But Now One Soul

byAlex the Cat©

"Later," comes the response. "Now put on some music and strip for me. Take off everything except for your collar and cuffs. And you are not allowed to touch yourself."

"Yes, Master." She walks to the stereo and puts in a burned CD of mixed music Jesse once made. Strutting back to the bed, she begins her seductive dance. Her boots are removed first and then the skirt. Loosening the garter belt to join the pile of clothes on the floor, she comes close to Jesse, places a foot on the edge of the bed and begins to slide down the nylon.

Jesse clearly sees the dampness of the lace panties at the blonde's core. She licks her bottom lip in anticipation of tasting Dani's essence on her tongue. The young woman almost loses her resolve from seeing the pure lust in Jesse's eyes.

Dani finishes with the nylons and begins unhooking the corset until it falls to the floor. Her full breasts bounce a moment after being released from their confines. She turns her back on her lover to remove her panties. Thrusting her rear almost into Jesse's face, she hooks her thumbs in the elastic band and slides them down. Upon seeing the swollen wet lips in front of her as Dani bends over, Jesse could no longer restrain herself. She slides a hand up the back of the tantalizing flesh of the thigh in front of her and two fingers enter the folds of the small woman's cunt.

Dani loses her concentration. "Oh…god." Without realizing it her hands reach up to her breasts to knead them. Suddenly her head is jerked back.

Jesse has her by the hair. "What do you think you're doing?" she hisses viciously in the blonde's ear. With her free hand, she searches quickly in her vest for the chain.

"I'm… I'm… sorry… Mas…"

"NO. There is no 'sorry'. You were given clear instructions. Now you will face the punishment." She spins her victim around. "Hold out your hands," she commands. Jesse threads the chain through the metal ring of each cuff and then through the small leather loop at the one end of the chain. With the other end of the chain, she clasps the hook onto the metal ring of the collar. She jerks the young woman onto the bed. "On your hands and knees."

Dani obeys. She begins to tremble when Jesse leaves her side without a further word. The sea green eyes search around without actually moving her head for fear of incurring the dark woman's wrath. Not seeing her tormentor, she tries to stay as still as possible.

Hearing some rustling in the background and then all is quiet, she wonders if Jesse left the room. Something cold and wet touches the tight pucker of her ass. The movement of a thumb massages her opening and she relaxes into the sensation of it. A slight moan escapes her lips and slowly the thumb is replaced by something harder. The first ring of muscles contract in order to prevent the foreign object from entering.

"Relax," comes the soft voice of her predator. "Push out Dani."

She does so, and the object slides in, filling her. Thinking that her punishment has been forgotten, she revels in the sensations she receives from the butt plug. Suddenly the chain is roughly jerked down. Her eyes snap open.

"Why are you going to be punished, Dani?" she asks through clenched teeth upon the young woman's ear.

Stammering to find the words, she says, "Because…I…I…touched myself…and…was told not to beforehand."

"That is correct."


Immediately Dani registers that her punishment is with the paddle. Tears form in her eyes at the first strike on her butt cheeks then the warmth overcomes her.


She flinches. Not the initial contact with the paddle but the sting afterwards is what hurts. Dani tightly closes her eyes to brace herself for the next one.


This time the paddle gets nearer to the butt plug. The vibrations bring a new sensation to the small woman's tight ring of muscles around the object. She moans briefly at the feeling.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

"Ah… aahhh." A tear rolls down her cheek. Her eyes are crossing. Not expecting the quick succession of strikes and the burning pain following along with the vibrations arousing her.

"Spread your legs."

Dani obeys quickly.

"Further." She feels the voice at her ear. "As far as you can get them."

Her sex is fully exposed. She feels a trickle of her wetness on her inner thigh. Suddenly…


"Oh, fuck." She cries out. The paddle strikes her swollen lips.

"You like that, don't you?" Jesse asks. "You like it when I punish you."


"Fuck…yes…yes." Dani exclaims.


"Ohhh…make me come…please." She pleads to her dark lover and pushes her ass up higher.

Slap. Slap.

"Ohhh god Jesse."

The tall woman immediately slides herself underneath her prisoner and takes an aching nipple into her mouth. Biting and sucking hard she strokes the rock hard clit with her thumb. Dani's hips begin to buck. After a minute the clit stroking comes to a halt. Dani whimpers. Jesse latches onto the other nipple then slowly guides the blonde onto her cock. Being exquisitely filled Dani rides' the cock hard while Jesse bites her shoulder. Reaching the peak of her climax, she throws her head back in ecstasy to scream out Jesse's name over and over. She collapses on the hard body beneath her panting for air.

