The club was dark and dingy and had a strange combination of smells. The darkness added sensuality to the atmosphere but at the same time hinted at the macabre that had occurred in the past. Celeste gripped the edge of the bar with a fierceness that she didn't know existed. The world was spinning at an alarming rate and she was at the point that closing her eyes meant nothing to stop the effects of the alcohol. She didn't expect to drink so much but she had a secret admirer who took pleasure in flaunting money around. She had not paid a cent for the numerous drinks and shots she had consumed.

"What shall you have now my dear?"

The bartender was a raven-haired beauty in her twenties who grinned as Celeste stumbled over. Her drinks were all on his tab and she was asked not answer any of her questions. Brevity and discreetness were part of the job. Damian, the owner of the Hell Club, would have it no other way.

"Tequila shot. Two."

Samantha poured the two shots, knowing not to even offer her the lemon and salt. She watched as the small blonde-haired teenager gulped back the drink. She was not twenty-one but no one cared. As long as she was legal, it didn't matter. Worse things were happening at the club. No one, not even the club owner, cared what happened to an eighteen year old spoiled brat who decided that getting drunk at a bar would be her way of getting back at her controlling parents.

Celeste had detected the admiring eyes when she first entered the club but now that she was drunk, she didn't care. Her pink dress was hugging her small hips and the dress curved down her back to show off the small butterfly tattoo on her left hip. She wore five inch pink heels but still didn't help her look tall. She had light-colored hair, perky breasts, and a mouth that made guys drool.

After smiling at the bartender, she moved through the crowd towards the dance floor. Her favorite song was playing and she wanted to dance. She felt movement against her but didn't pay attention until she felt strong arms wrap around her waist. A firm body was pressing against her back and she moved against him. It wasn't until he spoke that she began to worry.

"My little blonde slut. You are what I need, no what I want tonight. I bet you snuck out of your parent's house because they won't buy you the little red sports car you wanted. I'll buy you whatever car you want as long as I get to use you as my cum slut tonight."

Gasping and trying to struggle, Celeste realized it was no use. She was tiny compared to this person and was so drunk that she couldn't strand up straight. She looked him in the eyes. She was in trouble. Everyone around her was dancing. No one was paying attention to anything but their own situation. She wanted to scream for help. She didn't dare bring attention to herself for fear that if the police arrived, they would find out that she was eighteen years, and not twenty-two like her I.D. stated.

"I'm Jonathan. You're coming home with me."

Celeste felt his firm hand circle her dainty wrist. His tight gripped held her tight as the room flew by her in a mixture of colors, sounds, and smells. The cold January air hit her face, helping the overload on her senses. She glanced around as he kissed her. His lips were cold and firm. He yanked up her skirt and Celeste felt the cold air against her bare legs. She wanted to push him away but couldn't.

"Get the fuck away from her!"

Celeste recognized the voice but what happened next did not register in her mind. There were loud voices along with the vision of Jonathan slamming hard against the wall of the building.

The man whose voice had both startled and calmed her down now grabbed Celeste and threw her over his shoulder. She closed her eyes, praying that the world would stop spinning and she could sit or stand without moving. She heard a car door open and the buttery leather of the seats felt good against her thighs and when the sounds disappeared, she was in the vehicle, away from the excitement of the club. She was away from Jonathan.

Celeste opened her eyes and looked out the passenger window. She didn't want to say a thing. The discipline and lecture were forthcoming. This was not the first time that he had rescued her from her own stupidity.

"You look like a fucking whore."

His voice was soft and sensual which was a sharp contrast to what he was saying. She couldn't sink deep enough into the seat, knowing that he would continue until they were home.

"Your parents are at the cabin in the mountains. Marcus is with them. I'm supposed to be on vacation now but your Dad asked me to check up on you. Fuck! You could have been raped Celeste. I'm fucking serious."

"I'm sorry."

Her words were quiet. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and watched Luke clutching the steering wheel. Even though he was treating her like a child, she couldn't help but smile at how attractive he was to her. This was what made the situation even more complicated. He was doing his job and here she was giving him puppy dog eyes.

