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Build the Moon Ch. 03


I sat underneath the shedding tree and bit graciously into my apple. The leaves fell around me creating a somewhat colorful circle. The reds, oranges and yellows were pleasing to my eyes and made me think of when my mother used to take me to the park and teach me colors and shapes. That was a distant past. A small nagging thought that crawled its way into the front of my brain, reminding me why I am in so much pain.I stretched out my legs, pushing the leaves out of my way and sighed deeply. It had been a few days since the run in with my father. I hadn't seen my so called "Master" lately. He kept to himself. Sometimes when I lie awake at night replaying memories in my head, I can hear him pacing heavily outside my door. He was a vampire, so I knew he was capable of not being detected by my ears but, it was if he wanted me to hear him.

Sometimes I would uncover myself of all fabrics and lay naked as if waiting for him to take me. The moon would shine on my stomach, highlighting my breast but, leaving my sex in shadow. My eyes would close and my breathing would become shallow as I imagined his hands roaming my soft skin, molding my curves. His luscious pink tongue lapping at me as if I was the blood he needed to live on. And every night, when I finally eased my fingers in between my legs, I would hear him stomp down the hallway as if putting distance between us would stop the tense desire between us.

"Um, miss?' A tiny voice called out to my left.

I turned towards the sound and smiled gently. Teeta stood in the doorway of the kitchen entrance her head bowed in respect. The girl was soft spoken but, cared for me the most when I was weak. I had developed somewhat of a soft spot for her. I wondered how such a sweet young girl could get herself in this mess.

I let my eyes wander over her a moment. I had never really been curious about women but, if I was, Teeta would be more than enough woman for me. She always dressed in a black frock hiding her small pear shaped figure. Her breasts were not huge but, still very shapely. She was short and sweet. You could tell from looking at her that she didn't value herself much.

"A storm is rolling in fast. I wouldn't want you to get swept up in the high winds." her cajun accent rolled off her tongue like she was the only one who could speak it so poetically.

She was right. I noticed the dark, menacing clouds rolling in from the south promising, dangerous lightening and monsoon like rain. I could already hear the wind howling, like an angry god preparing to rain down hell. Teeta walked towards me and offered her hand. Her gentle hands clasped mine and pulled me to my feet. I would have to remember that she is stronger than she looks. The leaves swirled around my feet, dancing as if to hypnotize me to stay. I walked beside Teeta into the kitchen and closed the door behind me shutting out the storm. The savory smells of chicken rochambeau attacked my senses, making my mouth water. I reached for a piece of french bread when I felt Miss Lindy's spatula come across my knuckles.

"You wait until I get it to the table child. You ain't a hungry barbarian girl." she chastised, wagging her finger at me gently.

I pouted softly, earning a chuckle from this grandmotherly figure. She was an older woman who had inherited the cooking duties of this household from her mother and grandmother and so on. She was born into this form of slavery and even though I hated it, I was glad she was around. Miss Lindy always knew how to make a horrible day seem good through her wisdom and her comfort food. She was a sort of therapist for me in dealing with my ordeal.

I sat down on one of the stools in the kitchen. "Have you seen him today?" I asked nonchalantly, pretending not to care.

Miss Lindy smiled softly, setting up a plate for me. "For someone who despises him you sure have asked about his whereabouts for the past few days."

I shrugged, picking at my dress. "I just want to know I'm not imagining everything. Hell knowing his name would be nice instead of referring to him as...well...him."

Miss Lindy clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and handed me a plate. "Answers will come in time."

"Although what he has done is for you already is a mystery to us." Teeta spoke up leveling her gaze with mine.

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Why?"

Miss Lindy gave Teeta a warning glare, "That is not for us to tell."

I looked back and forth between them. "What are you talking about?"

Miss Lindy pursed her lips, debating whether or not to say anything. After a few minutes of awkward silence she finally sighed in defeat. "Master has never brought someone home, taken care of someone, nor offered them a place to stay."

I mulled this over in my head for a few minutes. I tried not to let it mean anything to me. It probably didn't anyway. He was a vampire. A heartless, hungry creature that would devour me as soon as I showed a sign of weakness for him. I looked up from my thoughts noticing, Miss Lindy and Teeta looking at me, expecting my reaction. I let out a long breath.

"Oh." I replied and dug into my food so I wasn't required to speak anymore.

Miss Lindy gave me a knowing look and turned back to the food, putting away the leftovers. I ate in silence, trying not to get lost in my own thoughts. The wind picked up, whipping around the house. We looked around, fear somehow burrowing in our hearts. The storm was going to be fierce and somehow I knew it was going to be a pivotal point for me. I just didn't know how.

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