Busted in the Alley


"Oh man. Fuck him."

The sound of Anders' voice startled Kip out of the spell that had fallen over him. Kip leaned over to whisper in Tyler's ear. "I don't want to. Not like this."

"We have to," Tyler hissed. He moved his hips back. The movement caused Kip's cock to wedge fully between Tyler's round ass cheeks. Every nerve ending in Kip's body sparked. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Jones had moved to gain a better view. He stood beside Anders, hands on his hip.

"Lick his ass first," Jones instructed.

Kip thought he would simply mock his way through this ordeal but when the tip of his tongue slid across the soft pleated skin of Tyler's asshole he was lost. His tongue flicked against Tyler's tight opening. The more he tasted him the more he salivated. Tyler gripped his ass cheeks and held them apart for Kip's hungry mouth.

"Hands back on the wall." Jones marched over to them. Kip moved back, unsure of what was going to happen. Tyler did as he was told. Jones took hold of both ass cheeks and spread Tyler open. Kip looked back and forth between the black leather driving gloves covering his lover's ass to Jones' face and back to his lover's ass. He took note of the surreal nature of what was happening. An officer of the law was literally handing him some ass. "Get in there. Lick that hole."

Kip didn't hesitant. He licked and probed Tyler's ass with a vigor that brought loud sounds of pleasure from Tyler's mouth. Kip pulled the trousers further down to reach Tyler's cock. He stroked it while his tongue swirled into his hole.

Anders took a position on the other side of Kip. He could see Anders moving his hand over his groin. His movements extended down past mid thigh. Kip moved his mouth away from Tyler's ass to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. He moistened a finger and pushed it into Tyler's ass while he watched Anders confirm his hope. Anders held the fabric of his pants down around his cock so its hardness embossed an 11 inch form into it.

Jones released Tyler then said, "That's good. Now fuck him."

Kip got to his feet carefully to avoid tripping over his pants. He held onto Tyler to steady himself. With one firm movement he knew that he had licked Tyler well. Tyler was open. Kip entered him, balls deep, with one push. Tyler made a noise that was raw and hungry. It told Kip to fuck harder, deeper and not to stop. The space around them was alive with sexual energy, so powerful it made Kip feel high. Each stroke into Tyler's hole was a warm rush all over his body. Jones and Anders were spurring him on with their words and occasional touches.

Anders opened his pants, pulled out his cock and began to stroke. It was as pleasingly thick as it was long with a satisfying downward curve. His strokes pulled his foreskin back and forth so that a pink smooth head came out of hiding. It held Kip's attention. He wanted to suck on it but didn't dare ask. The thought of being able to suck a cock while he fucked his lover made him more excited. He ploughed into Tyler with force and depth. Tyler cried out.

"Yeah. Take it," Ander remarked. He swatted Tyler's ass cheek.

"Making a lot of noise over there. I'll give you something to keep you quiet," Jones said then stood in front of Tyler. He took Tyler's hands off the wall and allowed him to hold onto his hips to keep from falling over from Kip's thrusts. Kip knew that Tyler's full lips were pursed around Officer Jones' cock the moment Tyler's words of pleasure and moans went muffled. Jones was going to enjoy what Tyler could do. Kip tried to time his movements so that he could send Tyler's mouth down on Jones cock. It turned him on knowing someone else was getting to benefit from the pleasure Tyler could give. Kip couldn't wait to kiss Tyler with praise and at the same time felt jealous that his own mouth wasn't full. He looked Anders in the eyes. He still couldn't bring himself to ask for Anders' cock in his mouth so Kip watched him stroke for a moment then looked back to his eyes. Kip held his gaze then licked his lips. That was enough to tell Anders what he wanted.

Anders hooked the handle of the night stick behind Kip's neck and used it to pull Kip's mouth down. Anders fed his cock to Kip's wanting mouth. Kip caught the head in his lips. He fucked into Tyler and bobbed his head to suck Anders, sending his body into a herky-jerk motion because he didn't want to give up the sensation of his cock being pleased and his mouth being filled. Ultimately, it was his hunger to suck cock that won over. Kip removed himself from inside Tyler then knelt before Anders to give it his full attention. It was a struggle at first, adjusting to the size of Anders but it was worth relinquishing Tyler's ass. Kip could fuck Tyler any time. When would he ever get the opportunity to swallow the huge sexy rod of the city's finest?

Anders watched Kip intently and praised every teasing lick and ambitious swallow. Kip turned his head enough to have Tyler in sight and keep Anders' cock in his mouth. Watching Jones fuck his boyfriend's mouth made Kip stroke his cock. He felt greedy and insatiable. He liked what he was doing, blowing a cock that gave meaning to the term blow job, but he wanted more. He wanted to be Tyler sucking off Jones. He wanted to be fucking Tyler. He wanted to be fucked.

Anders must have heard his thoughts. He said, "I wanna fuck your ass."

Kip nodded, stood then watched Anders tear a condom wrapper open with his teeth. They both tested the sturdiness of the large crates his blazer was resting on. After pushing a few stacks together, Kip was able to lie back across them. Kip stretched to free one leg from his slacks. He smiled at how sexy the first few moments right before you get fucked were. It was wonderful how alive anticipation made you feel. He watched Anders roll the condom down, down, down over his cock. Kip took the liberty of preparing himself by spitting on the tips of his fingers and rubbing his hole.

