Gail Roberts looked at herself in the mirror. Truth time, she decided. Nothing like checking yourself out while nude to decide just what shape your shape is in. Overall, she decided, her shape wasn't too bad. Yes, her breasts sagged some but still looked good. Her nipples were chewed from nursing her children and her butt was bigger than it should be. Her legs still looked pretty darn shapely she thought. She stared closely into the mirror. Eyes still blue, hair still brown. Face still nice. She sighed. Nose still too big. And those damn "Character Lines" were giving her a lot more "Character" than she wanted.

Today was the day. Today she had made up her mind. Today she would no longer be the dutiful stay-at-home wife. She was going out and drink and dance and have a good time and... Gail's mind shied away from adding anything more to that train of thought. Time to get dressed.

She took out the hidden pair of fishnet stockings she had bought on her last shopping trip out of town. She put on the black garter belt she had purchased at the same time and carefully drew the stockings up her legs and attached them. She donned the matching black satin french cut panties and demi-bra that had made her blush when she bought them. With a sudden thought she slipped on her black high heels and strutted over to the mirror. She put one hand on her hip and did a bump and grind move.

"Damn, I'm HOT!" she giggled to herself. She looked defiantly at herself and pulled on the tight black dress she had chosen. Nearly tripping on one, she hastily took the heels off till she got the dress on. Sucking her breath in she pulled it up, got her arms through the straps and wiggled it into place. Low cut front and high cut hem, the dress left a lot less to the imagination than it hid.

Gail scooped up her pocketbook and her keys. She paused for a moment, wondering if she should leave her husband a note saying she had gone out. She shook her head. Had she lost her mind?. Even if he wasn't roaming all over the place she hardly was going to tell him what she was doing. She carefully locked the door behind her and got in her car.

The bar she ended up in front of was one on the far side of the county from her home. Safe as far as distance went, it was also a place no one she knew would be caught dead in. It was a honky-tonk that an acquaintance of hers at work had once said was "Nothing but juke box music, cold beer and people without last names." It sounded exactly what she was looking for. She was going to give herself an afternoon that she would never forget.

Inside the bar was dark and smoky. A chorus of "Shut the door" swelled up. she hastily let it close behind her, cutting off the bright sunlight. She walked over to the bar. Hoping her voice didn't betray her nervousness she sat on a stool and ordered a beer. She would have preferred wine, but felt it out of place here.

"Here ya' are, honey." the bartender said as he placed the beer in front of her. "Compliments of the corner table." Gail looked over to where four middle-aged white guys seemed to be holding court along with a couple women. They waved to her. Mustering her courage again, she sauntered over to them and when one pulled out a chair she sat down.

Introductions were fast and only half heard. She caught the girl with the blonde hair was Dixie and that a couple of the guys were Stan and Hank. Beyond that she didn't care much. The juke box was playing some good music, when she finished a beer they bought her another one and she was only here for the afternoon. "So let the good times roll," she thought to herself.

Gail was dancing with someone, she thought his name was Hank, when the door opened and this time stayed open. Hank lifted his head to holler the now familiar "Close the damn door" comment but he didn't. Instead he drew a quick breath. "Shit," he mumbled. She felt him pull slightly away from her. She had been really excited by feeling his hard cock against her stomach and wondered what was going on and turned her head. She had to squint into the light pouring through the doorway until she saw what had everyone backing away. A cop standing in the doorway. She knew this bar was not in any city limits and wondered who would have called the Sheriff's Department. Just then he moved into the bar and she realized it was a state policeman.

"Wonder why he's here," Hank commented under his breath. "They usually keep clear unless they're looking for someone or get a complaint." Everyone was drifting off the dance floor, trying to keep away from the lone cop. If he noticed any of that, or seemed to be at all intimidated by the hostile looks he was getting it didn't show. He wasn't that tall, maybe 5'10 and stockily built, but he had an air that as much as said "Don't start no shit and there won't be no shit." Gail almost smiled. That was one of her husband's favorite expressions. Where did that thought come from?

