tagTransgender & CrossdressersBrought to Heel Ch. 02

Brought to Heel Ch. 02


Tom was bored. The shops had all shut and he had a long night shift ahead of him. He had received a call from the Manager 10 minutes ago to inform him that Ron, his shift mate, had called in sick and that he would need to do the duty on his own.

The night shifts where bad enough when there were 2 of you but on your own they were a dull and boring trudge. On the day shift you could at least use the extensive CCTV to follow pretty women around the shopping centre, zooming in where an inviting view was offered; but at night, when the place was empty there was no such light relief.

David , the area manager for one of the shoe outlets had told him that he would be working late and would need to be let out of the staff entrance later but he would call when he was ready. In the meantime, Tom decided to do a quick perimeter check to satisfy himself that the place was all properly locked up and secure.

While doing that he noticed that there were three cars left in the car park. He recognised David's Mercedes as he was a regular here and his own battered Polo was round the side but there was also a rather nice, if rather old, BMW 3 series convertible too. What he liked to call a "hair dressers ride". Probably a middle aged housewife or a gay man; if he was lucky it would be the former and hopefully a MILF - he would have to keep an eye on it with the external TV cameras and see which it was.

It was probably someone visiting one of the stand alone units at the other side of the car park, there were a few cars over there and some of the units looked open still.

Tom returned to the security control room and settled himself into the padded and comfortable chair in front of the bank of CCTV screens. The chair was the only luxury in this job. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, after all it was occupied 24/7 so had to make a positive contribution to concentration.

For all of that, Tom only just fitted in it. I should explain. Tom was big, not fat, obese big but built. He was 6'6", muscular maybe even a bit muscle bound. Security was a natural career for him, he had been a bouncer but found that the worst yobs, when alcohol fuelled, tended to pick him out for fights and that was really not his thing.

Tom was the archetypal gentle giant. Massive but mild and even tempered.

Once settled in the chair, really more like squeezed into the chair, Tom did a quick scan of the Mall hallways, deftly flicking the joystick that controlled the camera selection, panned and zoomed them and even triggered the recording mode (important if they thought they were onto a lifter).

Nothing doing, no one anywhere, not even a cleaner, just empty halls and shops with their shutters down.

Then he remembered David, the Area Manager working late. He flicker the controller and moved to a view of the service corridor, less coverage here but still enough to do a quick scan and satisfy himself that David was not here. He must be still in his store.

The company that David worked for was a recent tenant, they had only been in this Mall for about 3 months. The unit was previously occupied by a geeky games shop - PS3, X- Box all that stuff. They had real issues with staff theft - apparently those spotty teenaged staff were so into their games that they could not keep their hands off stock that wasn't theirs. As a result they had installed additional CCTV linked to the main Mall system but covering the Staff Only back room areas of the store.

This part of they system had not been disclosed to the new tenants and was normally off line but Tom was pretty sure that it would be easy to bring it online and therefore perhaps enable him to find David and even work out how long he was likely to remain here.

He was right. It only took him 5 minutes to bring the additional circuits on line and get a feed from the 4 cameras covering the staff areas of the store.

The view of the till area from the back of the store showed nothing.

The camera covering the door onto the service corridor was also empty.

That left the 2 cameras covering the stock room. One covered a corridor between floor to ceiling stacks of shoe boxes - empty.

That left the last one. This covered what used to be the rest area for staff when the unit was a games shop but was now the "private" seated area within the stock room for the shoe shop.

Tom selected the camera. First he noticed the general layout, as he expected, stacks of boxes around an open area with a nest of stools as seating and floor length mirrors on the Walls between the shoe boxes

Then he noticed the people.

From the angle the camera showed him he could clearly see one person and he thought part of another.

As his mind registered what he saw and started to make sense of it he realised that he was seeing something quite extraordinary.

