tagLoving WivesBut I Won't Do That Ch. 02

But I Won't Do That Ch. 02


I woke up horrified.

The night before, my husband's friend and coworker Gordon had come over for dinner. And dessert. I'd been the dessert.

For days, my husband Parker had tried to talk me into fucking another man while he watched. I hadn't wanted to do it. We'd been together twelve years, and I took my marriage vows seriously. Parker was the only one I wanted to fuck, and he was damn good at it. But when I'd turned down his suggestion, he'd taken matters into his own hands, first bringing me a vibrator which he'd caught me using while he was supposed to be at work, then bringing Gordon over.

If I was honest, I had to admit Gordon was just as good at fucking as Parker. Maybe better. But how could I have let another man fuck me? More importantly, how could Parker have let it happen? He'd just sat there watching while Gordon's long, thick cock pounded my pussy, and he had enjoyed it!

I couldn't believe I'd been such a slut. I turned over and came face to face with Parker, who had a huge smile on his face. "How are you this morning, sexy woman?" he asked.

"What happened last night?" I asked.

"You don't remember?"

"I remember what I did. I want to know what it means. God, Parker, I promised to 'forsake all others' when I married you, and last night I fucked someone else!"

"On my suggestion," he reminded me. "I wanted you to fuck Gordon. Jemma, come on, you enjoyed it. And I'm glad you did. I wanted you to enjoy doing it as much as I enjoyed watching it."

"How could you enjoy that? I don't get it, Parker. I know you wanted me to do it; you made that abundantly clear. But how could you like watching your wife take another man's cock?"

"Same way I'm enjoying this conversation." He took my hand and brought it to his hard dick. "See? Just thinking about it's turning me on, and I want to fuck you right now. Doesn't it turn you on to remember last night?"

A picture of Gordon's dick flashed through my mind. Yeah, it turned me on, but I didn't want to admit it. "Parker, it doesn't matter what I think about it. It was wrong."

"It wasn't wrong." He kissed me. "Jemma, we agreed on it. You didn't cheat on me, if that's what you're thinking. You did what I asked you to do, and I'm so glad I asked. I loved watching you enjoy yourself. You're beautiful when you're being fucked, and with someone else doing the fucking, I could focus on just watching you and seeing how gorgeous and sexy you are. That's why I asked you to do it. That's how I could enjoy it, because you were enjoying it and it made me happy to see that."

"I don't get it." Tears came to my eyes. I hated that I'd fucked Gordon. I hated even more that I'd enjoyed it. Parker was right, I had enjoyed it. Gordon was the first man I'd fucked other than Parker, and it was the first time I'd ever cum from being fucked. Part of me wanted to do it again. But most of me was appalled that I'd even think such a thing, and that I'd done such a thing. "Parker, why don't you hate me?" I sobbed.

He pulled me into his arms. "I don't hate you because you didn't do anything wrong, baby. You did what I wanted you to do. You made me very happy, and I hope you'll do it again, but I won't push you if you really don't want to. I think you do, though. I think you liked being the center of two men's attention. I know I've never seen you cum like that, even with the vibrator."

"Okay, I admit, I came hard. But that doesn't mean I want to do it again." Though the thought intrigued me. Gordon's dick was bigger than Parker's, and it had felt different. Gordon had felt different; he didn't fuck the way Parker did. I'd never felt like I was missing anything by not being with any other men, but now that I'd experienced it, that small part of me wanted to keep experiencing it.

"You don't have to do it again," Parker repeated. "But don't cry, honey. I'm not mad at you. I love that you did that for me, and I love that you had fun. If we never do it again, that's okay. We can still play with the vibrator, though, right?"

I had to laugh. "Yes, we can still use the vibrator. But no other cocks." I grasped his and squeezed. "This is the only cock I want in my pussy."

"Then take it. It's waiting for you."

I stroked it a few times, making sure Parker was good and hard, then rolled on top of him. He held my hips as I lowered myself, settling my pussy onto his dick. I was wet; despite my denial, talking about fucking Gordon had made me horny. "You feel so good, Jemma," Parker said. "Nice and tight, just like Gordon said."

I smacked his shoulder. "If you really want me to fuck you, don't mention last night, or you'll be jerking yourself off."

"Okay, okay. Fuck me, then, sexy woman. Show me how much you want me."