The trooper stood by the bar and talked to the bartender. The bartender shook his head several times. apparently growing impatient the cop leaned over the bar, put his stern visage right up the the bartender and seemed to utter one short sentence. Cowed, the bartender looked around the room. Gail stiffened as his gaze landed on her and then his finger pointed directly at her. The trooper looked at her, nodded at the barkeep and all but marched over to her.

"May I see some identification please, Miss?" Phrased as a question it most certainly was not one and Gail hurried to the table to collect her pocketbook. Her hands were shaking a bit as she found her driver's license. What was happening? This was supposed to be an afternoon of cutting loose and adventure. Now she might be in trouble.

"Is this your name, Miss?" he asked her, holding her license so he could compare the picture with her face. "And is this your current address?" All the beer she had drunk tempted her to give a smart ass answer but she pulled herself under control and simply nodded. "Please come with me, Miss." He took her arm firmly and guided her towards the door.

"Hey, what's this all about?" demanded Hank. Unsteady on his feet, the beer was making him brave.

"None of your business, mister, " the trooper told him curtly. "Unless you'd like to go where she's going?" Hank was taller and heavier than the officer but the cop's cold stare defeated the bigger man. He moved aside.

Once outside in the sunshine Gail looked at the officer. "Please," she said. "Please tell me what's going on."

"Miss, I didn't want to read your name out loud in there to avoid embarrassing you, but its simple. You're under arrest for solicitation." She looked blankly at him. "For prostitution," he elaborated.

Gail's mouth dropped. She struggled for words. "That's absurd!" She burst out. "I'm no prostitute. You can call my husband and he'll... he'll..." Her voice trailed off as she thought, "He'll go wild is what he'll do."

"Miss," the officer said. "This isn't my decision to make. Please turn around and place your hands on the car."

Gail trembled but complied. The officer quickly searched her, using the back of his hands rather than the palms. Then he gently but firmly brought one of her hands behind her back. Gail felt the cold metal ring encircle her wrist as the handcuff snapped around it. She tried to protest but he paid no attention, briskly securing her other hand. After he checked to make sure both hands were securely fastened behind her back he opened the back door to his cruiser and carefully seated her in it, making sure her head did not hit the door frame. He closed the door, got in the front seat and drove off.

Gail frantically searched her mind as they headed down the road. She had to come up with something, anything, to get herself out of this situation.

"Officer, please don't do this. I'm not a hooker, just a woman who was looking for one afternoon away from home to get a little wild. I have a husband and children for god's sake. Just this arrest could destroy everything for me. I'll do anything you want, ANYTHING. Please don't take me in." Gail begged.

"Miss, I understand your problem, but I don't determine guilt or innocence. That's a judge's responsibility. Perhaps you can talk to him tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? What do you mean?" Gail demanded, her heart sinking.

"Well, the courthouse closes early on Wednesday. You can call someone to come post your bail today, though, and come back tomorrow," the cop answered her.

"Oh God, I can't do that. The only person I could call would be my husband and he'd kill me. Please," by now Gail was almost sobbing, "I will do anything to make this go away. Do you want to fuck me? I'll suck your cock, anything you want." Gail couldn't believe the words were even coming out of her mouth. She never talked like that.

A disbelieving snort came from the front seat. "I appreciate your offer." He looked in the rear view mirror at Gail. "You are quite a sexy woman. But let's face it. You would be putting me in a situation where you could get ME thrown in jail. And if you're worried about your husband, let me assure you that compared to the wrath of my wife I suspect you have nothing to fear."

"No, I mean it," insisted Gail. She, astoundingly, considering the situation she was in, blushed. She looked in straight in the eyes. "I went out this afternoon dressed like this specifically to have a exciting time. I didn't expect exactly this, but I realize," she hesitated, then plunged on, "I realize that this entire situation has me just incredibly excited. I wanted wild sex. And right now I can't think of anything wilder than fucking a cop. Like this. NOW. I've put myself in a position where not only do I want to do this, but I can't say anything about it after."

