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Bubbles Redux


Bubbles was my high school sweetheart and my first true love. I had not seen her for many years until we met up last Valentine 's Day when she was out west for her oldest daughter's wedding. We had a good time and caught up on how our lives had gone separate ways. Now it is almost a year later. See last year's story for more background.


I'm an adjunct professor in a local southern California college teaching various computer courses. It's an enjoyable job when the students are willing and open to learning. One such student is Brianna, a twenty year old sophomore. Although this stuff is easy for me, she had trouble grasping some of the concepts and had asked me for some hands-on tutoring. She was indeed willing and open and I gave her some hands-on education in more ways than one. Yes, I know I could be fired for it but she was just so tempting that I could not keep my hands off her. In fact, she welcomed my hands and more. Almost every tutoring session turned into a hot makeout and sex session. Although I was twice her age, it was obvious that she was into it as much as I was, and not just screwing me to get a good grade.

Brianna was a pretty, but not gorgeous, brunette with a petite young figure and in good shape. One day when I was explaining words, bytes, and nibbles, she seemed to be bored. I asked her to repeat it back to me.

"So, you want to byte my nibbles? Right?"

"You're so funny, Bri. No. I mean, I would like to bite your nipples, but that's not what the lesson was about."

"Maybe you should nibble my nipples. I might get it then." She teased, standing up in front of me with her shoulders and head pulled back, showing me her little nipples showing through the tight pink t-shirt she was wearing. They weren't hard but showed through easily.

The exact shape of her firm little boobies showed right through the thin material as she was wearing no bra today. She was wearing snug faux jeans that hugged her every curve. It would be hard to say no to this lovely young woman. She bent and kissed me, then stood up and moved closer, her legs forcing their way between mine and spreading them out so she could stand with her crotch right above mine. She arched her back and pressed her chest close to my face, leaving no doubt that she meant what she said.

I pressed my face between her breasts and sighed heavily at the feel of her soft handfuls on my cheeks. She sighed also. I moved my head left and right, sensing her soft orbs with my lips through the material of her shirt. Looking down, she moved a breast so that my mouth covered its nipple, and pressed it into me. I sucked and licked it until it was wet and showed through like nothing was there and the nipple firmed up against my tongue. She stood back and quickly removed the top over her head, showing me her smooth lightly tanned skin and proud white boobies with the one hard nipple standing out and heaving up and down with her breathing. She waited as I admired them, as she knew that they were nice and I loved looking at and touching them.

My head moved to the other breast, taking as much of it into my mouth as possible, licking the nipple with my tongue when releasing it. My hands held and caressed both breasts, admiring their firmness and sucking the nipple until it matched the first one. Her areola were small and light brown, with nipples that matched but stuck out firm like the old proverbial used pencil eraser. They were shorter than a new eraser, and with rounded edges. I nibbled each of them lightly with my teeth, making her squeal with delight.

"Oh, so that's what a nibble is? I like it. What's a byte?" She asked.

I took the whole areola and nipple into my mouth and sucked and bit down more firmly until she yelled "Ouch" but didn't back away.

"Did that hurt?" I asked, backing away to be sure she was ok.

"A little, but it is OK. I kinda like it." She replied, reaching down to feel the bulge in my pants. "I'd like to bite something too."

She removed the buckle and unzipped me, reaching inside my boxers to feel my growing penis, then slipped down to remove the shoes and socks, freeing the pants so she could pull them and my shorts off my hips and legs and toss them aside. I took my shirt off as she knelt between my legs and stroked my cock, and licked it all over before taking it into her mouth. After sucking it to firmness and making it nice and wet with her saliva, she decided it was time I felt a bite too. With only the head inside her mouth, she bit down on the middle of the head like chewing candy or gum, which caused me concern but didn't hurt. She must have done this before. She bit the neck of it, sucking at the same time, making me throb into her willing mouth, making it purpler that it already was.

