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Brush With The Law


I have my music up loud and my convertible top down, going about 50 MPH...when all of a sudden this car comes out behind me and I see the headlights come on...then the red and blue lights come on...damn I was getting pulled over. So I turn my music down and pull over to the side of the road...I'm sitting there waiting for the cop to over. Finally he gets out of his vehicle and starts walking over to my side of the car slow...I look at him through my side mirror, its hard to make out what he looks like, but it looks like he has a nice body...and I think to myself 'maybe I can flirt my way out of this.'

So he finally makes it over to my car and he asks "miss, do you know how fast you were driving?"

I replied back to him nervously, "Yes Officer, I'm sorry, I was feeling a little tired and was very eager to get home..."

He interrupts me telling me that I was going 50MPH in a 35, then he asks for my drivers license, and proof of registration and insurance. With my hand shaking, I hand it to him and he walks back to his police car. I'm starting to freak out wondering if I have any unpaid parking tickets or anything that would cause him to arrest me.

I was wearing a short black skirt and a very sheer white tank with no bra, I had a black sweater over it earlier in the night, but took it off before I started to drive home. I pulled my skirt up a little...exposing my thighs, almost to my pussy when I notice him walking back. He shines his flashlight in my car, moving the light up and down my body...pausing at my bare thighs. He asks me very politely to step out of my car. I immediately ask if there is a problem and he just replied that he needed me to step out of the vehicle. He opens the door for me and I get out.

He motions me to the back of my car where his headlights are shining directly on me...and he tells me "there is no problem with your registration or drivers license, but I couldn't help but notice how sexy you are and wanted to get a better look at you...all of you." I look him up and down thinking how hot he is...I stop at his crotch and notice his bulge. This man had a hard on for me...and I sure as hell wasn't going to let this hard dick escape my grasps.

He's standing about 2 feet away from me, so I slowly start walking towards him, he quickly grabs me by my waist and pulls me to him kissing me on my lips hard. Our tongues dance around in each others mouths as he rubs his cock against me. He reaches down and slides my panties aside and starts rubbing my swollen clit...massaging from my hole to my clit, rubbing his fingers in all my juices...he sticks a finger in me and I let out a moan from total excitement.

He starts to kiss his way down my neck and I swiftly pull up my tank to expose my big breasts. He lifts me up by my ass cheeks and lays me down on top of the police car...he stops and just stands above me and looks at me, rubbing his bulge. He then unzips his pants and exposes his beautiful cock, it was a gorgeous 7 inch circumcised dick. He lays down on top of me, squeezing one of my tits and sucking on my other nipple. The electric surges going through me were amazing...he kisses down my stomach, lifting my skirt to my waist and kisses the crotch of my moist panties...then gently sucks on it. I start rubbing at the waist of my panties trying to get them down and he grabs them by the sides and yanks them down, taking them off as he puts them to his face and inhales my scent.

I'm laying there watching him, rubbing my tits, getting wetter and wetter by the moment...he places my panties on the hood of the car next to me and starts to unbutton his shirt, I reach down and rub at my clit furiously as he lets his pants fall down. He places his hands around his cock and starts to stroke it, rubbing his chest with his other hand. I dip a finger in my hot pussy, then remove it, licking all the honey off my finger...I put my finger back down and motion him to my clit. He immediately bends down and licks my slit from asshole to clit...nibbling on my clit, then sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it in circles. I'm moaning so loud I'm sure the whole city could hear me when he sticks his tongue in my hole, tongue fucking me while his nose tantalizes my hard little clit.

I tell him to stand up and I get up from my horizontal position and my face comes directly in front of his cock...I stare at it for a moment and then wrap my lips around the head, reaching up with my other hand stroking at the base of his cock. I lick him up and down his shaft and take him all the way in my mouth, he moans in pleasure as my head bobs up and down on his cock. I take him out of my mouth and lick along the crease of his balls...continuing up his shaft. He pushes my head away from his cock and leans down and kisses me...pushing me back down on the car. I broke the kiss and told him I needed him to fuck me...and fuck me hard.

He smiled as he grabbed his dick and slid it up and down my wet slit...rubbing it against my clit. I lifted my hips up and he slid right into my cunt...I wrapped one leg around him pushing him deeper into me. He started pumping my pussy hard...going deeper and deeper...I reached down spreading my fingers around his cock...feeling him fill me up. I rubbed my clit as he fucked me when all of a sudden I just screamed out "Oh yeah fuck me hard baby...I'm going to CUUUUMMMM" i started shaking, moaning and screaming in ecstasy as he continued fucking me as he started to moan...he pulled his cock out and started jacking off fast...he started grunt as he shoots his cum...it splashes all over my stomach. He stands there looking at me and then goes down and licks all his sticky sweet goodness of my stomach and then kisses me.

He tasted so good...I swallowed everything he gave me. He relaxed on top of me and told me that I was hot. We got up and I put my panties back on and he buttoned himself up. He handed me a warning ticket...with his phone number on it :) We both got in our cars and drove away.

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