tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBru's Girls Ch. 13

Bru's Girls Ch. 13


"Do you know how to mix drinks?" Amy asked. She eyed the couple in front of her.


"Not really."

"An your agents spoke wit Asher?" They nodded. She sighed as she pushed her hair out of her face. "Jus' a minute." She waddled back to the office. "Asher, your celebrity bartenders are here an dey don't know how to mix drinks."

"Den let 'em serve." He didn't look up from the papers in front of him.

"An have de rest of us do everyting else? Asher," she began.

"Amy, dey know how to take a top off a bottle. Show 'em how to mix easy drinks. De others can do de hard stuff."

"An what about me?"

He stood and rounded the desk. "You are stayin' off your feet. You're due in what, a week?" She nodded. "You can sit at de Bayou table or go upstairs an rest. I changed de sheets. An," he pushed her toward the door, "Orly's gonna be here. He can do de bar too."

"Fine. Whatever." She left to teach two actors how to pour drinks. Lorayne stopped her in the hall.

"Amy, Samira's here."


"My friend I told you about. You know, for your assistant."

"Oh. Where she at?"

"Bayou table."

"Do me a favor; go teach dose two how to mix." She stood there for a moment, rubbing her back before making her way to the bar's house table. "Samira, I'm Amy." Pretty, she thought. Long black hair, dark brown eyes. Asher will sit up and take notice.

"Here's my resume and my portfolio."

"Olan Mills. How tedious was dat?"

"Very, which is why I don't work there anymore."

"'Kay. Why move to New Orleans?"

She shrugged. "An adventure, a change of pace."

Amy nodded. "You're hired." She struggled out of the booth. "Come on, I'll show you how to get de house. I'm turnin' a coupla de rooms into studios so it'll be a mess wit everybody movin' tings. Dere's an extra room if you need a place."


Jessica Biel smiled at Orlando Bloom. "Thank you so much for helping me. Amy's a little general, isn't she?" She looked over his shoulder to see their subject leaning her head back against the booth, eyes closed.

"This is her brother's baby. Hey, we have the basics. The rest of the girls are taking care of the Sex and Orgasms." He laughed when she punched him.

"Is she okay?"

"Amy?" He glanced back. "Yeah, she's fine."

Jessica gave him an uncertain look before helping a customer.

"So," Kip Pardue said. "Do you have a boyfriend that would object?"

"Object to what?" Alyssa was propped up on the bar, watching the customers.

"If I fuck you."

She slowly straightened to face him. She gave him a look-over. "I don'. But then again it's not his call; it's mine."

"So," he said as his hip nudged hers. His breath tickled her ear when he whispered, "Wanna fuck?"

She looked out at the Bayou table. "Once an den I'm out de room?"

"I was actually thinking of several times over the course of the night. Do you have other plans?"

"Not pressin'. Your place or mine?"


She nodded. "The shift ends in an hour. Jessica's enjoyin' herself, so I'll trade wit her."


Kip leaned against the hotel room door and watched Alyssa. She had removed her jacket when they entered the room; she threw it to a nearby chair. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back. She cocked her head to the side to watch him, waiting for him to make the first move.

Removing his jacket, he left it on the floor where it fell. He toed off his sneakers and padded over to stand before her. Silently he stripped down to his jockey shorts. Leaning down, he crowded her personal space, forcing her to lay back; he settled on top of her. Lightly he caressed her cheek before dipping to kiss her. Her tongue traced the seam of his lips, parting them. He deepened the kiss and ground his erection against her.

His hand skimmed down her side. He lifted off her to pull her shirt from her jeans. He watched as her stomach was bared. His fingers bumped over her ribs as he pushed the shirt higher. Soon he had her shirt off and across the room. He traced a finger over the lacy edge of her bra before pulling the cup down, exposing her nipple. He stared at it before leaning over and flicking it with his tongue. He gently rolled and squeezed its twin, causing her to moan.

Alyssa arched her hips in a silent plea. Kip's hand reversed its earlier journey across her ribs to her pants button. He tugged and the rasp of the zipper mingled with the sound of their breathing. He shifted so he could remove her jeans, leaving her panties in place.


"What you still doin' here?" Asher asked Jessica a few hours later. They had a couple of more hours before they closed; business had slowed down.

"Alyssa and I traded. I'm closing."

He seemed to contemplate this for a moment. "Can you come back to de office when you're done?"

Jessica glanced over at Thi. "Am I in trouble?"

Thi shook her head. "Not de type to get a spankin' over."

She pondered for a moment. "I'm gonna get laid across the desk, aren't I?""More dan likely."

