tagTransgender & CrossdressersBusted Wearing Panties Ch. 05

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 05


I want to thank the readers for hanging in there with this story line. I also want to thank you for the wonderful comments. I appreciate you all for taking the time to send me an email or comment, I will respond to each one.


This time Emily and I got up and left Jessica and Chrissy. We went to our room, as I stripped out of my pretty outfit as Emily jumped into the shower. We showered and went to bed. I don't remember anything until I heard Jacob and Lana in the kitchen the next morning.

I woke up and Emily rolled into my arms and kissed me on my cheek, "Morning my love."

I kissed the top of her head, "This couldn't be a better morning." I said as I glanced over the top of her head and looked out towards the beautiful blue and green ocean. I took a deep breath of the ocean air as I felt a twinge in my rectum when I stretched my body out. Yesterday's fuck section was all coming back to me, and did it feel good.

Emily got up and wrapped a sheer negligée around her body and tossed me a pair of sheer white panties. I grabbed them in mid-air "You want me to wear these during the day?" I questioned Emily.

Emily looked at me sternly, "Either those or nothing, either way you will look good. Stop worrying about Jessica and Chrissy, we told you both this our Fantasy Island." Emily spread her arms wide and twirled around allowing her negligee to open freely and expose her naked body.

I really wasn't thinking of them, I was more concerned with Jacob and Lana. When I told Emily this she just laughed at me, "Baby they have seen it all. They told us to be free. We already told them that they may see you boys dressed up and they just shrugged their shoulders and told us that they have seen worse. They said they would rather see you boys dressed as girls than some of the people that parade through here. We showed them pictures of you guys and they complimented you on your looks. Speaking of looks, isn't Jacob sexy? I would love to see that man dressed in a pretty pair of white panties against that dark luscious skin." Emily looked at me and smiled, "Who am I kidding? I would rather see that man NAKED."

I looked at Emily with a shocked look on my face. At least that is what she took the look as, I was really visualizing the same thing she was, "Oh don't look at me like that, I'm not dead. A girl could look and dream all she wants. You can look and dream all you want as well." Emily reached over, kissed me on the lips, squeezed my hard cock, and then laughed at me knowing what was going through my head.

"Now, let's get you touched up a bit." Emily pulled my hand towards one of the chairs in the room. I sat down and Emily pulled up another chair in front of me. She pulled my foot up on her knee and started to shake the familiar green polish bottle in the air. "Let's get these toes to match your pretty fingers shall we?"

I sat there and watched her paint my toe nails on one foot then the other. I was so hard and dripping by the time she was done. I didn't flinch or balk when she started. I wanted them painted and felt very sexy after she was done. We sat there a minute enjoying the view when there was a knock on our door. Without hesitation Emily invited whomever it was inside, "Come in."

Jacob entered carrying a tray of coffee, fruit, and juice, "Good morning to you. I thought you might like to have a light breakfast on the patio like Ms. Jessica and Ms. Chrissy."

We watched as Jacob set the tray on the table next to us. Emily thanked Jacob, "Thank you Jacob that was very insightful. This is Ms. Jamie during the trip."

Jacob bowed his head towards me acknowledging he understood. I wanted to divert my eyes but he was so handsome that my eyes darted directly to the bulge in his shorts. As he stood his shirt was not tucked in so it cascaded in front of him hiding his package. Today he wore red shorts and a white gauze shirt buttoned only half way. His chest was solid muscle and his skin was dark and shiny with a little perspiration from the morning heat. My hardon was obvious through my see through panties and I wanted him to look at me. I looked back at Emily and she was staring right at me. She was watching me checking out Jacob.

Jacob excused himself and shut our door as he left, "He is very handsome isn't he Jamie?" Emily poured our coffee as I sat with my feet up on a table. "I bet he has a big cock, probably bigger than my strapon. Don't you think Jamie?"

My eyes glazed over dreaming of his big cock thrusting into me. My chest was heaving as I felt my pulse increase. Emily's keen doctor's eye zeroed in on my sudden change in blood pressure as she set her coffee cup down and stood behind me. I felt Emily's hands on my shoulder lightly squeezing and kneading them. I felt her warm breath at my ear, "Just think, baby, how much you like my big fat cock fucking you compared to how good a real hard cock would be like. Chrissy wants to fuck you really bad baby. I bet Jacob will fuck you too." Emily's hands had moved down my chest and were slowly circling around my hardening tits. My cock was leaking precum forming a large, very visible, wet spot on my panties.