For a long moment the officer just drove. Then he slowed the cruiser and turned down a dirt road. Still silent, he took them up to an abandoned, falling down barn and parked behind it. He got out, then opened the back door and helped her out. He removed his gun belt and carefully placed it inside the front of the vehicle. He turned to her and spoke.

"This is how it's going to be. I'm not uncuffing you only to have you run somewhere. When we're done I'll drive you back to your car and send you on your way. Do you understand?" Gail nodded, frightened and at the same time so aroused she felt her panties actually wet already. "Good then," he continued. "Get on your knees then."

Gail knelt clumsily behind the patrol car, trembling as the trooper unzipped his uniform pants. He pulled out an already hardening cock. Holding it in one hand he slapped it against each of her cheeks. She studied it as he brought it to her lips. The full head topped a respectable 6 or 7 inches and it seemed normal in girth. Perhaps not the mammoth cock she dreamed of sometimes, but she had been lusting for one this afternoon anyway and this would be fine.

She leaned forward, her hands still cuffed behind her back, and opened her mouth just a bit. Slowly she slid her lips over the head. She paused a moment to let her tongue wiggle against the slit, already wet with a tiny bit of precum. The she worked down over his rigid shaft, taking him in bit by bit. It wasn't easy, Gail was not a very proficient cock sucker. When his cock touched the back of her mouth she almost gagged.

"Oh no you don't," snapped the cop. "This is a clean uniform and I'm not going to be explaining to my wife why some slut threw up all over it. Relax and take it all in. His hand touched the back of her head, urging her on. "You want to get out of this? We can still head on to the jail after all."

Gail almost sighed with a mouth full of hard cock. He was right. She remembered reading a sexy story once and decided to try what it said. "How DO you relax your throat?" she wondered, but tried doing it. Suddenly the pressure on the back of her head, mixed with the attempt to curb her reflexes and something gave way. Her nose smacked against his groin and she realized she had swallowed his whole cock

Somehow, amazing as it seemed, Gail felt a perverse sense of accomplishment. She had done it. She slid her lips all the way back up till she held only the head in her mouth. She sucked on it, then pressed down again. This time there was no hesitation or fumbling. Her lips caressed the stiff cock all the way down its length till she reached bottom. With that she fell into an frantic rhythm, her head pistoning up and down. She relentlessly maintained the suction, keeping her lips closed tightly on him.

The cop moaned. Then he caught her head and pulled her back off him. "That's enough of that; for right now anyway." Get up. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her to her feet. For one brief moment Gail thought it was over. The he turned her to face the hood of his squad car. He put one arm in the middle of her back and pushed. "Bend over," he commanded.

Gail complied, almost falling as she did. Her upper body lay along the hood with her hands still cuffed behind her. The trooper pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties aside with one finger. "Say, I think you've been enjoying this. Pretty wet there, " he chuckled. Gail felt him pull the crotch of her panties away and the head of his cock press up to her slit. She knew she was indeed very wet there. Somehow the whole thing was taking on the excitement she had been looking for when she first left her house.

"Yes, come on, fuck me, she moaned with her cheek against the metal of the car hood. "Take me."

With one swift movement her arrester did just that. His hands pulled her panties so hard they tore. Then his hips slammed forward and his cock buried itself all the way in her pussy. He held her there as his hands moved to her hipbones and pulled her right back until his balls slapped up against her.

"GOD," Gail all but screamed as his stiff prick rode all the way up inside her. She stood all the way up on her toes as though trying to ease the complete penetration of her cunt. In spite of that when his hips moved back drawing his cock partially out of her she immediately dropped back onto her feet to keep as much of him in her as she could. Then it was back on her toes again as his fingers dug into her and pinned her down for his cock to ram back into her again.

