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Bucket List Boning


Jonette and I had dated for three years and lived together for two years. About nine months ago we began discussing marriage and our future. I am 31, once divorced and having had several serious relationships and a short marriage, am convinced that Jonette is the one for me.

Jonette is a beautiful, bright, warm 26 year old woman of Swedish and German heritage. She has beautiful skin and soft flowing shoulder length wavy hair, greenish eyes, and a sweet girl next door smile. She is charming with a good sense of humor, eager, curious, determined, hard working, and fun to be around. While not a "life-of-the party" personality, she is comfortable around most anyone and well liked. With a well tone 5'-4", 123 pounds body shaped into a delightful 34C, 25, 36 inch figure she is also veerrry nice to look at. I could easily see myself growing old with Jonette.

Jonette had one prior serous relationship but has pretty much been my special project over the past few years as she has learned to enjoy a full and active sex life. We've tried all the positions, every room in the apartment and a few at our places at work, a little porn, some toys, and my favorite -- photographing her in her growing wardrobe of sexy lingerie and outfits. Jonette has been an outstanding "student", learning with enthusiasm and outgrowing the narrow image of what constitutes an intimate relationship that she grew up with. We are very compatible in the bedroom and out.

Several weeks ago we were watching the Bucket List movie on cable and began talking about things we wanted to do in our lives. First it was the professional and personal things, then, as we settled in bed we teased each other about our sexual bucket lists. Jonette challenged me to put together my list for her. Nothing was said for a few days then Friday evening after returning from a party with some friends I gave Jonette a little list I had put together. I divided the list into two sections. The first was the long term list of things I hoped to do with Jonette. It included taking erotic photos of Jonette in the Costa Rican jungles, fucking her silly in a romantic Parisian hotel after a night on the town, seeing Jonette flash for beads on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and getting Jonette pregnant with our kids.

As Jonette looked down the list she grinned and seemed moved by the romantic suggestions and the reference to having kids, saying, "That's sweet."

I told Jonette there was more on the back of the page. She turned it over and read a new list with the heading "Things to happen before we Marry."

Her look turned more serious as she read down the list aloud.

1. Seduce a shy young man and give him a lifelong memory.

2. Give in to a lustful urge and satisfy yourself with a hot jock, and,

3. Submit to a weekend of entertaining a wealthy businessman.

First she laughed then looked at me more seriously asking what's the deal with the list. That started a long discussion. Jonette said she couldn't understand why I would put those things on the bucket list if I cared for her. That led to several days of discussion of the differences between love and sex and how guys in particular could easily differentiate between recreational sex and love and intimacy.

Jonette has always been a little uncomfortable with the fact that I had "sown my wild oats" as the saying goes, while she had fallen in love with me before having many intimate experiences. While she had shown no interest in anyone else and was committed to our relationship, she had seen her sister go through a divorce due to infidelity and was uncomfortable around a close friend who was cheating on her husband. She had seen people succumb to temptation and understood the logic of satiating any curiosity to eliminate that motivation to stray.

Jonette acknowledged that women, including her, could lust after a hot guy or get excited about some porn but she struggled with the idea of going beyond fantasy to recreational sex.

She asked what was on my sexual bucket list. I told her that my remaining fantasy was to make sure she had some hot memories before we settled down to a normal life of work, kids, family and community. I wasn't interested in either of us being distracted emotionally or physically once we were married and it would be too risky to our reputations in our community. But for now, I wanted to see her have some fun. Jonette smiled and said, "If this is going to happen I am going to need your help and a little liquid courage."

It had been three months since I had first brought up the bucket list. As we went about our normal activities I occasionally teased Jonette, mentioning seeing some guy check her out, asking her if she found particular men attractive or complimenting her on sexy outfits. Jonette seemed to be getting numb to the idea. Finally, about four months before our planned wedding I invited Jonette to travel with me to Atlanta for a three day weekend following a software trade show I had to attend. I told her it was time we made some progress on the bucket list.

The reality seemed to be sinking in. Jonette was eager to visit Atlanta but noticeably nervous about the bucket list plan. Her emotions fluctuated between being excited, horny, scared, anxious, and even a little excited. As I encouraged her to pack several sexy outfits she was almost trembling. Our trip was uneventful and we had Thursday evening diner at a nice place before retiring for the night. I abstained from fucking her to keep her as horny as possible. I told her to check out the pool and shops while I was in meetings the next day. I told her I had reserved the adjoining room for Friday and gave her the key card so she should move her things there. She looked puzzled as I explained that if she got lucky she should use the room next door but unlock the pass-thru door on her side. As she indicated that she wasn't sure she would be able to go through with the plan I mentioned that 120 rooms in the hotel were reserved for college software programmers who were part of a completion the conference was hosting and that I was sure she could find quite a collection of shy bashful types to seduce. And if not, there were no doubt numerous jocks or businessmen around to choose from. We cuddled and I feel asleep with visions of Jonette with another man.

