tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBtB: Elevator Escapade

BtB: Elevator Escapade


"Honey, this party is boring. I want to leave." Ashley stood there, pouting at me, the top of her head barely reaching my chin. She was in a beautiful evening gown, dark green, the perfect color for her pale skin. The dress hugged her body, showing of her curves without showing a lot of skin. Her gorgeous red hair pulled up into a bun, held in place by two black Chinese chopsticks.

I, on the other hand, at just shy of six feet, muscular, broad shoulders, was in a black tuxedo. The fabric pulled every time I moved, but it still looked good. "Ash, baby, I have to be here. If I want to 'network,' as they say, I have to show up to these things, even if they are boring. I know you hate these parties, basically because you have nothing to do, but I'm supposed to bring a date and why shouldn't I bring the most beautiful woman in town?"

Ashley blushed, her cheeks turning red. She cuffed me on the arm. "I am not the most beautiful woman in town. Look over there. At that Mrs. um...McGuire?" She continued when I nodded. "She's taller than me, so she'd be better suited for your height, not to mention she's got big boobs, which I know you like." Ashley self-consciously wrapped her arm around her bosom. "And there's that, oh what's her name? With the really long legs. She's got to be at least six foot in those heels."

I smiled at Ashley and pulled her arm out from around her. "You are the most beautiful woman in town. Mrs. McGuire is, number one, completely fake when it comes to those breasts, and number two, she is always throwing herself at me. That game lost it's fun very quickly." I pulled her hand up and kissed her fingertips. "And the other woman, Mrs. Klein, may be six feet tall, but she also has bad breath and all the personality of a dead rock. Her husband keeps her on a short leash. And from what I hear, maybe more than figuratively."

Ashley creased her brow for a moment, then opened her mouth in an 'O' shape when she realized what I meant. She whispered to me, "Baby, that's horrible. How could he do something like that?"

I leaned down to whisper back, "Well, from what I understand, he doesn't hurt her. Just, you know, shows her who the boss is. I don't know. Some people like that kind of thing. Who knows? It might be fun." I smiled when Ashley's cheeks started turning red again. I took her chin in my hand and leaned down to kiss her lips, holding it longer than was professionally accepted, but I didn't care and neither did she. She savored it, wanting more. She reached up to touch my face, her fingers lingering on my cheek, moving towards my neck. I recognized that as a sign. Ashley was getting turned on. If I didn't want to have to drag her out of here, I had to stop her, now, or I wouldn't want to drag her out. I'd take her on the buffet table.

"Ash," I murmured. "Stop. We don't want to make a scene." I tried pulling away from her, but she held my neck tight.

"We don't?" I definitely recognized her 'devil' grin. I smiled back and pulled my neck out of her hand.

"No, we don't. These people could get me a real job someday. Taking you next to the punch bowl wouldn't help my career."

Ashley grinned back and moved her body against me, turning up the heat. "No, but it would help you get me."

Ashley giggled as she sauntered off, looking over her shoulder at me. She licked her lips once, then turned around and started mingling again. I shuddered slightly, thinking 'That woman, I swear. She's going to get me in SO much trouble. God, I love it.'

I worked the crowd the rest of the night, introducing myself, handing out my card. Every now and then, I spotted Ashley amongst the crowd. At one point, she looked me right in the eye and start moving her drink straw in and out of her mouth, running her tongue over the end of it. I completely stopped in mid sentence, talking to a prominent attorney, staring at Ashley over the man's shoulder. My companion followed my gaze, only to see Ashley laughing with some other young ladies. "Mr. Bozeman, is there a problem?"

I shook my head quickly. "No, Dr. Rosen. I merely thought I saw someone I hadn't seen in years. Turned out it was someone else at an odd angle to the light. Sorry. You were saying?"

I tried to concentrate on what Dr. Rosen was saying, about new motions and precedents, but every time he got into his conversation, Ashley would appear at the edge of my vision, commanding my attention. Every time I looked, she had found a new way to tease me. Sucking something off her finger, covertly rubbing her nipples, bending over so he could see the outline of her behind through her dress. Each time, I found it harder to concentrate, to get my mind back on the subject.

The thing that did it though was when Ashley came up behind me while I was talking to Dr. Michaels, one of the leading attorneys on a project I wasn't at all interested in, but figured I should humor the aged doctor. Ashley quietly moved up behind me and reached between my legs, grabbing my balls through my pants. Somehow, I managed to control my voice, but suddenly felt an urge: the urge to leave the party and ravage Ashley with everything I had.

I put my hand to my head. "Dr. Michaels, I don't mean to interrupt, but suddenly, I'm not feeling very well."

The older doctor looked at me, squinting to make out my features. "I say, young man. You look flushed. You should have a lie down. I'll get the hotel doctor."

