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Building Ships

byJoseki Ko©

[19:17] *JosekiKo looks around the ship he bought this morning thinking this ought to be interesting*

[19:17] *CrimsonFW holds onto the rail blanching slightly as She feels the floor move beneath Her feet.*

[19:18] turnipTPS: good evening beautiful Mistress, she offers warm greetings

[19:18] JosekiKo: Thanks turnip

[19:18] CrimsonFW: greetings turnip.

[19:19] *turnipTPS reaches up and unties the ribbon of one of her pigtails, watching the wind grab it, she holds on end between her tiny thumb and index finger, watching it dance upon the breeze*

[19:19] *lolliTPS slips from the kennels, catching sight of her sister turnip move ahead of her with the fur wrapped around her and with the goosebumps flushing her skin she followed suit, slipping one around her, the hairs tickling her body as she followed in the other girl's wake, golden piggytails spilling in spirals, a shiver running down her spine as she lowers to crawl under the half door and then rise once more, walking out toward the warf, the winds*

[19:21] *lolliTPS buffetting her skin, keeping her lashes lowered she followed suit, stepping up the plank after reaching the warf onto the ship, the movement of the vessel stirring the first hesitant smile from the beast before it disappeared, greeting the Two softly -c*

[19:21] lolliTPS: Greetings on this windswept evening

[19:22] *JosekiKo chuckles*

[19:22] JosekiKo: Greetings lolli

[19:22] CrimsonFW: greetings lolli.

[19:22] turnipTPS: greetings sweet sister

[19:22] *lolliTPS the girl drawn magenitized to the side of the ship, over looking the side, the beat of the waves upon the warf, reflected in the downcast hazel pools, feeling that sensation in her very core... buffeted against the tides...*

[19:25] *lolliTPS feels the spray drawing moisture up and against her legs, a tremble sliding over her figure, piggy tails spiraling and whipping in the winds, fingers hold the railing and the girl bent, resting her weight against it, just watching... *

[19:28] *CrimsonFW looks down off the side of the boat and blanches, Her stomach heaving again and walks to the center away from seeing the waves, hoping that helps.*

[19:28] *JosekiKo starts to sway back in forth in front of Crim*

[19:29] *CrimsonFW gags, looking to Jo and throws Her hands up to Her mouth trying to keep everything from rising.*

[19:29] *JosekiKo beats a hasty retreat*

[19:29] *lolliTPS watches the steady flow of waves beat against the rocks, feeling the sway of the ship, lulled by it, the white foam beating against the side of the ship and occationally spraying across bare calves, the fur wrapped around her begging to take the smell of the salty sea, captivated...*

[19:32] *JosekiKo waves the overseer out and explaining a few things to him sets the slaves to measuring and reproducing the ship from the set of blueprints in the Captains cabin*

[19:33] *JosekiKo chuckles when the overseer points out the there is also a set of plans for a Ram Ship*

[19:37] *CrimsonFW blanches again on the boat, and runs off yelling...*

[19:39] turnipTPS: You need a hooked bill gort

[19:39] JosekiKo: a what?

[19:40] turnipTPS: a hooked bill gort or a yellow gim

[19:40] *lolliTPS the noise buffeted the ears of Tthose nearby, the great skeletons of the ships to come like the death of great water sleens in the throws of decay, each riblet arched to the sky, a vision of something to come. the Male from the Caste of Builders approached, the blue prints spread by a willing slave of His collar, a tapping of a stick showing its holdings, its benefits, its storage, and its capactity for wealth. His words were carried by -c*

[19:40] turnipTPS: preferably, the yellow gim, its a parrot like tropical bird

[19:40] JosekiKo: lol

[19:40] JosekiKo: ahh

[19:41] turnipTPS: the gort will eat stowaway urts

[19:41] turnipTPS: but the yellow gim, will carry on a conversation with you

[19:42] JosekiKo: ahh

[19:42] *lolliTPS the winds, His tunic snapping slightly, as He pointed out first the benefits of the two planned roundships... and then showed the two ramships, that steely gleam in His eye. He knew His worth and the wealth of His design, they would be fine vessels all, and well worth His price...*

[19:42] *lolliTPS went back to water gazing.*

08:57] *CrimsonFW looks out the window, raising the mug to Her lips. Breathing deeply of the aroma before lifting it to Her lips and taking a sip, watching the thralls and workers on the wharf working on the ship. Her eyebrows raise as She hears the overseer direct the others about using not so couth words.*

[09:43] *JosekiKo comes to the door and looks out checking on the prgogress of the ships noting that a fair amount of work is being done as the basic outlines are in and the different floors have been set. He sees another group off working on the rudders and nodding in satisfaction saunters back to the polish the bar*