Standing again, with her chest in my face, she offered up another nipple for me to suck. I nibbled and bit it, even harder than before. She liked it, and pulled my head closer. I found the button to release the waist of her pants, unzipped them, and pulled them over her round hips and buttocks. She wore only a little pair of pink bikini panties, which I pulled down over her hips and down her legs with the pants. When she pulled a leg up to help me, her shaved pussy winked at me in anticipation. It was a pretty pussy, with just the right amount of puffy lips to give it character. I had seen many in my lifetime, and even eaten and fucked hers before, but it always turned me on seeing hers, knowing I would be in it again soon.

She pressed her whole body against mine, her standing and I still seated, rubbing her hot body against mine until we were more than ready. She put her legs over my hips and sat on my legs and hips, my cock pressed up with the bottom against her clit, raising her hips up and down to make her pussy wet and ready. Reaching around behind her, she grasped my meat and aimed it into her pussy and sat down on it, burying it in her tight vagina to the hilt. She just sat there moaning, letting it get bigger, while I held both her breasts in my hands, feeling the hard nipples in my palms.

This is the way it always happened: Something would distract us and we would wind up having sex in one form or another. I didn't mind. Damn, she was sexy.

Afterward: "What's on your mind? You look concerned about something." I asked.

"Oh, I do have something on my mind. My mom's coming to visit next week."

"Well, that's nice. Are you looking forward to seeing her?"

"That's the problem. I don't want to see her right now. I've been working through some issues since I moved out here and now realize that I'm angry with her about some things that happened years ago. But I can't tell her I don't want to see her if she travels all the way across the country. She's coming out to see my sister too."

"What issues?"

"I don't know if I want to tell you."

"You know me. I'm a wise old man. Maybe I can help you out somehow."

After a pause to consider his offer, she replied, "When I was a young girl, early teens, Mom was married to my stepdad, Scott. After I got my period, he started looking at me differently, you know, lewdly. Then one night he came into my room and got into bed with me after Mom went to sleep, and molested me. He told me it was ok and not to tell Mom as she didn't need to know our little "secret". I was scared and it hurt but I didn't want to get in trouble so I didn't say anything. He started coming to my bed more often after that. After a while, I just accepted it and it didn't hurt anymore."

"Oh, man, I can't believe that. I'm so sorry. I had no idea you had gone through such an ordeal. What a bastard."

"Yeah, he sucked. She kicked him out a couple of years later for being a drunk, cheating, deadbeat. Later, one of her sleepover boyfriends tried to get in my pants and rape me. I fought him off and kicked him in his nuts. He didn't try that again. It made me think that I should get away from there, so that's why I followed my sister out here to live and go to college. So that's the story in a nutshell."

"Oh, my. You poor girl." I said, hugging her close to comfort her. She melted in my arms and I knew she was comfortable with me. "I see why you might not want to see her now."

"Oh, she was a good mom to me mostly, but I've been doing some therapy and talking about it in group sessions and now realize that I'm pissed off that she would let that happen to me. So, that's why I don't want to see her. Besides, how would I ever explain YOU?"

"Where is she coming here from? You're from the South somewhere, right?"

"She's flying in from Florida, where she lives now. We lived up in Alabama back when the bad things happened."

"Really? I grew up in Alabama, you know! What's your mom's name?"

"No, I thought you were from California. You have lost your accent. Her name is Brenda."

"Oh, yeah? I used to date a girl in high school named Brenda. She was my first true love. Wait, this Scott guy, was he a wimpy guy who was into auto mechanics?"

"Yes, he was a mechanic. OMG, do you know my mom?" She asked in surprise.

After getting more facts and asking more questions, there was little doubt. My sweet little lover's mom was my old girlfriend, Bubbles! We were both stunned.

"You know, I saw her last year when she came out for your sister's wedding. We went out for dinner. So, you're the little sister?"

"Apparently. Did you screw her too?" She asked with concern.

"Come on. You and I didn't even know each other then. That has nothing to do with our relationship. You know we have something special, don't you?"

"Yes, I guess so. But I don't like the idea of sharing you with my mom."

