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Business Dinner


As I stood in front of my full length mirror, pinning up my long, blonde hair, I finally had time to take a glimpse at how wonderful I turned out in this outfit I planned for the evening. My fingertips trickled from my neck down to my bare chest, across the soft, visible mounds of my breasts. I cupped my breasts in my hands, sizing up how they looked in this particular blouse and noticed my arousal. Continuing down my body I ran them across my smooth stomach that could even be felt beneath the fabric. Descending further to between my thighs I felt the beginning of a sexually tense evening. Deciding at the last moment that perhaps I was wearing a bit too much clothing I lifted my skirt up high and slinked my panties down my legs, stepping out of them before catching sight of the time.

Scrambling to grasp the bottle of my perfume I spritzed it into the air generously and walked through it like a model walks down a cat walk, making sure to point my nose high in the air. Having never been too terribly fond of them I was a bit surprised Jack asked me along at all. Placing my feet into the strappy sandals that I picked out to accentuate my outfit proved more time consuming than anything, having to fiddle with the small strap and clasp in order to secure them so I could walk. At this point I was feeling rather grateful that my skirt was light, able to feel the breeze through it, up against my smooth legs and bare pussy. My fingers flew back to my hair, pushing back the bobby pins that were meant to hold my hair in place this whole evening through, feeling frenzied but still able to stop and smile at myself in the mirror before walking out to greet Jack.

"Clarice, love, I know you want to look spectacular but-" his words were cut off as he watched her emerge from the back half of their apartment. His words literally caught in his throat as he laid eyes on her, seemingly for the first time ever.

The shoes that she had poured herself into for the night added quite a bit of height to her, standing eye to eye with him now, and that being just an inch or so over six feet. He could see the definition in her calves as they were pulled tight from the way she had to stand in the shoes. The skirt she wore could tempt any man with the way it clung to her legs and hips, hugging her body so close he wanted to reach out and touch her. A light blouse clung easily to her rounded breasts and left just enough uncovered for his imagination to run wild. He had seen her dressed up before but never quite like this. Finally he noticed her rather shy smile as he brought his eyes back up to her face.

"Do you like it?" I asked him coyly, adjusting one of my earrings and slipping a bit in my shoes, not quite used to being as tall as I turned out to be. Always feeling a bit awkward about showing Jack new outfits and makeup styles as he works with models all day long, he knows how to make someone look fabulous. I always wondered what he was really thinking whenever I tried a new style.

He let out a laugh as he watched her slip, knowing that was part of the reason why he loved her so much. Instead of answering her he stepped up and dropped a light kiss to her lips, parting them slightly and using his tongue to trace circles over her perfectly painted lips, tasting a bit of flavor left behind from the shine. Thinking he could honestly stay in for the night and be just as content.

I pushed against his chest and laughed a little. "C'mon Jack, I don't want to make you late for your meeting." Grabbing his hand I lead the way out of the apartment and down to the car he had rented for the evening.

Letting out small gasp, I turned back to him wondering if the onyx Firebird sitting by the curb was truly for us. I watched as he smiled and nodded, obviously pleased with my reaction. He dropped my hand and ran ahead to open the door for me, the bit of chilvalry instilled in him sometime down the road. I fidgeted for a moment, not knowing exactly how to get into this low sports car with grace and without twisting an ankle, settling for the method I always use and practically threw myself in, giving a grand glimpse at the soft flesh beneath my low cut blouse as I did so.

On the ride there I could hardly stand the anticipation. I was finally going to get to meet Jack's boss and maybe even some of the models he worked with. At first I was a little apprehensive about his job, always a bit insecure that he could really come home after seeing them all day long and be satisfied with me. I did not compare to them at all, in my mind, but there must be something to keep him coming home night after night.

