tagRomanceBrother's Best Friend Ch. 05

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 05


Here it finally is after the long await. Sorry it took so long. Stupid computer crashed and deleted all my work. Hope you like it



I decided to give Katie time before I continued my pursuit of her, not wanting to scare her completely. By the end of the third day I was going insane with lust. Fucking numerous girls to an unsatisfying climax that was only brought on by the memories of Katie's soft lips and throaty moan. I knew whatever I did I would be slow with her; tease those noises from her throat and make her feel so good before I even let myself be touched.

I got a phone call from Greg as I sat in the living room trying to concentrate on some football game.

"Hey, I need you to do me a favour." Greg rushed out quickly.

"Shit, take a breath man." I joked.

"Go and speak to Katie at Max's. She hasn't been going to classes for the past three days but has been leaving the house every morning." He got out breathlessly.

"How do you know she hasn't been going to classes?" I asked, starting to get anxious from the tone of Greg's voice. Katie never missed school and if she did on the off chance, they were always authorised absences.

"The school rang to ask if she was ok because

it's so unlike her. I'm worried man." I had no doubt he was.

"Why can't you talk to her?" I asked slightly confused. He was her guardian, why did I have to deal with it?

"I'm at that conference thing until tomorrow night, idiot, I left this morning." My memory clicked back into place of the day's events. "Please go and talk to her." He begged.

I sighed. "Fine. I dunno what good it's gonna do. She never listens to me."

"Thank you. I owe you one." He sounded relieved.

"More like ten." I heard him chuckle just before the dialling tone rang. I got up and started the drive over to Max's. My blood was already starting to boil just thinking of seeing her again.

I walked into Max's as if it was my own house and found Max hunched over paper work on the coffee table. I expected him to be at the club because Thursday was student night and one of the busiest nights.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned while flinging myself onto the armchair.

Max kept his eyes on the paper work. "I don't know if you realise this but I do live here." I laughed. "Had to get this done by tomorrow and couldn't with all the noise at the club."

I nodded. "Is Katie here?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Greg called to ask whether she'd been leaving the house in the morning and then told me what had happened. I thought she was going to school."

"Where is she then?"

"The club. She texted me to say she was on her way back about ten minutes ago."

I looked at the clock and it read 12 o'clock. "That's early."

"Yep. Apparently she didn't feel like drinking." He turned a pile of papers over and signed the line at the bottom. "Done." He looked up at me for the first time and smiled.

"What's that for anyway?"

"I am hiring dancers for the club so it's their contracts, then their safety stuff, then health and safety of the area they dance in."

"All that for dancers?" I asked sceptically.

He grinned. "Special dancers."

I raised an eyebrow. "And that means...?"

He chuckled. "That's for me to know and for you to find out." He stood up and stretched. "Well i am going to the club to observe my new security guard." He started to walk towards the door.

"You work too much."

"I like what I do." A door slammed outside. "Don't kill each other." He pleaded before leaving.

Katie walked through the door with a slight smile on her face. She looked edible. She had on a black bodycon dress that moulded to her curves like a glove. Over the top she had on a silver and black sequined cami that I assumed made her stand out from the crowd with her legs again made to look endless with her feet encases in black patent stilettos. She hadn't notice me yet so when she turned to remove her 'fuck me' shoes I saw her hair was up in a messy bun with a black ribbon somehow braided into it. I felt myself harden immediately.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts before clearing my throat. She turned round abruptly, with surprise on her face that soon turned to annoyance when she saw it was me. Her shoulders were slumped in a look of defeat with her eyes a little misty.

"What do you want?" she asked her words clipped.

"The school rang Greg to tell him you weren't going to classes."

Her faced looked puzzled. "What?"

"You heard, you've been skipping school but still leaving the house. What have you been doing?"

She walked away from the door, closer to me. "You said the school rang?"

"Stop diverting the question. What have you been doing?" I ground out.

She laughed. "Don't act like you never skipped school." She started rooting around the paper work on the coffee table.

"This isn't about me, this is about you. Now answer the question." I told her sternly.

She sighed and walked to the table at the end of the settee that also had a pile of papers on. She began to look through them as well. "What do you think I've been doing? Let's hear some of your ideas genius."

