tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBuffyverse: Continued Ch. 01

Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 01


Obviously, this is totally unofficial and based on Joss Whedon's Buffyverse. This is in no way an official story; I'm simply borrowing Joss' characters for a while. I hope he won't mind.

I will give most new characters that I introduce a description in the text, but I may also suggest at the beginning of each story who would be the guest star to play them if it were a real T.V. episode. For example: Holly in this episode would be played by Shannon Elizabeth as she appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

This is set in an alternate Buffy verse. All of the events that have happened in Buffy have still happened in this Buffy verse with the exception of the death of the slayer Kendra who survived after series 2 but 'died' after Drusilla cut her throat in that her heart stopped, calling Faith. Events following this have been different in so far as they now include Kendra. She recovered from a grievous but non-fatal throat wound in Sunnydale and remained there when Buffy fled to Los Angeles. She returned again after Faith's turn to evil and fought alongside Buffy against her, capturing her alive. Together, they brought her back around and the three slayers fought the mayor together at graduation. She then returned to her home and returned only sporadically after that, notably during the fight against Glory and the battle against The First's minions. Faith meanwhile went to Los Angeles to help Angel Investigations, returning to aid in the fight against Willow when she turned to evil, in which Faith was almost killed. She returned to Los Angeles again to fight evil after Angel's move to Wolfram and Hart, and then returned to Sunnydale to fight The First Evil.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: New Beginnings

The screen cast a column of light over the girl as she sat, long legs outstretched, facing the television. On the screen, a small brunette in a black mini-dress was lying on a table looking up at a large man.

'Oh yeah,' the girl viewing spoke under her breath. 'She wants it, dominate that little slut.'

The man moved forwards and leaned onto the brunette, their tongues sliding over one another as they kissed, sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders and down, exposing her firm and luscious breasts to his wandering hands. He took first one, then the other in his mouth, his hands squeezing them gently. The brunette moaned.

'Fuck her, give that little slut some action. Fuck her juicy little cunt, go on stud give it to her hard.'

The girl watching began to feel tingles between her own thighs. She moved her hips, the zipper on her skin-tight jeans rubbing against her crotch and she felt herself moistening.

The man's hands hiked up the brunette's skirt and he began to rub her through her panties with his thumb, pushing the pad of his thumb into her and pulling the underwear with it. The brunette moaned.

'Do it, do it now!'

The man pulled her underwear aside with one hand, unzipping his fly with the other and moved the head of his cock to rub it up and down her slit.

The girl watching undid her top button and slid a hand down the front of her jeans. She felt her own pussy twitch as the man on the screen finally penetrated the brunette up to his balls, sinking with ease into her slick cunt.

Behind her she heard the door open and a sharp intake of breath, she hurriedly pulled her hand from between her wanton thighs, fastening her top button rapidly.

The man who had opened the door waited in the doorframe discreetly until he was sure that she was ready to speak to him, he could see the TV but not her from where he was, but was aware of the hurried movement.

'Hello Faith,' said Xander. 'Feeling lonely tonight were we?'

'Screw you Xander'

'Ha, we tried that already, it didn't work out too well as I recall.'

'What do you want?'

'Well actually, to see you, Giles sent me. I've just gotten off the phone with him, he and Buffy have collected the last few slayers that they knew about in Europe, they're planning to bring them back here in a few days.' He paused.


'Well, there's something that Giles wanted you to know about. He's been exploring some ancient texts,'

'So what else is new? God, you'd have thought he'd have something resembling a life these days. I thought Europeans were supposed to be all 'sophisticated' when it came to sex.' She shook her head. 'Even being as British as he is you'd have thought that in a few months there some of it would have worn off on him.'

'Let's really not explore the concept of anything 'rubbing off' on Giles and move to the reason he didn't just call you. He needs you to go to Europe. Both of us in fact. I have tickets right here.'

'Europe? Well hey; I've heard people are alot looser over there and if Giles is paying what the hell. Lets go bump some uglies. But why the transatlantic for just another demon-slaying? He already has an army of Slayers at his...' She smiled slowly, a sultry and sexy look coming to her face as she spoke the word; 'fingertips.'

