tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrothers And Sisters

Brothers And Sisters


There is evil everywhere. A counterpart to good and within lies two tales. Two who found each other, two who would do anything to tear them apart. How this will end...only time will tell.

Jonathan and Jaci had met online, each with a need, a desire. Each finding in the other the spark which lit a flame, a flame they both thought extinguished a long time ago. Words were exchanged for months, e-mails leading to telephone calls, those rendezvous leading to this, a meeting.

In modern day fairy tales all wound have ended happily but I fear life has a way of turning a straight line into a crooked path. Obstacles in the way, for these two though neither were aware came in the way of each of them having...an identical twin.

Where as the two mentioned before were two of a kind, James and Jackie were the same. Each of them festering an anger towards their matching sibling and with the happiness each of them had found in the other jealousy had reared its ugly head.

It was Jackie who had finally heard enough about her sister's "precious" Jonathan and had gone in search of something, anything which she might use to drive a wedge between the two of them. Instead, her eyes grew wide the screen before her, the computer screen and the two names it provided already leading her mind down a path of destruction...for the two.

Less than 24 hours later, a telephone call led to two minds who thought alike. A decision made, a plan finalized and with that, it began. He would be the brawn, she the brains and as she sat at her sister's computer, poring over correspondence, stories, words shared, secrets told she almost laughed with glee at how easy it would be to set...the trap.

The trip had been planned for quite sometime for the weekend, the last days of October. Las Vegas the site and as each checked in they found a parcel waiting in their respective rooms. Both of them opening them to reveal identical cards, one written in feminine penmanship, the other in a mannish scrawl, both reading.

"My darling, I've waited so long for this day, I hope you won't mind waiting a few short hours more. There is to be a special costume ball this evening, All Hallows Eve and I have taken the liberty of selecting what I would desire you wear. I wish for this to be a very special evening for you. Arrive promptly at the time below and be assured I will find you and we will...play." Each was signed with a single initial, hers J, his the same.

Meanwhile the two co-conspirators at another location were already deep in their own preparations for the gala event, anticipating the spoils they both would enjoy. As the time grew near each with a wicked grim bid the other adieu and good hunting, knowing their paths would cross again later that very night.

That night, precisely on the time written on the card he still clutched, Jonathan dressed as a simple peasant from times of old found himself in front of a door, heavy, wooden, the sign on it saying "The Inquisition". It gave him pause for thought but the answer was evident as he opened the door, seeing a man in stocks, a woman behind him being handed a whip, a look of delights in her eyes. His steps took him further into the club with the sound of bare flesh being lashed. He felt a shiver, a chill running down his spine but what happened next, took his breath away.

The scent was intoxicating, the voice almost hypnotic as he heard from behind him, "I beg you m'lord do not turn around only know this. When we meet next in a few moments I will be in my role and I pray you will do the same. If so I promise you a night you will never, ever forget."

He stood there frozen to the spot. Almost forgetting to breath when suddenly he felt another come in contact, a slight stumble which caused him to turn and hear, "Might I suggest good sir that you be a bit more careful about where you walk?"

The poor man once again found himself dumbstruck. The beautiful woman before him dressed in finery, a sharp contrast to his humble rags. She wore her garments regally, the feathers of the peacock covering her mask, only her eyes visible and all he could do was stare, a fact not lost upon her.

"How dare you stare at me you commoner? Is this how you greet royalty?"

With that he came to his senses, going to one knee quickly, his head bowed in reply saying, "A thousand pardons m'lady, I meant no disrespect, my humble apologies."

He felt her presence as she circled him, as if inspecting a piece of property for sale, seeing if he might be found acceptable. Finally he heard her say, "I desire a red wine, now."

The man moved quickly, standing, bowing before turning to do the deed. The woman glancing to insure everyone was in place as act one of our play was about to take...a turn.

Jonathan walked back, glass of wine in hand but just as he was about to present it to her a monk like figure walked briskly past, bumping him and the dark liquid spilled, unfortunately onto the fine dress the woman before him wore.