"This is our Fantasy Island sweetheart, if you want it just tell me and I will make it happen for you, ANYTHING. No regrets, no judgment." Emily kissed the top of my ear and then ran her tongue down my neck until I turned my head enough for us to sensually kiss, confirming our love for each other.

It was at that moment that James left me and Jamie emerged. We ate our fruit and coffee while my toes finished drying. We got up and Emily picked out a lime green see through thong for me. She really had all of this planned out. Emily slipped into her orange thong and no top. We went out our door towards the pool. We took in the scenery as we stood nearly naked. Chrissy and Jess walked towards us from their bedroom. Chrissy had on a light blue thong and I immediately drew my eyes down to her feet then back up to her hands to see that they were both painted the same light blue hue as her suit. Jess had on a light purple thong and no top. Her young breast lightly jiggled as they strolled our way. The women embraced and said good morning. Their breast pressed into each other as their hug tightened between them.

My eyes darted back and forth between the two women in their embrace and Chrissy. The girls remedied that by separating and turning to each of us. Jess pulling me into a hug and Emily doing the same to Chrissy. Jessica's hard nipples pressed into my chest causing my cock to nearly leap out of my thong. I felt my cock flex against Jessica's abdomen. Jessica pulled back a bit, "Well good morning to you to Jamie. Aren't we off to a frisky start?"

Emily broke her embrace with Chrissy and the girls grabbed each other by the hand and lead the way down towards the beach giggling at our two obvious hardons. I turned to Chrissy to make a snide remark about the girls when he pulled me into a kissing embrace. My mouth automatically opened and let his tongue in. His arms wrapped around me as his hands found my ass and held it firm. We pulled away from each other as Chrissy looked at me, "Good morning lover boy." We turned and followed the girls down the pathway.

We followed the short pathway down to the beach where the sand was nearly untouched. Having a private beach like this really showed how beautiful it can look when it goes undisturbed. The girl's towels were already thrown to the side and it looked as if their thongs were as well as their naked asses slowly disappeared into the warm water. Chrissy and I looked at each other and slipped our thongs off as well before we ran into the ocean.

The water was warm and soothing. It was so crystal clear you could see how the bottom slowly sloped down towards the reef. Just like the pictures, the reef jutted out just above the water's surface forming a safe swimming environment. As we swam towards the reef the ocean bottom lifted away from us. Though it looked to be about twenty or thirty feet deep, you could still see all the way to the bottom. The colors of the ocean floor and fish were breathtaking. We explored along the reef and then swam towards the more shallow water. Chrissy came up behind me and pressed his cock between my ass cheeks and pulled me close to him, "Isn't this the greatest Jamie?"

I pressed my ass back against his cock and wiggled it until I felt his cock slip between my cheeks and touch my pussy, "MMMMM HHMMM"

The girls joined us as Emily came up in front of me and grabbed my hard cock, "You're such a slut Jamie. I can't leave you alone for a minute before you try getting a cock shoved up into your pussy." Then she kissed me hard and slowly stroked my cock.

Chrissy did not dislodge from between my cheeks as Jessica pushed the three of us all over and under the water as she jumped onto Chrissy's back. We all came up for air laughing. Jessica was stern with us as she said, "Now's not the time for playing we have to go get ready. We are taking you girls for a special treat."

Emily and Jessica started to walk out of the ocean. I watched as the water cascaded from their beautiful bodies as it fell back into the ocean. Chrissy and I soon followed as the girls grabbed the towels. The weather was so nice that you didn't need a towel to dry off. We all stayed naked as we walked back towards the house. I was the first to inquire, "What's the special treat?"

Jessica patted my ass, "Now don't you worry your pretty little head about it. We have to shower and get dressed. Hurry along we only have a half an hour."