What he could see was the back of a lingerie clad woman, he could only describe her as statuesque, who seemed to be riding a man, cowgirl style, for all she was worth. The man, she assumed was David, was on his back on the nest of stools. All that Tom could see clearly was his legs which hung over the edge of the stools, he had no trousers on (but was still wearing his socks (how typically male he thought).

The woman, totally in control of the situation was impaling herself on the man and was clearly very much enjoying herself, her back was arched and David was stroking and fondling her body as they enjoyed each other.

The woman leant forward until they were able to kiss, pretty passionately by the look of it, they managed to do this without breaking apart although the camera angle did not allow Tom to really confirm this as the camera was mounted too high on the wall.

Whilst kissing, the man tilted the woman to one side and rolled her onto her back. Now between her legs they were able to continue in the missionary position. Tom was glued to the screen. However comfortable the chair was, Tom was definitely not comfortable himself.

Seeing these two engaged in the most intimate of acts had caused an understandable reaction in his trousers which were now most certainly too tight. He was as hard as a steel bar. In Tom's case this was not insignificant as he was built in true proportion and when aroused like this his manhood was in excess of 8".

As he tried to adjust himself to alleviate the discomfort, Tom saw the woman bring her legs up behind David's back so that she could lock her ankles behind him. Tom always loved it when a woman did this during love making so was even more aroused to be able to secretly watch others do the same.

With one hand he undid the zip of his flies and struggled to release his very hard member whilst the other one went back to the CCTV controller and zoomed the camera in a little so that the screen was now filled by David's back and bottom pumping back and forward on top of this unknown woman -- the owner of the BMW? He wondered.

With the camera so well lined up Tom was free to take his rock hard cock in his massive hand and start to stroke its full length. He noticed that his large glans at the end was now slick with precum and shining in the light reflected from the TV monitors.

The pace of their lovemaking now increased -- matched by Tom's actions in the security office -- they were clearly nearing their climax. David seemed to take a number of deeper and longer strokes and then pause before visibly clenching his buttocks for one last long thrust -- Tom was for the first time watching another man cum.

The woman drew him deeply into her with her heels as if trying to get one last centimetre of him into her.

And then they were done. They kissed deeply again without changing positions but then David slowly and perhaps reluctantly slid off to one side to lie next to the woman. One hand that had been at her side now move around and between them and moved down her torso to her crotch.......

And then Tom registered what he was seeing. David's hand was now stroking a normal, semi erect penis -- a cock -- meat and two veg -- a pork sword.

He was staggered, she was gorgeous, stunning even, in her lingerie. Their love making had been passionate and arousing obviously they were aroused but Tom was too. What is more, the realisation of the truth had not reduced his arousal at all, he was still as hard as a pole, a rod of iron in his hand.

They were kissing tenderly now like any lovers after climax but as they did this, David's hand was causing a reaction. He was now tenderly stroking a rising erection. This woman -- what other word could Tom use? -- was getting firmer and firmer and was starting to sport a pretty impressive weapon of her own.

The sight of this had Tom stroking is own cock again, for some reason he found this highly erotic and very arousing, he could feel his pleasure rising and know that he would not be able to stop from cumming soon.

But he did not want this -- he wanted something far more satisfying and intimate. He wanted to be a part of what was happening in the back of the shoe shop. He wanted to take the woman himself -- he wasn't interested in David at all but the woman fascinated him and he wanted to take her, to enjoy her and to give her enjoyment.

And then an idea came to him, he thought of a way that he could arrange this.

A few practiced flicks with the joy stick and he had a close up view of the numberplate of David's car, he noted the letters and numbers. Returning to his console he pressed the remote unlock in the staff exit nearest David's car (a necessary facility if managing a mass evacuation). Now the challenging bit.

Tom pressed the transmit button on the Mall wide intercom, moved his mouth to the microphone on it's stalk and started.

"If the owner of car Sierra, Kilo, zero six, Romeo, Yankie, Foxtrot is in the Mall could they please return to their vehicle as soon as possible as it appears to be being vandalised."

David jumped as if he had been electrified.

"Crap. That's my car - stay here, I will be right back."

