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Business Ethics...Or Something Like


My schedule is so busy, but I've made a commitment to "give back" where I can and I was on my way to do just that.

My next appointment was for me to lecture a group of college grad students about the "value of commitment in business" which is relevant because I committed to do this as a favor to my old college roommate who was now the "business ethics" teacher at this university.

Driving there, I got stuck in traffic, with a dead cell phone, and nothing but un-listenable radio in the car. As if it was an erotic mirage, I saw this hunky stud of a gardener drive by in the next lane. He was muscular, tanned and dirty from the morning's work.

He reminded me of how I have not been getting my share of cock lately. I don't know what it is, but we women go through streaks of lots of cock and then none to be found. I guess I haven't been sending out the right vibes lately.

As the stud drove past, I reached between my legs to rub my kitty and damn if it wasn't slicky wet. It felt good. But shit, I was driving and should be thinking about the speech I was about to give.

But since I was in stop and go traffic, I figured I could slip out of my panties, tease myself, and rub one out. As I bent down, to slip my panties over the heel of my red pumps, I almost rear-ended the car in front, but fortunately stopped just short. How embarrassing that would have been!

Resuming my activities, I continued working my fingers around my kitty and enjoying the wetness but suddenly see the damn exit where I have to get off (without "getting off", I might add). After the short drive from the exit to the University, I drove aimlessly around the huge campus and found parking in the faculty parking lot.

Running late, and a bit overheated from my un-resolved masturbation, I hurry to the lecture hall. Halfway there, I realize I forgot to put my panties back on, but what the heck, I'm running late and no one will notice. But the breeze did feel refreshing on my still damp kitty.

As I began entering the hall, I was immersed in a crush of students changing classes. We were packed like sardines, everyone moving this way and that to get to their various classes.

While merging through the crowd, I distinctly felt someone cup my ass and slip their fingers underneath and down my crack, around to my still slick pussy. As I turned, the hand quickly disappeared and I couldn't tell who in the crowd behind me was the culprit. Not gonna lie, it wasn't an unwelcome feeling at this point. I found my way to the lecture hall without further incident. Sigh.

As I began my lecture to the crowd of about 200 students, I noticed a group of five or six of them with Greek letter sweatshirts sitting off to my right. They were a bit rowdy and rudely talking while I was lecturing, so when I got to the part about "listening" as an important business skill, I singled them out to the crowd saying, "If those young men were more committed to learning they would be paying more attention."

Just then, a tall lean Frat boy stood up and apologized to me and the crowd and said, "We were just distracted by you...you're too beautiful to be a lecturer on business" I stammered a bit about "sexism in the workplace" and quickly admonished them that good business does not have a physical shell, its what you know and what you do. I felt flush from embarrassment, but continued the lecture.

After ninty minutes of my best "stay in school" repertoire, I finished and the students began filing out. I gathered up my papers and materials. As I went to leave, the tall, smart-ass fraternity boy was in front of me. He introduced himself as Eric and again apologized for disturbing the lecture and then insisted that he meant what he said.

Well I like a good compliment as much as anyone, but I professionally brushed him off, said thank you and went to leave. He then asked if I had ever been on campus before and I said, that while I had driven by many times, I had never visited the campus.

Then he offered to show me around.

Well, he was earnest, and seemed sincere in his apology...and did call me "beautiful" and I did have some time, so I said sure.

He walked me to my car where I deposited all my lecture materials. As I bent over to put the materials into my trunk, I felt the wind catch the bottom of my dress and blow it up. I was busy in the trunk and just brushed it down.

When I turned around, I saw Eric with a dazed look in his eyes and a huge erection in his jeans. He quickly comes to, and stammers something about starting the tour.

As we spend the next hour or so walking around campus, (science building, library, medical school, humanities, art...) I notice he can't keep his eyes off me. And all that attention and knowledge of the effect I'm having on him makes me incredibly horny. A sure sign of "not enough cock" and my failed attempt at masturbation earlier.

Soon we arrive at a road with a lot of big residences. I ask him what it is and he says its fraternity row. I ask if this is where he lives and he says yes and invites me on a tour of the fraternity house (no letters here, lets just say it's a national).

