tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn the Darkness

In the Darkness


She had been running for a while and was forced to stop for breath. Her pursuers, ten of them, lurked in the darkness not far behind. She could hear their footsteps approaching but had no where left to run; she had reached a dead end of an alleyway. She could hear cars passing by on a distant street. The lonely alley was far from public eye. The girl steeled herself for what was to come, and turned to face her pursuers.

"Look boys, the little filly has finally decided to come and play. Time to mount up..."

The men laughed. The alley was completely dark save for a distant street lamp, and she could not make out their faces. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as the men approached. She took a step backwards until her back hit a brick wall. Trapped. In a lonely corner far from the eyes of any witnesses. 'What a way to spend your eighteenth birthday' she thought to herself. One of the men stepped forward and placed a hand on her shoulder. She could smell the booze on his breath. She caught his arm with her hand and tried with all her might to remove it, but he wouldn't budge. His other hand reached out and grasped her neck, pushing her head against the wall.

"Well well, a little fight still left in ya? Tell you what, I'm a gentleman. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Me and my boys can have our fun with ya, and you can go along your merry way. Or we can use our knives and you can walk home with this little skirt in shreds, or worse. Hahaha..."

The distant street lamp flickered in the night. So close, yet so far. One of the other men lit a cigarette and said something to his buddies. They all burst out laughing. This was routine for them. They were waiting for their boss to finish toying with the helpless girl, so they could get their turn.

"Well? I'm waiting for an answer"

The man grabbed both her wrists and raised them above her head, pinning them against the wall. He held her arms up with one hand, raising her wrists far above her head, spreading her body against the brick. He brought his face close to hers and gave her cheek a long lick, sampling her. Tasting her tears. She froze up.


His free hand went to the hem of her skirt and squeezed the inside of her supple, naked thigh. He ran his hand up her leg and into her skirt, stopping at the hem of her panties.

"Or hard?"

He licked the other side of her cheek. She could feel his fingers begin to rub her pussy through her panties. There were ten of them. She didn't stand a chance. She closed her eyes in defeat.

"Easy", she whispered. Her voice trembling.

"Too bad! I like it better rough, hahaha. Looks like the filly's decided to cooperate boys!"

The men behind her laughed and shoved deeper into the crowded alleyway to get a better look. One of them pulled out their cell phone and began recording. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks now. The man licked her lips and forced her mouth open into a kiss. She could taste alcohol as his tongue freely explored her mouth. His tongue found hers and ran up and down its length. Her arms still pinned above her, he his free hand slipped into her panties and began to play with the tender folds beneath. He opened up her pussy lips and ran a finger up and down her slit. He bit her lower lip and began sucking on it. She felt helpless, and the fear made her unable to move a muscle. He pulled his hand out of her panties as he ended the savage kiss.

"Hold her down boys, I want to get my hands dirty," the man chuckled.

He freed her wrists only for another man to hold them down again. He kicked her legs open and his hand slipped back into her panties. His fingers were now wet with saliva, and he rubbed the moisture up her slit, all the way to her clit, then back down. His other hand, now free, ran up her waist and into her shirt. He pulled her shirt up and over her bra. Someone from behind whistled. Her heart started racing. This was a nightmare... and there were ten of them. She knew that they would all have thoroughly used her body before the night was done.

"Look at the body on her boys. We struck gold with this one. Haven't we little girl?" She heard men whistle and laugh behind her, and zippers being unzipped.

The leader hand ran up and under her bra, cupping her supple breast and moulding it to his hand. He squeezed her right breast, then her left breast, then her right again, getting a good feel of her. His other hand played at the entrance of her pussy. She gasped as he suddenly plunged a finger into her hole, coating the insides of her pussy with his saliva. He slowly began pumping his finger in and out of her. She felt someone undo her bra, and it fell loose over her breasts. Hands began to appear from every direction, touching every inch of her. Two hands now squeezed her breasts as her nipples hardened from the cold night air. Two hands reached behind her and started massaging her round ass. More hands touched her waist, her stomach and her thighs. Still pinned to the wall, she was being thoroughly felt up.

"Atta girl." An unfamiliar voice said. "We jus gon have a lil fun with ya. Who knows maybe one of us will decida keep ya as a pet ahahaha!"

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought. She now had lost track of the hands touching her body, as every inch of her smooth, tender flesh was being groped. The leader continued to pump her hole with two fingers, and she felt her pussy involuntarily begin to get wet. More tears began to fall as her body began to respond to the abuse, against her will.

"I think she's into me boys!" The leader laughed. "Back up a bit, I want her to blow me first."

The hands left her body as she felt strong someone pressing down on her shoulders force her to her knees. The leader unzipped his pants and pulled his fully erect member out into the night. He reached down and grabbed both her breasts in either hand, pinching her nipples hard. She winced, and closed her eyes as the tip of his dick brushed against her lips.

"Come on girl, we ain't got all night. Show the lads what a sexy little cocksucker you can be."

