tagInterracial LoveBtB: Full House

BtB: Full House


I stared at the large black man across the table. His name was Bear but I wouldn't say I knew him well. A friend of a friend kind of thing. He was at our poker game because Luke had brought him. Apparently they worked together. Luke and Kyle had both vouched for him, so I figured he was cool. The other guys were upstairs raiding the kitchen, having given up for the night, while we sat in the basement around the card table. Ashley was sitting at my side, looking at my cards over my shoulder.

It turned out that this was the last hand of the night and it was just Bear and myself left. I looked at my hand, wondering whether I should meet Marcus's raise. I had a pretty good hand but I didn't know him well enough to know whether he was bluffing or not. I never caught his real name, just Bear. When I say he was large, I wasn't kidding. He had to be six foot four and go around two fifty, maybe two sixty. Black hair and goatee made him look a little bit like Ice Cube. Maybe Cube's big brother. I overheard him telling Josh that he worked as a DJ, which was cool. He told us about some of the celebrities he met in the business

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.I just couldn't decide. The man had no tells. I was surprised he hadn't cleaned up on us. Maybe just the luck of the cards. I folded my cards together, ready to toss them in the pot when Ashley touched my arm and shook her head no. I raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled. That was good enough for me.

I looked at my cards again and tossed my chips into the middle of the table, looking at Bear, trying to gauge his reaction. He didn't blink. Damn. I tossed two cards onto the table in front of me and Bear, as the dealer, gave me two cards. We didn't play Texas Hold 'Em or any other variations. For us, it was five-card draw, deuces wild. Period.

I used my last good luck charm, which was for Bear to take his one card from the deck before looking at my own. One card. That meant he either had two pair or four of a kind. He could be trying to draw a straight or a flush but I had been playing with him long enough to know he was smarter than that. He wouldn't have raised if he didn't have something worthwhile.

I passed, giving the bet back to Bear. He grinned that Ice Cube like grin and shoved the rest of his chips into the middle of the table. I raised an eyebrow again and he just sat there, that shit eating grin on his face. I turned and looked at Ashley again and she smiled and nodded. She had more confidence in me then I did.

I was one the fence, trying to make myself push my chips into the middle. As I put my hand out to move them, Bear stopped me.

"Tell you what, man. Since this is the last hand, what do you say we raise the stakes?" I have to admit I was surprised by his speech. Looking at him, you'd think he was a thug, any second breaking out into street slang. His hair was shaved close to the scalp and he wore a tight black t-shirt and jeans. His arms and shoulders were large, even bigger than Luke's, whom the rest of us were measured by.

I looked into his dark brown eyes. "What did you have in mind?" He took a deep breath, probably not wanting to offend me in my own house. His eyes darted over to Ashley and I had a feeling of what was coming.

"If I win this hand," he started, locking eyes with me. "I get to have sex with your wife. You get to watch."

I turned and looked at Ashley, whose eyes were open, wide and bulging. She looked back at me and blinked, not sure of anything to say. I turned back, looking down at my cards.

"Bear, you seem cool and all. I mean it. You're welcome back for the next game but this is a serious wager. I'm going to have to talk this over with Ashley before I agree to anything."

"That's cool. If you decide not, then I'm cool with that. It's just that she's beautiful and I've never done it with a redhead before."

Ashley turned about eight different colors of red. I took her hand under the table. "We'll be back in a minute," I said, standing. Marcus nodded. I picked up my cards and walked across the room to talk to Ashley privately.

"Will, I don't know about this. He's huge," she whispered in my ear.

"I know, Ash. Look. You say the word and this deal is over. I think I can beat him but I'm not going to put you up as stakes if you don't want to."

"That's the other thing. I don't usually go for his type, but he's sexy. I want to but I'm scared. Would you mind?"

Ashley and I have always been honest with each other. "Yes, I mind. Well, some. I've always wanted to watch you with another man. Other than Kyle. I'm leaving this up to you, babe. Are you in or out?"

She looked across the room at Bear who was sitting there patiently with his large arms crossed over his massive chest. "I want to, Will, but..."

I cut her off. "Then we'll do it." I took her hand and walked her back to the table. As we sat down, I looked down and rearranged some cards and looked at Bear.

"Okay. We're in." I shoved the rest of my chips into the middle. "Call."

Bear looked at me and laid his cards down, showing two pair, queens over sevens. Ashley looked at me, knowing what I had in my hand, sadness showing only slightly in her eyes.

I looked back at her and winked, laying down my cards. A pair of nines, a ten, a jack and an ace. A pair. I had lost. Ashley blinked at me, confusion in her eyes. I shook my head ever so slightly and then looked back at Bear

"You win," I said. I leaned back and took Ashley's hand as Bear sat there looking at the cards, trying to figure out what had just happened. He looked from his cards to mine and back again, thinking there was no way that two pair should've beaten me. He had been bluffing.

