tagNovels and NovellasBuild the Moon Ch. 02

Build the Moon Ch. 02


I knew I had brief moments of consciousness, but for the most part I was shrouded from reality. Snatches of what happened came to me. They never stayed. My mind put up all of it's defenses to keep me from remembering. Unfortunately, something so traumatic would never leave me. I wanted to wake up. I knew I wasn't home or any place I knew of. I knew a strange man had saved my life. And I knew he was never far from me. Sure my mind threw the word "Vampire" at me, oh, about a hundred times.

Rationally, I knew vampires didn't exist. They were a figment of Bram Stoker's imagination. However, in the current state I'm in I don't think rational applies to me. I pushed at my mind to let me out. Every run head on into a brick wall? Well, that's exactly how it felt. Pushing against a brick wall until I was too tired and then there went my brief moment of consciousness. Hopefully, I would wake up soon and only hours would have passed. But, I never have such luck. My eyes cracked open and I adjusted to the light pouring into my mind. Refreshing and lightening my head. A small moan escaped my lips and I tilted my head to the side. I'm not sure if it was the blood pumping into my arm or the needle that made me feel queasy. I pulled a face and reached for the needle to take it out. A cool hand covered mind.


I stared up into the eyes of my savior and pouted. Yes. I pouted. A laugh rumbled deep in his chest. His eyes shone with amusement.

"You need my blood to heal. I couldn't give it to you by mouth because you would have choked. So, this is the next best option."

I glared at him, a puny human glare at that. "I don't recall giving you permission to give me any of your blood. What if you have a disease."

"It's either that or you would have died. Besides, I'm sure you know vampires cannot contract disease."

I groaned. "Ugh. Vampires."

He smiled. "Well surely you should have come to the conclusion being asleep so long."

"I tried not to. Vampires are wet dreams for the goths and weird people."

"Ouch. You know I think that actually hurt a little. Besides, a girl who sees things and is stark naked in a vampire's bed shouldn't call others weird."

My head whipped around so fast I think I got a brief flash of whiplash. I ignored the naked part for a moment knowing full well it would catch up with me later.

"How did you know about that?"

He leaned close. "Do you know how much a hunter would pay to get a hold of a gift like yours. Way up in the thousands last time I heard."


He nodded. "They hunt supes. Try to drain them and use their gifts. So far they have been unsuccessful, but they never stop trying. I'm sure you would bring a pretty penny. Not only is your gift very profitable but, your ample bosom and trim waist would appeal to them as well. Ah, how I love barbarians."

I paled, my fingers clenching the blankets "You wouldn't?"

He leaned back his eyes devouring my covered body hungrily. "I haven't quite decided yet. Whether to sell you or keep you for my own."

"Keep me? I am not a prize. You can't just keep me like a trophy." I sat up, despite the ache throughout my body.

"I can you see? I saved you, so you are in my debt. Also, you know my secret. I only have a few options. Sell you, keep you, or kill you. Your choice."

I mulled it over in my head. My best option, of course, would let him keep me. I hated the very thought. He was vampire, so naturally I would end up his slave. Probably forced to have sex with him and let him drink my blood. My body went wild at the thought of sex before I quickly damped it down. My second best option was to let him kill me. It would be wonderful means to an end. I would be free from everything. But, I fought so hard throughout my life to stay alive. Would I give that up because of some stupid vampire? I squared my shoulders. Absolutely not.

"I have conditions."

I could tell from the corner of my eye he wanted to laugh. "Do tell."

"You will not treat me like I'm your bitch. You keeps your hands to yourself and your mind for that matter. I will not cook and clean for you, I am not your wife. I like being outside and refuse to stay indoors all day. I am a human and therefore require three square meals a day. I will cook my own as long as groceries are provided for me."

His pink tongue darted out from between his lips and I nearly became a wet puddle at his feet begging to be touched. If you hadn't guessed by now it has been a very long time since I have had sex.

"Yes." I breathed slow waiting for his reaction.

"Very well. Groceries and necessities will be provided. As for cooking and cleaning, I have a staff. There is a library, a pool, and a television. Anything else you require can be told to me and I will see what can be done. You will have your own room in the east wing. However, the west wing and basement are strictly off limits. You may go outside, but you may not leave the grounds. Are we clear?"

"Yes." I admit I was relieved.

"I'm so glad. Any breaking of my rules and I will have to kill you. Just so you know. Now, it is close to dawn and I must take my leave." He reached over my "ample" breasts, as he had put it and pulled the needle from my arm gently, "Don't get used to this. I do not give free blood to mortals."

"So I see." I said sarcastically, "I suppose this blood comes with a price I will not want to pay."

He smirked as he pulled his arm away casually brushing his fingers against my breasts. My hard nipples gave away what I was really feeling at the moment. Heat flooded my cheeks and I looked away. I would not give in, he was trained to reduce women to blathering idiots and I refused to be one of them. However, I stopped thinking once I felt his lips on my hair.

"I want you to sleep some more. You are still not well." He murmured softly, his lips brushing against my earlobe making me shiver again.

"I don't want to sleep anymore." I complained.

He stared into my eyes. His eyes shifting from a deep violet to a deep aqua blue. "You will sleep."

My eyes drifted closed and my breathing evened out. I could have sworn as soon as I relaxed I felt his hand cup my breast. "Nong oth thaht" I meant to say none of that but, the sandman had a hold of me.

The last thing I heard was his laugh.

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