'I don't know. He said it was best not to ask.' He put on his best Giles impersonation. 'Suffice it to say, there is a very grave threat.'

'Oh good, just what I wanted. Ah well, at least it gives me something and hopefully someone, to do.'


Quetzonatl had slept for many centuries.

Her spiritual tomb had held her bound whilst her power ate at it. The Aztec people had been hers to feed upon, to enjoy. Her power had grown strong during her centuries of feasting upon them. Thousands of sacrifices to her, for whichever God they had been worshipping had merely been another façade, another guise for her power.

Now, she began to awaken. Her powers had finally defeated the walls of magical energy binding her essence to the core of the world. The army sent against her physical form and not been a threat, it had been the witches. Unable to defeat her, they had been able to banish her to a prison of power. She would not repeat her errors.

The Spanish had ended her dominion, they had brought with them both the richest food for her palette, the ones they knew of as 'Slayers' but also death and dominion to her favoured people. Even the raw power she had gained through manipulating and feasting upon not one, but three slayers one after another, had proven to be insufficient to counteract the robbing of the ritual sacrifices the Aztecs had given her for centuries.

They would pay. She would find her people and use their power to destroy them all.

As her consciousness spread, she reached out. She was weak, sacrifices would be needed and soon.

The world tasted... different to her.

Her people were gone, she could sense this. Whilst mankind's hatred and willingness to kill was clearly still rampant, their ability to make use of the chemicals and objects of the world seemed to have grown. She searched.

Then it happened. She sensed the first one's essence nearby, the power, the raw energy so easily manipulated to release waves of sexual energy. She could not believe her luck; a slayer so nearby seemed to be an ideal situation to be exploited whilst she grew in strength and energy. She would bide her time and then...Wait! Another of them! Definitely! On the same continent, she could not believe her luck. But two of them? They had always sworn to the rule of one.

She expanded her search and was overcome with hunger. There were hundreds of them! Most of them seemed to be further away, in the region the hated Spanish had arrived from, but they seemed to be moving. Too many to be taken lightly, yet if she could bide her time, manipulate them and toy with them, her power would grow. Feeding from so many slayers should be more than enough to bring her back to full power. They would enjoy the process at first. Bristling with sexual energy they would pleasure one another for days, until her power grew enough to allow her to drain them completely. Then they would die. All of them. To feed her, and with this raw power she would enslave a new people. She would be strong again.

With relish, she focussed her attention upon the first slayer she had found. Time to test her abilities...

Faith followed Xander, her mind fluctuating between considering what the new great evil could be and, oddly, how tight Xander's ass was as he walked in front of her.

The first and only time she had slept with him, he had had a reasonably good body; nothing particularly special, but certainly no less than average. Several years of building work seemed to have hardened him up. His shoulders had broadened, he had lost his baby fat and tightened up in all the right areas. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed it before. Anya must have really had it good with him before...

Thinking about the slain ex-demon brought on a little twinge of guilt in the bad-girl slayer. She knew Xander still mourned the loss of Anya. They had been separated for several months by the time she had died and neither had any illusions entering that fight against the minions of the first, but it had still hit him hard. Faith's thoughts turned sexual again as she thought how she had missed the opportunity to comfort him because of her closeness to Robin Wood. The former principal had remained in her life for a few months after that before they had grown apart. Of course, it didn't help that she had slept with one of the new slayers from Buffy's cadre, part of the reason she hadn't elected to follow the roving slayer band to Europe in fact.

Faith felt that tingle between her legs again as she was walking. She tried to clear her mind, she didn't really want to be squelching wet in her underwear as she was walking, but the memory of her night with the other slayer, a slayer roughly as old as she was who had been a potential not called because Faith had been, made her body react of its own accord. As her eyes roamed however, she realised that looking at Xander caused her pussy lips to tremble and release yet more fluid. Could it be she wanted him?

Xander opened the car door for her and started to walk around the to the driver's door. She didn't give him the chance.