She slowly opened her mouth as he continued to press his cock into her face. The tip of his dick entered her mouth, and she slowly sucked on it. His hands left her tits and he held the back of her head. He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth a few times, coating it with her saliva. Random hands began to grope her again, feeling up her ass and squeezing her tender tits. She felt a two fingers enter her pussy, now wet with her own juices. Hands ran up and down her body, feeling her smooth back round hips. Her eyes went wide as the man face fucking her suddenly bottomed out, his balls hitting her chin. She gagged involuntarily but he held her head still, his full length in her mouth and going down her throat.

"I want a blowjob not a face fuck. Start blowin' sweety."

He pulled his cock from her mouth, and it glistened in the night air, coated with her saliva. She gasped for air, but couldn't regain her breath as he thrust his cock back into her mouth. She had no choice at this point. She had already agreed to cooperate and the men were all over her. She imagined what she looked like, on her knees in the dirt in a back alley, her tits hanging out, being groped by a gang of men with a cock in her mouth. Who would all eventually rape her. It was a hopeless situation.

"Well, I'm waiting. Or how bout we just do it the hard way anyways ahaha!" He patted her cheek, her mouth still filled with cock.

She slowly began to bob her head up and down his shaft. She could feel her pussy start to heat due to the fingers pumping her hole. She could hear men in the background shuffle, some of them with hard dicks in hand, jacking off to the display before them. Hands left her body, only to be replaced with more hands as the entire group took turns copping a feel. She reluctantly ran her tongue along the base of the cock inside her mouth, feeling the pulsing veins. The leader groaned as she now sucked him off in earnest, making her tits bounce and her ass stick out behind her. Someone moved behind her and grabbed both her boobs from behind, moulding them to his hands and giving them a thorough feel. She sucked his cock like he wanted, running her tongue along its length, and over the head of his dick. He suddenly grabbed the sides of her head with both hands, and started pushing his cock into her soft cheek. He fucked her face, pumping in and out of her mouth, groaning with pleasure. She did her best to breathe through her nose as he deep throated her. Letting out a roar, he pumped his seed down her throat. He jizzed a fountain into her mouth, holding her head still as he finished his climax. She did her best to swallow all she could but began to choke on the river of semen pouring into her mouth. He pulled his cock from her face and she coughed, dripping cum down her lips and onto her shirt and bra.

"THAT was a good blowjob. Jesus honey didn't know you had it in ya!"

The men all laughed once again, and some looked hopeful, waiting for their turn at violating this sexy young girl. Their leader pulled up his pants and took a step back, lighting a cigarette.

"Alright boys, leave her be. We gotta set up a batting order! Who's next?"

He turned from her and faced his gang. The hands retreated from her body and she was left alone, knees in the dirt, cum still dripping from mouth onto her breasts. She slowly stood up. Her eyes were still wet but she no longer cried. She had no more tears. The men talked behind her, deciding who would rape her first, but she didn't hear them. Her mind was far, far away. She stood half naked in the dark, awaiting her fate. Strong hands abruptly grabbed her and spun her around. He placed a hand behind her neck and pushed her forward toward the wall. She put her hands up to stop her face from smacking the wall. She was now leaning forward at the waist, her back to the men, with her ass sticking out towards them. She felt her skirt flip over her waist, exposing her supple ass to the night air. Hands groped her ass and she felt her panties being pulled to the side, exposing her wet hole to the men behind her. She felt hands on the back of her thighs. They ran up her thighs, over her waist and to her ass, squeezing all the way. One hand went to her pussy and she drew a quick breath as three fingers now entered her pussy from behind and started pumping in and out fast. She tried her best not to moan as she got finger fucked once again. A whimper escaped her lips as the three fingers stretched her sweet pussy wide. The finger fucking slowed, and she knew that the man's hand was now wet with her juices. Her unknown rapist ran his other hand up her naked back, feeling her smooth skin. He ran his hand up her side and towards her chest, cupping the underside of her boob. She gasped as the fingers left her pussy, and she felt the hand reach around and grope the other breast. He rubbed her juices over her tits and groped both of them with both hands. He squeezed them for a bit, as he positioned himself behind her. She felt the top of his cock hit her pussy. Still holding onto her breasts, he slowly pumped his cock along the outside of her pussy, coating the top of his dick with her wetness. She realized he was not wearing a condom. He leaned forward and bit her ear. He completely dominated her in this position. His cock was poised to spear her sweet hole at any moment, his hands played with her tits, tugging them and mashing them together. He bit her ear harder and she cried out.

"Please... please don't cum inside me." She begged, barely above a whisper. She knew she was defeated, but this was a plea for mercy.

"Aha, can't do that sweety. I want to feel all of you. I want you to know who owns you when I pump my seed deep into your pussy. I got first dibs, and believe me I'm going to savour you. I'm gunna make it last." He growled into her hear.