As I headed out in the morning I handed Jonette her smallest bikini and said I was sure she would have no trouble finding some very interested guys around the pool later in the day. I told her she could fill me in at dinner at 7:00 so to make any dates for later in the evening. As I looked at Jonette she looked adorable with her sweet innocent smile. Her skin glowed and her skimpy nightie did little to hide her full breasts and firm nipples. Jonette had no idea how easy it would be for her to get some lonesome horny guy interested in getting in her panties - if she showed any willingness at all.

I gave Jonette a passionate good bye kiss and wished her luck as I headed out to my meetings. I wondered what might really happen. I suspected that Jonette would not be willing to go thru with anything without a lot more encouragement and some liquid courage -- but then again some strange man might be nailing her to the bed while I was off at meetings.

As I suspected, Jonette had a pleasant day shopping and sunning by the pool. When I returned she was dressed in a sheer white blouse with a very visible white push up bra and a tight white short skirt and sandals. The sun had given her a warm glow. She was nursing a margarita and anxious to see me. In response to my inquiry "Well?" she smiled and said she had fun shopping and checking out the prospects.

She asked, "Do you like my new hunting clothes." I grinned my acceptance as I realized just how sheer her top was. It was obviously meant to be worn with a camisole and the fact that she only had an overflowing bra under it made it hard to resist staring.

We headed for dinner at a nearby pub. About half way through dinner Jonette's cell phone rang. She blushed when she looked at the number and took the call.

"Really?" "Congratulations." .... "I am at dinner now but, yes, I can meet you at 9:00?" ... "I said I would help you celebrate if you won, and I will keep my promise." ... "Let's meet at the patio bar."

Jonette smiled as she hung up. Trying to be casual, she said, "One of the guys I met by the pool was competing in a software design competition and just found out he won a blue ribbon. I had told him that if he won I would help him celebrate."

Then after a pause she said, "He is a shy young man -- just what your bucket list called for."

My stomach tightened and the blood surged to my groin as the statements sunk in. I quickly poured her another glass of wine and made a toast, "To liquid courage and good memories."

As I looked at her I said, "Tell me about him."

Jonette smiled and said, "Well, he's young, a college sophomore, cute, not really handsome or hot, but cute. Curly hair, kind of slight, nice smile." "We visited for about an hour after I splashed on him."

I asked her what he knew about her and she said, "Next to nothing. He thinks I'm on a weekend shopping visit. I didn't wear my engagement ring and didn't mention you. I do know he doesn't have a girlfriend, and he definitely got a tent in his swimsuit as we visited." "He was anxious about the competition and I'm sure he will be very excited about the ribbon." "He is in town alone and flies out tomorrow evening."

I asked, "So how does he think you are going to celebrate?"

Jonette responded, "I think he wants to go to a jazz club. -- I didn't tell him he was a candidate for my bucket list."

"So if he plays his cards right is he going to get in your panties?" I asked.

"Could be." "Is that what you want to happen?"

"I think you might enjoy it and I'm betting it will be a lifelong memory if you make it happen."

After that we paid our tab and headed back to the room. Jonette was going to freshen up before heading to the patio to meet Jim. I was going to make sure the pass through door was unlocked on both sides and place a baby monitor microphone in Jonette's room -- part of our agreed upon safety assurance plan.

Jonette headed down at 8:45 and I followed but at a distance so I could take a look at the young man --also part of the safety plan. After I spotted them together I headed back to the room to watch some movies.

I was surprised when I heard noise in the hall and Jonette's room door opening about 10:30. Seemed early to me and I wondered if she was alone. As soon as the room door was open the baby monitor microphone picked up the conversation and it was clear that Jonette had company. She sounded giggly drunk and the young man was mostly quiet as Jonette chattered. Things quieted quickly after Jonette told Jim to sit on the couch. For the next fifteen minutes there were various sounds with Jonette's occasional giggle and various words like, nice, more, here, that's good, and umm. At one point I heard Jonette say, "You've been ogling my tits all night now get your head down here and take care of them."

