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Brown Sugar Passion


I hadn't partied with my friends, Henri and Althea in nearly a month, and missed them so much. I called and asked what they had been up to, and they invited me over for dinner on a Friday afternoon.

I got to their place and Althea let me in, giving me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. As I handed her a sixpack of O'Doul's, she said that Henri was on the patio grilling the meat for dinner. I told her that I wanted to see her as much as him, but that we could talk during dinner. I went out to the patio and Henri smiled and welcomed me back. He had chicken on the grill, along with some potatoes wrapped in foil.

Althea came to the patio, and said that things were ready in the kitchen, and we would eat when the food on the grill was cooked. As she sat, Henri said: "Tell us about the party at Marcus' place that you were invited to."

I smiled and said: "That was the experience of a lifetime. I left there so well fucked, that I couldn't walk straight. I took cock, non-stop for over 4 hours. I knew already that if it isn't black and big, that I am not interested in it, but that night I committed myself to being available to take on Marcus and his friends anytime they want me. I love it, and I love you guys for helping me to meet so many good people."

Henri asked: "Will we still get to see you here? Althea and I want to be able to share a night with you from time to time."

Althea added: "I want to feel that super tongue of yours, Eddie. And so does April. She told us that no one ever gave her a ride like you did."

I laughed and said: "Well what this white boy is lacking in my snake, I have to make up for with something. And with you two girls, I like the dessert that I get to eat and that makes me work better. You have the best chocolate pies."

She smiled and said: "Your snake is pretty respectable. I want some of it when you and I get in the bed."

I told her: "Shit sugar, you are so hot that I can't last more than a few strokes. I can want to hold off but when you make your moves it makes my dick puke too soon. I told my friend Sherri that she would love to meet you and Penny."

Henri asked: "When are you going to bring her around? We would like to meet her too."

I said: "She is working in Nashville, but she wants to take a week off and come here to stay with me, and get some sun. I told her that we might have a daytime pool party here, and she could get sun all over her body. She liked that idea."

We went into the house to eat, and continue our conversation. During dinner we made small talk, discussing our beautiful weather, and that we could really enjoy the pool deck. Both Althea and Henri did their share of dinner up right. The ribs were cooked to perfection, and Althea's Southern Potato Salad was as good as it gets.

After dinner, we cleared the table and then Althea suggested, as she took off her dress: "Let's get comfortable. I am tired of these clothes."

I said: "I thought you would never ask, girl," as I also began to undress.

We walked out to the pool and waded in, and stopped just before putting our crotches under water. I gazed, approvingly, at Althea's beautiful body. So dark, with even darker aureoles, and her jet black and thick, hair patch.

She noticed me looking at her, and smiled, asking: "Do you like what you see, White Boy?"

I smiled and said: "Baby, I have always seen the black lady as having the most beauty of all. You are no exception, even being more beautiful than most. You are shapely, dark, and so natural. I am a racist, baby, Black is best. I would love to see your dark beauty next to Sherri. Even tanned, she is so white. Beautiful,, as white girls go, but not as sexy as you, and even April."

As Henri moved closer, I felt of his semi soft cock, squeezed it, and kissed him on the ear. He said: "You think black girls look best, what about black guys, Eddie?"

I replied: "I think that you already know how I feel about that. I love to fuck and make love to a black lady, hoping that I can do something to satisfy her, but for my best, personal pleasure, I want to be under a black man, taking what he has to give me. I like your considerate love making, as well as that ass pounding fuck that you can put down. That session on the exam table at Marcus' with his Mandingo guys proved that I love it black, and would really be satisfied if that was all there was to get."

As I turned to Althea, she held my cock and said: "Baby, I think that when you are using this, that you are trying to stroke it like you've seen black guys do it. You just don't fuck like a white guy, and that you have a thick one, makes it feel like being under a black guy too. I like the way that you fucked me."

I told her: "Baby, you are so fuckable. I just think of you and I get horny, both to be fucking you , and to have you fucking me. I really like your whole thing, mind, looks, body and the desire to please."

