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The Best Friend's Girlfriend


Hey Again!

Sorry that I have been quiet lately, but I had a serious bout of writers block! Some good news, Junky part 4 is under construction and I won't keep you guessing for too much longer.

On a serious note, I want to thank idrublood for being my beta reader and doing some editing for me, your expertise are appreciated. Then I want to make a dedication, I am not going to use her real name, but simplydivine24, this one is for you. You reminded why I started writing and I thank you for that. I think the final part of the story was written to you and I hope you find some hope in the words. Thank you so much for inspiring me again and I hope I can do the same for you.

Then to 'my angel', thanks for being a constant in my life. I want to dedicate this one to you as well, for being as amazing as you are and for putting up with my craziness. Love you.

To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy and here is to many more! Happy reading


Hunter walked into the overcrowded bar, scanning the room to find her friend whom she was supposed to meet for the rugby. It was going to be a big game, every game between Samoa and South Africa always promised a lot of action with a lot of big hits and dirty play from the Samoan side. But Hayden had also mysteriously said that he had something he wanted to tell her and here she was, trying to find him and a good spot to watch the game. She finally spotted him at a table in front of the big screen and bumped through the crowd to join him.

"I wasn't expecting this place to be so full," Hunter said as she took her seat.

"Hey butch," he leaned over the table to give her a hug.

"Hey there, so what was the news?" she asked and ordered a beer from the waiter.

"You will see her now. I finally found a girl that I like enough to consider settling down with, I even stopped fucking the secretary after we dated for about a week," he said with a large smile.

"Wow, that must be some girl then," she said with a smile that matched his.

"She is," as he spoke Hunter saw the blonde manoeuvring through the crowd.

She finally reached the table and sat down next to Hayden, "this is Caylen, Caylen this is my best friend Hunter."

"Nice to meet you," Hunter said and took in the beautiful blonde.

"You too, no offense but I was kind of expecting a guy when he said Hunter," Caylen said with a shy smile.

"It doesn't help that he always makes me sound like one either, so I don't blame you," Hunter accepted her beer and took a long drink.

Caylen was exactly what she had always imagined her future girlfriend would look like, the blonde hair that fell effortlessly across her shoulders and the green eyes that held tiny golden flecks. She had a tiny button nose and full, pink lips that always seemed ready to curve into a smile. Her 5'6" frame was lean, strong and undoubtedly feminine with large breasts that sat proudly upon her chest. The green Springbok rugby jersey she wore enhanced the greenness of her eyes that reminded Hunter of the tree groves on the farm.

"You know I see you as one of the guys, Butch. You offer me the best of both worlds, your great advice on what women want and how I should dress and then you are also someone I get to play PlayStation with and who loves watching rugby," Hayden tried to defend himself.

"I didn't say that you were wrong, it might just make everyone you tell about me more comfortable if you add that I am a female so that they aren't shell shocked when they meet me," Hunter said and smiled at Caylen.

"Did he just call you Butch?" Caylen asked with a tiny smile playing at her lips.

"Yeah I did. That is exactly what she is and it just fits. It comes from school days though, she was always talking sports with the guys instead of fashion and make-up with the girls," Hayden laughed at the memory.

"It is kind of cute actually and it suits you very well," Caylen said as she studied the tall woman sitting opposite Hayden. Her ebony hair was cut short along the sides and at the back with long bangs that fell over her right eye and a few platinum highlights that gave her hair some depth. Impossibly clear blue eyes stared back at her and the slightly upturned nose crinkled when she smiled. Her plump, Cupid's bow lips were formed into a slight pout and her strong jaw gave her face the subtle masculinity that made her unbelievably beautiful. Caylen stared at the rugby jersey that stretched tightly across the broad shoulders and saw the strong and muscled arms that peaked from beneath the shirt. Her left arm was covered in a full sleeve tattoo and her long legs in faded blue jeans.

"Thanks, I think," Hunter said and scratched her head.

Hayden ordered shooters and mere minutes later the game started. Everyone in the pub rose to their feet and clutched their shirts with their right hands when the national anthem began. South Africans are a very proud nation and this came across clearly when all the voices rang out as they sang. Hunter's body burst into gooseflesh in the moment that never ceased to stir her because she knew that even this country where the citizen's differences were so publicly advertised that they all stood together when fighting a common enemy, even if it was in sport.

