Bulmas Lust


After Vegetas leaving, which was caused by differences between him and bulma, Bulma was very frustrated and felt very lonely. After 5 weeks without sex, she really got horny,went into her bedroom, undressed, layed down on her bed and started to touch her pussy. She rubbed her clit and silent moans escaped her throat. When she started to push her middlefinger inside her, she started to scream. She moaned loud in pleasure as she pumped in her pussy faster and faster. As her orgasm started, she began to whimper.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, my god!"

When she was finished, suddenly she heard a silent grunt, that came from the door. She looked up and saw trunks, her 18 year old son, looking through the door stroking his large erected cock. As he recognized she saw him, he fast ran into his room and slammed his door shut.

Bulma dressed with a thin silkrobe, which was so thin, you could look through if the light hits it right way. Anyway, she walked over to Trunks bedroom and knocked the door.

"Trunks? May I come in?"

"Yes, ok!"

She walked in and saw her son with tears in his eyes laying on his bed. She sat next to him and hugged him, her breast bouncing in front of him. She asked

" Why are you crying?"

"Because you saw me when I.... touched myself while watching you!"

"Oh, poor boy. But you don't have to feel ashamed"

"Why not?"

"Because its totally normal, even though we are mother and son, that doesn't mean we can't find each other sexy."


"Of course, and if you want, I can undress right now! You want to see your mom naked?"

She asked with a seductive grin on her face. Trunks gulped and said


Bulma stood up and walked to the door and locked it. Then she turned around and let her silkrobe fall down onto the floor. Trunks gasped, his eyes jumping from his mothers big breasts to her shaved pink pussy lips. She smiled and turned as he watched her whole body, his cock getting erect again.

"Since you saw me, I think its only fair from you to return the favour! Put your clothes off!"

He slowly stood up and pulled his T-shirt above his head and threw it away. He reached for his pants but Bulma stopped him.

"Let me do this for you."

She knelt in front of him and grabbed his pants, unzipping them and pulling them down onto his feet. She grabbed his Boxers and slowly pulled them down. She gasped as she saw his 9 inch erected dick.

"He's beautiful and so big!"

He grinned. She gave it a quick lik, tasting some precum, that escaped from his dick. She then took the tip in her mouth and liked all over the head. He grunted and grabbed his mothers head and shoved his dick inside her mouth. She made gulping noises, but she handled to take the whole thing. He began to face-fuck her, moaning in pleasure. She gently fondled his balls, taking him deeper into her throat. He quickly was about to cum, so he pulled his cock out of her and stroked it, aiming at her face. She was surprised, but quickly she opened her mouth. Seeing this was to much for him. His cum spurted out of his cock into his mothers mouth, on her cheeks and into one eye. When he stopped cumming, he looked down to see his mother cleaning his dick with her mouth.

She then stood up and gently pushed him down onto the bed. She quickly sat on his stomach, her hand grabbing his dick. She slowly sat down, his dick entering her wet warm pussy. She moaned as she began to ride him fast. He grabbed her tits and kneaded them, groaning as loud as her. She took his hand and sucked his fingers.

"Please Trunks, cum with me....cum....in my wet...Pussy!"

He started to grunt, and then he came with a loud scream deep inside his mothers juice dripping pussy. When she felt his cum being pumped into her pussy, she came too. She shivered as one orgasm after another hit her body. When she was done, she collapsed on trunks, his dick still inside her.

"Trunks, I love you, and...whenever you feel horny...please,talk to me "

She grinned. He smiled at her

" Of course mom! But we aren't finished yet. We have enough time!"

She giggled as she layed herself down next to him. He was a good son.....

The End

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