[12:35] *JosekiKo chuckles and standing up heads over to the doos to see that the thralls are doing a great job and have started fitting the sides of the ships into place piece by piece*

JosekiKo steps to the door and looks out at his hundred thralls the builder and the overseer as they finish the sides of the ships and start checking the seams again

bluberiTPS watches as they all whistling as they work for they are proud to building it for the Great Master JosekiKo, all doing their part in making sure all the seams are intacked, all the thralls look up as they listen to the builder shouting out commands " Get more wood build the plank, add more caulking to the seems, get to work"

bluberiTPS laughs as all the thralls runs quickly as they know they'll soon be beaten for being too slow

[16:48] *JosekiKo steps onto the roundship the builder and thralls are using as a constuctionn aid. He sets up a little comfy spot on the ship with a clear view of the shipyards across the wharf. He sits there sipping ramberry juice and watching the ship construction gojng on. It seems the builder and the thralls have made impressive progress in the time hes been gone the keels are laid and the builder is sure they are watertight .*

[16:53] *Venna Stands on the prow of the Black Sea Sleen, laughs and waves*

[16:53] *JosekiKo chuckles eeing his Favorite supplier*

[16:53] JosekiKo: Tal Venna

[16:54] *Venna passes by Tal Joseki, cant stop*

[16:54] *Venna waves*

[16:54] JosekiKo: Just checking in on your thralls eh?

[16:55] *JosekiKo chuckles*

[16:55] *JosekiKo waves as she continues on down the Vosk river*

[17:00] *JosekiKo watches the thralls finish all 6 of the giant rudders four for the round ships and two for the Ram Ships. He notes that it taked the better part of thirty thralls to lift each rudder as it is done and stack it agains the building fofr later use. As one rudder after another is sanded to a fine finish he wonders about the intention to detail and sends a runner over to question the shipwright who was hired as a consultant by the builder.

[15:26] katASPrs: kat used to know a song that was sung on ships when in dock

[15:26] *JosekiKo listes*

[15:27] JosekiKo: listens

[15:28] *katASPrs puts on her very bestest singing voice*

[15:28] *JosekiKo grins and goes quiet*

[15:28] katASPrs: Not only warm but clad in silks, With a collar of steel or brass, And all he wants in return from you, Is the occassional piece of ass. And when a Warrior's life does end, To the Cities of Dust he will go.

[15:29] katASPrs: And the god of Ships will check the scrolls, To see what he might owe."You're all paid up, No sins I see, But what's this in your saga? You like a bit of tits and ass, Along with your bowl of paga

5:35] *katASPrs ponders how to serve on a ship for just an ihn before rising to her full height, shimmering mane of tousselled curls tumbling down slender back, bare feet trying to keep balance on the rocking ship as she glidessss ever so gracefully to the handsome Master, melting to rounded knees, sunkissed thighs parting sinfully wide as lil tush comes to rest on upturned heels, soft lyrical voice rises in offering*

[15:36] katASPrs: may this sweet innocent slavetype be of service to You Master?

[15:41] *JosekiKo puts a hand to a piggy tail and pulls on it moving her around looks for the seet innocent slave again*

[15:41] JosekiKo: Sweet even

[15:42] JosekiKo: Ok brat i mean kat

[15:42] *katASPrs whimpers softly as He tuges on her silken piggy tail*

[15:42] *JosekiKo grins*

[15:42] *katASPrs grinsssss thinking sheeshh dyslexic Master*

[15:42] JosekiKo: I'd like some mead but i'll take some juice

[15:43] katASPrs: yes Master!! will be kat's pleasure to serve You some juice!

[15:43] *JosekiKo chuckles*

[15:43] JosekiKo: Thanks hun

[15:46] *katASPrs peeks up to His broken arm and bunged up knee, grinning softly as she rises with as much feline grace as she can muster on the rocking ship, taking 3 slavepaces back before pivoting on dancers toes, long golden piggy tails cascading over creamy shoulders tickling ivory flesh, trying very hard to get her sea legs as she dances across the deck towards the Pink Sleen Tavern, tugging on the door feeling it's resistance*

[15:48] *JosekiKo looks up from the charts and grins as he sees the girl tugging futiley at the door*

[15:48] *katASPrs scratches her head for just a moment, turning back to wink at the sailors, peeking down below the door to see the small space thinking no way will her tush fit under there, ponders her dilemma*

[15:49] *katASPrs small hand bangsss on the door yelling "let kat in she has a thirsty Master on her hands" putting her ear to the door in an attempt to hear any movement*

[15:50] Imanja has entered the room.

