Twenty four year old Kelly peered into the mirror to give one last look before heading out to the dance floor. It had been three years now since she had began dancing at the all-nude club. She was down on her luck and about to be evicted from her apartment when she passed the gaudy club and saw the advertisement for exotic dancers. One year after later, she landed a part time job at a call center some 35 miles away, but closer to her apartment. Since the call center job was morning work, she kept her strip club job, certain that no one at work would ever find out.

It was a typical Saturday night crowd. The girls coming in chattered away about the usual high tippers and where to find them. It was time for her performance and she had opted for the cowgirl routine tonight. The rowdy guys loved it when she roped them and pulled them to her naked body. It generally resulted in some extra cash, and that was the name of the game.

The disc jockey fired up her favorite tunes and she was soon bumping and grinding to get the crowd riled up and the guys reaching for their billfolds. Fate had given her the perfect body for stripping. She had hypnotic green eyes, and a smile that was intoxicating. Her 38-D breasts were equally blessed with soft brown areola and puffy nipples that often grew hard while performing. Her tight abdomen, long sensual legs, and pear shaped ass made her one of the most favored dancers.

Kelly zeroed in on a table of college studs and began dancing directly in front of them. Their eyes were glued to her every move as if in a trance. She reached up and removed her cowgirl hat and playfully placed it on one of the guy's heads to the delight of the others as her body swayed to the grind of the music. She played the first set with perfect timing, making sure that she removed her top, giving the guys an up close and personal view of her luscious tits. The money was already coming her way when her first song ended. She had whetted their appetite. They wanted to see this girl totally naked and she had them right where she wanted them as the next number began playing.

Things could not have been going any better for her as she glanced at the dollar bills lining the runway. Moving down the rows of tables she was just about to strip out of her skimpy skirt when she froze in sheer fear. Sitting at a table were a half dozen co-workers from the call center. The crowd sensed her hesitation and was growing restless as the half naked girl stood motionless on the runway.

"Come on strip." "Take it off girl." came the calls from the agitated crowd.

Brian, one of the guys that sat close to her was in the crowd a week before. She was so busy shoving her ass in the face of customers that she never noticed him. He spread the news to some of his closest associates and they decided to make a surprise visit and expose her secret life.

She was close enough to hear what they had to say. Jenna, who Kelly did not particularly like, spoke out first.

"Well, come on. Take it all off bitch. We came to see a strip show...so show us some pussy," she yelled as the tables around her laughed and hooted.

She wanted to run away and hoped the earth would just swallow her up at this moment. Her eyes shot to the rear of the room in a moment of induced panic. The club owner was leering at her. She was a mouse caught in a trap. If she stopped dancing, she was finished, if she continued she would never live it down with her co-workers. She snapped back to reality, deciding to move back towards the table with the college guys. She tried in desperation to block out the fact that they there, but the haunting thoughts that they were about to see her totally naked would not go away.

Mentally summoning the courage to continue, she slipped the sexy little skirt off that she was wearing, revealing a bright blue thong. The tight strip was buried in her ass tight ass cheeks as she sensually writhed before the captivated male audience.

Not to be outdone, her co-workers began waving money in the air. No stripper in her right mind would ignore a table flashing money, especially with the owner watching. She bit her lip and sexily danced towards the table, her breasts and ass moving to the intoxicating rhythm of the music.

As she approached the table, she had to endure the further indignity of having them all eagerly stuffing money into the only piece of clothing remaining.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like this. Please don't tell any of the supervisors," Kelly managed to remark, while keeping her smile and composure going as a masquerade to the rest of the room.

"I think it is fucking great," one of the guys remarked. The others simply looked on, their eyes scanning Kelly's near naked body. As the music blared Kelly knew it was now time to lose the thong and go commando. She stood up, shook her raven locks and in a sexy sway, she lowered her thongs and stepped out of them. Twirling them in her fingers, she pranced around the table, exhibiting her sensual naked body as the crowd shouted deliriously. In an act of defiance Kelly tossed the blue thong directly into the face of Jenna and strutted off triumphantly picking up the many dollar bills that lined the runway. As she sunk into the chair in the dressing room she somehow knew that word would get to the management of the call center and she would be fired. Tears came into her eyes, as she was just starting to realize some financial security with the combined incomes.