"Your boyfriend's ass as good as it looks?" Anders asked.


"Bring him over," Anders called to Jones.

Kip and Tyler smiled at one another.

"Get up there," Jones said.

Tyler struggled for a moment but found his footing to straddle either side of Kip's body. There was just enough room for Tyler to get on all fours.

Kip let Anders hold his legs apart. He sucked in a breath when the head of Anders' cock pushed against his ass hole. He was ready but only for the first few inches. As Anders pushed in further, Kip felt a heady mix of pleasure and pain. His eyes flew open. He was looking directly into Tyler's eyes. His eyes were fluttering closed. His neck went limp. The wig slipped off his head and fell on Kip's chest.

Kip ran his fingers through Tyler's hair. It had begun to curl on the edges from sweat. That's when Tyler opened his eyes and smiled. His smile was almost permission for Kip to enjoy himself. Anders was making long slow strokes into him. Kip couldn't help but feel good. He increased his pleasure by tugging on his shaft. It grew fully erect slowly as Tyler murmured about how good it felt to get his ass licked. Kip guessed that Anders and Jones were taking turns sampling his boyfriend because Jones was standing very close now.

Kip sensed how good Tyler must be feeling. He loved that they were both getting off even if he wasn't the one delivering the pleasure. Kip looked into Tyler's eyes and said, "Fuck me. Fuck my ass."

Anders answered him with penetration much deeper than before. Kip repeatedly stated his need to be fucked and fucked hard while a hot sexy sensation rushed through him. Pleasure gripped Kip. It held his ass, his prostate, his cock and when Tyler lowered his head and kissed Kip, Kip came. Kip's ecstasy ignited the others. Anders and Jones each fired blasts of cum across Kip's thigh. The feeling of it running hot and thick down his knee made his cock feel like it would come again.

Tyler was the last one to reach orgasm. He had to climb off the crates and work his trousers down past his straining erection. He made two passes of his hand over his cock and shot cum several feet across the alley.

Kip relaxed on top of the crates. The sounds of the city at night floated down on him. It was accompanied by the huffs and pants from his partners. As his blood began to circulate in its normal flow he felt the sharp discomfort of the crates underneath him. He sat up slowly. The muscles in his lower back and thighs protested.

Tyler had the biggest grin on his face when he handed Kip his lace cravat. Kip used it to sop up the semen clinging to his leg hairs before he pulled up his slacks. He didn't have to ask Tyler what the grin was for. What they had done was the sexiest experience they'd ever had together.

"You boys stay out of trouble," Jones said then tossed Kip's blazer at him.

The two officers turned and walked down the alley without another word. Kip stared after them until they were just two dark figures at the end of the alley. The details of what had happened flashed in his mind and he was shocked but the astonishment faded when he looked at Tyler.

He had the jacket draped over his arm while he rubbed at a wet spot on the front of his trousers. The shirt was horribly rumpled but he left the shirt tails out to cover the spot.

"You set this up didn't you?" Kip said.

"What?" Tyler's eyes narrowed.

Kip watched him for any tell tale signs that he was lying.

"This whole...," Kip couldn't find the words. There were so many that were fitting but not accurate enough to describe something that made his knees this weak and his hole so achingly satisfied. "Escapade."

Tyler started laughing.

"You did didn't you? Admit it."

"I can't admit something I didn't do."

"Come on. This was just too..."


"Better. Fucking fantastic."

"Hell yeah." Tyler said. He walked over to Kip and gave him a lingering kiss. It was sweet and it made Kip's cock throb with a whole different level of arousal.

Kip reluctantly broke the kiss and looked into Tyler's eyes then asked, "You'd tell me if you set this up wouldn't you? I won't be mad. Shit. How could I be."

"I swear to you," Tyler made a half chuckle. "I didn't plan this."

Kip stared him down with a smile on his face.

"Am I going to need a lawyer?" Tyler said, thrusting his hands on his hips.

Convinced, Kip went to Tyler and gave him a squeeze. "You already have one."

"Good. I don't think I could afford one after paying to get this replaced."

The sweat on Kip's body began to dry and it gave him a chill. He pulled his blazer on. A thought occurred to him. "If Rico is such a wiz at costumes, how well do you think he could whip up a cop uniform?"

"I think that could be arranged," Tyler said with a mischievous grin.

Kip nodded. The thoughts of what could transpire from that were already filtering through his mind.

"Let's go in and see if there is any more fun left to be had."

Tyler grabbed the door. Kip thrust his hands in his blazer pockets then stopped when he felt paper inside one. Kip pulled it out and examined it under the light.

"What the fuck? That son of a bitch wrote me a ticket!" Kip's blood began to boil. The fields where normal citation information would be were blank. His eyes scanned to the bottom which read:

Simon Jones 555-8856

"Oh thank God," Kip sighed.

"What?" Tyler's face was full of concern.

"It's just his number. Dammit. That was a dirty trick."

"Maybe. But it was one helluva treat!"

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