I caught up to Emily as she entered our room. I turned to watch Chrissy pick Jessica up and carry her into their room. I smiled and walked into our shower. Emily was standing holding the familiar wand. I stood next to her and bent over for the mornings clean out. We showered and touched up shaving all over before we finished our shower. We dried off and when I went back into our bedroom there were clothes laid out on the bed. They weren't there earlier so Jacob or Lana must have put them there. I picked up a, no surprise, a light green sun dress that had white ribbing and a white thong. On the floor was a cute pair of white and green sandals. Emily came up behind me, "You will look lovely in it, hurry and put it on."

I pulled it over my head and felt it flow over my freshly shaven body. I bent over and pulled on the white thong, tucking in my cock. When I stood upright the bottom of the dress fell half way between my thighs and waist. When I bend over my ass will surely be on display. I slipped on my sandals and posed for Emily. Emily had on a similar outfit in pink but left the panties off. We held hands and I thought we would be going to the kitchen for lunch. As we entered the living room there stood Chrissy and Jess dressed in sundresses as well. Chrissy was wearing lavender, with matching freshly painted nails, and Jess was in a bold multi colored floral print.

Jacob opened the front door, "The car and boat are ready ladies."

I looked at Emily and Jess, "Surprise, Jacob is taking us to one of the other islands to have lunch and go shopping." Jess beamed at us.

I rose my hands up in defeat, "Whoa, I thought this was between us only?"

Emily hooked her arm in mine and escorted me towards the door, "Who in the hell would know you out in the middle of the Bahamas Islands? Jacob is taking us to the local places away from any touristy shops. This is where they buy the food for the house here and other things. Besides you both look very sexy."

Chrissy and I reluctantly followed. We climbed aboard the golf cart and drove the half mile down to the same dock that we arrived on. There was a twenty foot Bayliner docked and waiting for us. Jacob hurried past us and held out his hand as he helped us onto the rocking boat.

As we stood on the deck of the boat the wind was just enough to cause our dresses to billow around us. As the fabric waved with the winds I felt it tickle against my body. Chrissy and I were far from passable and I'm not sure that was ever our goal, or at least it wasn't mine. I love the feel of women's clothes against my skin and the nail polish makes me feel sexy. We are out in the middle of nowhere so I conceded to let myself enjoy the feelings knowing I will never see these people again, other than my family of course.

Jacob revved the engines and we slowly pulled away from the dock. Once past the break Jacob increased our speed and we skipped along the top of the water. The warm air breeze along with the clear blue ocean water was just breathtaking. To add to our enjoyment, a school of dolphin swam alongside the boat to where you could almost reach down and touch them. We were all giddy taking in the sight.

We traveled for about forty-five minutes as we slowed into our destination. Another island, but this island was significantly larger than ours. The coast line looked to be several miles long and it had mountain terrain that lifted a thousand feet into the air. Along the dock was a town lined with shops which had clothing, foods, liquor, tobaccos of every type, bars, and eateries. The shops were painted in bright tropical colors of greens, blues, red, yellow, oranges, and more. The docks were scattered with small boats that I expected were workers from the surrounding smaller private islands coming in to restock.

Jacob helped us off the boat and began his tour, "This side of the island is primarily for the local people that work on the outer islands. We come here every day for fresh food to serve our guests like you. We don't bring our guests here instead we take them to the other side of the island with the tourists. But I think you will have a better experience on this side."

Jacob escorted us along the main street pointing out the different types of shops and where to get the better of any one thing. Then he pointed us down a side street and told the girls that that is where they will find what they are looking for. Chrissy and I looked at each other and followed. Jacob excused himself to buy things for the next couple of days and told us he would meet us back at the dock in three hours.

We waved Jacob on as we strolled down the lane. The first shop we stopped into was a women's lingerie store. Chrissy and I both perked up and thought this was getting better and better. As we walked into the store the bell chimed to let the owner know she had guests. We all looked towards the back of the store when we heard the rows of hanging beads, which created a door to the back room, jingled and a beautiful six foot tall dark skin toned woman stepped through. Her hair was in a big afro with a colorful scarf wrapped around her face to pull the hair away from her. She had long eyelashes and very dark eyes. She wore a long flowing white gauze dress tied around the waste with a bright red scarf. She looked at Chrissy and myself and smiled. She then turned towards the women and introduced herself, "Welcome ladies. My name is Rhonda how may I help you today?"