The next day at the call center Kelly waited, expecting any moment to be called into the office. On her morning break she went into the ladies room only to find Jenna, Tammy and Brenda, the three girls who were at the club waiting for her.

"So you like showing your tits and ass do you?" Jenna huffed. "Well, we have not told a single soul about your little secret life...yet. The guys have agreed to remain mum as well, providing one thing," Jenna remarked.

"Oh and what is that?" Kelly replied sarcastically.

"You give us a private showing, and I mean you get down and dirty girl," Jenna replied triumphantly. "You do this and your secret is safe, but refuse and you will be packing your shit before the day ends," she continued.

Kelly was fuming mad. No job was worth this, but at the same time there was no way she was going to let a snobby bitch like Jenna get the best of her.

"Private show? Just where will this be and how many will be there?" Kelly inquired.

"About a dozen or more. What the fuck do you care anyway. You strut your stuff for total strangers, you can do it for some of us," Jenna rambled on. "We will decide a proper place shortly," She continued with a diabolical smile.

Kelly looked at the faces of the determined females and decided to make a counter offer. It was going for broke, but something inside her simply would not let the opportunity pass.

"On one condition," Kelly remarked.

"We're listening," Jenna replied

"Let's make this a contest between you and me," Kelly replied to the stunned Jenna. "You and me in a stripping contest. If those in attendance vote me the sexiest, then you have to agree to walk home naked and never tell anyone about my dancing... but if you are voted the sexiest, then I will do whatever you ask me to do," Kelly instructed.

"What makes you think I would lower myself to get into a stripping contest with the likes of you?" Jenna huffed.

Wait a minute Jenna," Brenda spoke up. "I think this is a great idea. Think what we can do to her if she loses," Brenda quipped. "She said it. You can't let a golden opportunity like this slip by," she continued.

She is right," Tammy joined in. "There are three of us and two of us agree that this is a fucking great idea. You are out-numbered," she remarked to the blushing Jenna.

What the hell, my body is just as good as yours. You may have me beat in the tit department but I have been told I have a great ass. You are on," Jenna replied arrogantly. "Since you are off on Thursday nights, meet us this Thursday in the garage behind my house at 8 P.M. The parents are gone this week and I have it all to myself. Get ready for your most humiliating night ever," Jenna snorted as the three left the rest room grinning and snickering at the twisted possibilities that lay ahead.

All the way home Kelly was counting on her experience to put Jenna in her place. She had seen dozens of girls like Jenna on amateur nights at the club. They were all talk; each thinking they can be as sexy on the dance floor as everyone else, but when it came to actually getting butt naked, they melted in fear and went home crying.


The dreaded night came all too soon. Kelly walked to the rear of the two story house where Jenna lived and approached the garage with caution. She could hear laughter inside and wandered how many Jenna had invited to witness the event. Knocking on the door she was greeted by Jenna who gave Kelly the once over with her eyes.

Kelly had chosen a gray T-shirt and matching gray sweat pants for the occasion they hugged her body revealing her near perfect form. Jenna was dressed similarly with a white T-shirt and a pair of black jogging pants with a white stripe up the side.

"Ready to get owned?" Jenna huffed as he motioned Kelly inside.

A host of male and female friends lined a make shift stage that had been quickly assembled for the occasion. Kelly did a quick head count and came up with 8 males and 6 females in attendance. A large boom box had been readied for the music and everyone seemed anxious for the bizarre contest to begin.

Tammy and Brenda were running the event and Brenda announced the details.

"You will both take the stage together and strip until you are totally naked. Once you have danced enough to give everyone a good view of everything you got, we will take a final vote by a show of hands to determine which of you is deemed the sexiest. The girl with the most votes wins. Kelly, if you lose you must do whatever Jenna orders you to do, and Jenna if you lose, you must walk around the block three times naked," Brenda remarked to cat calls and cheers from the rowdy crowd ready to see some tits and ass.

Someone cued up the music and the two girls climbed up onto the plywood stage. Kelly was use to voyeuristic crowds and taking it all off did not bother her, but still these were people she worked with and having them see her naked outside of the club was a little humiliating, but she would never show it.