She replied: "I want you on me today, but first I want you to taste some dessert. Why don't we stop talking and go to the bed?00000000000000"

As we got out of the pool, Henri's phone rang. He answered it and Althea and I walked to the bedroom. She got on the bed, laid on her back and raised and spread her legs.

Henri came in the bedroom, saying: "The Thomasville store has a problem with their refrigeration. I have to go over there and work on it. I will leave you two here to have your fun."

I said: "Do you have time to get off, at least once?"

I wanted him to fuck me. It had been so long since I had felt him pushing his meat to me.

He replied: "Baby, I have to go, but I can give you something to chew on before I dress. Put this in your mouth and see what it does."

He sat on the edge of the bed and I dropped to my knees and bent to take his cock in my mouth. I worked it in and out, wetting it, knowing that I would want it deep in my throat. As I got him going, feeling like I would be able to let him fuck me, I put his hands on my head and lowered myself onto the full length of his cock. Taking my cue, he pushed my head on and off his cock, knowing how I liked it, he would hold tight when he hit bottom, keeping my throat full before pulling back and pushing the next one to me.

Fucking his whole, thick cock into my throat let me feel his stiffness, loving that I was able to get him this hard. He fucked my face, hard, and then I could feel him stiffen. He pulled back until just the tip was between my lips and jacked himself into cumming. I hugged his thighs tightly, as he put spurt after spurt into my mouth, on my tongue. When he finished cumming, he pulled my face onto his cock, and pushed it until it was nearly into my throat, plugging it so his seed could settle in my mouth.

When he finally pulled out of my mouth, I rolled the cream around in my mouth and then swallowed it. As Henri dressed, Althea and I began feeling each other up, squeezing the other's tits and pinching nipples.

Bending to kiss her, she bit my lip hard enough to hold me to her face. She then pulled on my cock, urging it toward her pussy.

I asked: "Baby, don't you want me to eat you first?"

She said: "I want you to fuck me for a little while and then eat me. When you cleaned me up after April and I fucked, I was sensitive and you really did a number on my lips. Just fuck me baby, I want that cock in me. My pussy is wet for it."

An invitation like that was too hard to resist, so I rubbed it across her beautiful flaps, noticing that it was getting wet, both from pre cum and her juicy, wet pussy. I nudged the head in, pulled back, and went back in, deeper. A few of those strokes and I was bottomed out, and she came to life. After laying there, patiently, she now threw her ass up off the bed, meeting me in midair as I fucked into her.

After several strokes, she began urging me to hit it hard. I pushed to the bottom holding my pelvis to hers, and began hammering and grinding on her. I knew that would get her off, and in just a minute, she pushed up even harder and screamed that she was cumming.

Letting her ride out that orgasm, I stopped stroking, pulled out, and went to her crotch to eat some chocolate pie. I had two fingers in her, as well as my tongue, and was caressing her ass with my little finger. She rolled her pussy up against my face, held my head tight to her crotch and got another orgasm.

As she finished that orgasm, she scrambled to reach the side table. She got the tube of AstroLube, handed it to me and said: " Baby, I am clean. I want you in my ass. Fuck me."

I dropped a couple dollops on my cock and she pulled her legs back, with her knees touching her chest. Laying forward, I brought the head to her tight brown eye. She was pushing toward me as I pushed past her sphincter. With her hands on my ass cheeks, she pulled me all the way in.

She moaned: "Gawd yes, give me that white cock, baby. Kiss me and push that meat to me."

We kissed and I pushed my tongue into her mouth, matching my strokes into her ass. In just a few strokes she began cumming again. Her movements made me let my load go too. I slipped her legs free and she wrapped them behind my thighs, holding me to her.

Breathless, I said: "Baby that was good. You were squeezing my cock with every spasm that you felt."

Althea smiled and asked: "Can you lick that thing some more? I want you to get my hole ready for Penny. I am going to stuff her deep and then Penny and I will give you what you just gave me. We're going to ride your ass, while I get my pussy massaged."

I slid back down and laid on my stomach and ate the best tasting, best looking pussy I had seen in a long time. Very mature, with nice flaps, and a large clit that left it's hood to be sucked on. Her little piece of real estate offered so much to do. I sucked her flaps, I licked her inner walls, I sucked her clit into my mouth, holding it in and teasing the tip with my tongue. I buried my nose in her beautiful hair patch. I ate her every way possible, jamming my lips and chin to her pussy, until I felt that I had to be bruising it. She heaved against me again, sighed, and lowered herself to the mattress.