We enter into the first floor and there are scattered couches and a disheveled kitchen. As the tour goes up the stairs Eric says they have constructed a big media room off to the left.

As we enter, the group of guys there are startled and I see on the big screen that they are watching a gangbang porno movie. The girl on the screen is getting DP and jerking a third. They stammer and grab for their pants that are around their collective ankles. There must be five or six of them there all with embarrassed faces and erections reaching for the sky.

I figured, it must be fate today as I have been so horny, left my panties in the car, gotten groped in a crowd, been pantiless in front of a lot of people, and now this.

So rather than excuse myself from the room, I walked over to the boys and looked disappointedly at all of them and their feeble attempts to cover themselves. I then spun, and reached down to grab the 420 they were smoking, thus letting them see the full effect of my heels, legs, and pantiless ass. I took a big hit off the joint and asked Eric if this was part of the tour for everyone, or just me?

Eric, whose erection was threatening to break out of his jeans, tried to mumble something smooth, but failed as I suspect there wasn't much blood in his brain at that point.

I flopped myself on the couch in front of the big-screen porno. The talented girl on screen had two cocks in her mouth as she sat asshole-first on a huge black cock. With all these boys and their erections all around me, I just reached for the large bottle of Astroglide on the table, squeezed some into both hands and said, "Who's first?"

Before anyone could answer, I just grabbed the closest two cocks and started to stroke them energetically. Hard as rocks. One tall and thin, the other thick and stubby. Both with pre-cum on their tips and ready.

All the other boys quickly got the message and dropped their coverings and began touching and stroking me all over. Hands up and down my legs, fingers going in and out of my drenched pussy, someone's hand taking off my pumps, someone sucking my toes, hands down my dress onto my swollen breasts, grabbing and pinching my nipples. Finally, the first two boys shoot their loads all over each other and me.

I stand up and the boys all hold their breathe as they must think I am leaving. But all I do is remove my dress and lay it nicely over the back of the chair (one doesn't wrinkle a vintage Pucci).

Then, stark naked and well lubed, I sit down; spread my long legs as wide as the couch will allow, start to flick my clit and motion for them to get over here. They quickly get the idea, queue up and begin to fuck my silly on the couch. Not believing their incredible luck.

Before the first one is finished, I've already cum twice. Talk about pent up orgasms! Like riding a bucking bronco, I almost threw him off. But he held on in time to shoot a load deep into me. Then the second comes over and even before he enters me, he cums on my stomach....they are such boys! I needed more hard cock immediately!

Over comes Eric. He proudly unleashes what he calls "the monster". I didn't care that it was incredibly geeky that he named his dick; it was beautiful, with great shape and crimson tipped.

He slipped "the monster" into my sloppy pussy and banged "in and up" like I like it. Soon I was cumming again, and he actually had some staying power. Must be a senior.

Two other boys wanted in and I had them positioned on either side of my face while Eric pumped away. I alternated between jerking one cock and having the other fuck my mouth. Both slid through my hand and lips like pistons.

Another boy was taking pictures with his phone. As Eric was approaching his climax, I had another of my own and then leaned back to receive the loads from the two by my face. They covered me with stringy jizz bombs.

At that point I realized what time it was and that I had to be cross-town in an hour for a dinner meeting with potential clients. Since I committed to this dinner, I had to leave in a hurry. Business ethics yo!

I stood up, bent over and licked each of their cocks one more time, and one of the boys tongue-dived (dove?) face-first into my over-creamed pussy slurping up all his buddys' baby batter. OK, I could spend a few more minutes. Finally, I found my clothes and shoes.

By the time, I said my goodbyes, and thank you's, and one more blow job and some pictures with the group, I was incredibly late. I attempted to clean up and re-applied my makeup while I drove madly to the restaurant.

When I got to the restaurant, the valet opened the door and I exited hoping he didn't notice the pool of sperm and spit left on my car seat that leaked out of my stretched out cunt as I drove.

Of course, dinner was with some potential clients, one of whom reached under the table and put his hand on the inside of my thigh, where he must have felt the sticky and tacky remains of my afternoon and gave me a knowing glance.

I think I know how to close this deal....with business ethics.

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