I moved slowly up and down on his cock. This position was my favorite, though we didn't do it often because Parker preferred to be on top. But riding Parker's dick brought me closer to cumming than any other position we'd tried, even though I'd never managed to make it all the way to orgasm.

"Faster, Jemma," Parker begged. "God, I've been so horny since last night. I wanted to fuck you after- I wanted to fuck you before we went to bed, but you were so tired I didn't. But I've been hard all night thinking about fucking your hot little pussy. Ride me faster!"

He'd been that turned on by watching me fuck Gordon? He was nuts! There was a name for men whose wives fucked other men, wasn't there? Not to mention the nasty names for the wives who did it. But what did names mean? If Parker was this turned on, maybe what I'd done really wasn't wrong. I wasn't planning to do it again, though.

I picked up my pace, riding Parker harder and faster, feeling my own pleasure build. "Fuck me, Parker!" I said. "Your cock's so fucking hard; it feels so good!"

"You love my cock, don't you, baby," he moaned. "Mmm, yeah, just like I love your tight, hot, pussy. Fuck, Jemma! You're going to have me shooting all over your cunt in a minute!"

I stared at him. Cunt? He'd never used that word. Neither of us had. What had gotten into him? But he fucked me even harder, and I didn't bother asking him about it. I was too busy getting close to my own orgasm, even though I probably wouldn't have it.

"Jemma! I'm cumming!" Parker shouted.

"Fuck!" I replied. I felt my pussy contract as I felt his cum shoot inside me. For the first time, Parker had fucked me to orgasm.

He pulled me down against him, his softening cock still inside me. "You came, didn't you?" he asked.

"Yeah. Startled the hell out of me."

"I felt it. I felt your pussy clenching on my cock. God, Jemma, that was fucking amazing! You came with Gordon last night, right? Maybe that made it easier for you to cum from fucking."


Parker grinned. "That's another thank you I owe him, then."

I smacked his shoulder again. "Don't talk about him when we're in bed together."

"Sorry. Didn't mean to offend my gorgeous, sexy orgasm queen. Want me to get the vibrator and see if you can have a few more? Or should I just eat you like I usually do after we fuck?"

'Neither." I rolled away from him. "I'm too tired. And we have to get up and get moving. We've got stuff to do."

"It's a weekend. What do we have to do that's so important?"

"Errands, cleaning... anything but lying here talking about me fucking anyone or anything besides you." I stood up. His cum, mixed with my own juices, trickled down my thighs. "I need a shower."

"Jemma, you aren't giving up the vibrator, are you? You love that thing."

"We'll still use it, if you drop the whole Gordon thing."

"Okay, deal."

But of course he didn't drop it. He didn't talk about it all the time, but at random moments over the next few days, he would mention Gordon's name or refer to me being with someone else. Last time he'd pulled something like that, I'd tried to punish him by withholding sex. That had turned out to be a punishment for me, not him, and had led to my first use of the vibrator I'd refused to touch until then. I didn't bother with that this time; I just made him take over most of the household chores when he got home from work and kept him so busy he could barely groan by the time we got around to fucking, never mind talk about another guy.

By the following weekend, he'd apparently had enough. "Why are you making me do chores like a naughty little boy?" he demanded. "What have I done wrong this time?"

"You didn't do anything wrong, except keep talking about something I asked you a week ago to drop," I replied. "Parker, do you have any idea how it made me feel when I thought about having fucked someone else? Not only fucked him, but enjoyed it? Cum from it? You should have been the one I had my first orgasm from being fucked by, not some stranger I hadn't even met till that night. I fucked a complete stranger in front of my husband. How the hell am I supposed to feel about that? And you keep talking like I'm supposed to want to do it again!"

I burst into tears. I'd gone through the entire week trying to pretend I didn't mind what Gordon and I'd done, but I hadn't been able to let go of it. Aside from the overwhelming guilt I felt about it, the memory still turned me on, which made me feel even more guilty. I shouldn't be turned on by anyone other than Parker.

Parker put his arms around me. "I'm sorry, Jemma," he said softly. "I didn't realize it bothered you that much. Honey, you're fine. You shouldn't feel bad about it. I wanted you to do it, remember? There's nothing wrong with having sex with someone, whether it's me or a friend of mine or someone you've just met. As long as you agree to it and enjoy it, it's all good."

"How can it be all good? How can it be okay to fuck around on my husband?"

