tagTransgender & CrossdressersBusted Wearing Panties Ch. 06

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 06


I want to thank the readers for hanging in there with this story line. I also want to thank you for the wonderful comments. I appreciate you all for taking the time to send me an email or comment, I will respond to each one.

We were having such a wonderful time sitting together on the beach and watching the sun begin to set. The weather only changes a few degrees between morning and night and the evening breeze brought in the fresh smell of the ocean, crisp and clean. We gathered our belongings and walked towards the house. I was holding Emily's hand as our arms swung between us with a lilt of happiness. Jess and Chrissy followed close behind. As we crossed the patio the smells of dinner quickly caught our attention and my stomach was the first to growl. We were all laughing when we entered the kitchen. Lana and Jacob were disappointedly dressed again. I would imagine that was to protect themselves from cooking splatter and for sanitary reasons.

"Welcome back folks, you have time for a shower before dinner. Tonight we are having a local favorite called souse, which is chicken stew with peppers and vegetables. The Johnny Cakes are just about to go into the skillet so off with you now and get that sand off of you." Lana waved her hand at us forcing us to leave the delicious smells of the kitchen.

We weren't about to miss out on that meal so we all quickly scurried to our bedrooms and showered. Showering together does speed things along. After the shower I put on my wig and applied a light coat of makeup. I was actually pretty good at applying the foundation and eyeliner. Applying the lipstick always gave me a hardon as I paint the light natural lip color onto my lips with the small brush.

I pulled on a nice yellow summer dress and matching yellow thong. It was a nice contrast to my green polish, very tropical. Emily walked out of the closet with a pretty floral wrap-around dress that barely came past her hips. When she sits down she will be exposed. I can't wait because I know the show will be for Lana and Jacob.

The smells of dinner were driving me mad. I hurried Emily along and we nearly ran down the hall for dinner. The table was set with white bowls on top of white dishes. The dining table was a long rectangular glass top, which easily sat six to eight people, with high back rattan chairs that were upholstered with a tropical floral pattern on the seat cushions.

Jacob carried out a large pot with a serving ladle. Lana served each of us, filling our bowls with a bit of heaven. The stew was thick with meat and vegetables and a pleasing aroma billowed in the air. Lana and Jacob retreated to the kitchen and quickly returned with wine and the Johnny Cakes. Lana placed a Johnny cake in front of our plates as Jacob filled our wine glasses. We held our glasses high and toasted to our host and chef as they gave us a proud nod of their head and exited the room.

I was the first to spoon a mouthful of this local stew. It was warm and the flavors married with each other perfectly. I grabbed up my Johnny cake to help push the food onto my spoon. The Johnny cake was a sweet and light cornmeal biscuit that enhanced the flavor of the souse when you put them in your mouth together. I don't believe any of us lifted our heads from our plates as the room remained quiet until our meal was nearly completed.

"Oh my god if I eat another bite I am going to burst." Emily proclaimed as she sat back in her chair and downed the last of her wine.

We gathered our glasses of wine and moved to the large sectional and two swivel chairs in the living room. Jessica and Emily sat on the ends of the sectional sofa while Chrissy and I took the chairs. We relaxed a moment savoring the flavors in our mouths and sipping the last of our wine.

Lana came out of the kitchen carrying a full carafe of red wine. We began to clap as our chef entered the room. She did a curtsey for all of us causing the applause to become louder. "Bravo, bravo Lana, that meal was out of this world." Jessica toasted.

"Well thank you ladies. I hope you left room for some desert? I baked a banana and coconut cream pie." Lana looked at us as if she would be hurt if we declined.

Emily raised her hand up, "I just couldn't. One more bite and I will be harpooned by the whale poachers the next time we go into the ocean." The room roared with laughter.

Lana moved her hand to her hip and jerked her hip out, "Then you all best find a way to work off some of this meal and make room for my pie, it won't be any good tomorrow. The way you girls have been carrying on you should at least be able to burn a few calories."

Lana walked past Jessica and filled Chrissy's glass with some wine. You could tell that Lana was not wearing anything underneath her top and shorts. As she poured Chrissy's wine Lana's back was to Jessica and her ass was eye level with Jessica's face. Jessica reached out and placed her hands on Lana's ass giving each cheek a nice firm squeeze.

Jessica turned to us, "They feel as firm as they look."