"I dunno because you're too uptight to do most things people would skip school for." I couldn't help but goad her into some sort of reaction rather than the one she was giving me. She wouldn't even look at me. She again moved onto another table in the room and began rooting through the draws of them.

"So you moan that I'm skipping classes but tell me I'm too uptight to skip classes. How does that work?" she plucked up a piece of paper with a fake smile and walked back over to me.

"Just answer the question Katie, Greg's worried about you."

"Remember me saying I had a history presentation to do?" She asked and I nodded in reply. She was close enough that I could smell her light flowery perfume. "I've been at the library for the past three days doing it. My history teacher wrote this letter to say where I was but I forgot to send it in." She handed me the letter.

I read it quickly and it confirmed what she had said. I nodded. "Ok then, just make sure you hand it in." I told her.

"I will." She kept her eyes averted from mine and despite clearing up the misunderstanding she still had the defeated and sad air about her.

I frowned. "Katie what's wrong?" I asked gently. I reached by hand up to cup her shoulder, he skin as soft as snow beneath my hand.

She twisted her shoulder away and stepped back. "Nothing at all. Is that all you wanted?" She mumbled.

I stepped forward, grasping her chin so that she'd look at me. When her eyes finally met mine they were swimming with un-shed tears. "What's wrong?" I asked again in a hard voice.

She sniffed and tried to blink past the tears. "Nothing, just leave me alone." she stuttered out.

I sighed heavily. "Fuck that." I released her chin before grabbing her hand in a tight grip. I sat back down on the armchair before pulling her down onto my lap so that her ass settled against my crotch and her legs were swung over mine. I bundled her into my chest and held her tight, trying to subdue her struggles. My chin rested nicely on top of her head.

"Let me go Ryder." She ordered through the tears that had started to fall.

"Just tell me what's wrong Katie, please." I said in almost pleading voice. I didn't like being in the dark about why she was crying, it tugged me in ways it never had before.

She broke out into full sobs that shook her body. I held her even tighter, rubbing my hands up and down her back. "B-Bella was at the...the club and s-said something."

I kissed the top of her head, her scent and soft hair tickling my nose. "What did she say squirt?"

"She said I-I kil-killed Mom and Dad."

My body tensed in anger. "Where did she get that fucked up thought from?"

She struggled to get up, her sobs decreasing slightly. She wiped her tears and nose as she sat on my lap staring at me with guilt swimming in tears.

She took a big breath. "She said that they-they were arguing about m-me in the car. Th-they weren't paying attention when they g-got hit. If I had-hadn't misbehaved th-they would have been pay-paying attention." Her sobbing started again, worse than before so I pulled her back down.

I was angry, like wanted to kill someone angry. "Katie listen to me baby. Your parents were hit at a junction. Their light was on green and a drunken lorry driver ran his red light. They wouldn't have ever been able to stop what had happened." What I said was the full truth. There had been witnesses and CCTV footage to prove it. She shook her head in my chest, not willing to believe what I said. "You know they were hit by a drunk driver. Plus how would Bella know what they were doing? She wasn't there."

Katie sat back up. She again wiped her face. "Then w-why did she say it?" She asked angrily.

"Because she's a bitch and you know it."


Ryder was right. He was 100% right but still the guilt stayed. The pain stayed from not only the memory of my parent's death or what Bella had said but the fact Bella hated me so much. I felt my eyes brim again so Ryder pulled me back into him, yet again. Instead of my head being on his chest, he positioned my head on his shoulder. I could smell him all around me; I could feel him all around me. Well that's because he was. One arm slung tightly around my waist pulling me into him and the other draped over my legs, lightly tickling the soft skin.

I felt safe in his arms. Like I was safe physically and emotionally. A few stray tears rolled down my cheeks so I hastily wiped them again. Ryder's t-shirt had ridden up from his stomach slightly, leaving his hard abs on show. I let my hands drop on the skin and pressed against it to feel a wall of muscles. He tensed momentarily but relaxed again. He was so strong just like the effect of his kiss on me was strong. I let my hands stroke up and down the skin. Ryder turned his head and kissed me on the forehead, making me sigh in slight pleasure from his lips being on me again.

