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Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 05


Obviously, this is totally unofficial and based on Joss Whedon's Buffyverse. This is in no way an official story; I'm simply borrowing Joss' characters for a while. I hope he won't mind and with any luck I'll return them all in a few instalments time in one piece.

I will give most new characters that I introduce a description in the text, but I may also suggest at the beginning of each story who would be the guest star to play them if it were a real T.V. episode. For example: Holly/Quetzonatl would be played by Shannon Elizabeth as she appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

This is set in an alternate Buffy verse. All of the events that have happened in Buffy have still happened in this Buffy verse with the exception of the death of the slayer Kendra who survived after series 2 but 'died' after Drusilla cut her throat in that her heart stopped, calling Faith. Events following this have been different in so far as they now include Kendra. She recovered in Sunnydale and remained there when Buffy fled to Los Angeles. She returned again after Faith's turn to evil and fought alongside Buffy against her, capturing her alive. Together, they brought her back around and the three slayers fought the mayor together at graduation. She then returned to her home and returned only sporadically after that, notably during the fight against Glory and the battle against The First's minions. Faith meanwhile went to Los Angeles to help Angel Investigations, returning to aid in the fight against Willow when she turned to evil, in which Faith was almost killed. She returned to Los Angeles again to fight evil after Angel's move to Wolfram and Hart, then returned to Sunnydale to fight The First Evil.

In this instalment, the character of Gwen Raiden (played by the delectable Alexa Davalos) appears as she did in Angel Season 4, as does Illyria (played by Amy Acker) as she appeared in Angel Season 5.


Faith had tried to sleep for the whole first half of the flight but to no avail. She watched the movie the on the small screen in front of her more from a sense of bored desperation than genuine interest. Xander by contrast had fallen asleep almost immediately in the seat next to her and had slumped over onto her shoulder once or twice.

Their situation was complicated. She enjoyed the idea of being just sex-buddies with Xander, yet she knew that he would have a hard time leaving it at just that. She was also surprised that she actually lusted after him. Their first night together all those years ago had been fun, especially since it was his first time, but nothing special. But their recent antics in his car had been born from a lust for him that was overpowering.

She was still unsure where it had come from. True, she had been horny anyway and he had disturbed her porn film before she had a chance to act upon that urge herself, but still, she should not have felt so strong an attraction to him.

She stirred uncomfortably in her seat, bumping Xander slightly, but he just gave a low moan and turned, remaining asleep.

Faith was sat in the centre seat of a row of three on the aircraft. Xander sat to her left and to her right was a man she had not given much attention to. She wasn't used to airline travel and so far it was not to her liking.

The man to her right chose that moment to return to his seat from, she presumed, the bathroom. Although she gave him only the briefest of glances when he returned, she could not shake the feeling of vague familiarity she felt. Not someone she knew she was sure, but possibly someone she had met. She also felt that she had shared intimacy with him, although something felt strange about how this had occurred as well.

She tried to look at him without being too obvious but it proved difficult and eventually she simply looked over. She found him trying to sneak glances toward her also and looking into his face recognised him.

'Riley Finn??'

The man looked shocked at her. For a moment he said nothing.

'Yes, do I know you?' His eyes held the same kind of unsure familiarity that she had felt. 'You're familiar but I'm not sure if...'

'Yeah, we never met in this form I don't think. But I think Buffy may have shown you some pictures of me before.'

'You know Buffy?'

'Yeah, but we have a... complicated, past.'

'What's your name?' he asked.


His eyes widened in shock.

'Yeah, don't worry I'm not evil anymore.' She grinned at his suspicious look. 'Angel helped me, along with my big slayer sisters B and K of course.' She sighed. 'I did some time, and came to terms with what I did. I can never make up for the lives I took, I know this but I can do my best to redeem myself and so I'm gonna try to.'

He looked unconvinced.

'You did horrible things Faith, you should still be in prison.'

'Yeah, I had to quit that gig when the First did its thing.' She shook her head at his look of puzzlement. 'It's a long story,.'

