tagNonHumanBtB: The Club

BtB: The Club


The 'Back to Basics' series of stories is my way of getting back to better quality by going back to where I started: Ashley, Becca and myself. Recently, I burned myself out trying to write stories for specific people and I think my quality suffered for it. I will continue to write other things, but for now, it's Back to Basics.


I sat at the bar, nursing my soda. I looked at myself in the bar mirror and sighed. Suddenly, I got that feeling that I was being watched. I looked around, but couldn't see anyone who had taken an interest in me. I started to turn around when I felt it again. I paused and looked again, but still couldn't see anyone. I shook my head and turned back to my drink. I started to take a sip but I put it down when I felt their presence. I looked up, but not at the mirror, because I knew that would be pointless with so many people in the club. I slowly turned on my barstool and looked across the dance floor.

It took a moment to find them, but find them I did. There were two of them, total opposites of each other. One, taller and athletic, the other shorter and curvy. One dressed in a dark green shirt and dark blue jeans, the other in all black, tight shirt and very tight pants. One with red hair, the other dark. The only thing they shared was the color of their skin: pale. They looked at me as if I were their next meal. The redhead smirked and the brunette grinned as they moved onto the dance floor.

The next song, whatever it was, was bass heavy like they all had been and I could feel the thumping in my chest, though I didn't know if it was from the song or from watching these two start dancing with each other. Now, I don't mean the dancing two girls would do in high school where they were about two feet apart and talking to each other. I mean these two were dancing about four inches apart, hands brushing each other's shoulders, waists and each other's hands. Their things touched occasionally. Their lips were moving, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. Whatever it was, they were definitely drawing the notice of people around them, mostly from the men, but there was the occasional woman who looked their way.

As the song went on, obviously an extended remix of some kind, clusters of men made their way tentatively to the pair, though the mysterious twosome ignored everyone except each other. If someone spoke to them, they received the barest of glimpses, then the eyes of these two phenomenal beauties returned to each other. The hint was gradually received and a small space was created around these two. The stares from the surrounded throng did not cease, though the pair either didn't notice or didn't care.

The brunette began moving her fingers up the redhead's side. She caressed the arms of the redhead and traced her fingers up the side of her face. With a sudden swiftness, the redhead jerked her face around and, looking straight at me, captured her partner's finger in her mouth. Needless to say, this caused a major shift in the blood. I could feel my penis trying to harden inside my pants. My underwear was restraining it, something I would dearly loved to have fixed if it weren't for all the people around. So, being very nonchalant, I only showed half the people around me the outline of my cock as I stood up to adjust myself. I got a couple of raised eyebrows from some of the nearby female patrons, not to mention some hopeful smiles. I smiled back but then made enemies as I returned my attention to the pair on the dance floor.

The redhead still had the brunette's finger in her mouth and her eyes locked on me, but now she was moving her head slightly back and forth, giving her partner a finger blowjob. The brunette pulled her finger out and began trailing it down the redhead's chin and down across her throat. She even went so far as to drag it under the low cut collar of the shirt the redhead was wearing. The redhead closed her eyes and pulled the brunette closer, their bodies moving together in some dance unknown to the rest of the club. The brunette, for her part, began nuzzling the redhead's neck.

She turned her head and she was looking right at me as she placed small kisses on her mate's throat. I gulped and felt myself put some effort into getting a full erection. It was really starting to hurt. The song suddenly ended and there was half a second of silence between that song and the next. In that small gap, and maybe it was my imagination, I thought I heard the redhead gasp as the brunette pushed her leg between the redhead's thighs.

The next song started, again with the super thumping bass and I turned to take a drink to relieve my suddenly dry throat. As I gulped the rest of my drink, I felt someone move into my personal space. You know, there's that area that you're aware of people in without even needing to see them. This was one of those times, but it was different. This time, there was a presence, a power, if you will. Whoever was there was definitely trying to make their presence known. I swallowed the liquid that I had in my mouth and turned slowly, a feeling of anticipation building in my stomach.