The most intelligible sentence I had been able to make out from Jim followed, "They are even more gorgeous than I imagined." Followed by suckling sounds. There was some moaning and groaning and whimpering sounds for several minutes - the sounds to two people making out. After several minutes I heard Jonette says "Its time to really celebrate." Followed by sounds of a belt being undone and a zipper being lowered. Then a second zipper. I didn't know if it was Jim's pants or Jonette's skirt first, but it was pretty clear they were both down to their underwear.

Jonette giggled and said, "It looks like your cock is standing at attention and ready to celebrate now."

Jim responded, "Time to see what's hiding in those little panties."

The patience of youth -- they had been going at it for over half an hour and Jim still hadn't got Jonette's panties off.

The next twenty minutes was more unintelligible sounds of hot passion. Grunts, moans, gasping for breath, and panting. Finally, I could hear Jonette, "Fuck me. Stick that cock in me. Quit teasing me and fuck me."

Then, "Yes, yes, yes -- fuck me." Then moaning and groaning and the sound of bodies slapping together. It sounded like Jim was pounding Jonette good. Jonette was being pummeled by her first new cock in years and she seemed to be enjoying it.

Very quickly I heard the familiar sound of Jonette having an orgasm followed quickly by loud grunts that I presumed was Jim unloading in her hot wet pussy. My lubed-up pulsing six inches exploded into a towel as I masturbated to the sounds of my fiancé being fucked in the next room.

The room was quiet for about 20 minutes. It was just past midnight. Finally I heard Jonette ask Jim if he would take a quick shower than go to the lounge and get her a margarita. The shower ran for a few minutes that I heard the door close. Jonette quickly appeared in the connecting doorway. She has slipped her panties on but otherwise looked like a well fucked young woman. She smiled and boasted that she could now check the first item off her bucket list. I asked how it was and she said it was exciting because it was different and he was so eager and inexperienced but sensitive to her responses. She said he seemed completely infatuated with her breasts and had said his only serious girlfriend was a small A cup and Jonette's shapely C-cup boobs were a real treat.

"And his cock?" I asked.

Jonette said it was a tad longer and a tad thinner than mine and worked just fine.

"Did he do it in the Missionary position?" I asked.

Jonette responded. "Yes, he wanted to watch my boobs bounce as he fucked me."

"And what position are you going to try next when he gets back with your drink? " I asked.

Jonette looked at me with a funny look and paused. She seemed surprised that I was suggesting she wasn't done. After thinking a few minutes she rather proudly said, "I'm going to teach him how to suck pussy next then do me doggy style."

I said, "He'll be back soon better hurry and freshen up. I'll be listening, have fun."

As Jonette closed the pass through door I was back to listening to the sounds in the room next door. The shower was turned on and a few moments later I heard the door as Jim returned. A few more minutes and the shower was off and soon I heard Jonette asking Jim how he liked her outfit. As Jim responded that she looked hot in red I realized that Jonette had put on her red satin bra and panty set.

They seemed to be visiting over their fresh drinks for several minutes then the unmistakable sounds of love making resumed. Jim was being coached as Jonette moaned and groaned between instructions. Jim seemed an eager student as Jonette steered him on the directions and intensity of his oral exploration. After what appeared to be another orgasm my Jonette caught her breath then instructed Jim to burry that cock in her. I imagined she was taking it doggy style over the arm of the guest chair in the room. As Jim came a second time I did as well.

I cleaned up and turned in for the night as the room next door went quiet. Jonette later told me that I must have slept thru the 3:00am cowboy style romp and the 8:00 am shower romp as Jim received his first ever blow job and titty fuck in the shower before he cleaned up to head out for a seminar.

Jonette slept late but woke up very happy. She had been apprehensive about whether or not she would be able to go through with it and enjoy it without feelings of guilt. She enjoyed being the dominate partner and giving the young man a night to remember and she had been so horny that the multiple couplings had been very satisfying.

The rest of the weekend was delightful and relaxing with tender sex Saturday and a hot romp on Sunday before heading home. Jonette seemed pleased that the liaison did not seem to impact our relationship and that she was able to go through with it. She was excited by the thought of another man finding her attractive and fucking her.

As we drove home Jonette mentioned she only had two months to complete the bucket list before the wedding. She volunteered that she had an idea for item two, satisfy yourself with a hot jock, but it was my job to arrange number three, submit to a weekend of entertaining a wealthy businessman.

She mentioned that one of the trainers at her gym was going to be moving back to Brazil in two weeks to take care of the family business so she was thinking of giving him a special good bye gift. I told her that sounded hot and I would like to watch.

The rest of the way home my mind wandered between the memories of the sound of Jonette being fucked to the vision of her being taken by a muscled jock to what devilish plan I could concoct to carry out item three.

To be continued...

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