Emily looked pissed as she leaned forward, "Jessica, you crossed the line. Lana and Jacob have not accepted our invitation to partake in our group antics. Please Lana forgive us we just got carried away with your beauty and the wine?"

Lana was quick to retort, "We haven't received an invitation? I thought this afternoon we made it clear that we would not be opposed to joining you. Your hands felt very nice Ms. Jessica." Lana wiggled her ass in Jessica's face.

Jessica looked at Emily and stuck out her tongue. Emily shot back to Jessica, "If that's not an invitation to lick my pussy then you better put that tongue back in your mouth."

Jessica seductively ran her tongue along her lips making her intentions clear before she ran her hand down the length of Lana's leg. Lana let out a soft moan and turned to fill Jessica's glass. Lana stood right in front of Jessica and raised her glass to pour the wine. Lana's pussy was now right in front of Jessica's face. The sexual tension began to rise in the room. There was a distinct smell of the women's sex permeating the air. Jessica ran her hand back up Lana's leg and continued up under her shorts. It became instantly clear that Jessica ran her thumb along Lana's pussy as Lana looked like her legs were about to buckle. Chrissy jumped to the rescue and grabbed the glass and picture from Lana as she fell back against Chrissy's chest to steady her-self.

Jessica pulled her hand from beneath Lana's shorts and stuck her thumb in her mouth, "MMMM, you taste even better than you look, if that's even possible."

Lana pulled away from Chrissy and sat on the couch next to Jessica, "Jacob and I talked about swinging but we've never done anything like this before. I've never been so turned on."

Jessica turned towards Lana, "Oh baby we all haven't either. This trip is the first of everything for all of us. We have opened up the doors to a whole new world. We just want to make each other happy. Jamie and Chrissy are just now enjoying the feelings of being a woman. Sex feels good, it's just biology so let yourself go."

Jessica leaned over and unbuttoned Lana's shirt, exposing the pert breast with her dark nipples, as she simultaneously bent down and gently placed her mouth over the stiffening nipple. Lana grabbed onto Jessica's head and held it firmly to her breast as she sucked in air through her gritted teeth. Lana lifter her ass off the couch as the pleasures swept over her body. Emily quickly untied her wrap around dress and let if fall open to expose her naked body. Emily pulled Lana's shirt off from behind and brought her head to rest on her now exposed breast. Lana swiveled her body on the couch as Jessica, without releasing her hold on Lana's nipple, allowed Lana to lie on the couch as she moved her body to a kneeling position between Lana's legs. Chrissy and I got up to watch these three women in action. Chrissy stood next to the couch alongside Lana. I stood on the backside of the couch looking down on the ladies.

Emily and Jessica were slowly seducing Lana. Emily now had Lana's other nipple between her finger and thumb, changing from lightly pinching to gently massaging her hard nipple. Lana's ass continued to gyrate up and down using her body language to beg for some pussy stimulation. Jessica released Lana's nipple and proceeded to kiss her way down Lana's stomach. As Jessica worked her way down she hooked her fingers in Lana's shorts and pulled them down. Lana lifted her ass to allow Jessica to slip her shorts off. Jessica sat up and Lana lifted her legs in the air. Chrissy and I took our cue and slipped her shorts off her legs as Jessica used the open and outspread woman's invitation.

Lana's pussy was beautiful. Her pussy lips were large and swollen. Her skin was perfectly smooth with a light sheen of sweat that made her entire body glow. Emily has now taken both of Lana's nipples in her hands and began to knead and pinch her breasts driving Lana wild with passion. Jessica began to lick Lana's inner thighs quenching her thirst with Lana's nectar. Lana bent her head back as Emily lifter her breast and offered it to Lana. Lana attached herself to Emily's nipple like a new born baby.

Chrissy came around the couch and gently grabbed my shoulders. I felt her lips on my neck as I naturally bent my head to allow her better access to my throat. Chrissy's perfume filled my nostrils as she softly kissed her way around my neck to the front of my throat. My cock was rock hard already and dripping in my panties. Chrissy moved in front of me and pulled my mouth to hers. Our lips touched and my body melted into her. Chrissy released the buttons on the back of my dress and let it slip between us leaving me in just my panties. I could hear the women in the throes of making love but I wanted to be with Chrissy right now.