[15:51] *Imanja comes to the door of the tavern opening it up, blurry eyed and wonder what in the hell, looks down seeing kat*

[15:51] Imanja: sheesh kat I was napping

[15:51] *Imanja leaves the door open for the girl and goes back to Her room*

[15:51] Imanja has left the room.

[15:52] *katASPrs eyes widen as she sees she has woken Mistress Imanja, thinking wow She gets grumpy when woken*

[15:52] *JosekiKo chuckles thinking Ima's hair must have been messed up*

[15:53] *katASPrs drops to her knees, wiggling her pert lil ass high in the air for the sailors enjoyment as she crawls stealthily into the Tavern*

[15:55] *katASPrs seeing it empty jumps to bare feet, small hand playing with silken piggy tails as she weaves her way through the Tavern to the kitchen*

[15:55] *JosekiKo grins watching the pert little bottom wriggle under the batwing door/*

[15:57] *katASPrs sparkling sapphire eyes lifting to the shelves in search of the most perfect goblet, small hand pushing aside many, coral lips curling upwards in a delighted smile as she spies one she deems perfect, a round ship carved intricately into the golden goblet, tapered fingers curling around the stem to draw it down*

[15:59] *katASPrs ken eyes narrow in search of even the tiniest of mar or imperfection, nay trusting eyes runs the rim thrice over creamy flesh of full rounded breast, rosy peaks puckering as they harden at the perfect kiss, soft whimper escaping ruby lips, picking up a clean cloth, well as clean as one can be on a ship full of Men, small hands work diligently to bring the goblet to a high lustre*

[16:00] *katASPrs slaps her forehead as she peeks around remembering she is in the Tavern*

[16:00] *JosekiKo 's runner comes back from the shipwright and informs him that the rudders will be stacked until final assembly when the rope rigging will be put in and the heights matched.*

[16:02] *katASPrs turning on ball of small foot, moves swiftly to the cooling room, tugging on the heavy door, cold blast of air sending bumps to glistening flesh as she steps inside, moving to the counter, delicate fingers curling around the jug of freshly squeezed ramberry juice to tilt, watching closely as the juice swirls to the rim before placing the jug down, bare feet prance out of the cooling room, soft sway to lush hip closing the door behind her*

[16:04] *katASPrs deep blue eyes looking about for the cranky Mistress, she moves veryyyyy quietly through the Tavern so as not to wake Her again, slipping through the batwing doors, small hands cradling the goblet of juice as she glidess back along the plank, seeing the sailors looking over the sides at her thinking they have been at sea wayyy too long*

[16:06] *JosekiKo grins seing her come out and his troops rally to watch her come across the wharf with his juice*

[16:09] *katASPrs figures she will put on a show for the shipbound sailors, runs soft fingerpads tantalizingly slowly over silken flesh, one hand cupping around full rounded breast pushing it upwards, delicate fingers teasing the hardened nubs, seeing Master Joseki on deck and remembers she is trying to impress, clasps her hand quickly back to the goblet*

[16:10] *JosekiKo chuckles as the sailors start crowding around the gangplank waiting for her to make it up to the top. Greedy fingers waiting to caress soft flesh*

[16:10] *katASPrs winking to the sailors she continues her glide along the plank, soft sashay to rounded hips as she boards the deck, flaxen piggy tails blowing in the breeze as she moves quickly to Master, dodging the sailors hands trying to grasp at her needy flesh*

[16:12] *katASPrs sliding to rounded knees before Him, silken thighs parting deliciously wide as firm lil bottom settles to soft heels, back arching delicately pushing pert breasts upwards, raises the goblet up over taut slavebelly to lay in deep swell of firm breasts, saying a silent prayer for His health and wellbeing, His ship and His crew, arms extending upwards as head bows, *

[16:13] *JosekiKo grins at the slaves speed and agility as she defltly dodges the silors to kneel at his geet*

[16:13] katASPrs: may this juice be as chilled as this slave hot Master she thanks You for allowing her to serve You

[16:14] *JosekiKo pulls gently on a piggytail as he looks other girl noting her curves and enticements before taking the juice and sipping it *

[16:15] JosekiKo: Thanks you pillow that was alot of effort and I'll be sure to tell Imanja that it was my fault you woke her up

[18:24] *JosekiKo enters the Sleen intent upon seeing the progress of his ships. He stops and talks with the shipwright and gets progress report finding the rudders are finished and stacked and that the thralls are now working on the rigging for the masts. He notes that the single mast on each round ship is considerably higher than the two masts on each of the Ram ships. When he asks the builder informs him that the Ram ships are built more for agility