'So it's an incredible coincidence that we're on the same flight at the same time let alone next to one another.' She cocked her head, 'What's that about? You and your government buddies keeping tabs on me or something?'

'No, I...' He gazed into the distance, 'It's just, well, I don't really know. I just got this... this feeling I guess. I recently, well, that is I...'

'What? Just spit it out army boy.' She laughed.

'Well, I recently got a divorce...'

'Jeez you were married? B never said anything about that.'

'Yeah I was, well, we had a bad break up. We carried on in the spec ops but being that close together with so many conflicting feelings, it was just difficult. I put in for a transfer but they made me take a month of leave first.' He shook his head. 'I had considered travelling to Europe but I just got this, this, random urge to travel there right now. When I got to the ticket desk they just assigned me this seat.'

'Wow, that's a rough gig for you, I'm sorry.' Faith shook her head. 'I still can't believe the odds of us being sat together like this though.'

'We've been alot closer than this,' his face reddened, 'in mind if not in body.'

She laughed openly.

'You didn't seem to have a problem with the body in question though.' She licked her lips mockingly. 'I suspect it was a little more unleashed when I was behind the wheel .'

His face remained red but he obviously did not want to appear to be out of responses and so he said;

'You'd be surprised.' Before she could respond again he changed the subject. 'So why are you going to Europe?' He looked over her shoulder, 'And is that Xander?'

'Yeah it is.' She turned to look at him. 'He's a little tired, he had a busy night. Well, we're going to see Buffy and her army of slayers. Apparently there's some big evil arising, there's a surprise right? And we have to go and stop it.'

'Army of slayers!?'

'Hey, keep your voice down.'

'Sorry it's just... an army of them?'

Faith filled him in on the events of the past year and he listened. As they talked, Faith could sense that the break up from his wife had hit him hard. She also became aware that although they had never slept together directly, there was unresolved tension between them.

She wondered what he would feel like felt from within the boundaries of her own flesh. She had always wondered in what ways Buffy's body had felt differently to her own during sex, but without the same man to test it, she had no way to know.

Riley too felt his attraction to the dark haired beauty growing along with his erection as they talked. He tried in vain to keep it covered but once or twice he saw her eyes flicker downwards to his crotch. He tried to keep the conversation going.

'So this evil, whatever it is, could you guys use an extra set of hands?'

'Hmm, probably. I don't know really what the evil is but extra muscle is always appreciated.' She put her hand on his bicep and rubbed it, 'but I don't know, maybe you've lost your edge?'

He shivered. He had not slept with anyone since his wife, and that had been two months earlier. Faith was stunning and sultry, but usually he would have resisted. Now and without really knowing why, he did not want to.

'You want me to show you? I'm military baby, I might not be a slayer or a vampire but when it comes to humans I assure you I have the goods.'

'Hmm, you'd better let me up, I think I need to use the bathroom.' She unbuckled her seatbelt and stood. He did not move and she straddled him as she moved towards the aisle. 'Hmm, I seem to have a moisture problem, perhaps you could lend a hand.' She ground herself over the hard lump of his erection through his pants. 'Two is the magic number.' As she said this she tapped her knuckles against his chest twice in a knocking motion. Then, licking her lips, she rose and walked to the bathroom, making sure she wiggled her ass as she did so.

Riley was conflicted. He wanted Faith so badly. He had thought Buffy and then his wife had been the most attractive women he had ever met. But his memory of the night Faith had been in command of Buffy's body during their love making was strong in his mind. He had thought Buffy had been incredible that night. He had experienced new heights of pleasure with her only to find it was not her mind but Faith's that had been in control. He could only imagine what Faith would be capable of in a body she was familiar with. Some part of him, and he knew which, longed to find out.

He knew he shouldn't but his urge was too great, enhanced by Quetzonanacatl's power unbeknownst to him, he lusted after Faith as he had never lusted after anyone, even his wife and even Buffy. His eyes were fixed to Faith's jean-clad ass as she walked away and he began almost unconsciously to unfasten his seatbelt and rise from his seat.