"You're not fucking sorry. You think all of this is a fucking game. It's not Celeste."

Celeste gasped as Luke swerved the car onto the shoulder of the road.

"Look at me. People want to fucking kill your dad. He's a target and he's doing everything in his power to keep his family safe. He trusts you not to do anything stupid. He fucking hated asking me to keep an eye on you."

Celeste was blinking back tears as Luke continued the verbal assault on her. He was right. She was being stupid. Her father had laid down the ground rules two years and he wasn't lenient. She was eager to be able to do what she wanted and the moment she was alone, she took the chance to go and party. Celeste turned to face Luke. His hands were still clenching the steering wheel. He was taking deep breaths that made his already toned chest puff up even more. His skin was shiny with sweat and the white shirt was a sharp contrast to his almost black skin.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I did it. I know it was stupid."

Not even thinking she reached over and wrapped her arms around his neck. She began to cry, pulling herself into his lap and burying her head in his neck.

"Celeste. Stop."

Celeste didn't stop. Instead, she kissed his earlobe, sucking it into her mouth and then flicking it back and forth with the tip of her tongue. She pulled back, and then flicked it again. It was driving him crazy because instead of him placing her back in the passenger seat, his hands were instead rubbing her bare back.

"Just once more. Please. I promise this will be the last time."

Pulling away from her attack on his neck, Celeste looked into his eyes. Both of them were replaying their last time together. He had that look in his eyes of complete desperation. He should just put her back in the passenger seat, drive them home, and then make her go to bed while he kept watch overnight. That was the right thing to do. His mind was not thinking straight. He wanted to put her back in the passenger seat, drive home, and make love to her in her bed until morning.

"Fuck you drive me crazy."

Luke grunted and placed her in the passenger seat. He put the car into drive and sped off. He didn't even want to look at her anymore. His cock was pulsing against his jeans and it was her fault. This little vixen drove him crazy and he had started the night with good intentions but now he wanted only one thing. Celeste.

Her Dad ran one of the top-secret departments of the government and needed security to keep himself and his loved ones safe. That was when Luke met Celeste. She was a cute blonde kid who was more mature then the majority of girls her age. She loved beating him at Monopoly but both of them become aware of the awkwardness that developed.

He attempted not to stare at Celeste but the adorable little blonde was shifting her hips back and forth in the leather seat. He imagined her lace panties rubbing against her sex and he wanted to be those panties.

The drive home was quick. Luke parked the SUV next to the three story stone mansion. Celeste got out and walked to the front door. Luke followed her. It was dark and Luke was on the look out for anything out of place. Celeste unlocked the door and entered. Luke stepped into the mansion and shut and locked the door. He glanced over at her backside. The dress covered part of her butt and he wondered if that was a tattoo on her left hip. He set the alarm and then walked towards her.

"You need to tell me to stop. You have to tell me to keep watch in the kitchen. You must tell me to stop undressing you with my eyes."

With each statement, Luke stepped closer to Celeste. She in turn took a step backwards until her ankles hit the first step of the staircase. She lost her balance and he grabbed her and held on. He held her face and kissed her hard, pressing himself against her. Celeste, trusting him with her life, leaned her back against the stairs. Both of them were panting so hard and their moans echoed in the large foyer.

"Fuck I'm sorry. I only ever wanted you. I would have never done anything with that creep."

Celeste yanked at his shirt and let out a sigh when Luke pulled his shirt over his head to reveal his muscular chest. Celeste just stared, almost drooling at his ripped chest. Her brain flooded with the memories of last time, how she nibbled his chest, sucking his rock hard nipples. She loved the feel of his firm body against hers. She needed him.

He leaned forward and crushed her against the stairs. They were marble stairs and she felt the sharp edges digging into her bare back. She didn't care. She captured his lips with her own and slid her tongue into his mouth. He sucked hard, loving the feel of her tongue in his mouth. She felt her legs being pried open and gasped when his thick fingers entered her. She wasn't wearing panties so her bare pussy was accessible to his fingers and cock.