Jenna tried to show some bravado but inside she was nervous as hell. She knew she had no experience like Kelly had and the thought of getting naked before all of her friends was terrifying; let alone the possibility that she may actually lose.

Kelly began swaying sexily to the beat of the music and in no time had the small crowd revved up and rowdy. Jenna's moves were more robotic and she deliberately avoided eye contact with the crowd. Like two cowboys in an old west shoot out, both girls waited to see which one would begin stripping first. Kelly decided to make the event as short as possible and sensually pulled her T-Shirt off revealing an intentionally low cut and white lacy bra that squeezed her breasts perfectly.

Jenna knew she had to follow and pulled off her T-shirt, flinging it to the side. Jenna had worn a standard black bra, and her 36-B Cup was no match for Kelley's 38 D's. The simple fact of having her shirt removed before the crowd was already embarrassing Jenna, a fact not lost on many in the crowd including Tammy and Brenda who began shouting encouragement to Jenna.

Strutting with confidence and flair, Kelly easily detached her bra and flung it onto the floor. The sight her bare breasts in all their glory garnered a huge reaction from the males, and a little jealousy from most of the females. Jenna bit her lip as she knew it was time to bare her breasts. She was nervous as her hands clumsily fidgeted with the hook of her bra. When she flung it to the side, she immediately covered them out of instinct before being scolded by the group.

Kelly could sense Jenna's reluctance and turned up the heat as she gyrated and spun like a pro. Reaching inside of the elastic band of her bottoms, she slowly pulled them down to the delight of the assembled group. As she stepped out of hem, she gave them a view of a tight pair of white thongs that rode the crack of her ass and showed the firm cheeks in a delicious manner. Her long slender legs were eye candy to the lusty males.

Jenna could hear her friends shouting to take it off as she nervously strutted and trying to find the courage to lower her bottoms. She nearly tripped as they bunched around her ankles and she could hear the laughter as she recovered. Both girls were now clad in only a pair of sheer panties. The contest would soon be over and both knew it. Jenna was hoping her popularity among the group would turn to her favor. She would make Kelly do the most humiliating act she could possible imagine if she could just win.

Kelly peeled her thong down her sensual legs and stepped out of them as if it was the most natural act in the world. Her bare pussy glistened in the light of the garage as hoots and cheers were omitted. Twirling the thong in her hand, she paraded naked in front of the group, giving them an up close and personal view of all the goods. She even bent over and gave an extended view of her spread ass for them.

Jenna swallowed hard as she slid her black lacy panties down and stepped out of them. Jenna had a well trimmed bush and it was clear now that she was not a true blonde. She paraded naked in front of the group as best she could. She stopped and whirled around to give them a view of her ass, but could not bring herself to do what Kelly had done.

Soon the music stopped and both girls stood naked to await the results. Tammy and Brenda joined them onstage and asked for a show of hands for Kelly. Jenna's face turned ghostly white as nearly every hand went up. When the crowd was asked to vote for Jenna, only half raised their hands and Jenna's heart sank inside. She had been beaten at her own game.

As Kelly triumphantly put her clothes back on, the two girls picked Jenna's clothes off the floor and handed them to Kelly.

"Spoils of war," Brenda remarked with slight grin.

enna was in tears and sobbing as she watched the girls open the garage door. It was just before sunset and some daylight was still around.

"Please don't make me walk naked. I could get arrested," Jenna pleaded.

"Sorry luv, you agreed to the rules. The quicker you go the quicker it will be over with," Tammy remarked.

Jenna could hear the mocking laughter as she slowly left the comfort of the garage and strode butt naked towards the front walk. She felt like the biggest slut in the world as she turned down the walk and was silently praying that no one would notice and she would be spared even further humiliation.

To ensure her safety Tammy and some others followed behind filming the naked walk for spite. Her own friends laughing behind her only added to the horror of her defeat for they made her keep her arms down by her side the entire walk.

Kelly walked by a public dumpster and tossed Jenna's clothes inside and returned to her place. In the weeks that followed more and more of the people at the call center came to see Kelly perform. She became the most popular dancer in the club, and none of the management at the call center ever found out about her "other job."

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