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Brother, Wife. Brother


My older brother, Ron, and I were putting out hay for the cattle. It was almost spring and the new grass wasn't up enough to feed the cows. The weather was starting to warm up enough that we were both without a shirt. We both were over six feet tall and weighed about 190 pounds. He was twenty-three and I was twenty-two.

We had been really close as we grew up. Ron had always taken me with him whenever he went to town. We hardly ever fought as most brothers that close to the same age were inclined to do. Even though we were about the same size and weight he was blond with blue eyes, that he got from mom's side of the family. I was darker with black hair and brown eyes, like my father. He was also the dominant one in the family.

Nothing fazed him at all. He was the one that got all the girls. He was almost expelled from High School for sleeping with the new English teacher. If the Principal hadn't been a friend of our father he would have been kicked out of school. As it was they excepted the teacher's resignation and the other was forgotten.

I was always Ron's little brother. That didn't bother me since I thought he could do nothing wrong. I was shy while I was growing up. I had trouble meeting girls. Ron helped me solve that problem. The first girl I ever went to bed with was one of Ron's ex girl friends. He arranged it for me. It didn't help any with my shyness but it sure let me know how good sex could be.

I was a year younger but just as well built as Ron. If I had not been so shy I would not have had any trouble getting girls on my own. It was easier to just let him do the legwork and I enjoyed the spoils. We once teamed up on a senior girl that he had been after a long time. She knew his reputation and would not go out with him. Finally he talked her into going out if I doubled dated with them.

We picked her up and went by to get my date. She wasn't at home, which I knew from the start. I acted like it was just the end of the world to be stood up. Jill was sympathetic about my lack of a date. She insisted that I come with them. A dinner and a movie later we were parked down by the lake that Ron considered his own place. I got out of the car and left them alone. I could tell that Jill was very nervous about being alone with Ron.

I was gone about thirty minutes before coming back to the car. I figured if he was going to get in her panties then he had long enough to do the job. Not only was he in her panties she was stripped naked and he was fucking her like he had been doing it forever. They were in the back seat and she had one foot over the rear seat and the other around Ron. She was crying and fucking him back with each stroke he gave her. She wanted more and more of his big cock. Even when I opened the front door and the light came on she didn't slow down.

Finally she climaxed along with Ron. He filled her young cunt with his white hot cum. He looked up and saw me leaning over the seat watching. "Come on back here I think she is good for one more time." I was over the seat as soon as he moved from between her legs.

I stripped and had my hard cock in her before she knew what was going on. She opened her eyes and when she saw me she started to push me off. By that time I had my hard cock buried to the hilt in her warm cunt. I didn't have any intentions of stopping what I was dong.

I fucked into her hard and fast until she quit pushing against me and started fucking me back. For a girl that had been a virgin when the night began she was sure a fast learner. Soon I had her climbing the seats begging for more.

When she climaxed again I unloaded in her cunt. As soon as I could I moved out of the way and Ron started in again.

We both fucked her a couple of more time before taking her home. The three of us went out together several times. Each time it ended the same way. We were all having a good time until she got pregnant. Her folks moved away and the last we heard she had an abortion and later married some well to do older guy. All I can say is he must have a really big cock or a lot of friends to help keep her satisfied.

We found out that it was a lot of fun to see just how long the two of us could last with one girl. To my surprise it was pretty easy to talk the girls into letting us both pleasure them. About this time I was reaching my full size and I knew that the cocks we had between our legs were much more than the guys I showered with. The girls found out also and we were kept very busy.

Ron graduated and joined the army. The next year I graduated and went to college, where I met Ann. It was love at first sight for me. She was tall and slim with big high breast that just begged to be released from her bra and be kissed. Her legs were beautifully shaped all the way from her slim ankles to her nice curvy butt. Her short brown hair was shaped around her perfect face. Her lips were full and looked ready to be kissed. I was hooked.