I turned and there they were, staring at me. The eyes of both women seemed to shine in the dim light of the nightclub. The redhead reached out and touched my knee as the brunette beckoned me with a 'come hither' motion of her finger. I needed no more invitation than that. I turned and dropped a twenty on the bar, which more than covered my tab. I checked myself quickly in the mirror as I stood up and then turned. Apparently, my moment's hesitation caused the pair to rediscover the need to kiss each other again, as they were locking lips with each other and letting their hands roam each others bodies, oblivious to the people around them. I let this go on for a few seconds and then cleared my throat, which could barely be heard over the thumping of the next song.

The girls didn't even have the decency to look ashamed. They released each other and smiled at me, a smile that is usually found on the faces of predators about to eat their prey. They each grabbed a hand and led me through the club, off to one of the smaller dance floors. Before I knew what was happening, they surrounded me by looping their arms around me and dancing extremely close to me, the redhead in front and the brunette in the back. The redhead was grinding herself into my crotch, moving against my already hard member. The brunette was reaching across the distance between the redhead and me, grabbing the redhead's breast and pinching her nipple. The redhead never took her eyes off of mine, staring at me, almost daring me to say anything. There was nothing I could say, so I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her even closer than she was before.

The brunette was obviously not happy with the way things were working, so she pushed the redhead back and took her place in front of me with her back to me. The redhead raised an eyebrow, but kept her mouth shut. The brunette began grinding her gorgeously round behind against my crotch. The redhead stepped up directly in front of her and cupped both large breasts in her hands along with a powerful kiss. I glanced around and noticed that we were attracting a crowd. I managed to get the redhead's attention and motion the maybe we should take this elsewhere.

She smiled and whispered in the brunette's ear, who nodded her head. We all held hands as we walked out of the club. I'm sure I smirked as I noticed all of the jealous stares as we passed. As we hit the sidewalk, I put my arms around them. I felt both of their hands on my butt as we walked to my car. We barely made it to my car before they attacked each other again. I watched as the redhead pinned the smaller brunette against the side of the car, thinking that if I didn't do something soon, they would lose any interest in me they had.

Without really paying attention to what I was doing, I leaned into the redhead, catching her off guard. I pushed her against the driver's side door of the car and ground myself into her, kissing her hard on the mouth. She gripped my shoulders and squeezed. Hard. It took a moment for the signal to get to my brain, but it got there and I released my hold on her and stepped back away from her. She leaned away from the car door and bit my ear and then whispered that it wasn't my turn yet and didn't I have somewhere to take them when it WAS my turn?

I opened the back door and the brunette climbed in backwards, still looking at the redhead. Once the redhead climbed in on top of her, I shut the door and flung myself into the driver's seat. The car started quickly and I took off for my house. No one else would be there, so I knew it would be safe. I adjusted the rear view mirror so that I could watch the two of them in the back seat. I couldn't make out a lot of details, but I could tell the redhead was still on top and that her head was about chest level on the brunette.

I could hear soft moans from one or the other and then the sound of a zipper being unzipped. The brunette leaned her head back and groaned, her lower body shifting around. Not long after that, I could make out soft slurping noises and the brunette was making little 'ah' noises every few seconds. As I turned onto my street, my house is the fifth on the right, the brunette cried out and arched her back, the redhead's face having disappeared. I pulled into the driveway just as the redhead reappeared and the brunette lay panting on the back seat. I stayed quiet and sat in the driver's seat unmoving as I waited for the brunette.

She recomposed herself and her clothing and sat up, a dreamy look in her eyes. The redhead pushed the door open and pulled the brunette along by the hand. I got out and led them to the door of my house, which stood silent. My two beautiful companions had begun, in the space between the car and the door, to engage some light petting. I watched in awe as the brunette slid her hand under the redhead's shirt. I opened the door and moved into the foyer as the two spilled in after me.