With that, he plunged the entire length of his cock into her in one push. She cried out as he pushed his shaft balls deep into her pussy. His hands continued to play with her tits, and he licked the back of her neck as he slowly pulled out. He pumped her slowly with the first few inches of his cock, allowing her pussy to adjust to his size. He was really big, and her tight pussy clenched his cock like a tight glove. She moaned as he pushed all the way inside her once again, the tip of his cock hitting her cervix. Once again, he pulled out half way and continued to fuck her with the first few inches of his dick. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and dug his nails into her tender breasts. The attention her body had been getting for the past hour was starting to overcome her. She felt her pussy lubricate itself as his shaft slowly fucked her hole. Her breasts shot electricity to her slit every time he pinched her nipples. She couldn't believe that her body was responding in this way. She was being raped by a stranger in a dark alley. She had already been groped by a group of men while she sucked off another one. She had licked and sucked on his cock until he blew his load down her throat. Now she was being fucked from behind. But it didn't feel like rape. He was getting her ready for him. He really was savouring it.

"Please...stop toying with me" She said, barely above a whisper.

He pumped his cock all the way inside her once again, and held it there, grinding his pelvis against her ass. She stood there, bent over against a wall, completely filled with cock. He gave her tits one last goodbye squeeze, and then moved his hands to her hips. He suddenly pulled his entire length out of her, and she was shocked at the longing her now empty pussy felt. With one thrust, he plunged his cock balls deep into her once again.

"Unh!" She let out an involuntary cry.

He pulled out, and then speared her once again, fucking her with his entire length. He then began fucking her. He pumped in and out of her, hard and fast, holding onto her hips for leverage.

"Unh, unh, unh unh.."

She grunted each time he bottomed out, the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the air. Her pussy was on fire. She could feel every inch of him, pumping in and out of her wet, hot hole. Her pussy gripped his cock as he continued to fuck the shit out of her. He was using the full length of his cock now. He looked down between them to see his shaft moving in and out of her, gleaming with her pussy juices.

"You....feel...fucking amazing... how the hell are you this tight..." He whispered in her ear, in between trusts.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Ahh...unh! Ahh... ahh... ahh!" She could no longer control her grunts and moans. The men behind them were silent, enjoying the view of a sexy young girl getting used.

Her tits bounced beneath her as he fucked her into the wall. Her arms ached from having to push back against the brick every time he pumped into her. His right hand left her waist and found her tits. He took turns squeezing each one, never slowing his fucking. His right hand found it's home over her left breast and he groped it aggressively, leaving bruise marks. His left hand roamed her body, feeling every inch of her as he continued to fuck her with all his might. He reached under her to rub her clit, and feel where her pussy was being penetrated by his rock hard cock. He wiped excess juices from her pussy and smeared it on her back and ass. He continued to fuck the living hell out of her without slowing. In the back of her mind, she marvelled as his endurance. He had been giving her the fuck of her life for almost twenty minutes non-stop. She came silently, her pussy squeezing his cock like a vice. He smeared the rest of her pussy juices over her asshole, and then used the lubrication to slowly push a finger into her ass. Her eyes went wide. She hoped they wouldn't fuck her in the ass, but at this rate they were going to do whatever the hell they wanted with her.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh...AHhhhh..."

She climaxed again as he got his finger all the way into her asshole. He started to finger fuck her asshole, still wet with her juices. Finally, his pumping started to slow. He brought his free hand to her lips and stuck a finger into her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a cock, her tongue rubbing against his finger. He pulled his hand from her mouth and brought it to her tits. He traced her areolas with his wet fingers, her sensitive nipples hard as nails. Electricity ran up and down her body, to her breasts, to her ass and to her pussy. She was being thoroughly fucked, used and toyed with.

"So, who owns you?" He growled into her ear.


"What was that?"

His pumping slowed to his original pace. He was savouring her once again. She was grateful as it gave her a chance to catch her breath. Her mind was in a haze from the multiple orgasms he had just put her through. If it wasn't for the cock impaling her from behind, she would have slumped to the ground from exhaustion.

"Unh... uhh, uh, what?"

"Who do you belong to?"


"Who just fucked you're brains out?"


With that, he stopped fingering her ass. He placed one hand on her lower back, and the other on the back of her neck. He filled her with his entire length and held it there. Involuntarily, she started bucking against him, eager for the pumping to continue. He held her still. She slowly pushed back against him, pumping him with her pussy. He let her fuck herself on his pole for a few seconds before grabbing her waist with both hands and pumping her with full force once again.

"Unh! Unh! Unh!"

He fucked her hard, pulling her hips towards his. He banged the crap out of her for another few seconds before burying his cock deep inside her and shooting his load deep into her womb. He held inside her, his cum flowing inside her like a waterfall. She could feel his seed coat the walls of her pussy, like a hot bath. He came forever, filling her pussy with his seed. She couldn't believe the ocean of he was spraying into her. She felt completely and utterly used. Her brain was fried. In the back of her head, she imagined what she must look like. Her breasts were sore and bruised, and her back and ass were wet with her own juices. There was a man with his cock buried into her pussy from behind. He hadn't even removed her panties, and they were soaked from her wetness. She came one last time, an aftershock from the earlier fucking. Her pussy milked the last few drops of cum from his cock as he massaged her ass and breasts, his climax finally finished. He pulled his limp cock from her well used cunt, and she slid down the wall to the floor.

"This girl..." She heard him say.

Then she passed out.

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