I dated her the last two years of college. She was a virgin and she made it plain to me that she intended to lose her virginity only on her wedding night. That didn't mean that I couldn't play with her perfect breasts or even feel her cunt through her panties. She even took out my cock and gave me a hand job several times. I was in love. She could do me any way she wanted as long as she married me when we graduated.

One week after graduation we were married. That night I took her virginity. Once the initial pain was over she gave over her body willing to me. Finally I had her to hold and love. I used all the experience I had to make sure that it was perfect for her. I must say that it couldn't have been much better for either of us.

The honeymoon lasted a week and during that time I taught her all the different positions I had ever heard of. I think she was surprised to find out how experienced I was. When we finally slowed down enough she asked me about it. I don't believe in secrets so I told her every thing. I didn't leave out anything even about Ron and me. Looking at things that have happened lately maybe I should not have told her so much.

As we forked the hay down to the cows Ron was telling me about the girl he had been out with the night before. "She was tall like Ann but wasn't build as good as her. She really knew how to use her ass. She was the best I have had since I got out of the Army." Ron had been out of the Army a month and was staying with Ann and I until he found a job. So far nothing had come up but his cock. He was out every night with a different woman. His bedroom was in the basement of our house and several times he had brought one of his ladies home with him. Ann didn't care much for him bringing them into our house. "I wish he would take them somewhere else if he just has to be with them."

Other than that they got along good together. He took the opportunity to touch her whenever she walked by. He would give her a swat on the ass when she passed. She didn't care much for him to be so familiar with her. "I wish he would keep his hands to himself."

"He doesn't mean anything by it. He has been that way all his life. Most women never objected to him patting their fanny."

"Let him pat the other women then." That happened the first week he lived with us. A month later she didn't complain when he would swat her ass when she came by.

Ron continued telling me what he and the girl did the night before. "You should have been there. I bet she would have liked to have both of us at once."

"Sounds like it was really fun but now I am married and Ann wouldn't care for me to be doubleing up with you and your girl."

"Joe, your Ann sure looks like she is one hot woman. Is she as good in bed as she looks?"

"Don't be talking about my wife like that." I wasn't mad at him. I just didn't think it was something I wanted to discuss.

"Hey, don't get mad. I just asked how she was in bed. We use to tell each other everything."

"I'm not mad. I just don't think I should tell you about her and our love life."

"I wasn't asking about your love life. I was asking about your sex life. Love is something you and Ann have. Sex is what I have. So, what is your and Ann's sex life like?

I had to laugh at him. "You never change do you? Our sex life is good which makes my love life almost perfect."

"Almost perfect? I bet the three of us could make it perfect.

Until that time I had never thought of the three of us together. After telling him not on his life we finished feeding with him changing the subject. He went on up to the house for dinner and I went by to turn the horses out to pasture for the night. It took me about thirty minutes to finish and get to the house.

As I walked up on the porch I could see into the kitchen. Ron was standing next to Ann at the sink. I stopped, as something didn't look just right. Ann was facing the cabinet and Ron was propped up next to her on his arm. I couldn't hear what he was saying but Ann seamed to be listing to him. Then I saw where his other hand was. He had it on her soft round butt and was slowly caressing her through her shorts.

A chill went through me when I saw what he was doing and Ann wasn't stopping him. He stood up straight without taking his hand from her ass. He reached up with his other hand and brought it up her stomach until he was holding one of her perfect tits. He squeezed it softly through the blouse and bra that covered it.

I tried to make myself move but for some strange reason I had to see just how far he would try to go. He turned her tit loose and brought his hand to her face. He caught her chin and turned her face towards him. I could see that her eyes were still closed as he leaned forward and kissed my wife on her full lips. He held the kiss until she let her mouth open enough that his tongue must have been in her mouth.