Throughout the game Hunter looked over at the couple and realized that they fit together very well, Hayden was a large man with broad shoulders. One of their favourite pass times as friends were going to the gym and the results clearly showed. His light brown hair was short and neatly trimmed and his face always cleanly shaven, his hazel eyes were always friendly and Hunter was happy that her friend finally found someone that he truly liked.

"How are things on the farm?" Hayden asked during half time.

"Busy, my dad has been taking on less and less, after his heart attack he has gradually become weaker and I fear that he won't be around much longer. I have been running the place lately and trying to convince him to move into the city where he will be closer to decent medical care," Hunter replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"He will die on that farm and we both know it," Hayden said concern colouring his voice.

"Yeah he will and there's not much that I can do to convince him otherwise," she had given up that particular fight and in her heart she knew that her father had also done the same, except he gave up on the fight to live.

"Can't your mother talk him into moving to the city?" Caylen asked and noticed the flinch of pain across Hunter's features when she asked.

"My mother deserted us about twelve years ago when I was just eleven. She never wrote or tried to call, so the answer to your question would be no, she won't be able to convince him of anything at this stage."

Caylen's face fell and she suddenly regretted asking, "I am so sorry, I didn't know."

"Don't worry about it, things like that happen in life and it can only make us stronger," Hunter smiled at the smaller woman and felt her heart skip a beat when the smile was returned.

"Well, back to the game, Samoa will be starting their foul play tricks now because they are so far behind," Hayden said and rested his hand on Caylen's thigh for reassurance.

"That is to be expected, although they have already started," Hunter joined the conversation and tried to drown out her reaction at Caylen's smile.

The game continued with the entire pub swearing at the Samoan players after one tackled the Springbok captain with a stiff arm against his neck and another grabbed Strauss between the legs in a ruck. If the referee had to hear all of the creative names that the supporters called him he would immediately hang up his refereeing jersey and walk away.

"That motherfucker deserved a red card for that move!" Hunter said in outrage and heard the people around them agree.

"I just hope for his sake that Strauss doesn't bump into him off the field," Caylen said looked at the replay again.

"I would murder a man if he did that to me," Hayden said and shook his head.

"He was just handling the ball," Hunter said with a chuckle and heard Caylen laugh, a melodic sound that sent her heart rate into over drive.

"Classy, Butch, very classy," Hayden said between chuckles.

"Rather him handling those balls than me," she returned and shrugged.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully and Hayden clearly expressed his pleasure at his best friend and girlfriend getting along so well. Hunter invited them over to the farm the weekend and he was looking forward to being on the grounds that held a lot of his school memories once again. He travelled a lot for work and was pleased to know that Hunter would be here to look out for Caylen if she ever needed anything. They said their goodbyes and Hunter drove off to the apartment they had in the city, her mind filled with images of the young blonde.

Unbeknownst to Hunter, Caylen was having similar thoughts and admonished herself for thinking about another woman that way. But no matter how hard she tried, those blue eyes kept reappearing in her mind's eye and she couldn't rid herself of the thoughts of that smile.


The weekend came quickly and Hunter worked extra hard to try and keep her mind occupied. She and Caylen had exchanged numbers and soon they were texting like they have been friends for years. This didn't help Hunter's attempts to keep the blonde from her mind and she cursed herself every time she thought about Caylen in an inappropriate manner. She is dating your best friend, for fucks sake and she is simply trying to establish a good friendship with you because she plans on being in Hayden's life for a long time. Relationships just work out easier if you get along with the key players in the other person's life.

She stood on the patio and stared across the hills surrounding their farm, the greenery of the tree groves never ceased to steel her breath and the orange and pink rays of the setting sun gave the scenery an idyllic appeal. She heard the crunch of tires on the driveway and Rusty and Titus's frantic barking at the approaching vehicle.

"Behave! It is only Hayden and his new girlfriend," she told the two Graydains and watched as they sat down, their tails wagging.