Celeste could only cry out his name as he finger fucked her with fury. He was looking into her baby blue eyes and had only one emotion - pure lust. He twisted his fingers clockwise then counter clockwise, pushing deeper inside her each time. Celeste moved her hands from his neck, trying to grip the stairs. Her body was sliding up and down and the pain radiating from her back was not distracting her but instead causing her orgasm to rush closer to explosion.


Luke had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Celeste's brain was spinning as she tried to register what he had said. She was staring at his cock. It was perfect. It was thick and long with a huge mushroom tip. The clear liquid that Celeste loved so much was oozing from the tip. As he held it with one hand, she cried out as he began to stroke it.


He said those words again, bringing Celeste back to reality. There she was pinned to the staircase by his thick fingers assaulting her pussy. The sensations were pushing her closer to the edge and when he twisted his hand to rub her clit with his thumb, she shrieked. Luke just smiled. Her wetness was making squishing sounds as he fucked her with his digits. She arched her back, throwing her head back and screamed.

Luke watched in awe. This quiet, small girl was always so loud when she came. They were the only ones in the house so he let her shout, his cock throbbing as her velvet smooth pussy gripped his fingers. Her voice went hoarse and he pulled out his fingers and pushed his cock inside her.

"Taste yourself."

Celeste sucked on his fingers and then once she had cleaned them off he pushed his whole body against her. One hand gripped her throat while the other wrapped around her blonde hair. She wrapped her arms and legs around his body, grunting as he slammed her against the cold marble.

"This is so wrong but there is no way I'm stopping. There is no way I'm letting you go."

Luke squeezed her neck tight and watched as Celeste smiled. This little vixen liked it rough. He let go and then squeezed again, feeling her pulse rush past his fingers. His cock had already split her open and he loved how her juices were dripping onto his balls. Had they been the same age he would have cum a long time ago, but considering he was almost twenty years older then she, he could last a while longer.

Luke pulled out and in one swift motion flipped her over. Her knees were on the fifth step whereas her elbows were two steps above that. The moonlight streaming in from the windows showed him the bruises forming against her back. He didn't care. He pushed himself deep inside her and held tight. She was so tiny that his hands almost wrapped around her waist. He pushed her back and forth, watching as his thick black cock pierced her pale pink pussy.

Celeste shuddered as another orgasm hit her. Her legs shook and he held on tight as he heard the sound of liquid splashing against the marble. She had gushed. Her body was gasping for air and Luke wasn't going to last very long now.

He stood up, picked her up and spun her around. Once she was facing him, he slammed her back down on his cock. He spread his legs for balance. Celeste's face was flushed with excitement. She opened her mouth and moaned as he thrust his tongue inside her mouth. As he continued to fuck her senseless, he licked her lips, teeth, and tongue, exploring her hot mouth while his cock rammed her other hot hole.

"I can't take it."

Celeste whispered those words, knowing that the pain and arousal was getting to her. One large hand held her up by her cute bottom while his other hand wrapped around her throat again.

"Yes you can. I fucking need you so bad. You're going to take everything I give you."

Luke grunted and squeezed tight. His cock exploded inside her, filling her with his potent sperm. He grunted and groaned as each spurt of cum landed against her pussy walls. Three, four, on the fifth spurt he was finished. Letting go of her neck, she slumped against him, her breathing swallow and steady. He pulled out, feeling their mixed juices dripping down his balls. Celeste had passed out. She was limp in his arms. Luke kissed her forehead then walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

He undressed her and then tucked her in. He wanted to sleep next to her but her parents were returning tomorrow. As he walked down the hall towards the den, he formulated a story in his head. The bruises on her neck and back would need an explanation. He sat down on the leather couch, flipping through the random channels. He didn't regret for one moment what he had done. He wished that he could give her more then what he was offering. She was so eager to please. Luke struggled to keep his eyes open, knowing that the beauty sleeping two doors down was the most important person in the world to him.

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