Out from the dark patio walked in Jacob, naked and hard. He must have been watching from the shadows, awaiting the right moment to cross the threshold and join our family sex show. I expected him to go to his wife and fuck her in front of us. Rather he stood alongside Chrissy and myself and enveloped us in his massive arms. This man towered over us and the warmth of his naked skin was solid muscle, hard yet soft, and gentle all at the same time.

"You ladies are truly a vision to behold. Lana and I have dreamed about sharing our bodies with people just as your selves. We have never offered our bodies to any other guests please know this. I would like to be with you." Jacob's eyes were pleading yet inviting.

Chrissy placed her hand behind his head and pulled him down towards her face, "Are you sure Jacob? No pulling back, no regrets, and no judgment, just embrace the freedom and feelings."

Jacob answered her by completing the sensual kiss Chrissy was offering. My hand slipped down over Jacob's tight ass and began to softly explore his body. Jacob turned slightly out towards me allowing me access to his body. I ran my face along his arm and followed it to his chest. His smell was sweet and fresh. My hand moved across his chest as my hand shook slightly with excitement. My mouth followed my hand until I reached his dark nipple. It was soft, almost like a pillow in contrast to the firm skin of his chest. My tongue flicked out and his nipple began to emerge and become pronounced from his areola.

There was no mistaking the effects we were having on Jacob as his large cock divided us like a board. I let my hand travel down his muscled stomach mentally counting the six-pack of muscles that rippled along the way. My hand reached the root of his cock. The soft pad just above his cock was smooth and tight. I used the tips of my fingers to run along the top of his cock. When I reached the end of his shaft I traced the large mushroom shape that formed the head of his cock. My finger reached the tip to find a large opening leaking precum. I used my finger to paint his cockhead with his precum. His cock bounced out of my hand as his cock flinched with excitement.

Chrissy now moved her down from his kiss and searched out his other nipple causing him to shudder. I wanted to so badly take his cock into my mouth but knew Emily and Jessica did as well. I noticed the room was quiet. The girls had stopped their lovemaking when Jacob entered the room. They have become the voyeurs to our open show.

Emily, Jessica, and Lana were kneeling on the couch facing us. Now almost all naked, leaving Chrissy the only one left with clothing other than my panties. "Let's take this to our room shall we?" Emily, our matriarch, announced.

Like children breaking for recess, we all ran to the master suite. I dropped my panties off onto the floor as I crawled onto the bed. Jacob followed behind me literally kissing my ass. I stopped and wiggled it to show my appreciation. His darker hands were an exciting contrast to my white ass cheeks. The girls disappeared into the closet and returned wearing their strapon harnesses. They joined us by entering from each side of the bed. As we all gathered together, and just before we became engaged, Chrissy stood at the end of the bed and began the most seductive strip tease.

Her olive complexion was the perfect backdrop to her light summer dress. She slowly unbuttoned two buttons and flashed us her white bra. She turned around bending over to expose her ass and shook it at our faces bringing a round of applause. She stood upright and grabbed the sides of her dress. She began to wiggle her hips allowing the dress to slide over her shoulders. As her left shoulder became exposed she looked over at us and gave a couple of shoulder shrugs. If I had money I would have been throwing it at her.

Chrissy pulled down on her dress until it dropped to her waist. Her bra was larger than I remembered. She had inserts that looked very real, another gift from Rhonda maybe. I stole a glance at Jacob's cock and found it to be harder than before and dripping clear liquid onto his stomach.

Lana was straddling over Jessica's cock about to sit on it and enjoy the rest of the show. Jessica had her hands on Lana's ass balancing her as she settled in on the large monster cock. Or at least we thought it was a monster cock until Jacob appeared. Lana bobbed on the rubber cock a couple of times, taking a bit more each down stroke. The cock began to glisten with her pussy juices as she continued to ride Jessica. Jessica was now able to move her hands from Lana's ass to her breasts. Lana sat still as she was impaled upon Jessica's cock. Jessica slowly worked Lana's nipples while we all continued to watch Chrissy's strip tease.

Chrissy let her dress fall to the floor. As she bent to pick it up she reached her hand back and unclipped her bra so that when she came back up the bra and dress were flung together onto the chair. She turned around and even I gasped when I saw she had perky little breasts. They were but an A cup but they were different than what I've seen on her. Chris had a firm chest, built from lifting weights. I was confused, turned-on, and jealous all at the same time.

Jessica let us in on the changes, "Ta Da! Don't you just love them? Rhonda gave us some home remedies that you drink and cream you rub on them to make them bud like that. Their beautiful aren't they?" Jessica was beaming with pride.