The Land Rover came to a halt before the garage and Hunter walked down the steps to greet her guests, Rusty and Titus followed but remained beside their owner. Caylen almost jumped back into the large vehicle when she saw the large animals but Hunter quickly reassured her.

"They won't bite, I promise," to show they would behave they sat down next to Hunter and longingly stared at their visitors.

"Okay, I trust you," Caylen said and slowly approached the four legged creatures, kneeling down in front of them.

"Gently, guys. Give her big doggy kisses," at this the dogs both licked Caylen's face from her chin to her eyebrows and Hayden and Hunter laughed when Caylen sputtered.

"Go say hello to Hayden," the dogs immediately took off and jumped on the large man.

"That is disgusting!" Caylen said and desperately tried to wipe her face clean.

"Aww, how can you say that? They just wanted to give you some love," Hunter said putting on her best innocent face.

"If everyone who wanted to show me love had to lick me like that I would have lived a solitary life," Caylen said with a mock scowl.

"Well I am sure that if those licks were in the right places you wouldn't have minded at all," this caused Caylen to blush a bright red and Hayden to burst out laughing.

Hunter smiled endearingly at the adorable site and decided to make sure that she saw that as often as possible. She whistled and the dogs immediately sat by her feet, Rusty had a large stick in her mouth and begged Hunter to take the hint. She grabbed the stick and instead of throwing it took off sprinting as two frantic animals followed her closely, trying to get possession of the stick.

Caylen stared at Hunter, her long legs ate the ground with each stride and she saw the strong muscles working beneath the skin as she sprinted across the large expanse of lawn. Hunter stopped and looked back, their eyes met and Caylen felt her heart rate increase drastically when she saw the beautiful portrait the setting sun and green hills made as the backdrop for the tall woman. That was an image she knew would stay with her for the rest of her life.

"Let's take bags in," Hayden broke her reverie and she quickly grabbed a bag to help.

He led the way inside and showed her to the room he usually had when he spent holidays and weekends here. Caylen marvelled at the interior of the modern house, the walls were painted in different shades of grey and the furniture was all in clean, straight lines. There were large windows that gave way to an amazing view of the landscape surrounding the house and Caylen immediately felt a sense of peace and tranquillity surround her.

Hayden opened the door to the room they would be staying in and revealed a large four poster bed in an espresso stain and square matching pedestals and a dresser. The windows in the room were large as well and the room was painted in a soft blue.

"Wow, this is amazing," Caylen said and turned in circles trying to take in the room.

"Hunter redesigned the entire house a few years ago, she has this incredible creative side to her. You should see the apartment in Cape Town," Hayden said with a smile and took the small woman in his arms.

He lowered his head and kissed her, glad to be sharing this place that held so many memories for him with the woman he considered the woman of his dreams. Hunter walked down the hall and saw the tender moment between the lovers, jealousy raged within her and she fought it down. She walked back to the living area in search of father, they are together, what did you expect? And why are you even this way? It is your best friend's girlfriend! What the fuck is wrong with you?

"Hey dad," Hunter said when she found him the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

"Hey, lil one," he smiled at her and saw the inner turmoil in her eyes.

"Whatcha cooking?"

"My favourite girl's favourite dish," he said with a large smile.

"Lasagne? Have I told you that I love you yet today?" she beamed.

"No you haven't, but it's good to hear it. So tell your old man what's bothering you?"

"It's nothing, really," she said quickly but the look he gave her made her back track, "I have a crush on Hayden's girl. It's ridiculous, I know. But for some reason I get butterflies when I see her and my heart literally skips a beat when she smiles."

He looked at his only child and knew that she didn't easily develop crushes, which meant that there had to be something special about this girl, "lil one, I know that you don't easily develop crushes, but now you get one when you are not supposed to! Just remember, Hayden is your best friend, so don't let anything come between you two. You never know, life might surprise you."

"I hate that this is happening, I am trying really hard to just ignore it, but when those irritating butterflies start swarming it gets difficult," her shoulders slouched and she fell into the chair.

"It will be okay, lil one. Maybe it will pass," he rubbed her shoulders and walked back to the oven.

"I hope so, dad."