Gail couldn't believe the sensations. The trooper's cock filled her up as she had never experienced before. On top of that she realized that being taken as she was no longer was something she had to endure. It had become something she wanted, something she needed.. The whole helplessness of her position turned her on as she never thought it could. Her moans became ones of passion as she begged him to fuck her.

"Come on, fuck me hard. Treat me like the slut you think I am. Hard, give it to me hard," she demanded. His hips seemed to take up speed. Suddenly his rough hand slapped against her ass and Gail went crazy.. "Yesssssssss, come on, spank me, turn my ass red. Teach me a lesson. FUCK MEEEEEE."

The cop replied by his work-hardened hands slapping each cheek in turn till Gail knew they were pink. He ground his groin against her ass, the burning where he rocked against her making her even hotter. She did scream as her first orgasm took her. He continued to fuck her, almost brutally by now. She rode his cock through the waves of pleasure that continued to build, one after another, taking her to a pinnacle she had not been for years.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he cried out as he drove one last time into her and held there. His fingers dug into her as she felt his cock swell to completely fill her. She felt the first blast of hot cum squirt up in her. Her muscles tightened and she milked him, draining him into her as she matched his wild orgasm with one of her own.

"Oh Yessssssssssssssssss, Oh my God." Gail bucked and slammed her body back against his. She wanted this moment to last forever. It seemed to, as he rode her every movement, as though he was determined to make it last as long as she wanted it.

Finally he pulled out of her. He lifted her back up and turned her around to face him. He looked at her. "Cleanup," is all he said, and all she needed to hear. She fell back to her knees and used her mouth to suck hs and her own cum off his cock. She then cleaned his balls and legs. He finally zipped up and grunted gruffly, "Let's go."

He helped her back in the patrol car. First, he got a towel of some sort out of his trunk and put in on the seat for her to sit on. "No leaking on my upholstery," he cautioned her. It did help soak things up. By the time they returned to the bar she felt she could get out with out putting on some kind of a show.

Following her directions, he pulled the cruiser up by her car. He helped her out, quickly uncuffed her and, of all things, opened her car door for her. She sat down. He looked at her. "Don't ever let me see you out here again," he warned her. He then closed the door, went back to his patrol car and waited till she left the parking lot. She saw him leave in her rear view mirror and she drove straight home.

Gail staggered into her house and locked the door behind her. She leaned on it, taking a deep breath. She looked ruefully at her torn outfit. She tossed the heels she had been carrying into a corner and walked to the bathroom off the master bedroom. She checked the clock on the way and realized she still had time before the children got home from school. Looking at the ruins of her outfit she was glad of that.

Kicking the bathroom door closed she shed the remnants of her clothing and turned the water on. Once it was nice and hot she stepped in and close the shower door. She began to shampoo her hair and had just reached for the body wash when a cool blast of air swept over her. A pair of arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against a firm body.

"Hey there," her husband said. "What kind of a day did you have?"

Gail turned to face him. She looked in his eyes and then away. As her gaze traveled out the open bathroom door she frowned and spoke.

"Daniel!" she exclaimed. "I hope you hung your uniform up instead of scattering it all over the floor. You've only got one other clean one left and you have to wear it tonight."

Trooper Daniel Roberts laughed as he hugged his wife. "Quit picking on me honey, I've had a hard day." His eyes twinkled. "You wouldn't believe the arrest I made this afternoon."

(Yes I know, always trying to make a final twist in the story. Hope you liked it. Let me know please. like everyone else here, I adore feedback. If you didn't like, let me know that too and why. I always want to try to get better at my writing. Ah, no marriage proposals please. Thanks.)

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in my favorites Patricia!

i have multiple favorites and this is erotic and fun to read .thank you .lonerider10

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Obvious, but cute.

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Cute Story

Excellent writing and plotting, even way back in 2003! The "tell" for me was the totally bogus "arrest" for solicitation. Had to be hubby! ;-)

Your style reminds me of the author Ann Douglas, who wrotemore...

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