Jesse caresses her back drawing idle patterns with her fingers as her breathing returns to normal. She then gently rolls the small woman from on top of her and places a soft kiss on small lips. "Let me get some salve to put on you."

She hops up to ruffle through a drawer. Returning to the bed having removed the strap on and shorts, she sits down. With gentle fingers she extricates the butt plug, and removes the chain, collar and cuffs. She leans over facing her love, and rubs a thumb softly over Dani’s tear-stained cheek, and then places tender kisses over the same area. She then applies the salve to Dani's reddened butt cheeks and outer nether lips.

The feeling of the tall woman's fingers brings on a stinging sensation at first, but the coolness of the salve calms her. Once finished, Dani turns to her lover. "Thank you…" She brushes a finger along the sculptured cheek. "For everything. You’re wonderful. You notice every detail. I love you for that."

Jesse gives her a lopsided grin. Suddenly, her lips are assaulted with a passionate kiss. Dani pushes the dark woman back onto the bed. "I want you." Green eyes are smoldering. "I need you…" She straddles Jesse's hips. "To taste you." Dani's mouth nips along the long neck below her. She flicks her tongue at the pulse point and Jesse shivers. She cups the dark woman's hardened pierced nipples rubbing her palms into them as she leaves a love bite on Jesse's left shoulder.

"God, Dani. I…can't take much…more." Jesse's already heightened arousal from the spanking and seeing and feeling the young woman impale herself onto the cock was enough to bring her over the edge earlier.

Dani slides down the lean muscular body and stops to flick the pierced nipples with her tongue before continuing on her trek. Reaching Jesse's curls she buries her face into the wet lips.

Jesse's back rises from the bed at the delicious contact and she undulates her hips.
Dani inserts two fingers at first, fucking fast then slows her actions to add a third finger. She matches the tall woman's rhythm. Sucking the nub into her mouth holding it between her teeth she strokes the clit with force as she feels Jesse's inner walls contract announcing her impending orgasm.

"Aahhh… Danielle… FUCK!" Her hips rise once more before falling to the mattress.

Dani crawls up, taking her lover into a heartfelt embrace and just holding her there. Jesse is too weak to wrap her arms around the young woman on top of her but she is grateful for the embrace. After a couple of minutes she rolls them over onto their side. Dani snuggles into the crook of her neck and drapes a leg over the tall woman's hip. Jesse lays her leg between Dani's thighs and drapes an arm across her back. They fall to sleep.


The brown and blond Shepherd wakes up from her short nap in the grass. The early morning sun warms her coat just the way she likes it. Hazel eyes look up into the sky after hearing a cardinal chirp. She decides to head indoor to see what her parents are up to and see if they'll feed her soon.

Walking through the doggie door flap she heads to her bowl. No food yet, so she takes a drink of water. She sprints up the stairs to the bedroom. Upon entering, she sees them sprawled out on the bed. She cocks her head to the side listening intensely. The only sound is the calm even breathing. She reaches the bed and pushes her snout under the large hand at the edge of the mattress. A mumble is heard and she wags her tail. The hand does not attempt to move further. She pushes again. Feeling flustered, she paces back and forth at the foot of the bed. Her moans turn into whines and then to short quick howls.

"Okay, Arty, okay. I'm up. What's wrong?" Jesse sits up rubbing her face. Artemis gets her front paws onto the bed seeking affection from her mother. Jesse grabs her head playfully and scratches behind her ears. She looks at the time. Ugh, 9:30am. "So, you're trying to say you're hungry?" she asks as she looks into those hazel eyes. Arty's tail wags furiously.

"I'm hungry." Says the sleepy voice from under the covers.

Arty's ears perk up upon hearing the voice. "Arf," she barks once.

"You're always hungry," says Jesse. A pillow swings towards her head knocking her back onto the bed. She laughs. Arty begins turning round and round as she chases her tail with the excitement that everyone is up.

Jesse pulls the covers back a bit. Dani has her back turned to her. She leans over to kiss the small woman on the cheek. Wrapping an arm around her waist, she slides her hand down to blonde curls. Fingering them gently she hears a moan escape Dani's throat. She dips her fingers into the slick center briefly and then the contact is gone.