Bear looked up from the cards and at me, not sure of what to say. I smiled back at him and then looked at Ashley. "She's all yours, Bear. Take care of her."

Bear stood up, hulking over both of us. We swept the chips into a bag and I grabbed the cards. Ashley stood up and walked over to him, looking up at him, Bear being a foot taller than her. She looked so small next to him. He grabbed the back of her neck in his huge hand and bent down, crushing her with a kiss. Ashley moaned softly and I could tell she was unsure of what to do since I was there. I pulled my chair back from the table and folded my arms across my chest, honestly interested in what was going to happen next.

Ashley's hands went to the front of Bear's pants; deftly undoing the zipper and button while her head was still tilted upwards. She gasped and pulled her mouth away from his as she felt for his big black cock. It was already sticking up and was part way out of his boxers. I was telling the truth when I said he was huge. Even I blinked when I saw it.

It wasn't the largest penis I'd ever seen but it was up there. Ashley knelt and pulled it to her pink lips, her tongue darting out to caress the cocoa skin right above the head. Bear pulled off his blue FUBU jacket and tossed it onto his chair. Ashley took his large head into her mouth and sucked on it, her fingers tracing the veins under the skin. Bear looked over at me and nodded, making me want to punch him right in the fucking face. We had agreed though, so there was nothing I could do.

Bear pulled her up and went to work on her pants. They came off easily and Ashley, like usual, wasn't wearing anything underneath. Bear picked her up as if she weighed nothing and laid her on the poker table, quickly moving his head between her thighs, Ashley leaning her head back to look at me and groaning at the touch of his tongue.

Despite my best efforts, the sight of Ashley writhing around on the table, moaning and shaking was turning me on. I loved seeing her being pleased and this was no exception. When she finally orgasmed from his tongue, I took my now throbbing hard cock out and started to stroke it. Ashley saw me and licked her lips, which didn't help.

Bear stood up and took off his shirt, tossing it over with his jacket. He grabbed Ashley's legs and pushed them up by her chest. He looked up at me with a grin. "Now you gonna see a real man fuck yo woman, dawg." With that, he shoved his cock into Ashley's pussy, making her groan and arch her back.

She held the back of her knees, looking down her body at Bear pumping his thick black stick in and out of her. He had to squat slightly since the table was too low for a straight fucking. I moved my seat so I could watch my wife getting fucked by this large black man. Maybe it was Ashley fucking someone else or maybe it was because he was black or maybe because I was watching. It could have been that she was the prize in our pot, but Ashley was definitely getting into the pounding Bear was giving her.

She was talking quietly to him, telling him how good his cock felt and telling him to fuck her tight white pussy. Bear grinned and started fucking her harder, rocking the table with each stroke. Ashley started hissing with each pass of his big black dick, her pink lips stretching outward as she gripped him.

Ashley suddenly arched her back and cried out again, yelling 'Fuck!' over and over as Bear kept pounding her. Her voice strained as she shook from orgasm and I could see her juices dripping out of her pussy and down onto the floor but Bear didn't relent. He pulled out long enough to turn her over and just jammed himself back into her. He was able to stand up completely after putting Ashley onto her knees. He turned to look at me again.

"She got her mouth free, homie. You might want to get in on that."

I grinned and walked over to where Ashley's head was and she opened her mouth wide, so I shoved my cock into her mouth and let Bear's fucking motion carrying her mouth up and down my shaft. I let out a moan as she clamped her lips down hard.

"She tight, man. I like that in a white chick." He squeezed Ashley's ass and gave it a smack, making her moan around my head. I started to match Bear's rhythm in her mouth, both of us in and out at the same time. Bear grunted and Ashley's eyes bulged, so I could tell he was starting to swell in her pussy.

"Bear," I said, wresting his attention away from Ashley's squeezing pussy. "Cum on her belly. Making her your fucking white girl porn star."

Bear smiled and nodded, Ashley pulling off of my cock and turning over as Bear pulled out and started stroking. She held herself with her arms and watched Bear jerking off.

"Give your white slut your hot cum, you big black fucker," she yelled, moaning loudly as he shot his load all over her belly and breasts. She reached up and jerked it for him, milking every last drop out of his cock before licking it clean. Without another word to either of us and only a nod of his head to me, Bear collected his clothes and headed upstairs. Once he was gone, Ashley slumped back on the table and looked up at me. I took her head in my hands and put my cock back in her mouth, fucking her tight lips and firing my load into her a mere moment later.

"Will," she said to me as I sat down next to her head.


"That hand you had."

I grinned. "What about it?"

"Before you drew, you had two pair. What did you really end up with?"

I grabbed my pants and dug into the back pocket, pulling out my cards from the last hand. I rearranged them to what my final hand had been and laid them on Ashley's stomach and kissed her, heading upstairs to see the guys out.

Ashley looked at the cards and then started to laugh. Full house.

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