Chrissy was feeling a bit self-conscious by the way she began to turn away from us. Jacob reassured her with his soft British accent, "God yes. Truly a vision of beauty. Please come join us Chrissy." Jacob held out his arms inviting Chrissy into his embrace.

Chrissy dropped her panties to the floor and crawled onto the bed and into Jacob's waiting arms. Chrissy allowed her body to lie on top of Jacob, their bodies a nice contract with each other. I watched as Chrissy ground her cock against Jacob as they kissed each other. Seeing her husband in the arms of another man was enough to send Lana into her first orgasm as she ground her pussy onto Jessica's cock. I stood in front of Lana and offered her my hardening cock. Lana licked my cock up and down my shaft before she took me in her mouth and down her throat. I felt insignificant compared to her husband but not enough to NOT enjoy the blow job.

My cock was hard as a rock when Lana stopped sucking my cock and leaned her body back against Jessica. Her pussy was exposed with Jessica's cock filling her void. "Fuck me Jamie. Stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me."

I thought she would get off of Jessica's cock until I felt her grabbing my wrist and bringing me into position, "I want you inside of me too." She looked right into my eyes. I have never done a DVP (Double Vaginal Penetration) before.

I moved my cockhead closer to her pussy. Emily was there ready with her hand covered in lube, reaching out and stroking my cock. My cock was glistening with the lube. Emily was breathing hard into my ear, "Yes Jamie fuck her. Stick your cock in that pussy and fuck her with Jessica."

I felt the palm of Emily's hand press against my lower back as my cock touched Lana's hot pussy. "Do it baby. I want to see your cock in her pussy."

Lana lifted up on Jessica's cock and she grabbed my cock. Lana held it firmly against the fake cock as she lowered herself back down on both cocks. Her pussy was tight. My cock was being placed into the tightest hole I've ever felt. Lana lifted up again and came back down taking in more of our cocks. I moved my legs so that my legs crossed over Jessica's thighs, allowing my cock to get closer to Lana's pussy. Emily squirt more lube on our cocks as Lana rose up and lowered back down. My cock was more than halfway engulfed by Lana's pussy. Emily leaned her breast forward so that Lana could suck her nipples. As soon as Lana sucked in Emily's nipple she bottomed out on my cock with a guttural groan into Emily's tits.

I glanced over at Jacob and Chrissy and Jacob was sucking away at Chrissy's budding breasts while at the same time fingering her hole. Chrissy was going insane as she pushed back against Jacob's long slender finger. Emily couldn't take it anymore. She pulled away from our group and slid over to Jacob and Chrissy. Jacob's hard cock was bouncing around unattended. Emily grabbed his giant cock and attempted to give him a blow job. Emily's eyes rolled back as she tasted Jacob's cock for the first time. Her hand was feverishly finger fucking her-self as she could barely get the head of his cock in her mouth. Emily held Jacob's cock to her face and slowly licked around his head, making love to it.

I leaned forward and pressed my cock upwards into Lana's overly stuffed pussy. Jessica's hands came up, grabbed Lana's nipples, and pulled on them until her arms could stretch no further. Lana screamed out and her body shook as she went into a major orgasm. Lana was a squirter, her pussy juices escaped around and between the small openings between our cocks. The fluid jetted out like a kinked hose. The scene was too much for me and I started to shoot my cum deep into Lana's squirting pussy. The pressure from being squeezed so tight made my cum well up in my shaft until I moved enough to let it pass making it shoot harder than I have ever shot before.

I pulled out of Lana's pussy followed by a torrent of cum and pussy juice that drenched Jessica's rubber cock and pussy. Chrissy was quick to crawl over and dive her face into Jessica's pussy lapping up my cum and Lana's pussy juice. Chrissy's ass was invitingly up in the air as Jacob walked on his knees behind her. Emily shot me a look of concern as she grabbed the lube on the table, "Let's help them out."

I got on one side of Chrissy as Emily knelt on the other. Emily squirted lube onto Chrissy's ass causing her to moan into Jessica's sloppy pussy. I in turn used the lube to start fingering her hole. One, two, three fingers went easily in. I fucked her with my fingers, twisting and pulling her open until I was able to get four fingers in her and use my thumb to continue to stretch her out more. Chrissy was wiggling her ass and pushing back against me knowing we were preparing her for Jacob.

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