[18:29] *niciASPws the girl felt the breeze drawing the long golden tendrils drawing them away from her, white guaze snapping and the soft lilting sound of the twin bells dancing at her ankles as the gaze sweeps over the vision all around her, staying near His side and quiet. the gaze captured the sight of the great skeltons before her, lumbering giants of proportion, a vision of a wooden beast, framework, built upon, thrawls everywhere, crisscrossing*

[18:33] *niciASPws like the thousands of ants drawing to the hive, the golden beast could hardly contain her fascination, He was busy speaking to the Master Shipwright, words involved, she tilted back her head, long golden flow spilling down her spine, salt, sea, and cedar, a mixture of an aroma... she closed her eyes... enhaling, the cacophony of noise made any sound all but gruffed together, the ringing of hammers, the grunting of men under the weight

[18:33] *JosekiKo notes that the thralls are very industious really getting into the swing of things as they sculpt each piece of wood to fit its perscribed application. He takes the girl down to each ship noting the the fine work and precision fitting that went into each piec of wood. He gets a general feel fow where things are laid out and finds to his surprise that in the bottom of each ship is a ballast room where sand is stored to keep the ship from capsizing*

[18:37] *niciASPws intense labor, the gaze opened again at the sound of a snap, rising above the sound of others that whip drawing a signal in one's mind, the long line of carts dragging the heavy stacks of wood, the beasts straining at the tethers...seeing the Male move, she blinks and hurries after, not to be left behind in this maze of Men in various states of hard labor, following the Master down to the bottom of the ship, feeling the sand slip between bare toes...

[18:41] *JosekiKo nods and absently plays with the girls hair as he stops and talks to several of the thralls trying to get a good understanding of what each is doing. He saunters over to the overseer with the girl in tow and talks to him about the various aspects of the build. The overseer tells him that the logging was done over a period of two weeks in order to get enough wood and that the ships have progressed from there.

[18:44] *niciASPws the female hurried along feeling the brush of sand encase her ankles, gaze passing over and upwards, casting her eyes above, seeing the ship from within it's belly, swallowed whole and deep, the noise louder here, she couldnt even hear His words to the Overseer in the sounds of the banging and hollars as the Men worked around them in the wee hours, the thrawls looked as they have been driven hard, but no doubt they would be well

[18:46] *niciASPws compensated in the completion of the several ships, the frame work danced around them like cedar spiderwebs, the sounds echoing louder and louder as they paced further into the finished portions, each sound reverberating off the finished wall, rebounding to echo and meet the challenge of the sounds behind it, the girl turned, she could not get enough of the sights and smells, long thigh kissing locks swirling around the girl like a willow in the breeze, hazel hues trying to capture everything at once, a yell nearby as a man slipped out of a chamber and shouted just behind her, she jumped and flashed him a smile, watching Him scurry off, it seemed they worked harder in the Master's presence... He must be paying them well..

[18:50] *JosekiKo nods as the over seer continues to explain that building the cradles for the frames themselves had taken no inconsiderable time to finish. The overseer went on to relate that finishing the planking had taken almost a month and the careful caulking to each seem had been a process done with loving care. The thralls felt pride in these ships as did the overseer and they all worked to insure the very best. Joseki looked around and nodded*

[18:56] *niciASPws the steady bustle reminded the girl of a hive, the insects all buzzing busy, she felt out of place and yet awed as the witness to the art of it, They had Their own unique dance, the Thrawls in Their work, some balancing seeming precariously yet with their own grace as they continued to create the innards of what would be a fiesty sea beast, and art, age had no dictation on those movements, it ran from Men that had just come into the*

[18:58] *niciASPws own to Great Patriarchs who had done the same for decades, all baring the strong swarthy muscles of seasoned builders, Their art was not an easy one, to take the rawest of materials, the roughest of woods, great trees of the forests and cut, meld, bend, and shape them into smooth yet seemingly delicate arches to adorn the great ribs of the ship, that it when released, the Sea Beast would glide across the water with the ease of a tar*

[19:00] *niciASPws in flight, the girl paused, watching the flow of traffic while trying to keep pace with the Master...*

[19:01] *JosekiKo grinned to himself as the girl sought hte shelter of his arm as the loud work and shouts seemed to make her jump. He gave her a hug and down in the belly of the ship found a crew runiing heay ropes from the helm out the back of the ship. He stopped and ascertained quickly that the ropes would be run out the back to control the rudders of the ships. The ropes and pulley's were an interesting contraption but he quickly became familer with them.*

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