Emily and Jessica took each of her hands and shook them as Emily explained our presence, "Yes Rhonda thank you. We need some 'things' for our men here to make them more comfortable if you will?"

Rhonda circled around the girls and came up between Chrissy and myself and placed her long arms over our shoulders, "I know darlings, I can tell we are almost there but not quite. Come with Rhonda and I will finish you both up." Rhonda looked at us sternly, "Now no arguing there is no going back, follow me."

Emily and Jessica kissed us on the cheeks, grabbed our arms, as we followed Rhonda towards the back of the store. I was confused but intrigued. Rhonda quickly whipped around to face us. Her dress followed her as it lifted up slightly and continued to spin around her before is settled back into place. It was very dramatic. "Let's just start from the top and work our way down shall we?"

Jessica was beaming as she clapped her hands together, "No better place to start."

Rhonda pulled back a curtain along the wall revealing a shelved wall filled with wigs of various styles and colors. She grabbed a short bobbed dirty blond wig that closely matched my eyebrows and placed it onto my head. My instinct was to pull my head back as Rhonda was about to place it on my head, but I wanted to see what it would look like. Rhonda put it on my head and gave it a couple of adjustments before she grabbed my shoulders and spun me around to a three sided mirror. "What do you think love?" Rhonda was very theatrical with her gestures.

I looked into the mirror and was amazed at how different I looked. I was almost passable. The wig looked very real, not like Jessica's Halloween wig that was plastic and shiny. This wig was very natural looking. It was also comfortable and it didn't feel like it was going to fall off. Emily came up in front of me and kissed me really hard. "God you're gorgeous. I think I'm jealous." She turned to Rhonda, "We'll take it."

Jessica was all excited, "Do Chrissy now. I can't wait."

Rhonda looked Chrissy up and down his body sizing him up as she tapped her right index finger to her lips. Rhonda threw up her hands, "I got just the one for you honey." Rhonda swiftly turned around again causing her dress to once again billow out and twirl around with her until it finally caught up to the direction she was now facing.

Rhonda pulled down a shoulder length glistening jet black wig. Chris has very thick Greek wavy hair, but it's too short for Chrissy. Rhonda flung it over Chrissy's head and placed it smoothly on top. She spent some time tucking in his hair around the front of the scalp. Rhonda smoothed down the sides and took a brush to the back. The front of the wig curled away from Chrissy's face almost like Farrah Fawcett would be the best way to describe it.

Rhonda pulled Chrissy into the three way mirror, "Yes, this is the one for you. But we have to do something with those sideburns baby. Even with your hair style now those sideburns have to go." With that she pulled an electric trimmer from behind the counter and quickly shaved off Chris' sideburns to let Chrissy emerge.

Jessica leaped into Chrissy's arms, nearly knocking them both over, as she wrapped her legs around his waist, "Oh fuck baby that is the look for you." Jessica and Chrissy went into a long deep kiss.

"Rhonda isn't done yet ladies, follow follow follow." Rhonda was speaking in third party, clapping her hands, and waving her arms in such a way that made you want to follow her anywhere. She was really making this experience enjoyable without even realizing the transformation taking place before us.

We followed Rhonda through the beaded doorway to a small single hairdresser's station. Rhonda guided Chrissy to the chair, "Those Greek cheek bones are going to be so easy to work with Darling. Now all of you step out and let me make the magic happen." Rhonda shoed us out of the small room so she could get to work.

We took the opportunity to look around at the garments. They were mostly gauze fabrics designed to keep you cool in the warm tropics. Emily was loading her arms with various things as I looked out the window at the people walking by. The jingle of the beads turned our attention to the back of the shop again. I almost came in my panties. Chrissy walked through the beads. There was no more Chris this was the Greek Goddess Chrissy. She is passable, without a doubt.

Emily looked across the room, "Holy crap you're gorgeous honey."

Jessica walked up to her and starred into her eyes, "You're fucking hotter than me. Rhonda you made her hotter than ME! I have a girlfriend hotter than me." Jessica slowly leaned into Chrissy and gave her the most sensual loving kiss I have ever seen. The kiss was so soft you could see the love flow between them.

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