Letting my fingers roam all over the interior of the car, feeling the different textures and noticing the different lights and gauges I thought to myself how great it would be if we could see the back seat of this car before returning it, hoping he had the same on his mind for sometime this evening. Glancing over to him I noticed how he had gotten his hair trimmed for the occasion, usually just letting it grow until someone bitched at him enough to do something with it. Clean shaven and studying the road ahead of him with his grey eyes, I knew he was enjoying the drive in this fantastic car. He had always been one for adrenaline rushes and cars had always been a great release for him.

He felt her eyes on him and turned his head to flash her a quick smile. It had been quite a while since he had taken her out like this, too long he knew. Lately he had felt her drifting from him, perhaps that was part of the reason why he begged his boss to let him bring her with. He had promised that she could keep up her end of any conversation and was a thrill to be around, unlike some of the models he had brought to him before. Of course, Clarice was not one of his models, she was the one who had nabbed his heart.

She could not have looked any better that night, even if he had picked out her ensemble. The light blues and purples accented her eyes and that blouse, the one that clung to her body, was not only sophisticated but seductive, he could already feel the effect of it. Reaching over he rest his hand on her thigh, wondering if the shift in her seat was to move closer to his long fingers or just an accidental move to fix an uncomfortable position. His mind dwelled on it for the rest of the short drive there.

Once we had arrived I had to find a way to get back out of the car, hoping to make a better exit than I had entrance, especially now that there were others around. I could overhear Jack threatening the Valet's life if anything happened to this car and smiled to myself. He was always charming like that. Once I had finagled my way out I was greeted by him, a smile on his face like no other as he offered his arm to me. The restaurant was so grand looking from the outside, I thought there should be a red carpet out front to greet us.

Something about Jack was different tonight. He seemed happier than he had been in quite some time, despite the trouble we had recently faced together. I was afraid he took me for granted and he afraid that I realized I could do better than him. Wondering secretly if this had anything to do with the words exchanged between us about how I needed more spice and fun in my life than he could offer, I decided to just stay quite and revel in the magic of the evening.

"Jack! It's good to see you, my boy." Standing before us was an older gentleman, dressed for the occasion as well. He had a charming voice that had a commanding quality to it. "This must be Clarice, of whom I have heard so much about."

Butterflies erupted from their cocoons and fought for space in my stomach as he said that. I had been quite unaware that Jack spoke of me at all, much less around the workplace. I smiled softly, trying to cover my nervousness and thrust a hand out to greet him, polite as I could be. He refused and rather pulled me into his massive body, patting me on the back with his meaty hands and then releasing me again to Jack. I nearly toppled over at the sudden grab and then again as I was pushed away from him.

Jack could do nothing but laugh. Here was his naturally clumsy Clarice being tossed this way and that and through it all she was able to keep her dazzling smile. He knew how she was around men, especially men larger than her and had envisioned quite a nightmare in his head were his boss to touch her. Relieved that all played out well he enveloped one of her hands in his and nodded. "Right then, shall we find our table?"

As we all sat at the table together I puzzled over where our fourth could possibly be. Jack had pleaded with me earlier that no matter how rude or bitchy the model turned out to be, to please stay quiet about it. At first I was put off by his request but then remembered that this was his passion and that he had a talent few possessed. I reminded myself over and over in my head to just smile nice and nod when everyone else did, quite contrary to my usual personality. I nearly fell asleep as the two of them droned on about photography and models; who was in, who was out. The only thing that kept my mind in this dinner at all was the fact that I was able to scope out Jack without being noticed at all.

Whenever he was at home with me I could always expect a drab shirt and khaki pants from him. Now though, he had run gel through his medium length brown hair and pulled it into sharp points at the top of his head. He wore a button up shirt beneath his midnight blue suit and a loud tie, not because he did not know the code of fashion; hell, he had bought most of my wardrobe for me, but because it was a style he claimed as his own. I could see the lights of the restaurant reflecting dimly against the fabric of his suit pants, freshly shined shoes beneath it all. Taking into consideration how much he hated dressing like this I realized just how polite I was going to have to be.