We were both fucked out for the moment. She got off the bed and got her strap-on out of a drawer, and came back to the bed. I put some lube on the insert that she would put inside herself, and she began working the 6 inches into herself. I helped by bringing the straps around her legs, and fastening the strap-on in place. The cock that she would use on me was 10 inches and quite thick, nearly 7 inches around. It was beautiful, and had a nice texture, feeling nearly real.

With it in place, I began to feel the rubber cock, and working the harness and insert around, pushing against her mound. I put the head in my mouth and started working it, like I was giving it a blowjob, and the connection with that and the insert, I had her squirming again.

Pulling my mouth off it, I looked up at her and said: "You feel like you want to do something about things. Do you want to fuck? Why don't you stick this end of this in my pussy like you have the other end in your pussy, lay your tits on mine and see what we have. Put it in me and get what you need."

As she pressed in, I pulled my legs up more, laying them to the side to let her body touch mine. Once she was deep in me, and able to stroke, I let my lower legs lay behind her thighs, and pulled her tits to mine. We made love like this for several minutes, getting rested from the eating and the sound ass fucking that I had taken.

As the fucking got more intense, she raised her chest off mine, reached for and pulled my legs back to my chest with my ankles on her shoulders. She began fucking me with the strap-on, taking long strokes and slamming to the bottom. She was bruising her already sensitive labia, as much as she was hitting my asshole and my nutsack. Her fucking was stimulating her as much as me. I began rolling my ass from side to side, moving the insert around in her pussy as she stroked me.

Althea began to cum, and could hardly stroke anymore. I pulled her ass cheeks, pulling her deep into me, and rolled my ass even harder. I was making her orgasm, while I was enjoying the huge rubber cock that she had buried in me. She had me feeling an orgasm too. We held on to each other and let it run it self out.

I said: "Damn woman, you put some good fucking down. You had me going like Henri does. And you were better than him with those sweet chest melons of yours swinging above me. One of these times I want to lay you down and just make love to your whole body, and leave my dick in my pants."

She replied: "What would you want to do that for?"

I told her that I wanted to do it for me, that she could just lay there and take it or enjoy it if she felt it.

I added: "Baby I love to eat pussy to get you off, but I love to eat it just to eat it too, and playing with your tits gives me a good feeling too."

She said: "Why don't you lay on your back and let me bring it to your face, baby?"

I rolled to my back, and put a pillow under my head as she removed the strap-on and lowered her pussy to my face. We shuffled ourselves around getting the position just right, and I began to eat her.

I had my hands on her hanging breasts, feeling them as she pushed her lips onto my face. She then lowered her mouth to my cock, taking it and chewing lightly on it. Having cum twice with her, it was only semi stiff, but she gave it a massage that had me squirming around under her face as I ate her sweet pussy.

Moving my hands to her hips, I held her and pushed her so I could eat her ass. As I did she started a new movement, pushing against my lips until I pushed my tongue inside. Her pussy lips were now against my chin, and my tongue was pushing deeper into her asshole, sending her into a strong orgasm. I held her tight against my mouth and made her keep taking my tongue.

She raised off my cock to say: "Baby, please stop. Godddd, I am cumming so hard. Let me rest."

I held her tight and kept eating at her, stroking her sphincter with my tongue, flicking it as I stroked. She was trying to pull her pussy away from my face but I kept it close and kept her thrashing above me.

When I finally stopped stroking her ass with my tongue and let her pull free, she was having spasm after spasm, unable to stop cumming. She rolled to her side beside me, pulling my chest to hers and rubbing her nipples against mine.

She said, weakly: "Baby, you need to show Henri how to eat my pussy. You really get the job done. I have been fucked."

She said that she wanted to try something. Asking what, she told me that she wanted to see if she could fit the strap-on to me and be able to get it tight without bothering my cock and balls. I had secretly thought the same thing, so I said that we should try it. If she could get it on me, I would fuck her with it.