"You know, after that Valentine's day dinner, and yes, sex, for the first time I might add, I started thinking when she left. When we dated back in high school, I thought she was a virgin. We came close to doing it but never got to it because of circumstances. I thought she was saving herself for me or marriage, which I thought might happen someday. But her parents worried about us getting too serious and made her date other people. So right before they moved to Florida, she dated my friend Scott. It took me over twenty years to finally realize that she was banging him. Hell, I'm pretty sure she wasn't even a virgin when we dated but I was too stupid to realize it then. After she moved to Florida, it was party time, I assume. Her mother was having affairs and let Brenda and I in on her wanderings. Heck, one guy she was banging was a guy I had gone to grammar school with, your grandmother, that is. That's elementary school to you. I think her dad was doing other people too because he was a salesman and had the opportunity. Sorry for talking about your mom this way. That's insensitive. I was just reminiscing. I thought I really loved her back then, and for many years afterward."

"Well, that sounds like my mom alright. Pretty fucked up family, huh? So, it took you over twenty years to know what really happened. I'm sorry for you too. You could have been my dad. That would have been cool. Don't know if we'd still be banging like this if you were though, but who knows."

"If you were my daughter, I'm sure I would have loved you and treated you much better than the way you were treated. Rape is a terrible thing, especially from someone in your family. It can ruin your trust in people. I think I can see why you feel comfortable with an older man, like me. You are looking for that father figure you never had and I might be giving you that relationship you never had but were craving deep in your subconscious."

"OK, Dr. Freud, my head is shrunken now. But, really, you might be right. All I know is you are a sexy man and I want you all the time. And I'm really pissed off at mom even more now that I know what she did to you too."

"I know how you feel. I'm pissed off at her too. After coming to know in my mind what really happened back then, I want to get back at her somehow now."

"I want to get back at her too, to let her know that Scott raped me and fucked up my head. And she messed up yours too. What can I do?"

"Hmm, I think I have an idea. Let her come out and tell her to come over to visit you. Don't tell her about me and who I am. We can meet her at my place. Last year, we went to her hotel room so she doesn't know where I live. Then when she is in, I'll come out and surprise her."

"Yes, then we'll tell her how she screwed us up and how we are going to get our revenge. We could even have sex in front of her to impart pain in her too, to make her see what pain she has caused us. Let her see another old boyfriend in bed with a younger woman, her daughter, so she can feel what we went through back then. But what if she won't listen or leaves?"

"If she tries to leave, we can tie her up. If she complains, we'll gag her and make her watch us. This will work. She can't report us because it would only hurt her more to have all this made public." I reasoned.

"Let's do it."

The next week: Brianna picked up her mom at the airport and drove her over to my home.

"I didn't know you lived in a house, Bri." Brenda said.

"Oh I don't live here. It's my boyfriend's house. Come on in and I'll introduce you."

Brianna came in first and gave me a smile, and her mother followed. When she saw me, she froze in her tracks and studied me for a few seconds.

"Bunch?" Asked Brenda.

"Mom, I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Professor Bunch. I like the sound of that. But you two already know each other, right?" Brianna announced.

She gave him an awkward hug, not knowing what was going on, and stepped back. He had called her "Bubbles" because of her initials, and because she had had a very bubbly personality. She called him "Bunch" because she loved him a whole bunch. I know it sounds like teen talk but that's what they were back then.

"What are we doing here? Mom asked.

"Well, I live here." I replied, "And your daughter comes here often for tutoring."

"He sure has taught me a lot, mom. You just can't imagine the stuff he's taught me. He's a real hands-on teacher."

"Oh, I see." Brenda replied quizzically.

"Come on, let's go sit down and talk, Bubbles."

Brianna went first, "Mom, I've discovered from meditation and some therapy that certain things that happened to me during childhood have screwed up my head and my relationships with other people, especially men. So I wanted to make you aware of what happened."

"Whatever do you mean, girl?"

"Remember when you were married to Scott and he would sometimes disappear from your bed in the middle of the night? Did you ever wonder where he went? I'll tell you. He came and climbed into bed with me and molested and raped me, many times. I was afraid to go to sleep at night 'til I could hear him snoring."

"No! He would never do that. He was only going for a smoke or a drink or something. I don't believe it. Why would you make up such a hurtful thing?"

"It's true. I wish you could see what it was like to be raped by your stepfather. And later, your boyfriend tried to rape me too. That's when I decided to come out West and go to school. Didn't you wonder why I decided that so quickly?"

"That just can't be true."