I wanted to kiss him again. I just wanted to feel like I did the last time, totally lost in the moment. I kissed his jaw lightly, felling him tense beneath me. He wriggled, his slight movement making me finally aware of his hard member crushed against my thigh. I felt strangely empowered by this and so became brave.

I kissed his neck his time, a soft tickle of my lips against his skin. Ryder sat me up slightly, our faces weren't far apart. He was breathing slightly heavier than usually, the muscle in his jaw ticking with tension. I looked in his eyes to see that look again from the kiss. They looked carnal with barley restrained... lust is what I'd go with.

"You're playing with fire squirt." He said in a gruff voice.

I smirked. "Maybe I want to get burnt." And with that I crashed my lips onto his in a clumsy kiss.

My lips moved against his and he reciprocated but it wasn't like before, he seemed reluctant. I got desperate so clutched his head to mine and tried harder, my tongued scraping across his bottom lip slipping inside. Ryder pulled away.

"This isn't working." He said.

I felt rejected and hurt immediately. Before I could respond Ryder had grasped me by the waist, picking me up and positioning me so that I was straddling him. His erection was pressing against my wet core through my panties and dress making me groan slightly.

"Now this I can work with." Ryder said with a cocky smirk, grasping the back of my head and pulling me to him.

Our lips crashed again but this time he was in control and it made things 100x better. Every glide of his skilled lips and tongue started a new fire within me as I tried to reciprocate as best I could. My hands clenched his t-shirt. This was what I wanted.

Ryder's hands slipped to my cami before pulling it up and throwing it to the side. We both gasped for air before plunging right back into each other's mouths. His hands slid up my sides, reaching for my breasts. He cupped them in his large hands, gliding his thumbs over my hard nipples. I gasped from the pleasure so Ryder used the opportunity to go deeper into my mouth. He did the same thing again to my nipples and my hips jerked forwards in response, making me grind against his cock.

Ryder broke the kiss and settled his lips on the side of my neck. "Don't jerk your hips like that." He ordered huskily. He slipped his thumbs again, slightly harder than before sending an electric shock to my hips, making them jerk.

"I said don't jerk your hips. I'm in charge here and I don't want to lose my control before I have my fill of you." He murmured slightly sterner and louder than before. He nipped the curve of my neck with his teeth and I whimpered. "Now that is a sexy sound."

Ryder slipped his head lower, placing kisses on the exposed skin of my chest and the slight swell of my breasts. "Sit up a bit." I did as he asked, rising my ass up off my feet while Ryder supported me with strong hands around my waist.

Ryder looked up at me and I realised my breast were level with his chin. "Perfect."

He dropped his head and took my nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth through my dress and bra. I moaned hoarsely and my hands flew to his head to hold him in place. He bathed the nipple in his saliva before sucking on it hard and then blowing on it. The nipple strained through the layers of my clothing begging to be touched even more. I groaned when he left to move onto my other nipple giving it the same treatment. By the time he had done I was almost a puddle of arousal.

I was pulled back down onto my feet by a strong tug from Ryder. I was again grounded onto his erection that tented his jeans. He kissed me again, our tongues dancing erotically. My hands tried to open his jeans to give him the same pleasure as he was giving me but he caught my hands and nipped my bottom lip.

"Not yet babe." He whispered before placing my wrists at the small of my back. "Don't move them from there."

A fresh wave of arousal swept over me from that order. "When did you get so bossy?" I asked breathlessly.

Ryder smirked. "If only you knew." He muttered, not answering my question at all. He kissed me again, his hands dropping to my breast again. He pinched my left nipple lightly making me gasp. He did it again harder this time and the slight pain faded into a glowing pleasure, making me moan. Ryder chuckled.

I wrapped my hand around his head to pull him in for a kiss but he stopped me. He grasped by wrists and put them back behind my back. "Don't move them."

I sighed heavily but complied. He grasped the bottom of my dress and started to pull it over my head but my arms got in the way. "Put your arms up."

"Thought you told me not to move them." I countered saucily.

