tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGroped at the Company Party

Groped at the Company Party


I was a senior in college at a small southern university when I met Donna. Donna was an eighteen year old freshman who had grown up on her father's farm and went to school in a tiny little town. I immediately fell in love with Donna. She was a slim girl with giant blue eyes and dark brown hair. She was smart, sweet and had big friendly smile. However, the first thing that everyone noticed about Donna was her huge, firm breasts.

Her figure was unbelievable. She wore a 34DDD bra most of the time, but she had outgrown the DDD cups and her Mom took her to get bigger bras while we were dating. Men would stare and women would comment on her figure everywhere we went. Her breasts were so big on a skinny girl that people wondered if they were real. They were.

Donna was almost as excited by her big boobs as I was. Her mother and her sister both had very large breasts, but Donna was flat as a pancake through most of high school. She told me that her nickname was "ironing board." Donna told me that she had resigned herself to being flat for her entire life when in the middle of her senior year of high school at ages 17 and 18, Donna began to develop and developed quickly. She said she went from an A cup to a DD cup in one semester.

Unlike many women with big boobs who grow tired of the attention their boobs bring, Donna was thrilled with the attention and still could not believe that men wanted her. Donna still saw herself as the flat-chested skinny girl from high school even though she looked like a swim suit model. She was a gorgeous woman who did not fully realize she was gorgeous.

Donna and I met at a party I gave and we instantly connected. We had sex the first night we met. She had a boyfriend back home who she dumped about a week after we met. She moved her clothes out of the dorm and into my apartment. We were inseparable.

I would find myself staring at her thinking how lucky I was to have a girlfriend like her. She was great and I immediately put her on a pedestal and started to think of her as virginal before I met her even though we had sex all night the first night we met and she cheated on her boyfriend with me without hesitation.

I loved the attention Donna received almost every time we went out. For some reason, it would turn me on when guys would stare or women would compliment her on her figure. One woman at a store actually touched her breast as she complimented Donna on her figure.

At concerts or crowded bars guys would grope Donna and try to feel her up. I started to say something to one of the guys who grabbed her at a concert, but she stopped me and said that it was no big deal. Donna told me that guys tried to feel her up all of the time and that I shouldn't worry about it because I would be going home with her.

It made me horny to hear her talk about guys feeling her up. She told me that guys would fondle her or try to fondle her at work, school, stores and basically everywhere she went. We talked about it later at home and she realized that talking about her being groped turned me on. Consequently, Donna started telling me about guys coping a feel when we were in bed at night and I never interfered when I saw guys trying to grab her at concerts or bars. She seemed to be able to handle it, but it worried me a little that she didn't seem to mind at all if guys were groping her big boobs in public.

Donna and I had an incredible sex life. We had sex every morning and every night. She loved to have sex. I can't describe how sexy she looked riding my cock on top of me with her huge tits bouncing, jiggling and swaying. Donna had classes before I did in the mornings so she would get ready for school and then come back to bed in her bra and panties and would fuck me right before she left for class.

Donna loved sex of any type. Her breasts were very sensitive and she loved to let me titty fuck her. The first time I brought it up, she eagerly agreed and then surprised me by holding her boobs around my cock while sucking on my cock. She seemed very proud of herself when I came all over her boobs and face after just a few minutes of that spectacular sex act. Her boobs were so big that she could easily have her boobs around my cock and my cock deep in her mouth.

Donna needed a job for spending money, so she went and got a job as a cashier at a local grocery store. The store was part of a large regional chain of stores in many of the nearby towns and cities.

This story involves the company Christmas party for the regional chain of grocery stores. Donna told me about the party the company gave each year for all of the employees in all of the stores and asked me to go with her. She told me all about the big party and seemed very excited about it. I had something to do early that evening and told her that I could come, but would be an hour or two late. She seemed disappointed, so I told her to go with a girlfriend from work and that I would get there as soon as I could. She kissed me and said that she would do that.

I was busy at school when Donna left for the party. She rode with her girlfriend, so I was not worried about her. I came home, changed for the party and went to the company headquarters where the Christmas party was being held. I was well over an hour late.