I thrust my hand out, grabbing Dr. Michaels by the arm. "Dr. Michaels, don't bother yourself. I'm sure it's just a touch of something. Nothing serious, I'm sure. I'll just collect my date and I'll go have that lie down you talked about. Please, give my regards to Dr. Rosen. It was a wonderful time and I'm sorry I had to leave in such a manner. Now, if you'll excuse me." The doctor nodded and I moved off, easily spotting Ashley standing ten feet away. Mrs. McGuire was lecturing her on the benefits of plastic surgery.

"Ashley, honey," I said, wrapping a large hand around her arm, "Mrs. McGuire." I nodded politely to the woman as she put a hand on her hip and thrust out her surgical enhancements. "Sorry to interrupt, ladies, but I'm suddenly not feeling well. I just wanted you to know I was heading back to our room."

"Baby, that's horrible. Mrs. McGuire, please excuse me. I'm going to take Will...back to our room." I noticed the slight pause in the sentence and wondered if Mrs. McGuire had caught it. She would have to have been deaf not to. "Maybe we can continue the discussion later." Ashley linked her arm with mine, leading me away. "Baby, you are a life saver. That woman was trying to convince me that I needed enhancements before I turned 25, because nowadays, girls are sagging faster."

"Ashley," I said, chuckling, "You are fine like you are. Don't ever do that kind of thing." Ashley nodded and I pushed the button for the elevator. I leaned against her, still feigning my illness, nodding my head politely to passers-by. The elevator chimed and we stepped in, Ashley looking out to see if anyone was joining us. There wasn't. The doors closed, leaving us alone in the glass walled elevator, the panes of glass shining with the overhead lights, showing the lights of the city. We were on the 30th floor, where the lights were amazing.

I waited till the door closed and suddenly grabbed Ashley and pulled her into a crushing kiss, one that was fueled by nothing but lust. I broke it after she was struggling for air. I smiled down at her. "Now, Devil Woman. You want to tell me what that was all about in there?"

"Well, I was bored," she replied, still sucking in large gasps of air. "I was just...keeping myself entertained. Do you disapprove?" She had her puppy dog eyes working now. She knew I couldn't be mad at her.

"No, I don't disapprove, you could've just waited until a little later. But now I'm 'sick' which means we can have some fun." I grabbed her again, pulling her off the floor in a hug. She wrapped her legs around my waist and ground against my, felling my already hard cock trying to push through my pants. "Good lord, Ash. I thought I was going to shoot in my pants out there when you grabbed me."

Ashley smiled her 'Devil' grin again. Every redhead I knew had one of those. "Well, we wouldn't want that, would we? Maybe you should find somewhere else for it." Ashley hooked a finger in her lip, pretending to be thinking. Then, she quickly started pumping her finger in and out of her mouth, moaning softly around the digit, licking the end, pumping it faster.

"Ash, you better stop that. This is a rented tux and we don't want to have to pay cleaning fees on it." Ashley stopped, pulling the finger out of her mouth slowly, the rubbing it around my ear. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Oh man," I said, releasing my grip on her, Ashley kicking off her shoes before she hit the floor. Then, she reached out and grabbed my crotch again.

"Now. Let's find somewhere to put this." She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my zipper. She reached in through the flap of my boxers, my erection vibrating in her hand.

She took a second to look at it, how the head was an angry purple color, how the vein running up the shaft was bright blue. She gave it a few tugs and then latched onto the head with her wet, warm mouth. Her hand moved up and down my shaft at blazing speed and it wasn't long at all until I grunted and she felt the first spurt hit her tongue. She swallowed everything, cleaning me off, kissing the head as she released my cock.

She looked up at me from her knees, realizing I was looking behind her. She turned her head and realized that we had someone watching us. We hadn't gone anywhere because I had never pushed a button, so the elevator had stayed on the bottom floor. She couldn't make him out, but she knew he was there. She could barely make out his outline, the lights creating reflections off of the glass.

I quickly pulled up my pants and started towards the glass wall, beginning to say something to the man outside, when Ashley took me completely and utterly by surprise. "Will, wait." I stopped and looked at her. She was walking towards the stranger as well. "I say that as long as he's watching, we give him a show." Ashley pulled down one strap of her dress and then the other. She reached under her breasts through the dress and pushed them up, the tops clearly visible over the edge of the dress.

"Ash, what are you doing?" I was shocked. In all the time I had known her, she had never shown an exhibitionist streak. I made a move toward her, not really knowing what I was going to do. Ashley was now leaning over, the big silver handrail keeping her from reaching the window, pulling one breast from its confinement. She was rolling the nipple between her fingers, moaning, tugging at it, looking at the stranger in the glass.