Riley watched which bathroom Faith entered and waited a few minutes before walking up and knocking twice. The door opened and he was pulled quickly inside.

Faith had already stripped her clothes except her bra and thong. The bathroom was a typical small aeroplane bathroom but despite that, he stepped as far back as possible to drink in her body with his eyes. He could already smell her aroused pussy and see that her tiny black thong panties were sticking closely to her luscious pussy lips. Her nipples were clearly hard and visible through the black fabric of her bra. As he entered the room, she pulled him close and into a deep kiss immediately. The confines of the tiny restroom pressed their bodies together immediately. He relished feeling her breasts squeezing against him and he couldn't resist running his hands along the perfect skin of her ass. As their kiss continued, Riley could not help but become obviously aroused and Faith felt the evidence of his arousal pressing against her belly. The fabric of his black pants over his hardness tickled against her taught abdominal muscles.

Her body was perfect to his eyes. She was muscular, yet not so obviously defined as to appear as a taught bundle of muscles. She had the most delicious curves he had ever seen, even more so than his wife's.

Ex-wife's he reminded himself with a twinge of pain. No, I will not let her ruin even more of my life.

As he made this promise to himself, he realised that he didn't need to convince himself to enjoy this. Faith was mouth-wateringly attractive. He longed for nothing more in that moment than to explore her body with his tongue, his lips, his mouth. To take the firm and tender mounds of her breasts into his mouth and suckle, to lick her erect nipples until she begged him to take her. The thought of fucking her here and now against the counter of the sink, so out of character for him, made him almost ache with desire.

As if reading his mind, Faith moved back and un-fastened her bra, allowing her beautiful breasts to bounce free. She then pulled his polo-shirt over his head and licked a line across his chest. She licked his nipples and down across his chest. She then began kissing down across his six-pack stomach to the top of his pants and with a firm squeeze of his ass cheeks, she unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles in one smooth move, leaving him standing in only his boxer shorts. She traced her fingernails along the backs of his thighs and gripped the waistband of his shorts with her teeth, pulling them down his legs until his already hard dick popped free, touching her cheek.

She gripped his stalk in her right hand and tugged it gently, looking up into his face and licking her lips.

As she opened her mouth to suck the glans of his penis however, he held her back.

'No Faith, not like this.' She looked extremely puzzled and a little angry but he continued, 'I want you hard and fast, fast and dirty. I want to see what you can do.'

She grinned broadly at what she perceived as a challenge.

'Be careful what you wish for Captain America.' She pulled his shorts down to the floor and then stood. 'If that's the way you want it then, let's fuck. Fuck me hard boy scout.'

She quickly scooted back against the sink, spreading her legs wide. The action of moving around so she could sit atop the counter caused him to have to face her, in the process his erection pressed against her lower stomach and panty-clad pubic triangle and she felt shivers run through her. As soon as she had hopped onto the counter and opened her legs, they were pressed so closely together that he was virtually already inside her, only her soaked black panties seperated their flesh.

She wasted no time with a challenge in the air and grabbed his ass, her nails digging in slightly as she pulled him against her, he used one hand to pull her panties aside a split second before he sunk into her up to the hilt, his hips rocking forwards. She then held him there, not letting him withdraw. He was as huge as she had remembered. In Buffy's body she had assumed that his seemingly huge size had been due to Buffy's somewhat inexperienced vagina, not that she considered Buffy to be tighter than her, she knew she had a very tight and pleasing pussy, but that Buffy had not excercised her cunt muscles as well as she had spent far too long with her legs pressed tightly together in the presence of hot, fuckable men. Now she was finding out that she was wrong, in her mind this tickled her more, Buffy apparently was not so innocent. Faith had of course taken dicks this big before, but had not expected Riley's to be one of them. She felt him very lightly touch her cervix, just a featherlight whisper. For most women, any contact with the cervix was horribly painful, and full contact was the same for Faith as she had learned from experience, but this incredibly light touch filled her with ever more lust.