'Hey Xander,' she said in a sultry voice as she put a hand on his muscular bicep and turned him around. 'What's the hurry?'

Her other hand placed itself on his crotch and she felt a small twinge from the flesh beneath as his cock responded automatically. She massaged it through the fabric of his brown corduroy pants.

'Faith what the...' he asked, a perplexed look on his face, but he didn't move away.

'I was just wondering why we never did get to give each other that second,' she licked her lips, 'taste...' Faith heard herself say this, but couldn't understand why she had become so hot and heavy towards Xander so quickly. She hadn't been this horny surely? 'I think we should do just that. Plus you interrupted my movie. So how about it stud? You show me yours...'

'Faith no, we can't, Giles said...'

She silenced him by pressing her crimson lips to his and forcing her tongue into his mouth. For a moment he did not react, then he took her in his arms and returned the fierce kiss fully. They stood kissing for a long moment, then she started to undo his belt.

'Faith wait, we should get inside first.' His whole tactic changed in an instant, as he gave in to a desire for her that he had harboured for years.

'It's late Xander, no one cares, but if your that worried about it,' She dropped his pants to his ankles and dropped to her knees. 'then after I swallow your first load, we can take it to the inside of your car.'

His response was a choked moan as she slid her hands into the waistband of his underwear and pulled his cock out, licking the tip softly, tickling it with her tongue.

All resistance left him as he leaned back against the car.

She wasted no time, licking up and down the length of his shaft before taking the head of his cock between her moist lips, her tongue playing on the underside of it, tickling and teasing more. Then with one fluid motion, she deep-throated him, his cock sliding all the way to the back of her mouth.

'God Faith, don't stop.' He wheezed between heavy breaths.

She slid her mouth back off his cock, kissing the tip and licking the underside again, her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth like a cat. Her big brown eyes looking up into his.

'Please, please take it all in again Faith. God I've missed you so much. Please suck me.' His mouth was slack with need.

She did as he asked. She took his cock into her mouth up to the hilt again, her big brown eyes looking up into his. He placed his hands on the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair. His hips began a slow fucking motion, his cock sliding in and out of her throat. She was skilled, taking breaths when possible, her lips never leaving contact with his prick for more than a split second. Her hands began to tickle the underside of his balls as she slid his hardness in and out of her mouth.

The suction from her mouth combined with the soft tickling from her hands on him was soon too much.

'Oh my God, I'm coming Faith! I'm coming! I'm...'

His voice trailed off as he shot a jet of come down her willing throat. For several seconds she continued to milk him with her lips, suckling on his cock like a kitten on its mother's teat.

When he was almost spent she pulled his cock out of her mouth but held her mouth open as he sprayed a final jet onto her tongue. She licked him clean and rose, opening the door to the back seat of his car she pushed him onto his back inside.

She took her time taking off her jacket, shirt and her pants and hurled them onto the front seat. Standing in the cold night in just her lacy red thong and bra, her nipples swelled. Xander meanwhile pulled off his pants and shirt, making himself nude for her. Sitting up on the back chair, she could see his cock was already hardening again.

With a sexy little grin she undid her bra and climbed into the car, closing the door behind her.

She sat astride him, their wanton crotches separated only by a thin layer of lacy red fabric. She rubbed her crotch against his naked manhood, pressing it against his stomach as she leaned back so he was able to lower his head to her firm breasts.

'Am I a slut Xander?' She asked softly.

'You're mine Faith,' he responded between sucks on her breast, then as he switched to her other breast. 'Tonight, you're all mine. Your tight pussy and your gorgeous tits. Your soft little mouth and your firm ass. Your hair, your eyes; all mine.'

Her eyes rolled back as his tongue teased her nipples, he had definitely learned a thing or two from Anya. His hands began kneading her ass cheeks before one slid lower along her thong-clad buttocks so that one middle finger could extend to rub her pussy through her underwear from behind.

Faith moaned as he made contact and his finger entered her slightly, taking her underwear with it.

'Then take me Xander, make me yours. Fuck me like the little whore I am, make me moan for you.'