The party was huge and it was obvious that the company had spent a lot of money on the party. The liquor was flowing , a band was playing and people seemed pretty rowdy for a company party. Most of the employees were fairly young and the free booze seemed to have had a major effect on the entire crowd. I started looking for Donna in the crowded room.

After looking around for Donna for five or ten minutes, I finally spotted her across the big, crowded room. She had on jeans and a tight blue sweater that matched her eyes. The sweater was one of my favorites because it was very tight across the chest and showed off every inch of her magnificent breasts. With her tiny ass in tight jeans and her breasts in that sweater, Donna looked spectacular. The surprise was that she was surrounded by four older men in suits. One guy appeared to be in charge and was a big, tall, grey haired guy in his 50s or 60s. The other guys were in their 30s and included several big, clean-cut guys who had to be executives in the company. Donna was the only woman in the small group gathered in a corner of the room near a big Christmas tree.

As I started across the room to get Donna, the older man held something over Donna's head. Donna laughed along with all of the men and then gave the older man a long, long kiss. I was shocked and a little bit angry. The kiss finally broke up as I approached the group.

Donna saw me and immediately called out to me and rushed to greet me with a kiss. I could tell she had already had way too much to drink. She smiled a little too much, talked a little more than usual and did not seem too steady on her feet. She introduced me to the group of executives in her little group including the older man she had been kissing who was Mr. Reasoner, the man who owned the grocery store chain. Everyone seemed a little tipsy except me. Mr. Reasoner was very polite, smooth and sophisticated.

After the introductions, Donna told me in front of the group that Mr. Reasoner had some mistletoe and that it was a tradition for the company employees to kiss under the mistletoe, especially new employees like Donna. After Donna said that, Mr. Reasoner said, "Here Donna, let's show your boyfriend how it works."

Donna laughed and said, "Yes sir!"

With that, he took her in his arms and gave her another long passionate kiss. I noticed that Donna had her arms around him and it looked like an open-mouthed French kiss. I was a little upset and a little turned on to see my girlfriend act this way. The kiss seemed to last forever. When it finally ended, it took a little too long for them to unwind.

When Donna came to my side, she smiled and asked me to get her another drink. I agreed and went to find a bar and wait in line for the drinks. I ordered two for myself.

When I returned to Donna and the executives, Donna was again kissing Mr. Reasoner. This time I thought I saw one of his hands on one of Donna's breasts as they kissed. Was this guy feeling up my girlfriend in public? Was she letting him?

I decided that I must be imagining things. Donna greeted me warmly and quickly downed her drink. I had seldom seen Donna drink like this and I could tell she had reached the point of no return.

Before I could ask Donna about what was going on, Mr. Reasoner called her over to him again. He again asked Donna for a kiss under the mistletoe and she smiled and said, "Yes, sir."

This time, I was looking carefully and could plainly see he was squeezing one of Donna' boobs while they kissed. She was not doing anything to resist. In fact, when the kiss finally ended, Mr. Reasoner continued to rub her big tit. Finally, Donna said, "Please sir, everyone can see you rubbing my breast. You are embarrassing me, sir."

He then gave her boob one last rub and slowly removed his hand as the other executives laughed and hooted. It occurred to me that she wasn't telling him not to rub her boobs, she just politely said not to do it where people can see him do it.

I then managed to pull my tipsy girlfriend off to the side for a moment and asked her what she was doing. She said, "I thought you would like it if we talk about him feeling me up tonight when we go to bed. This is making me very horny. I can't wait for you to take me to bed."

Donna gave me a sweet smile and a kiss. Then she said, "Mr. Reasoner keeps asking me to go back to his office so that I can show him my boobs. I don't feel right saying no to him since he is my boss. I thought that would turn you on to talk about it tonight, but I did not want to do it without asking you first."

I was wanting to say no, but she smiled at me and asked me in a cute pouty voice, "Is it okay if I do it so I can tell you all about it while we have sex tonight?" With that, she rubbed her breasts against my chest and gave me another big kiss.

My cock was hard as a rock at the thought of my beautiful girl stripping for this older man in a position of authority over her. I said yes and immediately started to have second thoughts as she skipped back to the group of executives.