Glancing at my watch I realized this model was already fifteen minutes late and we had started our first round of drinks. After another twenty minutes rolled past and we decided it alright to finally order our dinner. I almost laughed out loud when I heard Jack ordering. Few people knew Jack well enough to know he is intolerable of most foods. Cannot stand the taste or feel of them in his mouth. I had always wondered how he went out to eat with his colleagues as often as he did without them noticing.

After we all put in our orders I saw a tall brunette talking to a waiter, and then saw that waiter point to our table. Her hair was done up nicely and she looked calm and at ease as she made her way over. I placed my hand on Jack's thigh and gave a small squeeze, nodding over in that direction as if to silently ask him if that was her. He glanced over at me and smiled, pushing himself away from the table and excusing himself as he stood, going to greet her.

I watched as he hugged her gently, her hugging him back and smiling over his shoulder. I looked away and turned to his boss, expecting to start a conversation but he seemed lost in the two's embrace. Reminding myself not to sigh and roll my eyes as I am usually tempted to do, I raised my water cup to my lips, savoring the cool refreshing water until I felt their affection had ceased. They stood talking, her hands on his shoulders and his on her elbows. He laughed at all the right times and bobbed his head in agreement with whatever she was saying before carefully sliding an arm around her shoulders and ushering her back to the table.

"Mr.Thompson, Clarice, meet Veronica." his smile radiated as he introduced this tardy guest to the table.

Mr.Thompson stood eagerly and reached to shake Veronica's hand. I watched the entire scene play out and could not help but notice the bulge pressing against the front of the gentleman's pants as he shook hands with her. I don't think it slipped past Veronica's eyes either. Jack and his boss finally took their seats after she found her own. I could feel her brown eyes sizing me up as I sat nervously across the table from her.

We finished up our dinner with quite a few laughs and I finally learned how Jack got away with never eating in front of anyone else. Halfway through the dinner he reached across the table to pass something to the lovely Veronica and spilled his wine all over his plate. Were one not trained to look for such mishaps one would never catch it. I suppose no one else found it odd that he had calculated just how much wine there was to be the said goblet so that it would pour into his plate, but not over, leaving him just as dry as he came. I was rather impressed with the talent he had learned and just smiled to myself.

Now it was time to move onto the next part of the night. We were moving right along to a rather upscale club in the heart of the city. I, myself, am not much for loud music and drunk guys trying to paw at me but I knew how great Jack was on a dance floor, or rather, had heard from his friends. This was his common ploy to draw these models to him and make them want to be his "toy" so to speak. All night long the two had shared sexual innuendos and I had caught her staring at him from time to time. I tried not to let it bother me, god how I tried, but when she reached out to touch his hand and licked her lips I nearly threw my water glass at her. This promise I made him was turning out to be more difficult to maintain then I had ever imagined.

As we left the restaurant we began making arrangements as to how to get there and who would be leaving a vehicle behind. I watched her as she slinked up to Jack and whispered something in his ear. He fidgeted against her for a moment and leaned into her a bit, his hands on her shoulders as he turned his head. "Could you repeat that bit for me dear?" he asked her quietly in his British accent.

I knew the real reason behind the shift of movement, Jack was deaf in one ear. Rather than reveal it to anyone he worked around it, quite like his intolerance to food. She, none the wiser, figured he was just paying special attention to her, not wanting to miss a word she said.

He nodded to whatever she said to him and then came over to me, his arm wrapped around the small of my back as he whispered in my ear, "She wants to know if she can ride with me. It's just to get her to sign Clarice..."

Feeling a bit hurt that he would not deny her on the spot I found myself nodding, allowing such a thing to happen in my daze of confusion. He walked over to his boss and explained, Mr.Thomspon's eyes lighting up at the idea of having me ride with him, I could feel the dread deep in my stomach.

Getting into Mr.Thompson's car was a bit easier than Jack's as I needed to step up into his prestigious SUV rather than fall into the sports car I arrived in. As soon as I was seated and my belt fastened I could feel his eyes on me, laying into me. I glanced over at him and smiled shyly, realizing his eyes were not focused on my face, but rather my chest. This time I could not help but let out a sigh.