He chuckled again. I did as I was told and soon my dress was on top of my discarded cami. I had on a white lace bra with red ribbon looped in the cups with a matching thong. Ryder groaned at the sight of me.

His fingertips followed the curve of the cup as he spoke. "White for innocence, lace for sexy and the red ribbon for that little devil that fucking torments me all the time." His hands slipped behind my back and quickly unhooked the bra and flung it onto the ever growing pile of my clothes. I flushed at being naked in front of him so bought my hands around to cover myself.

He cleared his throat. "I think your hands are in the way of one of the best sights of my life." I smiled but didn't move my hands. Ryder thought for a moment before reaching up to my hair. He made quick time of un-pinning it all and held the ribbon in front of me.

"Katie do you trust me?" He asked cautiously.

I thought for a moment. I did and I didn't. I trusted him with me completely; he would never seriously hurt me or let me get seriously hurt. But I didn't trust him with other people. He didn't seem to care enough for their feelings and that was what was important to me.

"I trust you with me." I replied.

He raised his eyebrow before sighing. "I'll ask later. I want to tie your hands and I promise to untie them in a bit. I just want to be totally selfish for now." He explained.

"Do you do this a lot?" I asked.

"Later we can talk but right now can I tie your hands?" He asked.

I thought for a moment which was difficult when arousal was still coursing through me and the idea he was proposing turned me on even more. "Go for it." I murmured before kissing him to show my enthusiasm. As we kissed he bound my hands behind my back. He leaned back from me and watched me.

My breasts were now fully on display and the

position of my arms pushed them forward. I flushed again and struggled to get free but the feeling of being restrained really turned me on.

"So fucking gorgeous it hurts." Ryder ground out through clenched teeth before he attacked my nipple.

The feeling of his tongue on my nipple was pure heaven. I couldn't control my hips like he'd told me too so he gripped my ass in both hands and pulled me into him, which kept me from moving. My nipples strained forward as if they were trying to break free from my body. I groaned and moaned and arched my back which earned me delicious bite of pain from Ryder's teeth enclosing around my sensitive bud.

Moving away to the curve of my breast with little nips, Ryder let his hand slip to my thong rubbing the line where my skin and the scant material met. His hands slipped even more and brushed my lips causing a jittery breath to escape.

"You are so wet babe." I flushed again embarrassed at how wet I actually was. I struggled slightly. "Hey, hey, hey. It's one of the most sexy things ever, after the noises you make." He assured me before using his free hand to tangle my hair and bring my mouth to his in a sweet kiss.

I smiled against his lips. "Can I touch you yet?" I begged.

He shook his head. His hand on my lower regions tangled itself in my thongs and ripped it from my body. It was so carnal I felt another wave of wetness leak from me.

"Fuck me." He groaned. I had shaved before going out so my pussy was completely bare.

Ryder looped one arm under my ass so that I was sitting on his arm. This made enough space between us so that he could touch me exactly the way he wanted. His thumb stroked my clit in one hard stroke and I groaned louder than I had before. He delved lowered and found my wet hole, collecting moisture before coming back to stroke me again. I was close, my body hummed with excitement.

He lifted his hand and like my juices off his thumb, humming his approval of my taste. This time it was his finger that stroked me and started to delve within. It was slightly uncomfortable when he first went in but by the second stroke it was pure pleasure. After a few strokes he added another finger into my tight canal and I moaned.

"You are so fucking tight."

I started to pant. I needed this now. "Please Ryder. Please." I begged. I looked into his eyes to find that restraint he'd had the whole time snap.

His strokes became slightly faster and deeper. He curled his fingers and found a spot inside me to send me from begging to pleading. His thumb joined the party and my eyes snapped shut. I moaned loudly as I felt the wave of pleasure begin.

"Vola per me." And with that I came apart in his arms. My hips jerked in pleasure and I shuddered uncontrollably. As I moved I realised my arms were still tied which set off another wave. I made a sound that was a cross between a groan, moan and a whimper. With my ass on his arm he could feel every shudder of my body as my pussy convulsed around his invading fingers.

Ryder slowed his strokes, petting me gently as I came down. I was gasping for air. I thought I would be happily sated but I wanted more. Ryder was staring me, his face the epitome of want.

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