Jessica stepped into the restroom. She fluffed her hair, added lip gloss and adjusted her breasts to give them a fuller look. Checking her appearance one last time, she made her way to the office. She rapped on the door before walking in. Asher's head was bent. He looked up when the door closed.

"You wanted to see me?" she asked.

"Yeah. Why'd you switch wit my sister?"

She shrugged. "I was having fun and Kip asked her out. So I stayed and she left."

"Hmm." He leaned back in his chair. He watched as she slowly crossed the room, rounded the desk and sat on top of his paperwork. A smile slowly spread across his face. "De las' person dat sat on dat desk got royally fucked."

She leaned forward. "Is that a warning or a promise?"

"Oh, chere. It's definitely a promise. Dere's jus' one lil' ting."


"Pass coupla fucks, I did all de work." He slowly unbuttoned his jeans. "If you wan' it, you gotta work for it." His dick lay semi-hard against his stomach. She smiled, sliding off the desk to her knees in front of him. She licked him from base to tip then swirled her tongue around the head. Slowly she lowered her head until he was engulfed in wet warmth. Her hand followed her head up his shaft. While mouth and hand worked in sync, her other hand massaged his scrotum, gently scratching the area behind them.

Jessica stood and quickly shed her panties. "Condom." He reached into a nearby drawer then handed her one. "I guess they weren't joking when they said this office has seen a lot of action," she said as she rolled down the condom. Straddling his hips, she lowered herself onto his prick. When he was fully inside her, she rolled her hips, causing both of them to moan. Her shirt flew over the desk.

She began to rise and fall, using her legs as leverage. After a few strokes, she ground on him, rubbing her clit against his pubic hair. He mouthed her breasts through her bra as she bounced on his lap. She reached between their bodies to finger her clit. She gave a small squeal and leaned back with her orgasm. He pumped into her until his own climax hit.

She fell forward, exhausted. His fingers danced up and down her back. She looked up when she felt her bra loosen. He shrugged at her raised eyebrow. She sighed and laid her head back down.

"What?" he asked.

"I was hoping to use the desk."

He laughed. "Gimme a minute an I'll fulfill dat wish."


Alyssa tunneled her fingers in Kip's hair as he pleasured her with his mouth. With a last flick of his tongue, he rose up. After detangling her fingers, he pressed a kiss on each palm. He quickly unrolled a condom and blanketed her with his body. She opened her legs further, moaning as he entered her with one thrust.

He pulled back then surged forward, driving into her. He pulled her leg higher, altering his depth. She whimpered as he plunged deep. Her nails scored his back, wringing a groan from him. Rising up on his knees, he opened her legs wider. His thrusts became faster, harder as his climax neared. He ground his hips against her as he came, groaning. A hand snaked between them, his thumb stroking her clit. With a cry, she climaxed around him.

Alyssa gently eased from under Kip's arm. She quickly raced to the bathroom, forgetting to shut the door. With a shaking hand, she flushed the toilet and stood. Using a spare toothbrush, she brushed her teeth. After glancing rinsing her mouth, she reached for a towel and screamed. Kip stood in the door way, his boxers riding low on his hips.

"Everything okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "Jus' sometin I ate."

He held out his hand and led her back to bed.


"Hey, Amy. Can you come up here a minute?" Alyssa called down the stairs.

Amy struggled off the couch, with the help of Orlando and Beth. At the base of the stairs, she took a breath before climbing. "Dis better be good, Lyssa. I can't haul my fat ass up an down dese stairs." She entered her sister's room, going straight into the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the tub, her leg nudging Alyssa's shoulder. "What is it?" she asked in concern.

Alyssa looked up, her face white. "I ain't been feeling well de pas' coupla days, so. . ." She held up a stick. She laid her head on her sister's rounded stomach. "It never crossed my mind."

Amy stared at the two pink lines. "Did you time it for de right amount of time?"

"As soon as I peed on it, two lines show up. What am I gonna do, Amy?"

"Go to de doctor for one. After he tells you yes, you tell de daddy." She paused. "Who's de daddy?" Silence stretched. "Lyssa?"

"I'm pretty sure it's Micah."


"I had sex wit Elijah too."

"De same day?"

"De next morning. Ew." She sat up. "I tink de tub's leakin'."

"No, dat was me. My water jus' broke."

"Oh my God." She jumped up and ran to the door. "Orly!" she shouted.

"Alyssa, calm down. I'm not havin' contractions yet." She pushed herself up off the tub. Orlando came through the door.

"What happened?"

"My water broke. I'm gonna take a shower."

"You're going to the hospital."

"Orly," she said as she cupped his face. "I ain't hurtin' an I need to clean up. I'm fine."

Amber Rose Bloom was born on December 21, 2003 at 5:00 am, weighing 7lb 4oz and 19 inches long.

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