Having me get the harness on, I got to my knees as she leaned in to fit the insert into my ass. She put some lube on it and pushed it in, holding my cock and balls aside, and snugging the straps tight.

She lay on her back and said: "Let's try it, Eddie, fuck me with your black cock."

Moving into her pussy, I felt a new sensation. I could feel the insert in my ass, pressing my prostate, and also loved that I would be able to use a longer stroke, having several more inches of cock than I was used to.

I began to fuck her like I would like to be fucked, but soon found myself moving to the feeling of the insert in my ass. When I would hit her pelvis with mine, it would move the insert in me, making me feel like I was getting fucked too.

I said: "Damn honey, this is good. I am going to fuck you until this dildo goes soft. I love this strap-on."

I started giving her long, hard strokes, and she was raising her ass, meeting me with each one. She had my nipples pinched between a thumb and finger, telling me to pound her pussy. I got my arms under her knees and pushed them back onto her chest, and moved my hips back pulling out of her pussy, and put the head of the cock to her ass.

Althea felt the dildo at her ass and said: "Push that into me. Fuck my ass with that, baby, open me up wide. Fuck me hard."

I said: "I want to give it to you like I have been getting it. Give it up to me and take what I give you."

I started hitting her hard, going deep, and pulling back enough that the head was passing her sphincter with each stroke. On the down stroke, I slammed onto her pelvis, giving us both a good feeling.

After several of those strokes, both she and I were cumming, and we just pushed our crotches together to ride it out. Feeling that my cock had stiffened, I reached down and pushed it into her pussy, filling both holes with cock. I was able to make some short strokes, deep inside her, that made her cum all again.

She said: "Baby stop fucking me, and just leave me filled. I want to feel all this. You have me filled with cock and it is good."

Smiling, I said: "Brown Sugar, some night I want to find you on Henri, and I will put mine in your ass and fuck you while Henri fills your pussy with meat. I think that with his help, we can fuck you properly."

She tweaked one of my nipples and said: "Do you think that you are not doing me well enough? Either you or Henri can fuck me, but if both of you do it at the same time, I might lose my mind."

I said to her: "This insert is making me crazy. I feel like I am fucking myself but also fucking you. I have liked shoving toys up my ass, but this is even better. Watching you fuck April with this looked so natural, unlike most women with strap-ons that are up on their mound farther than my prick is on my crotch.. I want to see you fuck Sherri with this."

She replied: "I would love to fuck a white girl with this. She would get my best and be able to feel some strong meat inside her. But tonight it is just you and I, baby, and we have some fucking to do. Pack my holes so we can get a nut."

I stroked as much as I could, having my cock soaking in her pussy, and the strap-on knocking the bottom out of her ass. I fucked her until I felt myself building to another ejaculation, then laid into her, leaving my cock as still as possible as it spurted, and just rolling my ass, moving the dildo around in her ass. She joined me, shaking as she had an orgasm too.

Henri had been gone a little over an hour, and Althea and I had gotten off several times. He phoned Althea to say that he had talked to April, and she was going to meet him in Thomasville and spend the night with him. We both told him to give her our love, and to tell her that we wanted her back over here soon.

With the strap-on still in Althea's ass, my softening cock slipped out of her pussy. I jabbed her once, and pulled the dildo out, and bent to kiss her.

I asked: "Baby, why don't you get the Vaseline and we can take Penny to the pool."

We got off the bed, and I took the harness off and pulled the insert out of my ass. We went into the shower and rinsed off, cleaning the Penetrix as we washed ourselves.

Drying off, we went to the sofa and Althea got a joint out and we did some tokes as we moved to the patio beside the pool.

With both of us feeling well fucked, we turned to each other and did some serous necking and making out. I told her then that I could really fall in love with a woman like her. She replied that I should just keep it at a Lust Affair with her, and I wouldn't break my heart on someone that would fuck me over in the long run. I had to agree that I didn't need any of that mess. I thanked her again for being able to enjoy both her and her husband.

As we wandered into the pool, I told her of how Julius and I were more like lovers than just fuck buddies. That he took my femme side, and used it so well, making love with me, compared to Marcus who was just one hell of a good fuck.

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