"You know, Veronica, we are all really excited about the idea of you joining our team. We have some of the most beautiful models..." Jack continued on, rambling almost, as he gave what he refered to as his "sales pitch".

While she was listening to his accent and words, she heard nothing he was saying. Her eyes were focused on his body, on the way he held the wheel of the magnificent car so loosely, and on his mouth as he spoke. The things she wanted to do to his mouth.

He felt her staring at him and stopped speaking, turning to her and jesting, "Is there something on my face? Tie?" He looked down to inspect for himself and was a bit startled by her laughter.

"No, nothing like that." she replied in a low, sultry voice. Her chocolate eyes studied him intently as her hand closed the distance between them, finally resting high on his thigh.

He found himself swallowing hard, knowing exactly what she wanted, what she wanted to do. This was the exact reason Clarice had ever doubted his fidelity to being with. Rampant, horny models who could not keep their hands to themselves. Of course, as deceitful as they may be he needed them to keep his job. He had to have the best and sadly, Veronica was high on the list of women men wanted to see.

She sensed his nervousness but ignored it, figuring he was just worried about company policies and other worthless shit like that. Her crimson fingertips traced against the crotch of his pants, beckoning his cock forth into her grip and finding it was working well. She felt him press back against her hand in little time.

Jack sat silently cursing his extreme sex drive. He tried everything he could to keep his tool where it should be, thinking of the poor dinner he just had, thinking of things that needed to be attended to once he returned home, of the new camera he had gotten this afternoon, of Clarice...which did not help his situation much at all.

She leaned in and licked slowly down his neck, nibbling her way back up until she would whisper with him hearing, "The only reason I agreed to do this, is because I would get to work with you Jack."

Damn that being his good ear, damn him being able to hear exactly what she said. He tried keeping his concentration on the road, on the silver SUV on the road ahead of him, as if he needed a guide to this club they were about to go to. The attempt of concentration was broken as soon as he felt a hand dip into his pants, nearly pushing himself back in the seat away from her at the new sensation.

"Oh relax, it's just a friendly hand job. And maybe later you will feel you can return the favor." her eyes sparkled as she teased him.

Her hand gripped his hard cock and stroked the length of it, her eyes piercing into him as she smirked lightly. She picked up the pace and began pumping him with one hand and lightly tracing the head of his cock with a dainty fingernail.

He felt himself sink into his seat a bit, not exactly wanting to express relief or desire but what man can resist a hand job? Besides, he didn't want to make it seem like he was ungrateful and lose her at the crucial moment. Instead of moaning like he normally would he just settled for biting his lower lip, a reaction he could not help if he wanted to.

She made a rather quick deal out of it, noting his reactions were not quite what she had been looking for. Maybe he liked to take things a bit slower. Leaning down she slipped the head of his tool into her mouth and sucked vigorously, practically begging for him to release into her eager mouth. This time, she heard for sure, a low moan coming from him and not two seconds later her mouth was full of his lovely seed, swallowing it quickly and returning him to his pants she sat next to him smiling.

After a moment or two in silence, and again the feeling of being watched, he spoke, "I don't mean to give the wrong impression, Veronica, but-" was all he could get out before she smothered his mouth with a kiss. A soft and delicate kiss which involved as much of her mouth as she could muster. There was no escaping such a kiss except for by kissing back, which he did reluctantly, offering her just enough to cause her to back off.

Pleased with his reaction she sat back down into her seat and reapplied her lipstick as they pulled into the parking lot of the club. Already she could hear the steady beat of the music and envisioned a wonderful night with Jack Tobin on the dance floor. Word of his moves spread quickly in her profession.


I tried to preoccupy his mind as well as I could during the drive to the club. I asked him about his family, his job, how he got to be so successful, his dog, I even asked him about his kids, but nothing tore that man's line of sight from my tits.

"Jack always talks about you at work. He talks about how beautiful and smart you are. Honestly, your looks are enough for me." his words slurred as he spoke.

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