tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrought to Her Knees for Guard

Brought to Her Knees for Guard


He parted my legs with his guard stick. Then he pressed my shoulders into the wall and rubbed the stick between my bare legs, rubbing up against my damp panties. "Take them down," he said roughly.

I paused and then bent to drag them down my legs. He didn't let me take them off though, telling me to get back up against the wall. Feeling the red satin fabric strain between my ankles, crotch obviously wet, I stood, hands against the wall again.

This time he rubbed his baton against my bare pussy, and after two brushes, I could tell it was getting wet.

"Naughty little slut, aren't you?" he murmured, seeing it himself and rubbing it against me harder. "Still wet from sucking your date's dick outside of that club earlier, or maybe wet again because you're eager for me to search that tight little body of yours in more detail...?"

He dropped the baton roughly. I jumped a little.

"Stay still!" he barked, running his rough hands under my shirt, rubbing my small, uncovered breasts with his hands. "Nice hard nipples," he commented, laughing slightly.

He pressed his body against my petite body, his bulge against my round ass as he rubbed his other hand along my soaking pussy. "Think you're gonna enjoy this, slut?" he asked.

"It's nothing personal," he said softly, but firmly as he pushed two thick fingers in and rubbed my clit.

"Just a job. Search sluts like you. Evvvery dayyy..." he said, drawing it out. His fingers moved hard against my eager pussy, and I let out a whimper, pressing back against his hand.

"That's it, lil' slut," he crooned in my ear. "Give Daddy what he wants. I know you're trying to keep it from me, and I'm gonna have it."

With that, I shuddered, my legs shaking, trying to stay up against the wall as I came, grunting as my pussy flooded his fingers.

"Mhmm, nice lil' slut you are," he murmured, grinding his hard cock against my ass, feeling me push against him. "It's what you need, isn't it, slut? Isn't it?" He said more insistently when I just panted and moved against him, murmuring.

"Yes, Daddy," I whimpered.

"Mmm, but I know what you really need," he smiled, undoing his belt and letting go of me. "Yeah, try and pretend you don't want it, after you got arrested for sucking in public," he laughed as he let out his thick, dark cock.

"This is what you really wanted, isn't it?" He stroked his hard cock once and motioned in a quick way that left no room for negotiation. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him, licking the cock he held out for me. I looked up and saw him smiling at me with satisfaction.

"That's it, slut. Try and be a good girl for me, now," he murmured, making me open my mouth for him, dipping his cock in.

I felt his hands caressing my hair, rubbing my head with more urgency as I started sucking it, feeling it stretch my wet lips, moaning as I felt him pressing more with every suck I took.

"Ohhhh, that's it, slut," he groaned. "Be a real good girl for Daddy."

He pushed me down until my eyes teared and I gagged. Wetness spilled down his balls as I rubbed them.

"Mm, gonna pretend you've never deepthroated before, hmm?" he groaned, pushing me until my throat closed tightly on his head again, making him groan and thrust more into my mouth.

"Mmph!" I moaned, looking up as I came, my mouth tight on him, squirting on the jail floor and down my thighs.

"Ohhh, little slut," he groaned, holding my head as he bucked.

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