All at once she moved as if she had been in a trance. She broke the kiss and turned away from him. Then I walked in to the room. Even if I had not seen what was going on I would have known something was up. Ron was all innocence, but Ann didn't know how to hide her guilt. I acted as though I had not seen anything and soon she recovered. A blush stayed on her face the rest of the evening.

Ann's life had really taken a change in the last year and a half. She and Joe had married and moved out of town to operate a cattle farm. Joe had grown up in the country and wanted to move back here. Fortunately the farm was at least making money and together they took care of it. She enjoyed working along side her new husband.

She had been a virgin when she married only because she had promised her mother that she would. She was ready to lose her virginity on her wedding night. Joe made it easy for her. Only later did she wonder how he had so much experience. The best way she knew to find out was to ask, which she did. When he told her all about what he and his brother did she almost didn't believe him. What woman would let both brothers have sex with her at the same time?

At first she was jealous that he had been with several women before they married while she had remained a virgin. His experience soon won her over. He taught her many things about sex and different positions and made her love it. Their sex life was wonderful. They had sex all over the farm. Down by the lake or in the barn, whenever the need arose they took advantage of it.

Things changed when Ron was discharged from the Army and came to stay with them. He was looking for a job and then he would find a place of his own. What was suppose to be a two weeks stay had turned into a month without a job in sight. He was a hard worker and had really helped Joe out with the farm work.

Ann knew that they were real close as brothers. Joe was glad to have him stay with them. Some nights they would stay up late talking about growing up together. It didn't take her long to find out just how different Ron was. Joe had told her about him and women. That he could talk any of them out of their panties. He was a big handsome man that just loved women. If he were around one very long he would find a way to touch her. Ann was no different.

He had only been there a short time before she found his hand stroking her ass. She jumped back and slapped his hand away. He only gave her a smile and winked at her as he went out the door. His smile was so contagious that she found she could not stay mad at him for very long. She told Joe but he just laughed and said Ron had always been that way. He couldn't help himself around a beautiful woman.

Before he came she usually wore shorts and a shirt without a bra. With him around all the time she wore jeans and a bra. He didn't need any more encouragement to touch her than he already had. For the first week he was with them she must have slapped his hand away from her ass a dozen times. He just laughed and continued on the next time she was close to him. Soon she quit paying any attention to his touches and quit slapping his hand away. Now she expected to feel his hand or her husbands on her ass most of the time.

Ron was so friendly that she soon found she liked having him around as much as Joe did. They often went into town at night for dinner and a movie. She felt special having a handsome man on each side of her. Other women looked at her and thought how lucky she was to have two of them.

After dinner they would stop at a bar for a couple of drinks and a few dances before the late movie started. She found herself dancing with both men. Ron took the opportunity to do a little more touching which she at first tried to stop. Then she realizes that she like the way he took liberties with her body. What really surprised her was that Joe didn't seem to mind his brother making advances towards her.

Ron came in from the barn while Ann was fixing dinner. He still had his shirt off and he was wet with sweat from the work they had been doing. Ann turned as he came in the back door. "Dinner will be ready shortly. You have time to go take a quick shower first. Where is Joe?"

"He is finishing up and letting the horses out. He will be here in about half an hour. Come on and take a shower with me."

Ann was use to his suggestions by this time and it didn't faze her. "Thanks but I will wait until later and go with Joe."

"I bet we could have more fun."

"Go get your bath and cool off. You may need your strength to night with your latest woman."

Off he went laughing telling her what she would be missing. A quick shower and he was back in the kitchen. He had on a pair of tight jeans and a T-shirt that showed off his well-developed body. Ann could not get over how much he and Joe looked alike. If it weren't for the color of their hair it would be hard to tell them apart. She blushed when she wondered to herself if his cock was as big as her husbands.

She was finishing the salad when he moved up next to her. He propped up on the counter with one arm and she soon felt his hand on her ass. She had long since stop slapping his hand away. "You better get your hand off before Joe comes walking in."