I went to the bar and guzzled several more drinks as I tried to figure out how I could get out of my agreement that Donna could strip for Mr. Reasoner. I was now fairly drunk when I returned to the group around Donna. As I handed her another drink, she laughed and said that she loved me so much.

I tried to bring up the trip to Mr. Reasoner's office, but she cut me off and said that she was going to go to the bathroom and then was going to go with Mr. Reasoner to his office like it was something for which I was impatiently waiting. I said, "I hope these other guys haven't noticed that you were letting Mr. Reasoner feel you up. That way they won't know why you are leaving with Mr. Reasoner."

Donna gave me a funny look and said, "Darling, they all know Mr. Reasoner has been feeling me up."

I asked, "How do you know?"

Donna looked at me like I was a naive child and said, "Darling, all of those guys have been kissing me under the mistletoe and all of them have felt me up too. I am sorry. I thought you knew."

I was stunned and a little turned on that all four of these older guys were feeling up my gorgeous girlfriend right in front of everyone at the party. I also realized for the first time that the three other executives would have a pretty good idea why my girlfriend was going to Mr. Reasoner's office with him.

Donna left for the bathroom. I joined the group feeling awkward and drunk. Mr. Reasoner immediately struck up a conversation with me in front of the group about how sexy and hot Donna was. I agreed with him.

Mr. Reasoner then asked me if Donna ever let me fuck her tits. I don't know why, but I told the whole group that not only did she let me fuck her tits, but she would suck my dick while I fucked her tits. I guess I was bragging in front of a very interested audience. The executives loved that answer.

Then, Mr. Reasoner said that I must have taught her how to suck a dick since a young innocent girl like Donna would never know how to do that. I laughed and said that I did not have to teach her anything even though she was only 18 when I met her.

I have no idea why, but I also told them that sucking dicks was easy for Donna because she had no gag reflex and could put her entire fist in her mouth without gagging. Mr. Reasoner acted like he did not believe me, but I insisted that I had seen her do the fist trick and it was amazing!

As I saw Donna return, I realized that I had really screwed up by telling these guys about Donna and I was praying that she wouldn't find out.

I quickly learned that my prayer would not be answered. As Donna walked up, Mr. Reasoner put his arm around Donna's shoulders so that his hand was right in front of her breast on the other side. Donna did not do anything to move his hand even though it was an inch or so from her breast.

Mr. Reasoner told Donna that they had all learned a lot about her while she was gone from her boyfriend.

Donna just smiled and asked what?

Mr. Reasoner told her that they had learned that she could put her entire fist in her mouth. Donna laughed and seemed embarrassed by that, but said it was true.

Then, Mr. Reasoner and the other executives talked Donna into showing them the trick by acting like they did not believe anybody could do that without throwing up. Donna said she could.

After a great deal of encouragement, Donna made a fist and slowly put her entire fist in her mouth. Her lips were actually wrapped around her thin wrist. The executives were amazed.

Then, Mr. Reasoner said, "Donna, now show us whether you can suck on your fist."

I expected her to refuse, but the men got quiet as she closed her lips around her wrist and her cheeks hollowed and she began to suck hard on her fist and wrist. It was one of the most sexy things I have ever seen. Donna was embarrassed when the executives all began to clap and yell for her. Even as tipsy as she was, Donna understood the sexual nature of her demonstration. She was blushing as she took her hand out of her mouth. Of course, now the executives all knew that I was telling the truth about Donna and her blowjobs.

Mr. Reasoner regained control after the group settled down. He said, "Donna, your boyfriend also told us that you like to suck on his penis while you rub your breasts around his penis. Is that true?"

Donna looked at me with a bewildered look on her face. Then, she said, "This is so embarrassing!"

Mr. Reasoner repeated, "Is that true Donna?"

Donna meekly said, "Yes sir, it is true."

I felt like I was about to die and tried to get to Donna, but Mr. Reasoner cut me off.

Mr. Reasoner then said, "Your boyfriend also told us that you knew how to suck a penis when he met you. Is that true, Donna?"