Dani turns around to see her lover sucking the essence off of those two fingers. She feels a flutter in her stomach watching Jesse do this.

Jesse looks at her with a sly grin and says, "Is there ever a time when you're not wet?"

Smiling in return, she wiggles her eyebrows and shakes her head 'no'.

Artemis barks once again.

"I had better get up. Bet she knows she's coming with me today."

"I'm sure she does." Dani responds.


In the kitchen, Artemis goes round and round again knowing Jesse is fixing her favorite. Jesse smiles at Arty's goofiness as she puts down the bowl of Iams dry dog food mixed with a can of wet food.

"I know you love it when I mix wet food in there. You're such a goofy girl."

Artemis barks happily wagging her tail from side to side then digs into her meal.

Jesse takes out some ingredients from the fridge to start breakfast. Grateful that the coffee timer was set last night, she pours herself a large mug of the brew and takes a gulp. "Ah, elixir of the gods."

She begins beating a few eggs in a bowl, adding mushrooms, diced tomatoes and thinly sliced zucchini. Pouring the concoction into the already lightly oiled pan, she turns down the flames a bit.

Suddenly arms come from behind her to wrap themselves around her waist. Small hands take hold of her pierced nipples through the T-shirt and tug on them a bit. Jesse has an intake of breath at the contact. She turns around giving the smaller woman a steamy kiss. They stop to catch their breaths. "Well, good morning."

"Good morning," Dani says shyly. "What are you making?"

"Omelets and turkey sausage links. There's coffee."

"I'll have juice first." Walking to the fridge, she pours a glass of pine-orange banana juice. "Hmm, I love this stuff." She decides to set the table.

Jesse slides an omelet on each of their plates and then a couple of links. She joins her lover.

"Looks like Artemis has eaten." She notices the Shepherd lying against the bottom cabinets near her empty bowl with a full belly. "Mmm, I love it when you make breakfast." She puts another forkful of the omelet in her mouth. "I really lucked out having a butch that can cook."

Jesse laughs and shakes her head.

The young blonde thinks for a moment. I better talk to her about my tentative work plans. Now or never --- and never is not an option, so here we go.

Jesse looks up at her with piercing cerulean eyes that indicate she knows something is up. "What do you need to tell me."

Dani freezes a moment. Relaxing her shoulders, she says, "I hate when you do that."

A smirk crosses her dark features. "Do what?"

"Already know what my thoughts are."

"You don't hate it. You're just frustrated because I beat you to it." Jesse moves out of her seat to kneel right next to her lover. She strokes the soft cheek with a long finger. "I can't help being so connected to you. You know I'm not purposely invading your thoughts, right?"

Dani nods in understanding. Sea green eyes lock onto blue. I so love you Jesse.

Jesse smiles. And I love you. You are my very soul as I am yours. She brings up a small hand within her own to place a gentle kiss on the back of it. "Now, what's up?"

"Have a seat first."

The tall woman returns and grabs her fork to finish breakfast.

"I want to have a different job." Dani begins. "I was thinking about quitting my position at Northwestern so I can devote my time to writing. But I do plan on at least working part-time, so that I don't deplete my savings." She pushes a sausage link around on her plate.

"I'm glad you're going to do more with your writing. I'm sure the short stories you've written so far will be a success." Jesse smiles as she gets up to pour another cup of coffee.

"Is that all you have to say?" Dani asks hesitantly.

Jesse gives her a confused look. "What else do you want me to say?" Then it dawns on her that Dani is seeking some reassurance that her not making such a good salary will not hinder their relationship. The tall woman takes Dani's hand and pulls her up to stand. She wraps her arms around the small waist. "There is nothing to be concerned about here. We're partners. I will support you in whatever you desire to do. Thanks for telling me of your plans. I appreciate being included in your thoughts; and there are no worries about finances. Okay?"

Dani nods, and then lays her head upon Jesse's chest. Letting out a sigh, she says, "Thank you". She feels the top of her head being kissed.

"I better get dressed. I agreed to come in today to look over some patients' documents for Janice. But I'll be back soon and maybe we'll take Arty to the beach. "


At the clinic, Artemis makes it her job to greet all patients and respective parents with a happy-go-lucky bark and playfully wagging tail. The other employees comment that she is the best dog next to the late Tommy they knew long ago.

"Hey Arty," Janice the receptionist says. "You sure are playing host today."

Arty responds with a bark, seeming to understand Janice’s words.