"You're still seeing this as you cheating on me, and that isn't what you did. I wanted to watch you fuck Gordon. You know darn well that's why I invited him over. It isn't cheating if I knew about it and agreed to it. Hell, I set it up! That's not cheating. That's you doing something that made me think you're even sexier than I already thought."

"And the thing about him being a stranger? He hadn't even been in our house fifteen minutes!"

"So? He wasn't a complete stranger. It's not like you picked him up on the street somewhere. He's a coworker of mine, I knew him, and I brought him here. Besides, as far as I could tell, he seduced you. You didn't pounce on him or anything."

"You brought him here planning on him fucking me."

"Yep. I admit it. That's exactly why he was here. I showed him your picture, the one I have on my desk, and he couldn't stop talking about how sexy you are, so I asked if he wanted to fuck you. Of course, being an intelligent man, he said yes."

"And if I'd said no? Did you even think about me, or were you just thinking with your dick?"

"You could have said no, and no one would have minded," Parker said. "But I had a feeling it would turn out to be like it was with the vibrator. You're scared to try new things, Jemma. Well, maybe not scared, but very cautious. You were like that the first time you and I had sex; you kept turning me down until I finally got you buzzed enough and turned on enough to let me try it. The first time I asked you to ride me, you didn't want to do it, and now it's your favorite position. I don't know why trying something new bothers you so much, but every time you've let yourself go and actually try something, you've loved it. I figured it would be the same with fucking someone else."

"So you set it up without even consulting me." I pulled away from him, furious. The worst thing about it was, he was completely right. I always resisted trying anything new, especially sexually. And I hated him for pointing it out. "Parker, I should fucking divorce you. You're an asshole."

"I did consult you. I just overruled you. Jemma, I understand how mad you are. That's fine. But admit it, you liked fucking Gordon. You had the time of your life that night, and I'm willing to bet if you had the chance, you'd do it again."

"You bastard!" I screamed.

I tried to slap him, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me against him. He held me, ignoring my struggles and swearing, until I dissolved back into tears. "It's okay, baby," he said soothingly. "I love you so much, Jemma. It's okay to want Gordon. It's okay to do anything you want. I love you, and I want you to do it. I want you to be happy and enjoy yourself."

"I was happy with you!" I sobbed.

"You're still happy with me. That doesn't mean you can't be happy with someone else too. Jemma, be honest with me. If you say no to this, I promise, I'll never mention it again. But I want you to look me in the eye and tell me the absolute truth. Do you want to fuck Gordon again?"

I wanted to say no, but when I looked into Parker's eyes, I couldn't say it. I couldn't lie. "Yes," I whispered.

He kissed me. "I love you, Jemma. Thank you for being honest. Do you see that I don't mind that you still want him?"

"Yes, but I don't see why."

"Because it makes you happy, and because I like to watch. That's one of the few things I never told you about myself. I love watching other people fuck. And you looked so sexy with his cock inside you, I almost came just from seeing it."

"How many people have you watched fuck?" And did his watching count as cheating on me? I couldn't decide on that.

"A few friends of mine back in high school. And when I went to that conference a couple years ago, the guy I shared my room with brought a girl back from the bar and they fucked in front of me. That's it for watching people live, though I watch porn sometimes. You should watch some with me."

"One thing at a time." I thought about it and decided I didn't mind what he'd told me. How could I mind his watching other people fuck and watching porn when I'd fucked another man? At least he hadn't fucked anyone else. "So that's why you wanted to see me with another guy?"

"That, plus I knew how much you'd enjoy it if you just let yourself go with it. Tell you what. How about if I invite Gordon over again? No expectations this time; I'll tell him it's just for dinner unless you decide otherwise. Then you can talk to him a little more, get to know him, get more comfortable with the idea. If you want him again, you can have him; if you change your mind, that's okay too. All right?"

Was it all right? Was I willing to let Gordon into my home again? More importantly, would I be able to face him again? He'd seen me naked, after all; he'd seen me cum. Seeing him would be embarrassing. But I wanted to see him. "Okay," I agreed.

"How about tonight?"

"Are you insane? Tonight? Give me a chance to get used to the thought of seeing him again, would you?" I paused. "Tell me you didn't already invite him. Tell me you didn't go behind my back again."

"No, no, I learned my lesson the first time. I just thought you might want to get it over with before you lose your nerve again."