Hayden and Caylen walked into the kitchen and Hunter introduced Caylen to her father. He immediately saw why his daughter was developing feelings for the young woman and hoped in his heart that things would find a way of working out without breaking his daughter's heart.

Caylen saw the similarities between father and daughter, both were tall and shared the blue eyes and tanned skin. Grant's black hair was littered with grey but his eyes still held the vitality of a young man. There was no sign of the weakness that Hunter was referring to the previous weekend but she soon realized that she didn't know either well enough to know what they described as getting weak.

"What are you cooking, uncle?" Hayden asked as he grabbed four beers from the fridge.

"Lasagne, I haven't made that for Hunter in ages and I thought today was as good a day as any," he smiled.

"There is wine if Caylen would prefer that," Hunter offered before Hayden opened the bottle.

"Do you have a Baron?" Caylen asked and smiled at Hunter's thoughtfulness.

"We do, just let me run to the cellar quickly. Which one would you prefer? Nederburg or Moreson?" Hunter asked as she rose from her chair.

"Would you mind if I came with? I would love to see the cellar," Caylen asked hopefully.

"Sure thing, do you want to come, Hayden?" she asked and prayed that he would agree.

"No, you two go ahead, I don't know anything about wines and that cellar just scares me," he said with a laugh.

Caylen followed Hunter to the cellar in silence and she wondered why Hunter didn't want to be alone with her. Before she could ponder on the thought long they walked into the cellar and Caylen smiled at the rows and rows of dusty wine bottles.

"This is amazing," she mused aloud.

"Dad loves his wines and I just thought it would be cool to have a wine cellar. Makes me think of all those American horror movies with the rich and dignified people," Hunter said with a chuckle and led the way to the Baron's and other red wines.

"I would die for one of these filled with wine," Caylen said and smiled the tall woman who held out the two different Baron wines.

"I will go with the Nederburg one, they aren't the best South African wine producers for nothing. Can I have a look around?" Caylen asked as her eyes tried to take in all the different wines.

"I am going to grab a J.C. le Roux crystal as well, we might as well celebrate you and Hayden finding each other," Hunter said with a laugh and reached for the bottle.

She saw Caylen trying to reach another bottle and stepped in to help, she effortlessly removed the bottle but when she looked down she found their bodies pressed together. Her heart rate skyrocketed as she looked into the green depths, Caylen stood on her toes and closed her eyes, leaning forward with her lips parted. Before Hunter could stop herself she leaned down and claimed the full lips. Caylen's heart was beating so hard that she thought it was going to tear right out of her chest when she felt the softness of Hunter's lips. She pressed herself tighter against the surprisingly soft body and circled her arms around Hunter's neck, her entire body melting into the touch.

Hunter blindly put the bottle down and took the smaller woman into her arms, her tongue begging for entrance at the soft lips. Entrance was granted and soon their tongues duelled and explored each other's mouths. Her senses suddenly returning, Hunter pushed the blonde away and desperately gasped for air, willing her heart rate down to its normal rate.

"We can't do this," Hunter breathed.

"Sorry, I just kind of got lost in the moment. Please don't let this ruin our friendship," Caylen frantically begged and willed herself to step away, because all she wanted was to feel those soft lips again.

"It never happened," Hunter mumbled awkwardly and retrieved their selections.

The walk back to the kitchen was silent and Hunter wondered how she would ever be able to forget that one magical moment. You are a fucking idiot! Why didn't you just stop the kiss before it happened? Why did you have to be so fucking selfish? All you did now was hurt yourself, because she made a mistake and she said so! She is with Hayden and you will never be able to compete, no, you shouldn't want to compete! Hunter berated herself as they walked.

Why did it feel so good to kiss her? And what the fuck was up with the butterflies and tingling sensation? God dammit! You have a boyfriend and then you go and kiss his best friend! Jesus, you must be losing your mind, Caylen! But if it is so wrong, why do I want to do it again? Hayden's kisses are never that soft and he never makes me feel those butterflies. Caylen was confused and she needed time to sort through these thoughts. When they reached the kitchen both women plastered on happy faces and pretended as though nothing ever happened.

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