He needed no further encouragement his hand toying with her pussy lips through her thong pulled the garment aside.

The cool air of the car felt delicious on her cunt.

He slipped the tip of his dick into her and the air left her in one hot breath against his neck. He paused there, making her wait.

'Come on!' She moaned breathlessly, wriggling her hips but he held her up with his other hand, not letting her sink onto his erection.

'Fuck me! I need it so badly Xander, make me yours forever.'

She couldn't believe she had said that. She didn't do forever.

In the back of her mind something catalogued that as an incorrect response. Such thoughts were driven from her however as Xander pushed her onto himself, sliding into her up to the stalk of his cock. The suddenness after the agonising wait made her gasp and they looked deeply into one another's eyes as they sat, him deep inside of her for a long moment. Then she slowly began to gyrate her hips, rising off of him slightly with her knees on the car seat, arching her neck in the confines of the car.

Her pussy tightened on him, the slick walls already very wet from her arousal drawing on him and pulling on his dick deliciously.

His head lowered once again. Pressed this close he could not quite reach her nipples with his mouth but instead buried his face in her ample cleavage, licking and sucking the flesh of her breasts.

His hips returned her thrusts and as they met each time, he was forced all the way into her.

The friction of him in her pussy began to quickly push her to the brink as she felt an all too familiar heat rising in her stomach.

She began to gyrate faster and faster, her snatch slick with her juices and his precum.

Xander was in heaven. Her body was so warm, firm yet smooth and soft against his. The walls of her pussy were slick with her intense arousal as he felt her pussy muscles squeezing him.

'Xander fuck me, don't stop I'm going to come!' Faith moaned.

'So am I Faith, your tight little pussy is so hot and so wet. I've wanted you so badly for so long. Let's come together!'

Her response was a loud wail as she flooded his crotch with her hot juices. He thrust one last time deep into her and held his dick in her balls deep as she felt it swell and then shoot jet after jet of semen into her depths. Her pussy contracted in concentric rings, it felt like another even better blowjob to him as her cunt milked his cock for every last drop. They both cried out in ecstasy as they came, then she slumped against him, her hot breasts against his heaving chest, holding each other in the afterglow of their fucking, his softening dick still buried inside of her.

They sat like that for several minutes before she pulled herself off him, her lips sticking to him briefly from their combined juices. His come ran down the insides of her thighs, soaking her thong as it slid back into place over her soaking crotch as she sat down next to him on the backseat, both of them sitting looking straight ahead. They felt weak, oddly drained, but both felt a feeling of contentment. In the back of their minds, they realised that what had just happened was strange. They felt too contented about it. Even Xander, who had longed for Faith ever since their first time, could tell that something was amiss.

'Well, that was fun.' Faith said dryly.

'That was...' he paused for a second.

'I know lover, I'm good.'

'Yeah you are. So, what does this mean about us?'

'Us?' her voice raised slightly as she turned to look at him. 'Xander I don't think there is any 'us'. Get some, get gone remember?'

'Right.' His face fell, the feeling of contentment receding from them both rapidly.

'But in your case, I think I'll make an exception on the get gone.' He turned to look at her quizzically as she said this. 'We are not any kind of item, but we're both hot singles in America, we both have needs the other can fulfil. Let's just be fulfilled. But hey don't we have demons to fight first?'

'Right, yeah we should get dressed and get on that then.' His face held a look of shell-shocked confusion, but he certainly wasn't going to turn her down. As he thought about trying to find his underwear and pants from the floor, he became aware of her hand rubbing his cock again, and it responding in kind by hardening once again, though slower this time.

'Yeah we should, but first, a little something to set us on our way.'

She pulled him to her and their lips met once more, sucking on each other's tongues with deep passion as she tore her underwear off, her slayer strength ripping the fabric with ease, dropping the ruined and soaking garment to the floor as she slithered atop him once again. It was going to be a very long night...

At this, Quetzonatl relished the power she had already been able to consume from their heat. She regretted only that in her weakened state she had not been able to ride each of them to death, making them give their all.

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