He stood in horror, the woman's face a mask of anger. Her words were sharp, biting, "You fool! I have suffered enough at your hand. Seize him!" Two men dressed as executioners, hired for the evenings entertainment, stepped forth, each taking an arm as Jonathan tried to offer an apology only to receive a slap across his face, none too gentle a blow.

The prisoner's head snapped back, stars filling his visions as her voice seemed to fill his mind from far away. "Perhaps a stay in the royal dungeon will improve both your clumsiness and your manners sir. Take him away."

The two men half carried, half dragged the stunned victim, while the two co-conspirators s shared a glance before the five proceeded toward the stairs which lead down into the bowels of the ancient building. It's name rang true, his eyes taking in the many items used in olden times to torture and torment others.

Deep into the catacombs of the grounds, down many pathways they went until suddenly they stopped. The cloaked figure unlocking the door as the prisoner was pulled inside. The two guards positioned him under her watchful eye, each taking a shackle hanging down from the ceiling, his wrists quickly captured, the locks falling into place.

The helpless prey stood there, his body shaking, his mind racing trying to grasp what was happening as the chains attached to his wrists began to have the slack removed, his arms forced to be raised upward. Another set of irons meanwhile were being attached to his ankles and he gasped as his body was pulled taut. His back aching in protest as his feet were pulled off the ground and he was forced to support his entire weight.

The member of royalty nodded and the two henchmen performed their final act. The indignity of having his meager rags, his clothing ripped from his body until he hung there, for all to see.

"Leave us", the two paid actors in our play playing their parts, bowing and leaving the three alone. The man in the black robe reaching down, picking up two items, handing one to the woman, the other for himself as they both approached the helpless man.

The woman's hand reached up, long fingernails tracing down his chest, her hand grabbing his manhood and squeezing harshly, eliciting yet another gasp her touch anything but kind. As she moved around to stand behind him she began to speak, her voice calm, the words though leaving him feeling anything but.

"You have been found guilty of crimes against the crown. Your sentence is as follows", and with that she took hold of his hair, pulling his head back roughly, forcing him to look ahead and see his fate.

The mask was made of solid metal, no chance for sight, nor speaking or hearing, cutoff from all his remaining senses. She heard his voice shake with emotion say simply, "Why m'lady, why?"

Her voice now changed, filled with almost unbridled passion as she said "It's perfect isn't it Jonathan? Your fantasy come to life. To be captured by another, forced into this life, spending eternity at the mercy of another? As I said, your wildest dream come true..." as she leaned in close enough to whisper in his ear, "At least that's what you told my darling sister, is it not?"

With those words his eyes suddenly opened wide. His cry was loud but the sound quickly grew muffled, the mask being placed over his face. He tried to shake his head, to free himself but her hold was strong, his efforts to no avail as the two pieces met. A lock being put in place between the two halves and then, he was theirs.

His barely discernable cry was joined by laughter, the first act of the play having come to a close. The curtain soon to rise on act two.

Jaci as the clock struck eleven found herself in a mass of humanity, revelers in various stages of dress and undress. She felt oddly conspicuous, dressed as a courtesan, the medieval equivalent of a lady of the evening.

She felt a blush come to her face, the looks she was garnering like that of helpless prey and she was just about to reconsider her actions when she felt the presence of another, two hands being placed gently upon her bare shoulders and a voice like velvet say.

"I have waited a lifetime for this night m'lady. I beg of you to play your part as I play mine and I swear it will be like nothing you have ever dared dream of."

With that he turned her and she heard, "The king has rewarded me well if the prize is to be you m'lady."

He was dressed in a swashbuckler garb, a single black mask still allowing his piercing blue eyes to gaze down upon such beauty, taking in the feast of a woman before him.

She quickly remembered her role, curtseying, offering him an even better view of his easily seen wares while saying, "Good days and pleasant nights upon you m'lord."

He smiled in reply, bowing "Nights indeed will be pleasant with you in my bed my beauty."