They quickly located the living room and dumped themselves onto the couch, brunette on top this time. She expertly undid the buttons on the redheads' shirt, one handed no less, and buried her face in the redheads' bosom. The redhead moaned and pulled handfuls of the brunette's hair. I could only stand in the doorway, the door still open, until the redhead turned and looked at me and whispered "Door." I blinked twice and then shut the door quickly. I took off my jacket and tossed it onto the coat rack without looking. I could only stand in the doorway to the living and watch as the brunette moved her hand into the redhead's pants while still biting her nipples. The redhead's eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned.

I had to adjust my aching cock, as it was straining against my boxers. The brunette looked over as I did and giggled. This caused the redhead to open her eyes and smile. "Now it's your turn," she said as she pushed the brunette off of her. She reached into the pocket of her pants and asked where they could freshen up for a moment. I gave them directions and wondered what the hell was going on as they walked off. The scenery that swayed away from me was quite attractive.

It took only a minute or so for them to get back, still in their states of undress. They both grinned at me and the brunette fell to her knees in front of me. She reached up and undid my belt, button and zipper and pulled my pants down to my knees. She started rubbing my shaft through my boxers and looking straight into my eyes. I felt an odd sensation on my neck and realized that the redhead was nibbling there, but it felt really weird. I just couldn't put my finger on it, though. Not that I was trying that hard.

The brunette pulled my boxers down a little and started licking sideways the head that was peeking out. After a few seconds of that, she yanked my boxers down to meet my pants and my cock landed on her forehead as she looked down. She looked up and the head of my cock left a slightly wet trail down her face as she grabbed the shaft and plunged her mouth onto it. I gasped and jerked a little, only to look down and see the redhead starting to lick my right nipple.

The brunette placed her hands on my legs and the redhead reached down, my nipple still in her mouth, and wrapped her hand around my shaft, pumping it into the other's mouth. "Jesus," was the only thing I could say. I started to feel my cum rise and my redheaded goddess must have felt the same thing, because she smacked me hard on the ass, which took my attention away from the incredible head I was getting. I shook my head a little and decided that I needed a little more control. "So, do I get to know your names?"

The redhead smiled a small, personal smile and said, "My name is Alexis and this," she said while patting the brunette on the head, "is Bella. She is my lover and slave. And now, she is yours." At the mention of her name, Bella made a funny sound somewhere behind a loud exhale and a hiss. I looked down and she was snaking her tongue around the head of my cock. I started to look back at Alexis, but then I did a double take as I figured out why this particular blowjob felt odd: Bella had fangs! I turned to Alexis and she smiled, her own fangs poking over her bottom teeth.

Some disconnected part of my brain analyzed their fangs. They weren't the usual canine fangs you see in the movies. They were one set of teeth inward, on the second incisor. Halfway between a Count Graf Orlock and a Count Dracula. 'These women are vampires,' my blowjob induced brain told me. It told me they were going to drain my blood and leave me for dead. The other, more smart-ass portion of my brain said 'who cares? They're hot and one of them is giving you head!' I'm sure you can guess which part won.

Seeking to reestablish some sort of control, I placed my hands on the sides of Bella's head and started pumping into her mouth, rather than being passive. I could feel her moan more than I could hear it. Alexis bent her head to my neck and dragged her fangs lightly over the skin, giving me chills. My whole body shivered, even my cock in Bella's mouth.

I thought I was going to cum as my cock moved around in Bella's mouth, but she clamped a hand down on my shaft to keep me from boiling over. She pulled her head off of my shaft and moved her fangs over the head of my cock, poking her tongue out and licking the sensitive edge of my 'helmet.' I groaned and leaned my head back, which allowed Alexis to dive tongue first into the hollow of my collarbone. She nipped at the skin of my neck and licked in the places where she bit.

Suddenly, she stopped and looked down at Bella and nodded. Bella smiled around the head of my cock and grabbed the shaft with her hand. Her hand and arm turned into a blur as she pumped my shaft and bobbing furiously on my head.

Alexis bit my neck almost hard enough to draw blood, which I think is what she was after. She took the skin in her teeth and tugged backwards but then licked her way up my neck to my earlobe, which she bit with one fang and I could feel blood oozing out of it into her mouth. She sucked it up greedily.

