tagIncest/TabooButterfly Kisses Ch. 05

Butterfly Kisses Ch. 05


:: Monica ::

I couldn't believe it when his hand slid behind my neck and I felt his thick fingers slide through my hair. But when he pulled my mouth down to his, I knew it was real. His tongue pushed into my mouth, forcing my lips open and I moaned at the sensation. I loved that he was being the aggressor, that he was letting me know how it was going to be with him. I craved the submission after Jorge always made me do things to him and I think my Dad knew that.

He pulled me down onto him and I moaned again, feeling his hard cock rubbing against my already soaked pussy. I wanted him inside me so bad but he had other ideas. We rolled and I found myself on my back, frantically, desperately kissing him while his hand slid up my leg and his fingers dipped into my panties. I groaned and gasped at the same time, trembling uncontrollably as one of his thick fingers slid directly into my pussy. The friction was beyond words and I could do nothing but hold onto him, sucking on his tongue and gasping each time he breached me.

"Nica." He whispered, his breath hot in my ear as he laid kisses against my neck, making me shiver. "God, you're so wet."

"I can't help it. You're about to make my dream come true."

He lifted his head and stared into my eyes, giving me the opportunity to once again be seduced by the beautiful green of his eyes and the lust that boiled within. I shivered again at the depth of the want in his eyes. "I hope I don't fall short … "

I put my fingers over his lips, shushing him gently. "You never have." He pressed a kiss to my hand, then gently sucked one of my fingertips into his mouth, making me gasp again. The way his tongue slipped around the tip made me shudder and I imagined what it would feel like curling around my throbbing clit.

:: Andrew ::

I kept sucking on her finger, desperately trying to keep my urge to fuck her in check. My cock was so hard that it hurt and the innocence in her eyes was driving me crazy. I wanted this to last, for her sake as well as my own and I was having trouble just keeping myself from cumming at the sight of her. I was surprised when she pulled her hand away and sat up, sliding down to her knees at the edge of the bed.

Her soft hands traced a path over my pecs and abdomen and she looked up at me, noticing that I was trembling. She kept moving downward until she'd reached the waistband of my jean shorts, her eyes locked onto mine until each button had been popped. I lifted my hips and allowed her to pull the pants off, suddenly shy and ashamed at the size of my cock as it tented my shorts. When she reached for them, I grabbed her wrists.

"Nica … "

"Let's get the first one out of the way." She licked her lips, glancing down at my covered cock. "Then you can fuck me nice and slow."

It took everything I had not to blow right then. I released her wrists and watched with gritted teeth as she peeled my underwear back, smiling in awe as she surveyed my thick, eight inches of cock. Her fingers wrapped around the base and tightened, slowly sliding up and down my sensitive skin. I gasped and moaned as she pumped my flesh, squeezing the head tightly after each stroke to keep me from blowing.

When she bent down, I closed my eyes and gasped so hard that my chest hurt. Her warm, wet mouth slid easily over my meat, her tongue whipping into my pee slit to lap up the pre-cum, then moving across the stalk as she deep-throated me. My teeth ached and my fists were cramping from grasping the sheets so tightly but when she swallowed with my cock at the back of her throat, I lost it.

I screamed as my balls boiled and my rod exploded in her mouth, coating her tongue and throat with my huge load. My baby girl didn't disappoint me. She swallowed every single drop, holding her mouth over me as I squirted again and again, then cleaning my cock and squeezing the last few drops out like a fine wine she didn't want to go to waste. I shivered and let the blackness take me away.

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