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The Seduction of Gohan


***Please Note, none of these characters are of my original design or creation, but of the anime artist and manga write Akira Toriyama. This story is completely original, and claims no ownership of any characters specified.***

It had been about 7 years since Goku had sacrificed himself to save the planet from the creature Cell, and his wife, Chi Chi, had been alone ever since. Living with only her two sons so far out in the remote country area you would need a map to find it, she never really dated anyone else. She hadn't even seen a fully nude man since she had last been with Goku, and all of the stress was getting to her.

Sure, she had of course masturbated, but it was still no substitute for a real, hot penis stretching her glistening hole until she could barely take it anymore. It was getting so bad that there were times where she would look at her eldest son, Gohan, and feel that slight twinge between her legs. She often couldn't help but think of how big he was now, as he had just turned 18 years of age, and soon found herself pinching and pulling at her bare nipples while slowly pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt.

Often nights came where she would do this once or twice, possibly even three times before she headed to sleep. Slowly, over the years, her lust for her son kept rising and rising until she couldn't take it any longer.

One day, while she was out grocery shopping, she decided to stop at a lingerie store in town. She had never been here before, but she half consciously wanted to buy some of these clothes to show off for her son. She sorted through piles of clothing, and finally satisfied, left with a few pairs of revealing underwear, some tight shirts and three of four very short skirts.

The next day, trying on a newly purchased outfit consisting of a tight, low cut shirt, a low riding skirt that was only about 3 inches from showing her panties, and a red fishnet patterned thong, she walked into the kitchen where her eldest son sat eating.

Looking up at her, he almost choked on his food noticing the sudden change in her apparel. She had never dressed like this before, and he felt his cock instantly began to thicken in his pants as he eyed her slowly up and down.

'M-mom...?! What are you wearing?!" He asked, nervousness clearly in his voice.

"What...you don't like it?" She frowned as she spoke, and a small puppy dog look glowed from her face.

"Of...of course I do...! But...you've never worn anything so...revealing!" He blinked a few times, and shifted his body so that his cock was positioned in a way that she couldn't see what she was doing to him.

It didn't work though, and she smirked a bit as she saw what he was doing, clearly noticing how big he was. She walked over to him, and sat next to him, her hand resting on his leg just inches away from his hard shaft. She just smiled as he stared at her, his eyes traveling from the cleavage of her breasts to the partly open spot between her legs.

Her son eying her only made her want this more, so she decided to tease a bit. Pretending to stretch, she bent forward abit, her shirt hanging out just enough for him to see a large portion of her tits, and also for him to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra. She blushed slightly as she sat back up, and in the process, she spread her legs open even more.

His eyes immediately traveled to her crotch, where through the fishnet panties he had almost a completely naked view of her slightly moist cunt. This was it for him, and he jumped from the table and ran upstairs, muttering something about homework. She watched him travel all the way up and grinned as he went into the bathroom, just to the left of his bedroom.

Later that night, still dressed in the attire she donned earlier that day, she sat in her room, waiting slowly for time to pass. It was about midnight, and she was hoping that Gohan was asleep. She knew her other son, Goten, would be, because he had been out all day playing around somewhere in the wilderness. Creeping off of her bed, she slowly made her way to his bedroom and cracked open his door just enough for her to see through. Noticing that he was in bed sleeping soundly, she walked in, shut the door, and made her way to his bedside.

She blinked as her heart began to beat a little faster and her breath started to come heavier and heavier. Hesitating slightly, she made up her mind that she did in fact want this, and reaching down, she carefully pulled his blankets off of him. She was slightly surprised to see that he had a full on erection, but smiled seconds after she saw it. This would just make things all the more easier.

Pulling his hard cock from his pajama type pants, she gleamed with pride at what she had helped to make. He had to be at least 9 inches long, and about inch and a half thick. Hesitating, but only slightly, she dropped to her knees, and leaning over his bead, she placed her warm lips on the head of his cock, just barely touching it. This stimulated a shiver from him, but he didn't wake up. After she knew she was safe still, she slowly parted her lips and began to take him in her mouth.

It had been too long since she tasted a cock, and she realized how much she missed it. She slowly began to pump her head up and down, only going about halfway before rising back up. She wasn't ready to take him in full yet, but even halfway down sent her son into a series of low moans. He still didn't wake up, but he stirred a bit. Slowly releasing her lips from his cock, she crawled on top of him, sitting on his stomach. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips, and as if he was doing this all in his dreams, he kissed her back.

She slowly broke the kiss and pulled off the shirt, revealing nothing but her perfectly rounded white tits, and her pink, erect nipples. She blushed slightly as she took his hand and placed it over her breast, and helped him begin to fondle it. After a few seconds of her assistance, he began doing it on his own, still unaware of what was really happening. She moaned slightly and closed her eyes, sighing at how good this had felt. Not much longer, she decided she couldn't wait and had to have him inside of her.

Removing both the skirt and panties, she sat completely naked on her sons' stomach, her juices slightly gathering on him. Without a moment's hesitation, she positioned his cock right under her pink pussy lips, and smiled at him.

"I love you Gohan..." She smiled softly at him, and right after sank onto his prick with a loud moan, almost a scream.

"Oh my God this feels so fucking good...!" She exclaimed as she raised herself back up slowly. She continued to fuck his sleeping body with an increasing pace, moaning and half screaming the whole time. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She knew it was wrong, but she never wanted it to end. It just felt too good.

About 5 minutes into her sexual fantasy come true, she gasped is shock as her son, wide awake, grabbed her by the hips and slowly started fucking her back. She grinned, and bent over, kissing him on the cheek while still fucking him.

"I love you Gohan...Please...just don't hate me for this." She pleaded, a hint of sadness in her voice.

He smiled at her, and kissed her fully on the lips.

"Mom, I could never hate you...and I've wanted this for longer than you could've imagined..."

Neither spoke to each other after this, but continued to slowly fuck one another. Groaning, Chi Chi wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed her body against his, whispering in his ear.

"Gohan...I'm coming again...please...come with me...Shoot your hot cum inside my glistening cunt..." She pleaded with him, eyes closed and the friction between her legs sending her to that ever higher feeling of bliss.

He didn't say anything, but began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy faster and faster, until with a moan from him and a scream from her, her juices leaked all over his cock and his cum shot burst after burst inside her, the excess leaking out on both of them.

She slowly pulled herself off oh him, and smiling, laid nude in his arms, half asleep.

"That was the best thing I've ever experienced...Please say this won't be the only time...please...son..." She asked, smiling at him while falling further into slumber.

"Oh don't worry mom...it won't...believe me...it won't."

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