"Give me your paw." Arty happily complies. "Good girl, Arty. Here's a biscuit." Janice tosses it up in the air for the Shepherd to catch in her mouth.

"If you keep feeding her biscuits, I'm going to have to put her on a diet plan." Jesse leans up against the front office doorway with a smirk on her face. Taking the stethoscope off her neck, she places it inside the pocket of her white lab coat.

"She's a growing girl," says the middle-aged receptionist. "She'll be fine."

Jesse shakes her head and laughs as she walks down the hall. Entering the back room, she checks on a four-year old Persian with a broken leg. "Hey buddy, how you doing? Feeling better today?" The heartbeat is strong and the cat is alert. "I bet you can hardly wait to go home."

The door opens and enters a young Latino wearing scrubs. "Hey Boss, I'm just checking up on the animalitos."

"Hello, Miguel. How are you?"

"Good, good, thank you."

"And the Mrs.?"

"Oh, her belly is getting big. She says she feels like exploding. It'll be another month before the baby is here. Otherwise she is doing great."

"That's good."

Janice pops her head in the door. "Jesse, there's a bloodhound with an eye infection in room two."

"Thanks." Jesse follows the receptionist.

Opening the door, a very unhappy face looks at the tall doctor. "Well, what do we have here?"

"Hi Dr. Chandler." The gruff voice of the middle-aged man responds. "Charlie is sick. I don't really know what's wrong but there's a lot of goop coming out of his eye."

"Hi Charlie, have you been missing me? Did you get yourself sick just to come and see me?" The dog's tail wags happily. Jesse scratches behind his big floppy ears. "Who's a good boy? Is Charlie a good boy?" The tail wags again, but then Charlie lays his head down with a whimper. Jesse takes out her stethoscope to check the dog's heartbeat. "How's he eating?"

"Well… he's not been eating much. He'll nibble at his food and then walk away."

With a Q-tip, she swabs Charlie's eye of the excretion. "How long have you been noticing this John?"

"Well, Doc, I'd say a couple of days already." He runs a thick arthritis laden hand through his salt and pepper hair.

"I'm going to take this in the back to get tested. I'll be right back." She walks out and down the hall. Upon entering the back room, she sees Miguel cuddling a female Chihuahua who just got neutered. "Hey Miguel, I need you to set this up for testing. Looks like Charlie the Bloodhound has an infection."

"Sure thing Boss. Charlie you say? I'll get everything ready for you. I don't know what Mr. Hoffman would do without his Charlie." He takes the specimen and sets it on a piece of glass. Turning on the microscope and grabbing other items, he then says, "You know, Boss, sometimes I think those two keep each other alive."

"You're probably right," she chuckles. "I'll be back later." Returning to the room, she says, "Okay Charlie now for your favorite part of the exam."

"Aw, Doc, let the poor fella have some dignity." John speaks for his companion. They both hate the thermometer, even if Charlie is the only one on the receiving end of it.

She pulls the instrument out of the drawer and dips it into the large jar of Vaseline. "Sorry, John. I need to make sure he isn't running a fever. You know I only do it when it's necessary."

She faces Charlie. Looking at the device in her hand, he groans and puts his head down again. She cocks her head to the side. Come on Charlie. You know I only want you to get well. The dog looks at her for a second then turns away. "Okay, here we go."

Grabbing Charlie's tail, she inserts the instrument as gently as possible. She keeps time on her watch then smoothly removes the device. With a paper towel, she wipes it. "Hmm, a bit of a fever but nothing serious." Placing the thermometer in a jar of alcohol, she turns around and wipes Charlie's rear. After removing the rubber gloves to toss in the trash, she asks, "How are his bowel movements?"

"They look fine," he responds as he pushes his glasses up his nose with a thick finger.

"Charlie, are you going to let me look in your mouth?" She rubs his chin to get him relaxed again. She inspects his teeth, and then opens his jaw. "Hmm, nothing unusual. That's good." Washing her hands at the sink she says, "Alright, John, this is what we're going to do. It seems we're just dealing with a viral infection. I'm going to give you an ointment to put in Charlie's eyes twice a day, morning and evening. It won't bother him. Also, I'm going to give you five days worth of Clindamycin. Give him the pill once a day in the morning and see if you can get him to eat right after otherwise the antibiotic will unsettle his stomach. Take him off his regular food and give him cooked white rice and ground beef for a couple of days. Just make sure you don't add any spices to it. I know how spicy you like your own stuff, but that won't help Charlie. Okay?"

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