His answer was to stroke both cheeks of her ass. "Why don't you and I go to bed together? I bet we could really have a lot of fun." This was what he was saying to her when Joe first saw them from the porch.

"I don't think your brother would approve of his brother trying to get me in bed with him."

Ron caught a glimpse of Joe coming up on the porch and decided to see just what she would let him do. He could answer to Joe later. "Your ass sure does feel good." Ann liked the way he was making her feel, but she tried to get him to stop. Then he brought his hand up to hold her tit. She could feel the heat of his hand through the material of her blouse and bra as he gently squeezed her breast.

She could feel the moister start to gather in her cunt. She was a woman that loved having her breasts massaged. She had even climaxed with Joe playing with them. Her knees were about to buckle when he released them. She thought he was gong to turn her loose but his hand touched her chin and turned her to face him.

Then he kissed her. She wanted to pull back but didn't have the strength. Her legs felt like jello as his lips and tongue worked on her. Without realizing it she let her mouth open and he pushed his tongue into it. A quiver went straight to her cunt. It was such a jolt that it brought her back to her senses. She broke the kiss and turned away.

Just as she did Joe walked through the door. She knew that she looked guilty but she couldn't help it. Ron on the other hand didn't look a bit upset. He had plenty of practice hiding his actions from other husbands. He knew that Joe had seen them and he wondered just how he was going to take it.

Joe wondered just how far it would have gone if he hadn't put a stop to it. He knew his brother and that he wasn't through with her. Once he saw a woman he wanted he went after her. Joe couldn't remember a woman that he had not gotten that he went after. He had always thought his brother was good at picking the right women. This time he had his doubts since the woman in Ron's sights was his wife.

Through out dinner and later in the family room Ann was quite. She sat watching TV while the two brothers carried on their own conversation. She was still upset by how close she came to letting Ron go to far. He had her hot and she was ready to get Joe and go to bed. Tonight she needed to be fucked. She wanted him to be fast and hard to get Ron out of her mind.

Even thought the two brothers were talking they each had something else on their minds. Ron knew Joe had seen him and he hoped that it would encourage him to let the two of them fuck his wife at the same time. He knew that he and Joe had really had some good times together with other girls and hoped the memory of those days would get him to thinking about sharing Ann. If not then he would just have to see how far he could go without him.

Joe's thoughts ran along the same lines. He knew that watching Ron kissing Ann had got him to thinking about the old days when the two of them teamed up on a woman. Once they had her she usually came back for another round. Did he want to share his wife with his brother? Would Ann go for it if he did? He had a tough time holding up his end of the conversation.

Ann finished the program she was watching and said she was going to bed. Joe told Ron good night and followed her to their room. Ron headed down stairs to his room to change. He had a late date with a waitress after she got off work before she had to go home to her husband.

Ann had just slipped off her blouse and was unsnapping her bra when Joe came into the room. One look at her firm tits and the hard little nipples let him know that she was still excited from Ron's attentions earlier. He moved behind her and captured both breasts in his hands. He could feel the hard nipples in the palm of his hands. He pulled her back against his chest and kissed down the side of her neck until she relaxed back against him.

His hands left her breasts and trail down her body until he reached the waistband of her shorts. He reached for the snap and released it. With both hands he pushed lower until his hands reached her hair covered cunt. His fingers tangled in the fine hair as they touched her clit and covered the opening to her body. She was hot and slick as his fingers pushed into her.

Ann let him pull her back against him. She loved the feel of his hands on her body. She never got tired of loving him. In the year and a half they had been married she had come to love making love with him. He had never failed to satisfy her. That was one of the reasons she felt so guilty for letting his brother take advantage of her. Nothing Ron could give her would be any better than what she already had.

Joe pushed her shorts on down her legs and she kicked them to the corner of the room. He led her to the bed and as she climbed to the middle of the bed he was stripping off his clothes as fast as he could.

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