Once again she tried to fight to keep the crimson shade from her face unsuccessfully as he laughed heartily. "Fetch me an ale woman so that I might see if the view is as pleasurable going as it is coming."

She curtsied again, turning to do his biding, a familiar scene about to play out again. As she returned, a chance encounter, balance lost, liquid spilled. A shirt drenched and the result as before angry words spoken.

"Clumsy whore!" She lay there where she had fallen, eyes wide her voice faltering, "I'm sorry good sir, please forgive me, please..." the words ending abruptly, a rough touch pulling her to her feet, leading her swiftly toward those same stairs, down that same pathway as she heard him say, "I already have one task at hand, you shall follow him."

Moments later the two were at the door. He pounding upon it until it slowly opened and her eyes grew wide at the sights before her.

The figure that greeted them did so clad completely in black leather, the executioners mask she wore allowing the only part of her flesh to be seen, eyes as dark as the night. The costume did nothing to hide her femininity as she motioned for them to enter, pointing at a precise spot to where she be led, where two more shackles hung down from the ceiling.

As the stunned woman stood there her eyes could not help but take in the masked figure hanging directly before her. His body covered in sweat, his struggles finally having ceased, his skin glistening as his chest heaved with the recent exertion. While she took him in, it had taken only seconds and she too was now...a prisoner.

She looked down, seeing her own wrists attached to chains bolted to the floor she felt a hand go under her chin, lifting it to force her to look into the blue eyes of her tormentor, eyes which reflected back with so such kindness as earlier before.

"You should be honored wench to see the King's dungeon Mistress at work. You shall be both a witness and a participant. First though there is the matter of this man" and he nodded at the black garbed figure and nodded his consent to begin.

Jaci could only stand there helplessly as she watched the silent figure approach the nude captive. Her leather clad hand reaching out to his chest, her touch causing his body to jerk as if he had been unaware of her presence.

Her hand traced down his body slowly, finally reaching between his legs, fondling him like a piece of property, a touch neither gentle nor kind, a harbinger of what was about to come.

Finally she released him, turning and walking over to where the woman in chains stood, stopping directly in front of her. Two pair of eyes, each intent upon the other, neither budging until the man joined them and with a bow handed the one her weapon of choice.

The whip was coiled as she turned and walked over to where her designated victim awaited. She shook the instrument loose, the black leather braids unfurling like a snake, to trail across the floor.

The bound woman heard a voice whisper in her ear, "She really is quite talented my dear. It won't take her long to break him in body and in mind. Then...it will be your turn. Begin."

An arm pulled back, a lash unleashed and with a crack like lightning the first blow had fallen. It struck his back first before winding its way around his body. It was as if a thousand volts had been induced as his head snapped back and her fury found its mark. The line was red, angry, a sharp contrast against his skin and it was only the beginning.

Blow after blow, lash after lash was administered. His words rang true as she was forced to watch the leather clad figure soon leave her prey nothing but a mass of tortured flesh, his body covered with the remnants of her efforts.

What was not lost on either James or Jackie was Jaci's reaction every time the whip would strike. His body would feel the pain while hers would react as well. Each of them sharing a common bond until one final lash, the destination lower than before, the edge of the leather striking his member and even the mask could not hold back the animalistic howl of pain which echoed forth.

"Enough!" Jaci screamed, moving quickly towards the still writhing figure, her bonds finally stopping her though she was now close enough to have bestowed a kiss on the stranger if she had so desired. Up close the damage was even worse than she imagined, her eyes taking it all in as she felt the presence of her captor.

"I've told you in the past of the fine line between pleasure and pain. Why don't we let you decide which it shall be", as he forced her to her knees, her face level with his manhood. "You can either grant him pleasure or I will have her continue. Choose...now." It was only a matter of seconds before he turned to the lady in waiting saying, "Very well. Finish him."

"No", Jaci's voice, the word softly spoken, the kneeling figure with her head bowed in submission replied. With a sigh she lifted her face, opening her mouth and capturing him. His body reacted but this time it was different from in the past, the change quickly evident. She could feel the heat where the whip had found its purpose and she tried to ease his pain, gently, tenderly.

