tagBDSMBurglar Bill Ch. 01

Burglar Bill Ch. 01


This story is a work of fiction and a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18 or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it.

If you are not offended please enjoy.

The Scene

A wandering hobo. In search of food, drink and sexual gratification. A dark house, an open window. And I'm in. Alls quiet. I raid the fridge and finish a half bottle of wine. I see the washing hanging there. Short skirts, bras...large, nice...and crotch less knickers. And nearby leather boots and some stilettos. A horny lady. And she had to be updsairs...asleep.

Grabbing a kitchen knife I crept upstairs and saw the half open door and the glow of the bedside clock. I looked in and saw knickers on the floor. No bra though. And some vibrators and a dildo on the bedside table. Definitely a horny lady.

I pull down my balaclava and enter the room.

The Action

Dark but the glow from the clock lights your face. Nice. I know what I want and I'm going to have it. My way. My hot cock and the cold blade, both hard. Silently I strip naked except for the balaclava. Menacing. Even better I notice the strips of curtain tassels lying there. Perfect. Mow I need you...

I throw back the duvet and as you turn to see me and scream, in one move I shove the knickers into your mouth and hold the knife to your throat. "Just do as I say" I threaten you. I look down at you and realise you are all I want, naked, beautiful face, big tits, curvy and with a shaved fanny, your delicious cunt. With real threats and force, minutes later you are tied, spread wide on the bed using the curtain tassels. Star jump spread, and all you can do is squirm. I use some tights from a draw to tie around your head to keep the knickers in your mouth. I smile. Piss stained and fanny juiced knickers no doubt in your mouth!!

So naked, tied and spread on the bed. You struggle, squirm, moan, But slut, you are all mine and by force I will have my sexual gratification... My cock is ready.

I kneel on the bed between your legs. You are trying, half heartedly to loosen those four ties. Your guttural sounds of despair, your eyes wide open with fear. I lean and place the knife between your tits. The coldness of the blade hits you. I lean forward and kiss your neck, vampire like. I nuzzle it and suck it. Then your tits, so wonderful. So big. I hold one and suck the extended nipple, now hard with excitement, on the otter. Then I bite. Enough to mark the circle around it. Sitting up I take a nipple in each thumb and index finger and pull them up. Stretching each tit, the heavy weight of them resist, I pull the nipples up higher, as you moan. Then I release them and move down the bed, my face now over your fanny mound. Your cunt glistens with wet!! You aren't getting any foreplay slut, but I want cunt juice, the same juice that you are tasting on your panties. I dip my head in and lick those lips, those pink fleshy folds. God you are so wet. Still wet from your Rabbit play or new. Who cares. I lick the haven of female sex in front of me, lapping all around, feeding on those juices running out. I nuzzle your clit, I suck it, I lick it. But that's for y gratification not yours. After a few minutes of my oral fun I sit up. Another day lady you can suck my cock and I will lick your cunt to orgasm. But not now.

Do you want this? You do don't you? Do you want to be fucked?

You have no choice. I pick the knife up and hold it to your neck. "I'm going to use yours holes and you will do as I say," I hiss menacingly. I smile and pick a Rabbit of the bedside table and switch it on. Moving down I hold it to your cunt and then move it in. in and out for a few moments. But then I withdraw it and without hesitation I place it at your ass hole and slowly move it in. Vibrating. I move it all the way in and leave it there. You groan, maybe in pain, maybe in pleasure. I don't care. A vibrating Rabbit deep in your ass. Then I stretch over you and my hard, expectant cock touches your soaking wet fanny lips. I lean over you; arms outstretched either side of you. And thrust my cock straight into your cunt, all the way in. no finesse, no sensitivity. I want a cunt around my cock. Oohh that feels so good. Your tunnel is so soft, so warm, so wet, so sensual. My cock deep in your cunt, and I feel the vibrator through the membrane. Buzzing away, pulsing along my cock. You're a whore, a slut, being double penetrated. You moan, a groan, a passive resistance with my cock deep inside your cunt and a Rabbit in your ass. If I stay deep inside you the vibe will make me cum where I am, so I start to fuck you, lying over you, on you...fucking you fast and hard. I start to slap your tits, so big, so wonderful. Hard fast vicious thrusts. In and out that hot cunt of yours.