He had a point there. I would lose my nerve; I was already starting to. Thinking about Gordon coming to the house again would just make me more nervous until he actually showed up. "All right. Tonight. But you make sure he knows nothing's going to happen."

"Absolutely." He left the room to make the call.

I think we both knew I was lying.

At six o'clock that night, the doorbell rang. Parker opened the door to let Gordon in. "Good to see you again, Jemma," Gordon said.

I held out my hand to him, and he took it. "Good to see you, too."

We went into the living room, where I'd set out a bottle of wine and some glasses. "Parker mentioned that you were uncomfortable with what happened last time I was here," Gordon said.

"Leave it to Parker to tell everyone what I'm thinking," I muttered.

"Don't be mad at him," Gordon said. "He just wanted me to understand, and I do. It was something you're not used to, and you aren't sure what to think about it. Am I right?"

"Yeah. And I'm not sure what you think of it."

"I think you're a beautiful woman, and Parker's lucky as hell to have you, and I'm lucky as hell to have had the chance to fuck you. I'd love another chance, but Parker said you'd rather not have that happen. Not tonight, anyway."

"That's right." Though seeing Gordon again, I was starting to have second thoughts about that. I'd made myself forget how hot he was and how his body had felt against mine. Seeing him again brought back the memories of the first night he'd come over for dinner, and my pussy, at least, wanted a repeat.

Parker poured the wine and handed a glass to me and to Gordon. "Cheers," he said. "Gordon, welcome to our home again. Dinner will be ready soon, and this time maybe it won't get burned."

"I didn't mind it getting burned last time," Gordon said. "It was well worth it."

I blushed and took a sip of wine. "I'm usually a better cook than that, though," I said.

We chit-chatted until the oven timer signaled that dinner was ready. I'd made chicken and roast potatoes, and as we ate, both men made appreciative comments. After dinner, we returned to the living room, and the wine. "Thanks for the wonderful meal," Gordon said. He sat beside me on the couch, while Parker took the armchair across the room. "You're a great cook, Jemma. The last meal I had here didn't do you justice."

"That's because its preparation was interrupted." I'd had a few glasses of wine by this point, and it made me bold enough to put my hand on Gordon's leg. "Someone had other ideas, I guess."

"Someone still has those ideas," he replied. "I know we agreed no expectations tonight, but Jemma, I have to be honest. I'd love to fuck you again."

"I'm sure Jemma'd love that too," Parker said.

I threw the cork from the wine bottle at him. "Shut up and mind your own business."

"Well, it is kind of his business," Gordon pointed out. "After all, you're his wife. He's just nice enough to share."

"Yes, and I share well," Parker said.

Gordon caressed my thigh. "What do you think, Jemma? Still uncomfortable, or can we have a replay?"

The wine and Gordon's touch went straight to my pussy, along with a rush of moisture. Damn it, I should have fucked Parker before Gordon came over, I thought. If I'd done that, I wouldn't have been so horny now. But I was definitely horny, and since Gordon and Parker both seemed to be in favor of the idea, I figured what the hell. I'd regret it in the morning, I was sure, but tonight... "Sure. Why not?"

I got up to head to the bedroom, but Gordon grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back down beside him. "Where do you think you're going?"


"No." His hands covered my breasts. "I'm going to fuck you right here. That okay with you, Parker?"

"Sounds great to me." Parker shifted in his chair and rubbed his crotch. "Go for it."

Gordon slid his hands under my shirt. "Your tits feel so nice," he murmured. "Take off your shirt, baby. Let me see them."

I obeyed. Part of me wondered why I was letting myself do this again, but the overwhelming lust I felt shoved that thought right out of my head. I looked at Parker. "Want me to play with you too?"

"Nope. I just want to watch."

Gordon pinched my nipples. "You don't need anyone else right now, Jemma. Trust me, I'll be enough for you."

"You were before." Surprising myself, I reached down and fondled his dick through his pants. "This is definitely enough."

"Take it out, then."

I hesitated. Last time, Gordon had seduced me. No question about that. I hadn't done much of anything, which gave me a little bit of rationalization for my actions. If I took Gordon's dick out of his pants, I'd be making a move. No excuses.

"Do it, Jemma," Parker said. "Let me see you get what you want."

Fine, if that was how he wanted it. I undid Gordon's pants and pushed them down as best I could to reveal his thick cock. Growing braver, I bent and licked the head of it. "Want me to suck you?" I asked.

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