Tom followed him on the CCTV, out the back of his store, down the service corridor and out of the, now open, exit towards his car.

Immediately, Tom remotely locked the door again and rose from his seat, straightened his shirt and trousers and headed towards David's shoe shop, silent in his Dr Martens. When he was about 20 yards from the store he noticed the door open. The tall, leggy vision of beauty backed out and quietly shut the door behind her, she looked around herself and turned towards Tom, noticing him for the first time as she turned.

"Oh, hello" She seems both surprised and embarrassed to see Tom.

"Hello Madam, are you OK?"

"Yes thank you, just leaving actually."

"Not so fast." Tom put a massive plate sized hand across her path, stopping her in her tracks. "Can I see your Mall pass please Madam?"

"I'm sorry, you misunderstand, I don't work here, I'm a customer."

Tom stood back, very obviously appraised her, in a way that would seem lecherous in other circumstances but now just seemed lacking in trust. "Of course you are Madam, that is why you are creeping around the service corridor after the Mall is shut."

"Look, I just got lost and really just want to go home now, please step aside and let me leave."

Despite the obvious nervousness in her voice and Tom's natural desire to make her feel comfortable, he stood his ground.

"I'm sorry Madam, that will not be possible, I'm afraid you will have to wait until I am happy with what you have said. What is in the bag?"

She was holding a carrier bag from the shoe shop, clearly it had a shoe box in it.

"Some rather nice feather trimmed slippers that I have just bought actually."

"Lovely I'm sure." Tom's voice dripped with sarcasm. "You will have the receipt for them of course."

"Look, this is no longer funny, of course I have the receipt, just let me pass would you."

The stunning and tall woman moved to pass Tom and head for the exit, but Tom was having nothing of it. His arm came across her path at waist height and stopped her and pushing her against the wall of the corridor, at the same time he stepped towards her so that she was trapped.

"Stay exactly where you are." Tom's plan was going even better than he hoped. "You are going no where until I have searched you and am happy that you are not the thieving bitch I suspect you are. Got it?"

This was disastrous, in 5 minutes she had gone from a post coital glow to suspicion of shop lifting and she was now in the control of this Neanderthal, security guard. My God he was big, he made Chloe feel petite and vulnerable, feminine and all alone.

Suddenly the eroticism of the occasion struck her, this guy was all man. Not a gay, fem type of man but a rugby scrum, beer and birds sort of man and clearly one who was used to taking what he wanted.

Chloe felt a twinge of weakness, her cock spasmed and her rosebud responded eagerly. She felt more alive and feminine than ever before and realised that she wanted to be searched, wanted this man's enormous hands to explore her body, to invade her privacy even to discover her secret.

She wanted him to take her, in a way that David would never have been able to, as an animal is taken, vulnerable, weak and dominated. Impregnated, mated and then abandoned.

Chloe felt more alive and aroused than she had for years, perhaps more than she ever had. She was hard under her shirt and her breath was ragged.

"Of course you must satisfy yourself." she said in her huskiest and sexiest voice, a clear double entendre. "I wouldn't have it any other way. Search away."

With this she turned her back on Tom, placed her hands on the wall in front of her, with her feet about a yard from the wall, she parted her legs as wide as her tight skirt would allow.

Tom stepped in close to her and making no pretence to be gentle, kicked her ankles wider still and placed his hands on her shoulders. He frisked her back and waist efficiently and even reached around and felt under her bust, across her stomach and over the front of her skirt, not quite low enough to feel her rising arousal.

His hands moved down to her hips and gripped them tight pulling her back into him, more to the point into his clear and significant hardness. As he pressed against her bottom, she sighed and slowly and sensually moved her hips to encourage him.

They stayed like this for far longer than necessary, but actually only for a few seconds before his hands travelled down her legs, enjoying the smoothness of the nylon of her stockings. When Chloe estimated that he must be on his knees, she turned around.