She bared her teeth and ran her tongue along them as she stared hungrily at Riley. His wholesome look melted into one of raw lust and to her surprise, he mirrorred her expression. She lost her grip on his ass then as he began to pull out of her then thrust back in, slowly at first but with force. His tempo built slowly yet powerfully and she felt herself being filled up by his hot meat with every stroke. Her pussy allowed him to withdraw only reluctantly, her lips sticking and sucking on his rod.

Within a minute they were fucking furiously, her rocking her hips back and forth, her breasts bouncing lusciously and him pounding his cock into her hot, slick cunt. Her hands gripped his ass tightly with each pounding thrust, but whereas she had initially been adding her strength to his thrusts, now she found that he was almost pushing her boundaries too far. He was keeping her at the perfect point of absolute pleasure, the sensation edging so closely to pain yet more pleasurable than any other.

Both maintained their hungry expressions and each was focussing on not being the first to come and losing the unspoken challenge. Yet both were close.

Faith was using every one of her skills to push him over the edge that she could without breaking their rhythm. Her hands were kneading the flesh of his ass and she was waiting for the tell tale shudder in his hips that signalled he was getting very close in order to push her index finger into his ass. She ground and gyrated in time to his thrusts and clenched her pussy muscles deliciously around his dick, with the sheer slick moisture of her cunt, it almost felt like she was giving him a blow job with her fanny. He was tensing and un-tensing the muscles around his dick to engorge it as much as possible as he fucked her, trying to maintain even breathing as much for his muscles' aerobic sake as for the purposes of trying not to come. The throbbing feeling of his dick in her tight pussy was pushing her very close to the edge.

Both were now moaning through gritting teeth as they fucked furiously. After several more minutes their strokes began to slow as their muscles began to clench tighter, both nearing orgasm. The muscles in Riley's ass tensed beneath her fingers and began to tighten up and she knew he was about to come.

As their fucking ground to a halt and he cried out in ecstacy, she pushed her finger into his ass and he threw his head back. Faith was actually shocked when he did the same to her in the same moment. She had been so preoccupied with the timing of her own move, she had failed to realise that his hands were also kneading her ass and waiting for the right moment. She was almost as shocked by the fact that her orgasm struck at precisely the same time, ridding her of her feeling of triumph but filling her with a fiery contentment.

They came grunting and moaning and he shot jet after jet of hot semen into her waiting cunt and she flooded the end of his dick with her own pussy juices, the walls of her pussy continuing to milk his huge dick for all it was worth.

They remained tensed for almost a full thirty seconds until the last of his come had squirted and the throbbing in his penis as it tried to squirt more and more fluid began to abate along with her spasmic gripping of his dick. They collapsed into one another, sweating heavily and breathing hard and very, very satisfied.

They were oblivious to how much noise they had made, nor had they been aware of it would they have cared.

Other passengers who had waiting in line had not been however.

Xander, standing at the front of the queue of people waiting for the bathroom heard their noise and, whilst slightly embarrassed himself, wondered which of the other passengers on the flight it could be. He had awoken and staggered immediately to the bathrooms, only once there had he had time to rub his eyes clean and look around. As he heard the noises of intense lovemaking, muffled as they were by the door, begin to subside, he looked around at the other passengers within earshot. All held looks of shock. In turning, he looked back to his seat and realised that Faith was not sat there and that the seat next to her was also empty. Almost with resignation, cogs began to work inside his head and with a feeling of dread, he turned back to the door, waiting for it to unlock and reveal the identity of the filthy fuckers within. He had a horrible feeling that he knew who one of them would be. He did not and could not know that he would actually know both of them...

Gwen Raiden found herself awake much earlier than she would usually be. In her career as a thief, she was used to sleeping peculiar hours but her last big job had made her more than enough cash that she would not have to work for several weeks. Instead, she had been enjoying herself with her newly acquired body regulating chip.

Her old system had been acquired two years previously with the help of Charles Gunn and had been an external unit fitted into the small of her back. The pull she had made on the next three jobs she had taken had been colossal and she had spent the intervening time organising a more efficient system.

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