tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBucking the Law

Bucking the Law


(An old fantasy of mine, something to do with men in uniforms I think. This is a "quick fix" fantasy for me, if you understand my meaning,(the non-consentual element is quite a turn on) and I think the language and the style reflect that. I don't think its quite as "flowery" as some of my other stories.)


Some weeks ago I went with a group of friends to a concert in Milton Keynes, which finished at around midnight. The rest of the girls decided to go on to a nightclub but despite their best efforts, I couldn't be persuaded to join them and set off to drive home alone. While I was travelling north on the A5 I noticed that a police car was following me. I was a bit worried when it went past with the light flashing and then pulled in front and illuminated the "Follow me" sign.

The car pulled into a lay-by and I followed. When they stopped, one of the police officers approached my car and asked me if I was aware that one of my tail-lights was not working. He then asked me to get out of the car and told me that they intended to breathalyse me. Although I'd had a couple of bottles of cider during the break at the concert, I had drunk them quite a bit earlier on in the evening, so I was not unduly worried. However, to my consternation, the breath test came up positive, and the officer informed me that I would be taken to the police station to give a blood sample. Hearing this, I burst into tears and sat back in my driving seat. The officer did not seem at all moved by my state, but I did notice him looking at my legs. As I had slumped back into the car, my dress had ridden up exposing my stockings and he was having a good look. Noticing his interest, I decided to try and see if I could get off by playing the helpless woman and I begged him to let my off, saying I would lose my job and that my husband would be furious with me.

The policeman went back to the car and spoke to his colleague and then came back to me. He told me that normally I would have to go back to the station to give a sample of blood or urine and then I would be searched for drugs. They had decided that if I let them carry out a search there and then and if I was "a good girl", they might let my off. The other officer then approached and asked me what I had decided.

I had no real idea what they expected of me and although I can be rather naïve at times, I really only thought that they may just have a little feel and let me go on my way. Anyway, I said I would agree to the search and they told me to get out and lean over the car with my hands touching the bonnet. I did this and the first one came up behind me and ran his hands up my legs and round to my stomach. He pulled my blouse out of my skirt and put both hands up inside and began to feel my breasts, eventually pushing my bra up - telling me he was checking to see I had nothing hidden away inside. All the time his mate was watching and telling him to check me out thoroughly. I felt really embarrassed to be exposed this way, but despite this, my nipples responded to his rough handling, hardening in the chill night air. I gasped as he pulled at them to make them harden further and feeling this, he told me to unbutton my blouse. As I did as I was instructed, the second policeman came round behind me and pushed me back over the bonnet.

I stood there with my blouse unbuttoned and my breasts hanging down, illuminated by the headlights of my car. He then proceeded to feel all the way up my legs, pretending to search me, until he reached my knickers. He said that woman have plenty of places they can hide drugs and he intended to check them all. His colleague laughed as he pushed two fingers up inside my pussy and roughly wiggled then about, causing me to gasp once more. "Nothing up there but a lot of pussy juice" he declared and I blushed, realising that he was telling the truth - I had juiced up and was very turned on by the situation I was in.

The feeling of being made to do things over which I had no control was turning me on. The officer then said it was time to check everywhere else out and told me to lie forward across the bonnet. The feel of the cold metal against my bare breasts made me even more excited as I felt the policeman pull my arse cheeks apart and start to push a finger inside my bottom. At this I moaned out loud and the one watching said, "The little slut loves it - now lets see how good she is going to be to us". I tried to protest, saying that that had had their bit of fun and now knew I wasn't carrying any drugs, and so they should let me go. My protests were to no avail however as they informed me that it would cost more than a little feel to get me off a drink-driving charge.

The one with his finger in my arse pulled it out abruptly and pulled my knickers right down, telling me to remove my skirt and lie back across the bonnet. They then went either side of me and taking out their handcuffs, used them to make me helpless by handcuffing me to my wing mirrors. What a sight I must have looked, my blouse undone and bra pushed up, spread-eagled over the bonnet with my stockinged feet resting on the bumper for support. They then appeared back in front of me and the taller of the two pulled my legs apart and proceeded to bury his tongue deep in my pussy. Having my pussy licked turns me on like nothing else and it didn't take many minutes before I was moaning out loud – embarrassing myself by the amount of noise I was making.

This encouraged them further and the other one leant over the car to force his cock into my mouth. Because of the position I was in I couldn't get much in, but I was surprised by how big he was, stretching my mouth wide as he made short strokes in and out of my mouth. Eventually the one who was licking my pussy lifted my legs so that my knees were resting in the crooks of his arms, pulled my pussy wide apart and pushed his hard cock up inside me. He used slow deliberate strokes to pull out to the entrance of my cunt and push slowly back inside. The contrast of the cool air on my pussy as he pulled back and the rough feel of his trousers on my clit as he pushed back, remain particularly vivid in my memory. Gradually he began to increase the speed of his strokes, at the same time lowering my legs a little so that the end of his cock was pushing up against my vaginal walls at the back of my clit on each stroke. I was wailing by now and started to come very loudly and they commented on what a horny little slut I was, their crude language only adding to my excitement.