Donna looked at me and said, "Oh, my God, you make me sound like such a slut! I am so embarrassed for all of these men to hear these things."

Mr. Reasoner again said, "Donna, is it true you know how to suck a penis?"

Donna turned red, looked down and said, "Yes sir."

The executives all cheered her answer. The cheer made Donna smile as she continued to blush. I was horny and horrified that my big mouth had put my lovely girl into such an embarrassing spot. I was trying to figure out what to do when Mr. Reasoner gently grabbed a big handful of Donna's right breast in front of everyone and said, "Donna, why don't we go back to my office for a minute?"

Before I could say anything, Donna said. "Yes sir."

I tried to stop them, but Donna smiled at me and said, "Don't worry. I will be right back. You told me this was okay and I will tell you all about it when we are through. "

Mr. Reasoner raised his eyebrows at the part about telling me about it. They walked off together toward his office. My cock was hard as I thought about what was about to happen and what it would be like for Donna to describe it to me in bed. I also was worried and felt a sick feeling in my stomach as I watched Donna go.

I went to the bar nearest the door to the executive offices and resumed drinking. I assumed that it wouldn't take very long for Donna to remove her sweater and bra and for Mr. Reasoner to feel her up. I knew he wouldn't want to stop, but I figured there was a limit on how long you can squeeze some tits, even if they are magnificent.

I wondered if Donna would let him suck on her big tits or touch her between the legs. I waited and drank and waited and drank. I waited a long time and was about to go get them when they came through the door. I walked with them to rejoin the group of executives.

I was relieved that Donna did not seem to be too mad at me even though she had not said much to me. When we got back to the group, Mr. Reasoner said, "Donna promised to tell her boyfriend here about what went on in my office. Why don't you tell him here so that we can all enjoy it, Donna."

I quickly said that she could tell me later.

Donna said, "I would be embarrassed to say anything in front of all of these guys."

Mr. Reasoner said, "Come now Donna, don't be shy. Your boyfriend already told us a lot of personal things about you. A little more won't hurt."

My cock was hard as I considered the possibility that Donna would describe stripping and getting felt up by Mr. Reasoner in front of these men. Donna turned to Mr. Reasoner and said, "Please, sir, don't make me tell him here. I will tell him back in your office and you can listen to make sure I don't leave anything out."

Mr. Reasoner said sternly, "No Donna, he wants to know and you should tell him here in front of everyone. None of these guys will tell anyone."

Donna blushed and said to me, "Is that what you want too? You can imagine what I have to say."

I knew she had stripped for her boss and probably let him suck on her gigantic boobs, but I was so turned on by this, I didn't care if it was a little embarrassing for us both. I told Donna that I wanted her to tell me here.

She hesitated a minute looking very shy and said nothing for about a minute. The executives were all silent waiting to hear what Donna had to say.

Finally, Mr. Reasoner told her to tell everyone what she did in his office.

Donna blushed again and said, "Yes sir."

Donna then said that she had promised Mr. Reasoner that she would show him her breasts and let him feel them. I was as excited as I have ever been as she started to tell us what she did. Donna looked at me as she talked, but had trouble keeping eye contact with me.

Donna then said, "So, I took off all of my clothes in his office and let Mr. Reasoner kiss me and feel me up. It made me very hot. He squeezed my breasts and stuck his fingers in my vagina."

I was very excited to hear my beautiful girlfriend make this confession in public. I thought her story was about over and we could head home to have sex. However, Donna was not finished.

Donna continued and said, "Then, Mr. Reasoner pulled out the mistletoe and held it over his crotch. I laughed and said I could not kiss him there. But, he told me that it was a company tradition and that my boyfriend did not mind since he told everyone that I like to put cocks in my mouth."

"Since it was a tradition, I helped him undress and got on my knees in front of him. I asked him again if this was really a part of the tradition and he pulled out the mistletoe and held it over his hard penis. I also asked him if all of the new girls kissed his penis as part of this tradition."

Donna looked at Mr. Reasoner and said, "Mr. Reasoner got mad at me and said in a mean voice, 'Shut up Donna and suck my cock!' "

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