Bella kept pumping my shaft into her mouth, sucking on the head like a baby with its first bottle. With all of the sensations, I couldn't form a coherent sentence much less let her know I was going to cum. She wasn't fazed, though. She moaned hungrily as she took my load in her mouth, not swallowing it but not missing any, either.

Alexis released my earlobe, a drop of warm blood dripping onto my shoulder. She knelt down next to Bella and kissed her, sucking on her tongue and taking some of cum into her mouth. Bella swallowed the rest happily as Alexis closed her eyes and savored it. Once she was finished, Alexis stood up, assuming command. Neither Bella nor I were going to refuse her order.

"You," she said, pointing at me. "Sit in that chair. Do not touch either of us until you are told. Understood?" I nodded quickly, not trusting my voice. "You," she said, this time pointing at Bella. "You have been a good slave so far. Don't you agree?" This last part was said to me and I agreed whole-heartedly.

"Since our...companion is agreeable, you shall be rewarded, my little slave. Now lay down on the floor."

Bella lay down on the floor, her head toward me about four feet away. Alexis stood over her slave, her legs on either side of Bella's stomach. As she looked down at her lover squirming slightly on the floor, Alexis smiled. "Because you've been a good slave, you get a good reward." With that, she turned around and knelt down, her pussy mere centimeters from the slave's waiting mouth.

"You get to lick me, slave girl. Do you want to do that," she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, Mistress," was the soft reply. "Your slave would love nothing more than to please you." She leaned her head up and stuck out her tongue, Alexis hissing as Bella came in contact with her clit. Alexis pushed back, forcing Bella's tongue between her pink lips, which Bella moaned at and wrapped her arms around Alexis's waist.

Even though I had just cum, I could feel my cock starting to rise and wanting nothing more than to join in, but Alexis had told me not to touch them until I was told. Better a slow game and than no game, I guess. I put my hand on my crotch and began to slowly stroke it, feeling the blood starting to rush in, anticipating some further stimulation.

Alexis groaned and pushed herself harder onto Bella's tongue, looking over her shoulder at me and licking her lips, tongue swirling around her fangs. Oh, how I wanted to get up and begin thrusting myself into her wet warm mouth. But, she had given orders. I was about to protest when she cried out and began shaking as Bella applied a finger to her clit while sucking on her juicy lips.

As her orgasm receded, she looked at me again. "I want you now. Come take me from behind." I needed no further encouragement.

I moved quickly and knelt behind her, her ass looking delightful. Just as I was about to enter her, Bella reached up and grabbed my shaft and lowered it to her mouth, where she sucked on it for a moment and then aimed it at her Mistress's waiting hole.

With one quick motion, I was buried in her. She pushed back against me and groaned low, her hips moving slightly up and down. As I began to thrust slowly, I could feel Bella's tongue touching both my shaft and Alexis's clit, pushing Alexis closer and closer to the edge again. She was now holding herself up by arm strength alone, her arms starting to tremble.

I continued my motions, moving in and out of her wetness, the sounds of Bella moaning underneath as she lapped up Alexis's juices spurring me on. Alexis let her arms collapse and laid her head on Bella's belly, nuzzling against the short hair.

Suddenly, she cried out and I felt her muscles start to spasm as she climaxed again, her whole body shaking on top of her slave. Once her release had finished, she crawled off of Bella, leaving a wet trail down her body.

"Now," she said, her voice still wavering. "She has been a good slave, so she receives the ultimate reward. I want you to fuck her until she cums all over your cock. No fingers, no tongues. Nothing but rock hard dick."

I looked down at Bella who had a happy look on her face and lowered my rod to her mouth again. "Lick her juices off," I said, grunting as she took my cock head into her mouth and sucked down a good portion of my length, licking and sucking her Mistress's juices off of me. "Now," I said to Alexis. "How do you want me to fuck her?"

"I want her legs up on your shoulders. I want her to feel every inch of your cock as it slides in and out of her pussy." I stood up and grabbed a pillow off of the couch and had Bella put it under her ass so that she was open to me. I could see her pink lips puffing out, waiting to accept my cock.

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