He was only human, merely a man and she could feel his respond even under such circumstances as these. He quickly hardened, stiffening as she began to lean back but there would be no reprieve. A hand on the back of her head, mandating that she take him deeper, a voice saying, "Show a little more enthusiasm m'lady, after all it's what you were brought here to do."

The crimson blush which covered her face brought forth his laughter, a cold calculated sound as his hand took hold of her hair and forced her to take him all in and out while saying, "Finish him my dear. Either you finish him or she will."

She fought to breath, his entire being filling her, the bizarre dance taking place until finally she felt the prisoners body stiffen and she was held tightly, forced to accept his seed, made to consume it until at last the hand was removed and with a gasp of air she was free.

She collapsed to the cold, hard ground, her mind and body reeling. Shaking, a final reminder of her ordeal escaping from the corner of her lips, trailing down her cheek to mix with the tears.

The man before her now hung there, still, his body at rest, finally relenting to its need. Her voice was foreign to her own ears, the sound flat, emotionless as she said, "Release him and me Jonathan, I've had enough, this was a mistake."

Once again it was his laughter she heard but when he spoke his words hit her like a slap to the face. "Oh no my pet, we've barely just begun" as she heard the door open, the lights go out, the darkness complete, his parting words, "We have the entire weekend to play dear Jaci and many more surprises yet to come." With that the door slammed shut, the lock rammed home and then...they were alone. The only sound her crying and his steady breathing.

It was several hours later when they returned, the helpless woman having tried in vain to free herself, now sitting, her head bowed, her fate seemingly accepted. She sat there quietly as the four entered, the two henchman quickly working to free the man, his body and mind worn down, easy prey to be drug over to a long, waiting table, his wrists and ankles quickly captured.

It was only when she heard his muffled cry did Jaci lift her head to see the rack and his body pulled taught, stretched to its very limit. Here eyes took in the sight before her, the leather clad mistress once again fondling him though her eyes were on the captive woman. She had placed rings of steel, they encircled his manhood to insure once he was aroused he would remain so.

The voice had grown to be an all too familiar once, "Well my dear, once again we find ourselves in a quandary, where only you can make a difference in this man's existence. He leaned down, slipping a key into the locks of the bonds which held her, the shackles falling free as his cold eyes met hers and said simply, "Strip, now."

She hesitated, just long enough for him to turn to his accomplish and nod. She turned the wheel, a cry issued forth as the machined threatened to hear his body from limb to limb. With that Jaci stood doing as she was instructed, her garment falling in a pool at her feet and she stood there, a vessel, waiting.

"Much better, now shall we join your new friend?" and he motioned for her to walk over to where he lay. She did so, her head continuing to hang down, her unsure of what deviant design they had in mind though that too was quickly remedied.

"On the table my pet, straddle him" and as she did so she found her freedom short lived, two more sets of restraints capturing her wrists and ankles.

The entire time the silent figure and continued to slowly masturbate the chained captive, his hard cock, an angry reddish color as Jaci found herself positioned directly over him. Her eyes turned to her captor, pleading silently but there would be no mercy found. "You know what I desire my beauty, it's that or..." His words trailing off, the threat left hanging but as good as implied and all she could do was hang her head and slowly lower herself.

To her surprise she found herself already aroused, the man's member slipping between her lips. She could once again feel the blush rise to her face, knowing others were watching but there was no time for that, an audible gasp escaping her lips as two hands found her shoulders and forced her to impale herself, filled completely.

She sat atop him, her body trembling captive to all the various emotions coursing through her. It was as if from afar that she heard "Jonathan" say, "Now, for the crowning touches." She felt his hands come around her, roughly pulling, tugging and twisting her nipples, whimpers issued forth as she saw the dark clothed vixen approach, two sinister looking nipple clamps in hand.

She set them both in place, sharp barbs capturing tender flesh. Another cry to be heard in the dungeon as she began to rock back and forth, unable to stop, trying to find some kind of escape from the moment.

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