Bubbles Redux


"What are you thinking, Bubbles?" I asked. "Think about that sweaty old smelly man taking your daughter against her will, taking her innocence forever. She deserved better than that. You shouldn't have allowed that. I wouldn't have let that happen, ever! Heck, she might have even been MY daughter if you hadn't been such a slut."

"Oh, fuck me 'daddy'. Make love to me baby. Show Mom what she's been missing all those years. It's so good. You fill me so well, baby. Do it. I bet you wish I were you right now, don't you. Mom? But you don't know what a good, loving man is like, do you"

"I loved you for years, Bubbles, but I could never have you. And after many years of searching for a suitable substitute, I stumbled upon your daughter, not knowing who she was, of course. I could never understand why Brianna is so irresistible until now. Everything I wanted you to be, she is. Everything I wanted from you, she gives me." I confessed.

Upon seeing that Brenda had closed her eyes in shame, Bri yelled to her, "OPEN YOUR EYES! I tried to close my eyes when I was being raped, but it didn't ease the pain. Every time he did it, I tried to block it out, but he didn't care about me, only about himself. So you watch, you bitch. Watch and realize what he did to me."

Brenda opened her eyes and started sobbing, tears streaming down her cheeks. Maybe she was finally beginning to realize what really happened back then. I didn't care at this point. I only wanted to make love to her daughter, my lover, and make her happy. I kissed her mouth, her neck, down to her chest and breasts, licking and nibbling her nipples until she arched her back up for more contact. My cock drove into her wet pussy again and again, making her squirm her hips and buck up to meet mine.

Brenda was forgotten for a moment as we raced to a climax, hips, arms and hands coaxing more sensation from each other. Bri came first, hips tightening, pussy pulsing, face contorting as she came in a shaking orgasm, over and over for minutes until finally relaxing and lying still, heart beating fast, breath heaving. For some reason, I did not come and I got an idea. Rising up, I went over and stood in front of Brenda, cock standing out in front of me, dripping with woman cum. Her legs were spread now and her handcuffed hands pressed down against her clit and pussy through the dress.

"I'm going to take the scarf out of your mouth and give you something else, OK? So, don't yell or scream 'cause I'll slap you, OK?"

She nodded approval with her face wet from crying, fearful of what might happen, but physically excited beyond her conscious desires, and leaned forward. I stood between her legs and reached around her head to untie the scarf gag from her head and mouth. My cock head twitched up right in front of her face. She didn't say anything. Good.

"Now, lick and suck my cock, Bubbles. Suck it like you want it. Make me come and I won't hurt you. And you'd better not bite me or I'll knock the shit out of you."

Brenda opened her lips and mouth to accept my hard cock, licking the head with her tongue as I had demanded, her hands still pressed against her confused clit. She did a good job, like I remembered her doing from last Valentine's Day. Brianna had turned onto her side to watch, with her head up and resting on one hand, her other hand over her own clit. Brenda sucked me well, opening up as best she could when I thrust my cock into her throat, gagging from inexperience of taking a cock so deeply. I didn't care. I was going to come in her mouth and there was nothing she could do about it. I reached down and cupped both of her breasts through her dress and bra, still managing to feel their familiar shape (from ancient memory).

Bri spoke up to her mom, "How does it feel to be forced to do something you don't want to do? How does it feel to be helpless? He's going to come in you and you can't do anything to stop it, just like I felt when I was a girl. Do you see now?"

I could sense that Brenda did understand now. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she mechanically sucked and licked my cock, like she was duty-bound to do. She lifted her cuffed hands up to play with my balls, then stroked the base of my cock with fingers around it and her palm on my nuts. It was time. I pulled back 'til only the head was in her mouth.

"Jerk me off on your face. Make me come in your mouth"

She did as instructed and in no time I had shot one big wad into her throat, making her gag and swallow. I jerked my cock out and shot over her nose and forehead. She held her mouth open with her tongue out as far as it would go, probably something she learned from a cheap porn movie. I obliged and shot more cum into her mouth. It filled it and dripped down over her chin. A few more shots and I was finished and so weak in the knees that I had to sit back onto the bed. We just stared at her, at the lovely sight of my cum all over her face. The hate and anger vanished from us both now that we had extracted our revenge on her.

Bri went to get a damp washcloth and washed off her mother's face, licking some of my cum from her fingers as she helped her. She released the ties around her mother's ankles while I released the handcuffs with my key. We sat on the bed facing Brenda in the chair. She was an emotional mess, we could tell.

After a period of tense silence, Mom spoke, "I'm sorry. I had no idea that happened. Bri, I should have known something was going on back then, but I guess I blocked it out. I would never hurt you. You're my little girl. But I see now that I did hurt you and I'm so sorry. And Bunch, I was such a horny teen and you wouldn't take me so I had to get some somehow. Oh, how I wish I could go back and change things. Can you two ever forgive me?"

"Well, we'd better forgive each other because I think I'm falling in love with your daughter and I hope we can learn to forgive and get along because I might be part of your family someday."

Bri held my arm and kissed me with love in her eyes.

"Oh, baby, I think I love you too. I bet therapy is going to be really interesting next week after this. I have a lot of feelings to talk about. This is a Valentine's Day I'll never forget. It might have saved or changed my life. Thank you, babe."

I hope you liked my love story. Not what you expected for this contest, was it? You never know where and how love manifests itself, from the mentally challenged couple next door to the farmer and his mail order bride to the preacher to the President. I hope everyone finds true love this Valentine's Day. MF

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