There he was, on his knees in front of her with his hands on her legs. His hands started to move up. At the same time she held him by the side of his head and pulled him towards her skirt which had a very unnatural and unfeminine bulge in it.

His hands continued to rise, now underneath her skirt, now passing the tops of her stockings and over the smoothness of her thighs and then around behind and on to her bottom.

Her skirt naturally rose as he did this, the front of her knickers were almost exposed and was only inches from his face.

"Stop, please." Chloe's voice was pleading. She realised the danger of the situation. Exciting and arousing though this man was he did not know her secret, or so she thought, and would likely be horrified by the discovery of her secret.

She has heard of girls taking a shocking beating in circumstances like this and really was not wanting that to happen.

"Oh no you don't. You can't tease me like this and then stop like that" Tom stood, without moving his hands which remained firmly gripping Chloe's buttocks. He was now between her legs, lifting her up and forcing her legs apart so that his cock was now pressed against her exposed panties.

The one advantage was that this stopped him from discovering her secret, but she was now further down a path with no clear exit route.

His face was now right in front of Chloe's face, she could smell mint on his breath and was totally aware of his physicality. Her pulse was racing and she had never felt more aroused or less in control.

To her own surprise and fear, she opened her legs as wide as they would go and wrapped them around his waist, she gripped his neck and pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply while she rotated her hips so that his cock bulge was grinding between her wide open legs.

It was as if her mind had no control over her body and that she was totally under the influence of her animal passions. She no longer cared about the risks, she just wanted this man, she wanted him to take her like an animal, in pure lust.

She hooked her ankles behind his back and broke their deep and passionate kiss, still with her hands behind his neck she leant back as far as she could so that she could grind her crotch against his massive arousal. Feeling his cock, like a steel rod, rubbing against her near her man pussy did nothing to reduce her desire -- quite the opposite really.

Her only regret at this moment was that she had put her knickers back on when David had dashed out to protect his precious car.

Grinding herself against this massive man she started to make the strangest moaning noises. It was nothing consciously done but something that came from deep within herself. A form of visceral communication perhaps.

If that is what it was it certainly worked.

Tom took a step forward so that her back was now resting against the corridor wall, she could feel the rough breezeblocks through her blouse, like this some of her weight was taken so that Tom could reach one hand between them and quickly release the button and zip on his trousers.

Realising what he was doing, Chloe moved her hips slightly back from him so that he could pull his trousers and pants down. She only let them get as far as his knees before she forced herself back onto his now liberated manhood and started to wantonly grind herself against him again.

His hands were now back on her buttocks again but after a quick and very firm fondle they moved up to the waistband of her knickers and roughly pulled them down to the tops of her thighs.

As soon as her panties were past his erection she felt it slap back onto the smoothly shaven skin between her scrotum and pussy. It felt massive, wet from precum and hard as metal. It was as if it was not a thing of nature but more of machine.

Chloe pulled herself towards him again and crushed his mouth with a deep and passionate kiss, trying to convey to him her deep inner need to be taken. At the same time she lifted her hips slightly so that the bulbous head of his cock was now seated at the entrance to her desperate pussy.

Fortunately there was still a little lubricant from earlier and also some of David's cum had leaked from her pussy, which was also still a little stretched from her earlier activity, so she was perfectly prepared for him to enter her.

She felt his massive hands on her bare buttock like huge grapples, taking her weight and pulling her checks apart until she could feel her rosebud being stretched. Then she felt his cock at her entrance.

It was simply huge. Despite the significant lubrication and the fact that David had already prepared her she was starting to seriously doubt that she could take him. He pushed at her insistently probing her most private area while at the same time forcing her buttocks even wider.

And then she felt him start to enter. She had a rising feeling of being stretched and filled as millimeter by millimeter she felt him move forward. He was patient, for that she was most grateful, but insistent all the same.

Now with their mouth glued together, pushed against the wall she could feel that all of his head was in her, she remembered to breath and took a moment to recover. Just as she was starting to convince herself that he was not going to split her in half, it happened.

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