tagLesbian SexBusted in the LIbrary

Busted in the LIbrary


Hey, baby. Hope you're having a good day. I've had a fantasy about you and thought you'd like to hear it. Enjoy.

You're working on a paper in the library. You're on the internet, and one link leads to another, and you find yourself looking at porn. You start to really get arroused, and since you're in the back of the library, you feel it's safe to pull up your skirt and start rubbing yourself through your panties. It feels really good, so you slip a finger in from the side, sliding up and down your moist slit. You move your hand to your mouth to taste yourself, and then slip it back into your panties, this time from the top. You're close to coming, but you're afraid that you'll make noise and draw attention to yourself.

Just then you hear someone clear their throat, and you see the librarian standing there. She's tall and athletic looking, for a librarian, with dark rim glasses and her dark brown hair pinned up. She's got on heels, a knit skirt and white blouse. "Excuse me?," she says, as she looks on the screen.

"Busted" you try to joke, but she replies humorlessly, "The parish library system has a very clear policy on viewing pornography. It may even include police charges. Log out and come with me."

She takes you to a back room, which is some sort of work room. You set down your booksack, and are surprised when she closes the door and locks it behind you. "In order to settle this in-house, there is something I'll need you to do. Have a seat at this desk." You take a seat in the chair, and she sits in front of you on the edge of the desk. She spreads her legs, revealing white thigh high stockings, with lacy white panites. She pulls them to one side, and you can see her trimmed black triangle, and her swollen lips glistening. She's clearly turned on, but you're still scared. "Eat it, young lady," she hisses. "Eat that pussy." You hesitate, and she adds, "Do we have to get the police involved?"

Slowly, you move down, pointing your tongue awkwardly, until you make contact with her moist cunt. She groans in pleasure, leaning her head back. You slide your tongue back and forth, finding her hard little clit. This goes on for a short while when she suddenly grabs you by your hair and pulls back your head and whispers in your ear, "That's enough...for now." She gets up for a moment and slips out of her panties. She gets back on the desk and tells you, "Tongue my asshole. Do it. Now." Feeling you have no choice, you start to probe her hole gently, teasing it and making it wink. She's stroking her pussy now, right in front of your face. Her wetness is dribbling down to her ass and onto your tongue. You keep tonguing her ass, and she strokes herself. "You like that pussy? Do you? Do you like eating my pussy? Are you ready for me to come all over your face, young lady?" You can only groan yes. She rocks her hips as she begins to come, and pushing on the back of your head to force your tongue to her clit, smashing your face into her pussy. She rubs her clit against your tongue as she comes, growling softly "So...fucking...good." She leans back a little on the desk and orders you, "Now lick up my cum." You do it, slowly cleaning up her cunt.

"Now," she says, "You may touch your pussy. But first take off all your clothes. All of them. Now!" You clumsily remove every stitch of clothing and get on the desk in front of her. Your pussy is aching as she settles into the chair across from you, ready for the show. You start to stroke your slit, and she roughly pulls on your nipples, causing you to groan. "Come on, play with that little pussy, play with it. Show me what you were doing, or I'll turn you out naked into the library." The thought of being released into the library like that makes you somehow even more excited, and you increase your pace on your clit. She starts licking on your nipples, and it puts you over the top. You shudder as you make small thrusts with your pelvis, coming with your mouth open and your eyes shut tight.

"You may leave, now," young lady, she says as she throws your clothes at you. "We're even for now, but if I catch you looking at porn and masturbating in the library again , I'll have to call the janitor to deal with you."

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