Ohhh God this is just what I want. My cock deep in a cunt. Wonderful big tits below me. Squeezing them, slapping them, pulling them. And a vibrator buzzing all along my shaft, tingling my sensitive strip. This beauty tied, spread, on a bed. Forced to accept a vibrator and my thrusting cock. , Mouth bound. Tits shaking in and out I fuck you. Ready to cum as the vibrator and your tight, wet, cunt try to suck the cum from my balls. Faster, harder, in and out, the heat building up. And I feel that sensation, my cock stiffens more, my balls tighten, my breathing fast, my body nerves take over, and then...

I freeze, screaming loudly, as my first shot of cum pulses from my cockslit deep in your cunt. As deep as I can get it. Short thrust then another shot of my cream, and another. And more. Hard short thrusts of my pelvis, wanting to be all inside you, screaming in delight as the sensation takes over. More hard, forceful. Hard, deep as I unload more cum inside you. The vibe bringing out every drop of cum from my balls, shaft and cockslit. More oozes out and empties inside you. Until. Until. Until I'm spent. Empty. Finished filling your cunt with my cream. And I collapse on top of you. Breathing so heavy, sweating. Cock still in you.

With the vibrator still buzzing away in your ass, my cock still deep in your cunt, I lye on top of you, feeling your sexual warmth seep through me. My cock is drenched in the extreme wetness of your internal juices mixed with my immense release of cum. Slowly my breathing returns to normal and I now lift up and admire your female form. Curvy, fulsome, comely. As I lift off you and with draw my still semi-hard man meat I look down at it and see it covered in our mixed juices. Them I look at your pink, puffed, cunt and see the seeping, oozing, release of more of our juices. I reach down and finger it, rubbing those fluids all over it and playing with your clit. You squirm; sexily. You like that don't you? Then I use another finger to help spread the mess of the still seeping fluid. All over your lips, clit and then two fingers pressed deep inside you. Then three at the entrance to your tunnel. Then I have an idea that might horrify you. Or it may excite you.

I squeeze my fingers as far as I can go into your tunnel, twisting back and forth as I rotate my hand, more and more. All my fingers now, all in to the knuckle. Forcing in and widening your gash. You scream, muffled, as you buck your hips in joy and pain combined. The dripping wetness of your cunt fluids mixed with my slimy, thick cock cream makes the perfect lubricant. Deeper into you, I now get in at the widest point. My fist slowly working my way in I now have the whole fist at your entrance, stretching those lips, widening the opening, reaching into and rubbing your tunnel wall. I'm not sure if your shaking is for the feel or the fun, but I don't care. In more, and more and more. My fist now fully inside you, my wrist now being caressed by your cunt lips at the door to your sex, and a bit more and in as far as I can go. Fisting you. Is this humiliation for you or enjoyment. I start to twist my hand, rocking back and forth, turning it. A rotary hand fuck. My fingers coated in our joint juices. I feel the tunnel walls deep inside you that minutes ago housed my pulsing, shooting, creamy cock.

For about five minutes I languish in the feel. Tight and wet: the feel of your inner cunt. Rotating, squeezing, thrusting my fist inside you as you writhe, squirm, hump and moan and groan as I do it. But then I slowly pull out until with a 'pop' past your portal door I'm out . Covered in fluids. As I wipe my hand on your naked stomach I see the cunt gash still wide open as if asking for more. So I bend down and kiss and lick and tongue inside it. Tasting my own cum cream mixed with your lube fluids. Or is it your cum fluids. Lapping the wetness, my salty taste mixed with your sweet juices. Nectar...licking it almost clean.

The Finish

But I have to go so I get dressed. Searching around I find a pen and some paper and write something down.

"I'm going to release one hand in a minute. But if you didn't liked this then ring the police but I shall be away. But there is my phone number. If you enjoyed the session ring me."

I left.

The next day my phone rang............

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