"Will. If I lean on the handrail, could you take me from behind?" It was more and order than a question. We had managed more difficult positions, but never in front of another person. Okay, in front of a stranger. I could only nod, feeling completely disoriented.

I moved behind her, pulling her dress up. She shivered as the fabric moved up her thighs. The dress cleared her behind, showing me, and the man outside, that she didn't have panties on. I silently said thanks that she hadn't told me. If she had, with everything she did in the other room, we wouldn't have made it past five minutes at the party.

I released my cock again, slowly guiding it to Ashley's folds. I was not surprised, nor unhappy, when I found them already wet. "Yes, Will." She gasped, pushing back against my hardness. "That's it. Give it to me. Show that guy how it's done. Oh yes, give me your cock. Give it to me, god, yes. Shove it into my pussy. In and out, yeah, just like that."

I was getting extremely turned on by the whole tableau: The two of us in a glass enclosed elevator, a man watching them from outside, Ashley extremely horny and talking dirty, my erection buried in her wetness, my hands on her hips, pulling her to me.

I could see her face reflected in the glass. Her eyes were open; she was looking directly at the man watching them. He had moved a little closer, wanting a better look. She hand one hand, fingers splayed, pushing against the glass, pushing back against me, the other she alternated between playing with her nipples and playing with her clit. I reached forward, my long arms stretching the tux jacket, cupping her breasts in my hands, her nipples feeling like hard candies, leaving her free to pinch her clit with her other hand. She trembled with delight, her legs flexing as she pushed back against me.

From what I could see through the window, the man outside had his cock in his hand and was pumping it madly. Ashley had that effect on people. His eyes were locked with hers, getting off because of her responses to my fucking

"Oh, yes, Will. Almost there. Give it to me. Harder. That's it. Faster. Make me cum. Make me cum, now." I followed her orders, loving it when she talked that way. It was something about how I felt that it was me that made her cum, that it was my name she called out.

I was giving her everything I had, my entire length moving in and out at a fast pace, her juices glowing on my cock from the lights. She had closed her eyes and was biting her lower lip. These were sure signs that her orgasm was approaching fast. Whenever she got close, she stopped talking, almost stopped breathing, focusing on her pleasure.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she leaned her head against the glass. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it. Almost...AH! WILL!" She cried out, her head flung backwards, breath escaping her, muscles shaking, her tunnel clenching at my length, her legs buckling. She leaned her upped body against the glass, her whole body trembling. I slowed my pace, my hands releasing her breasts, moving back to her hips. The man outside was pulling furiously on his cock, Ashley's orgasm spurring him to greater speed.

When she couldn't take any more, she pulled herself off of my cock, falling against the glass. "Jesus, Ash. Are you okay? That was insane." I was trying to help her up, but her legs wouldn't cooperate. She slid to the floor, gasping for air, trying to calm her firing muscles.

"I'm. Fine. Why. Do. You. Ask?" Her question was broken up by ragged gasps of air. "Wow. That. Was. Amazing."

"Yeah, it was." I replied, my hardness still bouncing up and down. It took me a second to remember I was naked from the waist down. I started to reach down for my pants, when Ashley stopped me.

"Not yet, baby. You're not finished." Ashley grabbed my shaft and began bobbing her head, sucking for all she was worth. She moved her hand at a lightning pace, matching it with her mouth. She moaned onto the head, sending vibrations up my length. She knew it wouldn't take much of this. Then she showed me her new trick.

I pumped into her mouth, knowing I couldn't hold on very long. I gave myself to the pleasure and felt my cum rising in my balls. "Ash. Gonna cum." That was all I could get out before the first wave launched itself from my tip. She pulled off of the purple helmet and caught the first blob in her mouth. She caught the next one, but the one after that landed on her chin. When I was finished, Ashley took my cock and pumped it one more time, pushing a small blob of cum onto her still exposed nipple.

My legs were iron bars. I couldn't have moved if I had wanted. I looked down at her, looking for the entire world like a porn queen. Her dress was around her waist, my cum on her chin, smiling up at me, more beautiful than the 'fantasy' women of porn. She licked her face clean, using a finger to get what her tongue couldn't reach. Then she surprised me again. "Oh, pooh." She said. "I got some on my nipple. How will I ever get that off?" She leaned back so the man outside could see. She pulled her breast up in her hands, leaning her head down, licking the nipple clean.

I could only shake my head. How did she think of these things? And how could she be so sexy doing the things that only the 'slutty girls' did? I reached out my hand and helped her back up. I pulled her dress straps up as she pulled the hem down. We looked at each other and smiled.

We turned toward where the man was standing. He wasn't there. There was only white fluid on the outside of the elevator. We both laughed and finally pushed the button for our room. I could only laugh again when Ashley said, "You know, our room has a balcony that overlooks the city..."

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