in the sand, and my Mom was helping them.

I sat in a folding chair with a hat and shades on, and a book in my lap. But I wasn't reading the book. I was appreciating the lovely vision of my Mother's sweet ass. She knelt with her back to me — at the other end of the blanket — laughing and playing with the kids and the sand. Mom wore a white bikini. And as she knelt, and crouched, and spread, and flexed on her knees — her ample ass provided an endlessly fascinating focal point. Something about that bright white bikini bottom against Mom's golden skin just looked so delicious. My eyes savored her shapely curves and the well-defined outline of her pussy lips, and I knew that she would indeed taste as delicious as she looked.

Yes, that's right. Not only was I horny for my Aunt — I was also horny as all hell for my own Mother. And I expect any young guy in my situation would feel the same way. After all, they were both so fun and pretty and sexy — in their wonderfully Mom-like ways. Recently, I'd been finding that often, while fantasizing about my Aunt, my beautiful Mother would make a special guest appearance. And lately more and more -- I'd been jerking off to fantasies involving just me and Mom together.

And, just like my Aunt, my Mother seemed aware of my interest — and even to be playing along, and encouraging my inappropriate attention. But it was different with Mom. With Aunt Donna, it was all very titillating and visual. With Mom, however, it was more emotional... and physical. Ever since my eighteenth birthday, I noticed that Mom had become much more likely to rest her hand on my arm or shoulder during conversation. To press her thigh against mine when we sat together. To caress my cheek and look me deep in my eyes. To kiss me on the lips. To press her breasts against me when we hugged.

Initially, I chalked all this up to the fact that I would be to be going to college in a few months. Even if it was only a local Community College, Mom must be experiencing separation anxiety and was therefore becoming unusually clingy with her firstborn child. That made sense to me and I didn't read anything more into it. Then, something happened that put everything into a very different perspective.

One evening, after the kids had gone to bed, Mom and I were watching a movie on the TV in the den. We sat close together, our shoulders and thighs touching. We held hands, and out hands rested comfortably on Mom's thigh. It all seemed innocent enough I suppose.

Then my Dad entered the room, with his ever-present beer in-hand, complaining about something or other in the news. By the time he settled himself down into his easy chair, Mom had gently un-coupled our hands and had scooted over on the couch so that we were no longer touching. She gave me a brief, apologetic smile.

Dad, of course, was none the wiser. But my Mother's simple action spoke untold volumes to me. It told me that the physical closeness we'd shared was something that she did not want my father to know about. It was for us, and us alone to know of. It was our secret.

As that thrilling realization sunk in, it produced an unexpected result. Blood surged to my penis, and within a few moments, I had a full erection straining upward against my sweatpants. And, it happened to be laying across my lap and pointing in Mom's direction. I could see, from the corner of my eye, that Mother was aware of my situation. And she, being ever-resourceful, grabbed a couple pillows and placed them on her lap -- thereby concealing my condition from my father's potentially errant gaze.

This act of hers — something so confidential, so intimate — only served to solidify my hard-on for the remainder of the evening. I could see her gaze dropping down to my lap with increasing regularity — and lingering there casually. Subtly, she moved her left thigh back into place pressing against mine. Then Mom put her left hand down between us, and we held hands once again.


After about an hour and a half of playing in the sand — and a brief stint in the surf — my Mom took the kids to the restrooms and concession stands. They returned with popsicles, french fries, and other goodies in-hand, and promptly disappeared into the shade of their pop-up tents. Mom stood before my Dad and I, and announced, "This sun is kicking my ass. I think I'm gonna go back to the house and cool off for awhile. Do you guys mind keeping an eye on the kids? If they want to go back in the water — go with them okay...?"

Dad responded in typical fashion, "Don't worry Buttercup. We've got the situation under control. You go get yourself cooled off. I wouldn't want my pretty little flower to wilt!"

"Okay thanks! Text me if you need anything — or if anybody wants to come back to the house." Mom smiled at us both, and turned to her sister. "Hey Sis... care to take a walk with me?"

Aunt Donna stood as if on-cue, saying casually, "Yeah, why not... I feel like I'm getting a bit over-cooked out here."