I was so turned on that no sooner had my first orgasm subsided (an event that usually marks a cooling in my lust), than I felt another one building up, as the speed of the assault on my pussy increased further. I was being lifted off the bonnet of the car with each thrust by now and I felt as though his cock was going to come out through my stomach, such was the strength of his pounding. My second, even more violent orgasm was triggered by the policeman informing my he was going to fill me up with so much spunk that it would be dripping out of me for days. He was as good as his word. I swear that he came with such force I felt the spurts going up inside me.

He left his cock in my for some time, telling his mate that I had a lovely wet, tight cunt. Then he slowly pulled out, just a little at a time, and both of them started laughing as I made a little whimpering noise as he finally came out of me with quite an audible "pop". As they unfastened the handcuffs, I started to get up, thinking they had finished with me, but they merely turned me around and secured me face down this time. The one who I had been sucking came up behind me and pushed his cock in, declaring that I was every bit as tight as his mate had said.

I was surprised that, despite my wetness and the copious amount of spunk I had up inside me, I could feel that this one was much bigger, both in girth and length. I could feel my labia and pussy hairs being pulled tight inside me as he pushed hard to get his full length inside me. He put one hand underneath me and began to rub hard at my clit and with his other hand grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head backwards. Using my hair to pull against, he fucked me really hard, making me scream as I came again under the combined stimulation of his cock in my cunt and his fingers on my clit.

As I came he pulled out of me abruptly, making me gasp and I practically begged him to put it back until I had finished coming. Instead, I heard him tell his mate to spread my arse cheeks and he began to try to force his hard cock up my arse. I screamed that he was hurting me but this just seemed to encourage him as he tried harder to get inside me. Eventually, he realised that he was not going to manage without some form of lubrication, and told his accomplice to see what they had in the medical bag to "grease her arse up with".

Seconds later I felt them applying a cold liquid to my anus, rubbing it in with their fingers and forcing it up inside me. The one with the big cock then resumed his attempts and soon had the large bell end of his cock inside me. With the addition of more of the liquid, he began to push more of his length inside my until I said I felt I would split - then I felt the roughness of his cloths against my bare arse cheeks and realised he had got his whole cock buried inside my arse. Slowly he began to withdraw and almost at the last second, when I felt my sphincter muscles would force him out, he slammed back into me, driving the breath from my body. I was beyond caring now, as the wonderful fullness I felt made my arse and cunt both tingle, and each stoke drove me towards another orgasm. He sensed this and again stopped just before I made it, and pulled his cock out of me. I was nearly crying from the frustration of being taken so close to a huge orgasm and lay limply, sobbing over the bonnet, only just realising that they had freed my hands.

Taking me to the back of their vehicle, the one who had fucked my originally opened the tailgate and lay back in the space, pulling me towards him. I was forced up on top of him and he put his hands round to enter me from underneath. His mate told him to stop and "let the bitch put it up inside herself", as he wanted to watch. Sensing my reluctance, he gave my arse a hard slap and told my to do as I was told. Reaching beneath myself I took hold of the stiff cock and went to put it up my cunt, but was told to lean forward and hold myself open with both hands. This I did and then slowly settled back on his cock, enjoying the thought of the other one watching it go up inside me, little by little. As I settled back down on to it, I knew by now what they intended to do and waited with great anticipation for the other one to put his cock back in my arse. I had never been DP'd before, although it was one of my favourite fantasies, so the though of actually being taken that way against my will, really turned me on.

Sure enough, I felt the cold liquid being applied once more and this time the passage was considerably easier. What I hadn't anticipated was the fact that I would come violently as soon as he penetrated me and it caused me to jerk backwards and force his full length up in one go. My whole body literally trembled as they held me still between then while I came.

Such was the release of this orgasm that the eroticism went out of the situation for me entirely. I now wanted to be out of this situation and I asked them to let me up, telling them they were hurting me. The one up my arse merely told me to stay still until he had emptied his load in me. Forcing me forward, so I was lying flat along his mate, he started to fuck my arse furiously, keeping up a torrent of abusive language, calling me a slut, whore, fuck-pig, bitch, cum-slut and so on. Far from being the turn on it had been before, this was exactly what I felt, pinned between the two men with a hard cock in each of my holes. He continued his furious assault until at last he let out a loud roar and pushing himself in as deep as he could get, came in several large spurts deep in my arse.

I could feel the two cocks rubbing together through my pussy as he shot hot jets of come up me. As his cock began to soften a little, my muscles began to force him out and I felt the strange sensation that happens to me as his cock was finally displaced. The one in my cunt gave me a few short strokes and pulled out too, presenting his slimy cock to my mouth, telling me to suck him off. To prevent him pushing too far down my throat, I wrapped one hand around him (although I couldn't close it all the way round) and sucked on him as he pulled me backwards and forwards by my hair. Then with a loud groan he came again in my mouth, holding my head hard against him so that I was forced to swallow or be choked.

As I freed myself from his grasp I sat up to see my other tormenter filming me with the police video camera. He continued to do this as I walked to retrieve my clothes to try to make myself decent as best I could. Before they would let me dress however, they made my squat down and relieve myself, saying they hadn't taken a sample yet, continuing to film me all the time. They then told me that I was a great fuck and that I was free to go. They said I wouldn't hear again from them, unless I fancied a repeat performance, in which case, all I had to do was drive down the same stretch of road with a defective taillight. And guess what? I am considering doing just that!!

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