"Well, I believe it." I chimed in. "Because I realized the things you did to me too."

"Me? You're blaming me? For what?"

"For making me think you were a virgin and were saving yourself for me. Remember when your parents made you date other people because they thought WE were getting too close? And you went out and screwed my friend, Scott? Then you moved to Florida and became a party animal, while I went off to war, right? Well, it hurts to know that my first true love would do that to me."

"Why would you say these things in front of my daughter?"

"Because he listens to me and believes me, unlike you. I told him my story and he told me his story about you. Now we want you to listen and understand what you did to us, ok?" Bri said.

"No, I don't want to hear any more. Take me to your sister's place." Brenda said as she started to leave.

"I don't think so. You're staying. Don't fight it. We have something we want you to see." I said.

Brenda struggled a little when I grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving.

"Let go or I'll scream. You can't keep me here."

"No screaming. I'm a respected member of the community. Bri, hold her." I said, quickly pulling a scarf from my pocket and tying it through Brenda's mouth and behind her head. "Let's take her to the bedroom."

We tied her legs to the legs of a wooden straight chair, placed next to the bed and facing it. I produced a pair of pink fur-covered handcuffs and locked Brenda's hands in her lap. They fell in right above her mound that was covered almost to the knee by a plain blue print dress. It was nothing spectacular, but fine for flying I'm sure. She tried to press her thighs together, even though her ankles were spread to the legs of the chair.

"That looks, good, Bunch. She'll get a good view from there. We're going to show you what it looks like for a younger girl to get fucked by a much older guy so you can know and feel the pain like we did. Don't close your eyes! There may be a quiz later. By the way, you've got to tell me where those handcuffs came from sometime."

Bri pulled me close and kissed me fully on the lips, using her tongue repeatedly. I held her close and gave her tongue back, looking over with one eye to see my old girlfriend's reaction. Her eyes were very wide, maybe from seeing her daughter and ex-boyfriend kissing each other. Bri pulled my shirt over my head, then removed her own blouse, one sexy button at a time, swaying in a little dance for my benefit, still wearing a plain white bra that showed her perky young breasts' cleavage well. She kicked her shoes off and knelt in front of me, her tight jeans getting tighter as she rested her butt on her feet. She reached for my belt, unbuckled it, and lowered my pants zipper to reveal a bulge starting in my boxers. Smiling, she pulled the pants down and off. Placing a hand over my cock, she looked over to her mom.

"So, I hear you had this once. Look at it." Bri said, pulling it out from the shorts and stroking it. "You could have had it many times, like me. It's a nice cock, see."

We could see that Bubbles was, indeed, looking at it.

She sucked my cock into her mouth with one motion, taking as much as her little mouth would hold. I heard Bubbles gasp and saw her squirm uncomfortably in the chair. Bri held my ass cheeks to pull me closer as she sucked my growing member. Using both hands, she pulled the boxers over me hips and down to the floor, where I stepped out of them. She freed her bra and removed it, tossing it aside, and used her hands to press her cute little boobies around my cock and balls, teasing me with their firm softness. Bubbles just stared with eyes wide open.

Brianna stood up so that I could reach the button and zipper of her pants. I released them and pulled them down over her round hips and off each leg as she lifted then to help me. She was so cute in only her tight while bikini panties, anxiously awaiting my move to take them off, which I promptly did. I pulled her close, bodies pressing together, and kissed her. It really didn't matter WHO was watching us now, because we were going to have sex no matter what. There was no turning back now. I lifted her and placed her on the bed close to where Bubbles was seated.

"How does it look, Mom? Your little girl is about to be fucked by an old man, like when I was a kid. Only this time, I'm doing it willingly and eagerly and he is certainly not raping me. Take me, lover. Show her what she caused, what she's missing."

I climbed on top on Bri and readied my cock at the entrance of her pretty little pussy, rubbing her lips with the head and shaft, over her clit and picking up wetness from her awaiting vagina. Slowly but surely, I pressed it inside her. She gasped and sighed as it entered her, a smile on her lips from the pleasure she felt as her pussy filled with my hard cock. Then we slowly fucked each other, cock going to its deepest, and out, and in.

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