The two women poked their heads into the kids' tents for some parting words. Then my Aunt gave me a purposeful glance, and the two sisters took off across the sand toward the unbroken line of beach-houses.

I began to feel excited... and nervous — as if I had butterflies in my stomach. I checked the time on my phone, and it began to hit me that this was actually happening. But what exactly was it that was going to happen?

I was pretty sure it was gonna involve my Aunt's amazing pussy. And I was pretty sure it involved me fucking that sweet pussy. But how in the hell was that gonna happen? How could I bang my Aunt if my Mom was in the house? Were we gonna do it while my Mom was taking a shower? Or maybe while she took a nap? Or maybe, my Aunt and I could sneak out down to her car and do it in there. But why did she need me to come inside so quietly and wait at the bedroom door? None of it added up, or made sense. The only thing that made any sense was the image of my Aunt spreading her legs and fingering herself, and telling me that she wanted to have sex with me. And, despite all of the uncertainty, that was really all the motivation I needed.

Fifteen minutes passed in no time, and I stood up rubbing my belly. "Dad, my uh... stomach feels kinda queasy. I think I'm gonna head back inside for awhile okay?"

"Sure thing, Big Fella. Hey, tell your Mom to bring some more soda down when she comes back out here okay?"

"Will do Dad. Stay frosty." I bid adieu to my Dad and Uncle. And then, to my younger siblings and cousins, telling them to listen to their fathers, and not to wander off. Then I set out across the sand in the footsteps of my Mom and her sister.

When I got to the door of our unit, I realized that my heart was pounding like a hammer in my chest. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself, and I slipped off my sandals. Then, slowly I twisted the door knob. It turned all the way, and the door opened to the cool, unlit, lower level of our condo. Seeing that the coast was clear, I slipped inside and slowly, quietly locked the door behind me — just as Aunty had instructed.

I walked across the entry-way, past the kitchen, and to the stairs that lead up to the second level — where the bedrooms were. As I ascended the stairs, I became aware of the voices of Mom and Aunt Donna — in conversation. Their voices were definitely coming from the master bedroom — Mom and Dad's room.

But if my Mom and Aunt were both in there — what was the point of this whole endeavor? I felt an urge to give up on this strange folly and turn back. But the indelible image of my Aunt's pink pussy propelled me onward. What the hell... I'd already come this far. The least I could do was take a few more steps down the hall to the bedroom door — and see things through — just as Aunt Donna had instructed me.

And so I did. On tip-toes, I crept silently down the hallway to the master bedroom. I heard my Mother's lilting laughter, and she was saying something about being ticklish. Arriving at the frame of the open bedroom door, I paused. Then slowly — little by little, I extended my head past the edge of the frame so that I might look inside.

I was utterly unprepared for the sight that met my eyes.


There, on the king-sized bed at the center of the room, were my Mother and my Aunt. Mom lay on top of a large towel — on her stomach, in the middle of the bed. Her head pointed away from me, toward the head-board. Aunt Donna sat next to Mom — facing the foot of the bed — and the doorway where I stood peeking in.

Both women were completely naked.

Donna's pendulous breasts swayed gently back and forth, as she hand-rubbed a gleaming layer of oil onto the back of Mom's thighs. My Aunt saw me and smiled. She made a small motion with her hand — indicating to me that I should stay put. She lifted her index finger to her lips, bidding me keep silent.

"Mmmmm," moaned Mom as Donna ran her hands slowly up and down her legs. "You have no idea how badly I've been needing this. I have been so fucking horny lately! How long's it been since our last session? Seems like forever."

Donna thought for a moment. "What, three weeks maybe... remember... the cucumber?"

"Ohhhh yeah that cucumber! I never knew it was possible to fall madly in love with a vegetable. How is my cucumber lover?"

"I ate him," smiled my Aunt.

"You heartless bitch."

"Hey...he was just as much my lover as yours."

Mom chuckled and said, "True... I seem to recall you loving him on one end... while I loved him on the other."

"That was fucking hot," affirmed my Aunt.

Wait a minute... What?... What the fuck was I hearing? A cucumber? A lover? What the fuck?... I felt intensely disoriented.

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